Podia and Kajabi both place in the form of holistic platforms for businesses online. It removes the requirement to combine the platform using different tools e.g., website builders, email marketing, and finally page builders. For a detailed comparison, we are going to explore the nature of Podia and Kajabi in the form of platforms to create and develop a lucrative business online.

Other than the functionality of course, we are going to compare Kajabi versus Podia skills in the field of marketing. Finally, people would like to understand your profile, your activity, and your capability before they are going to take the decision of purchase.

A good online strategy of marketing has the same framework. When an individual is comparing Podia and Kajabi, they can analyse the feature, which will guide the framework for business:

  • Follow audience.
  • Increase visitors to website.
  • Launch products online.
  • Develop relationships with customers.
  • Find repeated sales.

We are going to make a comparison of Podia and Kajabi in areas:

  • Features
  • Assessing your students: Testing, surveys, assignments
  • Digital product templates
  • Website builder
  • Landing pages
  • Email marketing
  • Sales funnels

Let’s explore Kajabi is going to match with Podia.

Kajabi Vs. Podia: Features:


Kajabi is a holistic platform fulfilling the requirement of business at present today along with development. You can get complete integration of business rather than handling updates, plugins, or add-ons. User can begin a free trial. It is important to develop website and increase followers. You will get assistance in selling products. This is a remarkable platform for the distribution of knowledge. The used can automate marketing also.


An individual can create a website using Podia or start the migration of the present website, and utilize various types of file for courses available online. There are digital downloads also.

There are features of messaging and email marketing which will help you communicate with your clients, and you will be able to utilize the webinars for marketing or content writing.

  • Online Courses – Uploading or creating courses and pre-sell or drip-selling them.
  • Website Creation–  Pages for contact, products, and About us.
  • Digital Downloads – Upload any type of file and begin selling without any delay.
  • Memberships – Form a community online with standards and products in the bundle.
  • Webinars  –  Get involved in webinars to assist in the development of the community.
  • Email Marketing –  Sending newsletters plus sharing the drip-feed content.
  • Messaging – Available to the customers round the clock and seven days in a week.

Kajabi Vs. Podia : Creation of Course Online, deliverance and structure

Both Podia and Kajabi allow you to turn any form of content whether it is audio, video, or digital workbooks and convert into a digital product. They provide flexibility on the basis of how you are going to format a course.

We have come across some structure of online course that Podia and Kajabi permit you to form:

  • This is a small course having three lessons or one video, which can be downloaded along with the workbook.
  • The training never becomes old and the content is perfect for all times for the customers.
  • The membership has been created for improving content, where there are subscribers who can reach content.
  • The primary difference is formation of course.

Podia is an ordinary tool for creating courses. This platform permits user to upload all forms of files. You can provide content completely or drip it. You will be able to launch e-courses in advance.

Using Podia, the user can choose a digital product, which includes digital download, online course, bundle or webinar. This is a point that looks like a blank slate. You are going to form a section and begin adding portion of content within every section.

Kajabi Vs. Podia : Video hosting

Both Podia and Kajabi have endless video hosting for courses available online.

For the hosting of video in the back-end, Kajabi applies Wistia, which includes the following:

  • Offers top-quality streaming through adaptive streaming.
  • Modifies the quality in an automatic way using the speed of the internet of viewer.
  • Guarantees continuous playback, as the student is involved in watching a particular video using a smartphone, passing along a tunnel, and using 3G following the report of Wistia.

Podia never mentions the name of the host of a video in the website. But this forms an alternative version of Vimeo which allows you to upload videos without any limits on the size of the file. For quick processing or upload, Podia instructs the user to maintain videos within 1 GB.

For Kajabi, the top size of the file for uploading a video is 4 GB. When the size of the file is bigger than 4GB, we refer using a video file compression tool completely free and an example is Handbrake.‍

Final Advice: The video hosting of Kajabi vs. Podia is equal at the initial glance. But you need to observe closely and you are going to discover Kajabi will offer an excellent experience of viewing for some people exploring the videos.

