Who are they?


Kajabi represents a platform of corporate sector for online Kajabi courses. There are sites where there is no need to gain knowledge. There is a strong connection with plugin and broken integration.


Thinkific offers free courses. There is a limitation for revenue.

Features and customization?


For the Website builder, we launch a perfect website using a builder in drag-and-drop way. It combines in the right way using marketing.

There is a single-click marketing pattern. It forms the template of marketing sequence with the help of a funnel template.

The Customized domain involves the application of a custom domain for brand growth. It involves an easy way of finding the Kajabi website.

There is an Auto scaling where the Kajabi website applies a strong auto-scaling technology. The goal is to maintain the website. The speed is relatively high and there are visitors.


Thinkific helps in the development of courses using e-commerce technique.

Online Course Creation


This is connected with finance. Kajabi involves excellent courses. A important tip is to gain knowledge in marketing. It takes assistance using dashboard. Users can get income from innovative and unique concept.  


The goal is to generate revenue. This is the reason behind the entrepreneur launching an online course. It is an ordinary use case. The target is to produce a course online. It is made so that people can purchase repeatedly.

It is important to know the facts associated with them. The facts have been shared in detail. It is a wonderful asset in the digital world. The cost is quite low. User can share at a cheap rate. The shipping costs are not found.

Page builder and templates


In the layout, there are amazing sections. Users can modify every page. It fulfills expectations via appearance. It is perfect for the device. Creator for landing page is great. There are amazing elements.


The Site Builder of Thinkific allows us to create an amazing website and it consists of a product page and a homepage. There are extra pages having content. This is a course creator who could produce on-brand sites. It consists of custom pages easily. There is no need for coding.

Payment processing and payouts


Kajabi is a combination of two gateways of payment. They are PayPal and Stripe. You will be able to acquire payment for a particular price. The user presents it to the audience. There are different platforms who are offering services to countries around the world. It permits the user to get payment in a direct way. They use Kajabi for this website.


The user can get an initial payout within seven days and upper limit is fourteen days. They get an accurate payment. They get payment from bank. There is time for funds and a target to keep the account.



The lessons for Quiz in Thinkific permit in producing questions for multiple-choice. It is dedicated to the students. An individual can make a choice. The user has different right answers under a particular question.

Types of question

  • Single Reply- It permits a student to choose a particular alternative in the form of a response.
  • More than one answer – It permits students to choose a number of right answers

The user can make answers and questions engaging. They can utilize WYSIWYG text editor for adding the video. They can add the image. There is audio for the answers and questions. The activity involves adding text and Videos for a similar Lesson. There are several suggestions for adding a mixture of lessons and content.

The team offers lessons through quizzes. This is found in the last part of chapter. The goal is to examine students for major takeaways. It is present for chapter. Those who expect the students to finish quiz prior to the movement to chapter, this has been found in course, The user can fix  lesson before.


The students must finish the assessment to deal with the upcoming lesson.

They can deliver the grades and understand the activities of students.

The analytics have significant detail. It is important to know the performance of students. They are reading the content.

An individual can add different types of assessments. They can enlist them in their website. We are going to share in the landing pages. The team will follow the customers in the future.

Apply the principles of automation for adding tags with users. They rely on answers and divide them.

The user can acquire data for prospects and enhance campaign in marketing.



Analytics dashboard has been exploring the analytics using the website. It consists of the Net Revenue along with the Opt-ins, and Subscription Metrics. The user can get Offers and Page Views. The user can obtain the analytics along with the conversion rates. It will assist the user to follow the customers. There are customers in future and assessment for understanding the condition of business.  

Technique of understanding the Analytics dashboard  

  • Use Analytics tab in primary keyboard of Kajabi.  
  • Check the current transactions along with the analytics. The user can check View over a particular tile for a particular analytic. They are going to examine it.   

Analytics dashboard  

The user can explore the Analytics dashboard and they can check the following:  

  • There are several Purchases for about 30 days.  
  • Net Revenue for last 30 days.  
  • All Time Net Revenue.  