Kajabi Vs. Podia : Customer/student progress

There is modern progress reports for customers or students. It assists you to respond questions on the customers. They are as follows:

  • Are you passing the course and remembering the material?
  • Are you facing any difficulties?
  • Do you think the videos are quite long?
  • Where are you going to abandon?

In Kajabi, you will acquire complete access to valuable information using strong analytics. Using the development of the lesson and progress in the video, the user can observe the nature of people reading the content individually with a high standard.

Those who are exploring the top-level picture of the nature of the progress of students in the course, the overview reports of Kajabi is the response. They demonstrate the user for the total count in customers who finished the lesson. There are several customers which began and progress on average by the lesson.

Podia observes the time students are watching the video individually. By clicking over the profile of the customer along with the progress bar, the user can check every lesson of the customer who has observed or who did not observe. Podia did not provide a complete progress report presented by Kajabi.

Final Advice: Podia presents fundamental data on the progress of student. In spite of this, Kajabi has detailed reports which offer you amazing insight into the success of a course. It is good for the customers in total and at the individual level.

Kajabi Vs. Podia: Examining students: Surveys, Testing, Assignment

Every creator of course desires students to get involved in knowledge. Creating interactive experience for the customers shows a lot of difference. It establishes the course from various corners of market. If it is accomplished in the right way, the testing assists students in keeping the study material in mind.

Offering customers to conduct quizzes assists you, as a creator of course, follow them properly. You will be able to track the process of learning. Both Podia and Kajabi platforms present the versions in the assessment.

Quizzes of Podia

Podia offers you with the addition of several multiple choice quiz. After completing the quiz, they will be able to check the score prior to shifting a new lesson.

In order to check the quiz of customers, you will be able to accomplish it by examining the course progress.

Those who exploring multiple-choice questions, they are suitable for course. The quiz functionality of Podia is the ultimate requirement. There are certain topics of course which requires the flexibility to deal with the students.

Assessments of Kajabi

Using the assessment of Kajabi, you might show flexibility in testing the knowledge of students, with several alternatives:

There are Multiple-choice questions

We offers Open-ended questions

Statements using Fill-in-the-blank

Images showing the question

You possess students who upload their homework in the form of word document or PDF. There are audio files, imaes or videos directly within lesson. The grading is available free in each plan.

You will need students to finish assessment having the least score prior to shifting to subsequent lesson. They are going to proceed after they respond to the question irrespective of the score.

There is uniqueness in the course  and there is requirement of multiple-choice questions. The goal is to examine the material of students. This is the primary option in Podia.

There is a lot of flexibility in creating strong interaction with those students. It is important to have training for popular courses.

Using Kajabi, it is good to conduct assessments in comparison to the courses.

The user can carry out surveys associated with landing pages to acquire and divide the leads.

‍Final Words: Podia presents multiple-choice quizzes. On the other hand, Kajabi offers significant testing and assessment of the learning of students. There is a strong functionality in testing of the students. We are forwarding surveys, or creating an experience of interactive learning. Kajabi has been the Podia beyond the requirement.

Templates of Digital product : Appearance of course

For those who had bought Apple products, the user can keep in mind a visual experience, overall high-quality presentation, and packaging. Strong branding is a reason why consumers will be interested to pay the prices of premium associated with Apple products. The appearance offers products a strong value.

Customers want to know about the purchase. After an investment, they would like to understand the perfect decision. There is a feeling of uncovering a stylish iPhone or MacBook which has a similar feeling for the customers. Initially, they are going to log into the course.

It is the right place for creating a theme for the product of Kajabi vs. Podia and it becomes effective. We have certain major differences here.

“Template” for Podia product

Podia presents the default template having some alternatives for customization. Other than the default template, the user will pick up certain alternatives:

  • Body font and Heading
  • Colors in the background
  • Colors in the text
  • Customization of colors for the brand, heading, and background

Templates for Kajabi products: Perfect for different forms of digital product

This is the activity of Kajabi and it is not valid for other course creators. This is a representative of the library for the completely customizable template. The user is able to apply for various products.

Would you like to develop a course online using different lessons and modules?

What do you mean by a site for membership?

Would you like to organize a webinar or coaching on weekly basis?

What is the main factor behind paid community?

For those who possess any form of digital product, Kajabi is the perfect template.

The right portion is the user is not bound to utilize a similar template in products. The user gets the alternative to choose various templates for products.

The template is created in the right way. There is a choice to make a customization using a simple template editor of Kajabi along with a strong editor of code.

Final Thought: Other than the ordinary template of Podia, the product template of Kajabi is going to assist you in producing a coherent and custom appearance for products. Those who want to have a strong idea, get the chance to assist the audience in various ways. There is hardly any question where it says that Kajabi has been the right choice.

Kajabi vs. Podia: Website builder

The course have a particular ecosystem in the form of a website. It removes the integration of tech. There are certain problems and it offers the visitors of the website an unforgettable experience. You will remove the additional friction which will compel the visitors to come back for various websites.

Podia and Kajabi place themselves in the form of platforms using a website builder. There are posts for blog that are placed on the top plan of Podia and Kajabi. The user can provide content that is important and free. The target is the potential customers.

On the other hand, there are major differences between the website builders of Podia vs. Kajabi, so we need to explore them.

Website builder of Podia

The Podia website builder offers an approach, which is the same as the course creation software of Podia. The user can begin using a blank slate. An individual is able to explore predesigned blocks for creating a website. The predesigned blocks of Podia consist of the following:

•                                   Columns


•                 Products

•                 Bio

•                 Email newsletter signup

The “prebuilt templates” of Podia show a definition and it is not the templates of Kajabi. The layout of Kajabi shows various designs. Podia has a different definition of templates.

  • None: White background, simple using dark text
  • Light: Background color shows the dark text
  • Dark: Dark background shows the white text

Lack of room for the customization

Website builder of Kajabi

Using Kajabi, the user can stay confident regarding creating a wonderful website. This is secure and safe. This has been stable instead of recruiting costly designers or various web developers. The template of Kajabi presents several layouts which the user can customize.

The user can select the layout as per their choice. It is good to make additional of copy and branding. The user possesses a wonderful website. There is a total product library and they are connected with blog and about us page. We have different types of blog.

Kajabi shows access to most of the aspects where there are good websites. It consists of different options and they are as follows:

  • Video background
  • Site header
  • Opt-in forms
  • Feature highlights
  • Calls-to-action (CTAs)
  • Testimonials
  • Blog posts
  • Sales pages

The user is involved in the pop-up form for the site and this is the time for visitors coming to homepage. The user can begin getting emails

An interesting aspect is that they can be modified easily using the Kajabi plan. The editor is user-friendly and they can apply the changes and change the different aspects.

We do not get any software for creating online courses. We produce amazing, websites from the beginning.

Final Statement: The website builder of Podia shows limitations. We do not get any template for the website. We can produce an authentic appearance and feel. For those who are searching for a completely customizable along with a linked website builder, Kajabi has been a holistic platform for the user.

Kajabi vs Podia: Landing pages  

Landing pages have been regarded as pages and the target is acquiring visitors for a particular action, identified as call to action (CTA).

Landing pages is going to be quite simple and different from website. The visitors is going to understand about the person along with the brand. The target is to wipe out the possible barriers for conversion. The CTA will download PDF completely free. We need to sign up and the goal is to get the newsletter, or purchase the product.

There are landing pages in various forms. It includes the following:

  • The opt-in pages of Email
  • Sales pages
  • Pages expressing gratitude
  • Pages for download
  • Video pages
  • We can make a comparison of the nature of landing pages in Kajabi vs. Podia. It will assist you to create and develop the online business.

Landing pages of Podia

Podia permits the user in selling products for prelaunch. We can acquire email addresses to understand the interest prior to starting great product. This offers email capture along with a checkout for conversion-optimization.