Present Activity in The Sidebar

Observe the current activity for the account using real-time, consisting of charges. There are billed subscriptions along with refunds.

Reports using Analytics

There are reports present using the Analytics dashboard:

  • Net Revenue – Sum of money for earning every day minus the discounts or refunds.
  • Subscription Metrics – Assess health for business conducting analysis for the recurring revenue. Then there is churn and revenue per user.
  • Opt-ins – There are submissions for tracking and it uses the forms. There are particular landing pages.
  • Page Views – We need to point out the popular landing pages along with the website page.
  • Progress of Product – Explore the progress via customers and they are exploring that Product.
  • Offers Sold – Most of the Offers bought in the site for a particular timeframe.


Thinkific Advanced Reporting offers strong feedback for the business. The user can get instant decisions. An individual has the capacity to conduct analysis of course and it improves the revenue. There are transactions from brilliant students versus the present students. The user can explore the lessons following the top rate of completion!

Advanced Reporting consist of four reports. This could be divided and there are filters of different forms. They are as follows:

  • Revenue: There is a Revenue Report which demonstrates the level of revenue along with time. It is going to be split in various ways. like new versus returning students, payment provider, and affiliate.
  • Orders: The Orders Report shows you completed orders over time. You can view orders from new versus returning students, coupons, product type, and more.
  • Enrollments: The Enrollments Report shows you free and paid enrollments over time. You can break it down by course, percent completed.
  • Involvement of Student: There are reports for engagement of student. It demonstrates the way of involving the reader through content writing.

Affiliate program


The referral creates close look for level for Partner. Every time user can improve level. Team is involved in celebration with user by forwarding rewards to demonstrate admiration.


There is a chance of 30% commission of lifetime recurring for annual or monthly payment.

An important point is to sign up using authentic referral link and begin earning. Those who are clicking link, they sign up under 90 days. User will obtain credit.

Customer Support


  • Kajabi presents various alternatives. It involves guidance. They are the true Kajabi Heroes. The team is interested in helping you in different ways. There are different alternatives which are present for you.
  • There are different ways of providing support and it includes live chat, kajabi university, webinars, Facebook community, and kajabi access.
  • The live chat offers the best customer experience and it is present to reply the questions at any moment. It can be night or day.
  • The student should remember that the hours of Live Chat is going to vary on the basis of Kajabi Plan.
  • It is important to remember the Live Agents of Kajabi at the time of Live Chat.
  • The fundamental Kajabi Plan involves submission of access via Live Chat. It happens at the time of business days. It starts at 6 am and ends at 5 pm following the Pacific Time zone.
  • Live chat may not be present beyond business hours regularly. They are following the Basic Kajabi Plan. It is important to contact the team. There is a submission of the request. They help beyond business hours regularly.
  • If the user is searching for Live Chat, they can explore the Growth. You can come across the Pro Plans on the kajabi website.
  • There is Pro Kajabi and Growth Plans. The user can get guidance with the submission for Live Chat around the clock. You can explore the page for pricing at Kajabi and understand the plan systematically.
  • At Kajabi University, the user can explore the account. They can contact us for courses in detail. The goal is to get assistance in creation. The user can create a wonderful business online using Kajabi!


  • In Thinkific, there are certain issues for login. The user may have forgotten the password. It is important to reset that Password.
  • It is important to establish the custom domain. The student can explore the Access for Thinkific Site with the addition of Custom Domain.
  • The user must have Multifactor Authentication in the account. Those who are looking for assistance in logging using MFA, they are going to get MFA deactivated. The user should check the Multi-factor Authentication, briefly known as MFA. There is extra troubleshooting.
  • They are experiencing issues for general login. They will login using thinkific website. The user should understand method of logging.
  • The user may not be able to keep address in mind. It has been discovered for welcome email and user can send in initial sign up.



The integration of Kajabi involves development of authentic experience. It is meant for the clients. They understand the business for the next step. There is flexibility in the business and it is great to integrate different tools.

Aweber helps us to link Aweber and discover the perfect tips for campaign in email marketing.

In ActiveCampaign, the user can get more than 860+ apps. They can get different forms of tools which is quite helpful for this business.