There is hardly any difference between landing page and website builder. Other than Kajabi, Podia may not have those page templates having a high standard in the designs. Podia offers default template and it permits the user to modify the fonts along with colors.

Landing pages of Kajabi

The functionality of landing page has been present. Kajabi allows us to pick from more than 20 templates to produce a landing page to fulfill the requirement.

The user will find a new layout from a preset of a builder of website. There are landing pages which help us expand the visitors, offer value, and get involved in selling products. There is a simple tie up for creating a campaign of automated marketing.

Final Words: A remarkable landing page is to convert and finally we can get success. There are excellent templates of Kajabi along with funnels to assist you to create landing pages for conversion. We have come across features and they are deficient in Podia.

Email marketing  

Email has been the lifeblood for business online. This changes in a successful way than various marketing medium. It is important to think about wonderful stats related to email marketing in HubSpot:

•              In each dollar, the brands are involved in investing email marketing. The users get $42 in their return.

•              Marketers are applying a valuable note for segmented campaigns in the form of 760% rise in  the income.

Both Podia and Kajabi present email marketing. Therefore, we need to make a comparison of two things and check nature of involvement.

Design Templates for Email

Podia is going to present email template in a professional way. There is choice of text formatting options and it includes italics, bold, hyperlink, bullet lists, quotes, along with numbered lists. We do not have any elements of visual design.

In the form of strong alternative for Podia, the visual builder of Kajabi is quite simple to have a good design of emails.

The user will acquire more than 15 templates and preset parts are 12. There are images, timers of countdown and new form of content. We can get previews of video.

The email on Kajabi involves a Validation of Subject Line. It enhances deliverability when the user has been typing that subject line. The tool examines automatically. It indicates possible spam triggers. We need to know the issues and assist the user to improve the open rates and keep ourselves away from spam.

Email segmentation

Podia offers alternatives in segmentation on the basis of the subscription of contacts for the email list. This is going to be the following:

•              Signup for a prelaunch

•              Item of purchase

•              Subscription of membership

•              The form for capturing leads from the website

The email from Kajabi has default segments and it consists of the following:

•              There are a large number of Subscribers

•              Inactive subscribers did not open emails within 90 days.

•              The emails could not be delivered.

Other than the default segments, Kajabi allows us to form customized segments. Therefore, the user can take decision on different categories which is effective for the business of a user. For instance, the user can divide the contacts on the basis of the nature of response in survey. They might utilize a coupon code. Alternatively, they can check a page of website within two days.

Sales funnels   

This is also known as automated marketing campaigns. People are going to purchase from the owner. They are going to understand and have faith. For this reason, it is vital to understand the relationships for audience. It involves purchase of product. This can be taking part in the webinar.

The sales has been designed properly. It will assist in automating process. There is no need to find the wheel after getting prospect.

Kajabi and Podia is going to create a total sales funnel. There is difference in the capacity and resource for every platform.

The version of Podia in sales funnel are as follows:

•              You create a campaign known as email drip. It has been started by somebody who is going to download the lead magnet or buying a product.

•              For the email sequence, you will add the links related to the product page or sales page.

The knowledge of Podia presents some concepts of creating email sequences in detail. There is a brief email sequence. This is the way how Podia states the total sales funnel.

The sales funnel creator of Kajabi has been strong having a total of 6 templates. They are Sales pages,

Freebies, Product launches, campaigns for coaching, Webinars, and ebooks are completely free.

They have been created in a wonderful way. We offer successful formulas which have been established for the user within the platform. Funnels remove doubt and allow the user to create strong funnels within some clicks.

In order to get a close look, we have an instance for the product launch Funnel of Kajabi.

•              Opt-in page has incentive for different types of visitors to offer their email address

•              There are “Value pages” offered through the promotion of email drip. For different forms of landing pages, this will indicate the original advantage of the product via headline and video.

In Kajabi, there are funnels showing automation. It indicates after the creation of the funnel. The user can establish and then wipe it from the memory. Funnels are effective in the background. It helps the user to run the business.

Final Words: Those who have the desire of running a great business online, the user can improve quickly by having marketing automation. Kajabi has been the perfect platform for the user. The sales funnel of Podia will assist in the beginning. The templates of Kajabi are going to help us in the progress.

Exploring The Live events, webinars, virtual summits and live streams  

Those who understand the critical nature, are going to develop the audience. This shows sustainability and regularity. The individual requires new people who are finding it. There is sharing of networks for the user. The emails must be subscribed. There are live webinars completely free. It will assist the users to draw new audiences.  

Both Podia and Kajabi present support via webinar and they combine YouTube Live with zoom. The platforms assist you to form the setup via a high level of scheduling. We have automated sales pages along with emails as reminders. There are replays also.  

On the other hand, Podia presents flexibility. Some examples are the accompaniment of different forms of products, and affiliates. Kajabi presents different forms of skills.   

In this situation, we have three examples on events you will establish in Kajabi.   

•             Live event. Organize live training and get involved with viewers.  

•             Virtual summit. Launch the virtual summit which conducts the course. It lasts for some time.  

•             Evergreen webinars. Contacte totally automated webinars. We need to establish the event to go on repeating hourly, daily and at an interval of 10 minutes. The user can establish the webinar to conduct using autopilot.  

After the user has launched the event, time and date, Kajabi is quite simple for the following:  

•             Addition of countdowns with our email broadcasts and landing pages.  

•             Registration of the digital contacts along with in-person events.  

•             Sharing notifications via email giving reminders to the contacts related to that event  

Final words  

There is no need to add our thinking to the aspects you require to form a marketing campaign associated with the event. Kajabi has a Funnel on the webinar. It consists of a customizable template. There is a registration along with the confirmation. We have come across sales pages and emails related to that webinar.  

Establish the webinar funnel for one time, and Kajabi will be useful for another issue.  

Final Thought: The built-in feature of Kajabi offers the user for supporting webinars and events. It will fulfill the requirement of marketing. You are going to obtain the same function using Podia. There are upsells and add-ons.



Integrations are simple to link third-party apps for the platform online. They are working effectively in a strong way. Podia and Kajabi have integration.  

Final Thought: For comparing integration of Podia vs. Kajabi, this is a valid bond. They have been regarded as a great platform of online courses. They are guiding same type of selection in the integrations using third-party apps.  

Customer support  

An important aspect of software platform indicates that it has been understood in phases of life. User should not ignore remarkable support.  

The final aspect is whether it is going to occur at the time. It involves selling or creating course online. There is problem without any guidance.   

Users can have information for response.   

Final Thought: Podia and Kajabi provide firm ground for assisting customer. It is for live chat with live training, Kajabi is an alternative of Podia for guidance to the customers.



At present, user had found differences between Podia vs Kajabi. We can talk about pricing.   

User can understand pricing for Kajabi and Podia.  

Initially, an individual saves money on Podia.  

Do you have any idea about Podia?  

In order to sell online courses, there are features of Kajabi. You cannot rely on functions of Podia. There is a responsibility to launch a third-party tool and software on email marketing. This is for CRM.  

The tools of Podia are valuable and users are going to pay for the tool.  

For this reason, an individual will save money as it is a platform for investment. There is a division of expenditure in Kajabi versus Podia.  

Final Thought: The basic offer of Podia is great. There are needs of user. The cost will rise per month at Kajabi.


Ultimate Opinion on Kajabi vs. Podia  

We have observed minor differences between Kajabi and Podia. As per observation, Kajabi has templates, functionality, and design templates creating significant difference in business.  

Those who are connecting various tools under one roof, they would like to get something which is offering products. It is important to choose the right platform you need to use. Kajabi have different tools and it helps in conducting business online via selling products across digital platform.  

We expect that this blog is going to create a difference in Kajabi vs. Podia.  

Those who are finding a solution for business, you can check Kajabi completely free.