For Drip, the user can link with different channels of marketing. The user can collect data and develop the perfect experience for customer. It will help in enhancing the loyalty.

The user can get assistance using Convertkit. They are passing small time for email marketing along with sufficient time at the time of creativity.

The Mailchimp gets help of customized data in app. The goal is to get power at the right time. They are pertinent campaigns in marketing.


The user can understand the conversions along with the events. There are Pinterest Tags for Thinkific website.

The ultimate solution is to establish some steps in account of Pinterest Ads. It is important to understand Thinkific.

This is used for logging accounts of wonderful Pinterest Ads. User can examine authentic Click Ads with conversion and installation. User can pick manually. There is new tag with quick installation. They can copy snippet from the best Footer.

First step is to explore Events with theme. Second goal is to observe different types of events. It has function for a quick checkout. User can begin sign-up for exploring features. Pinterest offers wonderful snippets for coding. It is also good for customization of themes.



The user of kajabi can get guideline on pricing. They can pick up the plan and begin 14-day trial. We are going to save 20% via annual billing.

Basic plan involves $19 per month. The user can bill it yearly. There are three products and three funnels. The user can get endless landing pages and marketing emails. There are 10000  contacts and 1000 customers. The users can get one website along with one admin user. The Kajabi University is available without any transaction fee. The user will find the events and webinars. There are templates and assessments for surveys and quizzes.

There is a Check-in Call using Onboarding Specialist. We have got the Chat Support along with the Automations.

The Growth involves $ 159 per month and $199 every year. There are

15 Products and 15 Funnels. We have endless Landing Pages with countless Emails for marketing. There are 25,000 Contacts and 10,000 Customers. The user can get one 1 Website and 10 Admin Users. There is no Transaction Fee along with events and webinars. It is important to apply the Templates. There are quizzes and surveys in assessments. It includes 1 Welcome Call along with Onboarding Specialist. The user will get a single Check-in Call having Onboarding Specialist. The assistance of chat is offered round the clock. There is high level of automation and an opportunity to take out branding of Kajabi. There is an Affiliate Program. In the pro level, the user has to give $319 per month. In terms of yearly, it is $399/mo. There are 100 Products and 100 Funnels. The user gets the chance of creating endless landing pages along with marketing Emails. There are 100,000 Contacts and 20,000 Customers. It is important to check three websites and admin users who are 25 in total. It is without any Transaction Fee, events and webinars. An important activity is to apply the Templates. There are surveys and quizzes of assessments.


The user can get quick access to different types of funds. It ensures security in SSL payments. The transaction fees are not found. In the free plan, the user must Test-drive Thinkific completely free. The goal is to start creating the initial course. There is a single course and one community. It is important to know the two spaces per community. The user will get a single administrator and endless students.

There are no fees for transactions and the user gets support via chatbot and email. You can get the original content. The course builder has the drag-and-drop facility and simple themes. E-commerce is completely integrated. You will find app store and surveys and quizzes on the course. You will discover an update of the academy course of thinkific completely free.

Kajabi vs. Thinkific: Which Is Better in 2023?

Native mobile app


Kajabi mobile app represents an app completely free and it is present for Android and Apple users. Using this wonderful app, customers and students will get access to the courses. It includes website content. For those who are occupied, this is the right feature.


The embedded app of thinkific permits us in customization. The user checks at the time they are seeing the setting of app using admin dashboard. It permits us to regulate the settings of app. It is important to get the perfect user experience in Thinkific. In order to launch the Embedded App in Thinkific, an individual must guarantee Embedded Apps has helped the app.


In kajabi, the access is quite comfortable for the material. It is good to start creating apps now and the businessman will be able to do marketing of content totally. Using Build Mode, the customer gets 45 days completely free. The goal is the development of content. They can establish a shop and then prepare the launch completely free. In thinkific, the user needs to explore the portal of the partner. They can expand the details and settings. Using the App slug, it is important to guarantee the right app slug. The user can check the app slug under the manage section of the app. They can go to the settings  and explore the URL of the app.