One of the most lucrative business areas is real estate. Your ability to close deals depends heavily on your knowledge in the field. However, many people assume that only the knowledgeable and experienced can access this market.

This is false!

Many believe you must be a pro to make more deals and achieve your investment goals. However, technology advancements are going to change that narrative (in a positive way).

There are software programs that can help you achieve your goal of becoming a successful real estate agent. Realeflow and Liondesk are just a few of the options. Let’s compare each one in detail.

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  • Realeflow
  • LionDesk
  • REIPro
  • Propstream


RealEflow was launched in 2007. It has been a blessing for both investors and realtors alike. Over 100,000 investors have used Releflow CRM since its inception to close deals totaling more than $10 billion.

This tool has changed the way real estate agents and investors view the market. This tool has simplified the process and channeled the workflow. However, it has also dispelled the notion that you have to be a pro to succeed in this business.

What is the real hype about this tool? This article will prove RealEflow to be worth the hype. This amazing tool is available after you have read this article.

Let’s get started:


RealEflow, which is simply, is an all-in-one software platform that facilitates real estate investment across multiple domains. The ROI you will get from the realEflow pricing alone is worth it.

This software was created to make it easier for investors to find real estate opportunities in different sectors. RealEflow makes it easy to find the right real estate deal for you.

This software provides a variety of services and products for real estate investors. These include direct mail mailings, direct mail printing, direct mailing, email marketing, and property listings.

RealEflow has a reputation for providing services such as integrated direct mail marketing and a property search database. They also offer an all-inclusive environment for real estate investors that allows them to find and close off-market properties.

Realeflow Software Features and Benefits

Software is used by investors to consolidate multiple applications into one platform. Real estate professionals who are successful want to be able to access their business anywhere they choose using the cloud. Realeflow provides all of these tools, and more.

Deal Analysis

The deal analyzer allows you to evaluate certain mathematical variables before making a deal for a property. Realeflow’s deal analyzer has three components: the deal analyzer and the rehab planner. The repair estimator is also available. It is crucial to estimate the costs of a property before closing. Realeflow’s analyzer tool will give you an estimate of your basic budget and possible costs.

WordPress is used to build these websites. There are many content packages available to suit your investment style. You can have single-page or multi-page websites with targeted buyers/sellers, investors, and distressed sellers.

Direct Mail Campaigns

Realeflow’s integrated direct mailing tools allow you to seamlessly send professional, pre-written letters to leads. Many templates can be used, but you also have the option to create your own. The package also includes pre-written postcards.

Direct mail campaigns may seem outdated to many, but many people still enjoy personal correspondence. You’ll likely find the home address of a lead before you can locate their email address.

Realeflow’s concise, targeted, and the point, letters grab people’s attention quickly. The content isn’t overwhelming the reader. Realeflow’s industry experts ensure that the content addresses potential problems and explains how your business can solve them.

Lead generation

Realeflow’s lead generation tool, Leadpipes, was the foundation of its entire platform. Quality leads are a major challenge for real estate investors.

The nucleus of the tool functions as a search engine that finds leads by filtering geographical location, zip code, address, and other criteria.

Leadpipes uses data from deeds and mortgages to search for absentee homeowners, motivated sellers, private lenders, and free and clear properties. It also searches for high and low-equity properties. Probate leads and upside-down properties.

You can refine your search by using custom dates, loan and tax information, as well as owner information. Leadpipes allows you to download up to 1,000 leads at once and launch a marketing campaign targeting those leads in just one click. Leadpipes is rated highly by customers who have left glowing reviews.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

Realeflow’s CRM acts as a virtual filing cabinet. The platform’s CRM tools allow you to manage, categorize, categorize, and rate all of your business contacts, buyers, and sellers. You can also track properties at each stage of a deal. Some of these features include:

  • List Management – This allows you to manage all your contacts, buyers, and sellers, and create targeted marketing campaigns.
  • Collaboration for Team – A centrally placed calendar with task functions, internal messaging, and a task function lets you manage and monitor deal activity.
  • Document Storage and Organization – 24/7 access to all of your important documents in one location Securely store your important documents in the Realeflow Cloud. Tag, file, and categorize every document to suit your business.

Property Listing Pages

A property listing page can be created with a URL that is specific to your contacts for them to view. You can also easily send property listing links directly to your contacts using the tool. The pages provide detailed information about your properties for rent or sale. It is easy to upload photos and list information.


Realeflow is a state-of-the-art comparable tool that utilizes MLS listing data, including pending, active, and recently sold listings. You can also view your comps on an interactive map. You can also select similarly and the tool will calculate the average price for those properties.

Realeflow used Zillow’s listings to find comparable information in the past. The company now has a comparable search tool that provides more up-to-date and enhanced information about pending sales and properties that have been sold recently. You can also find the estimated value of the property — this allows you to access even more information about your comparables, without having to wait for a realtor to pull your comps.

Power linking

Realeflow’s power-linking capabilities allow you to collaborate with others involved in your deal, by allowing them limited access to your platform information. This is a way to decrease the time spent interacting one-on-one with your team. You can link users with specific property files to limit the information they can view.

RealeFlow Pricing

RealeFlow currently has three pricing tiers, depending on the work you do.

Three different pricing options are available from Realeflow. Each one is charged monthly and can be canceled at any time. Customers who pay annually receive two months of free service.

Subscribers have 30 days to try the software at $10. If the trial fails, there is a refund policy.

All pricing levels include access to national leads. These include:

Lite — $75/month

This level can accommodate one user at $75 per month. This level includes a single lead generation website as well as limited access to other tools.

Pro — $125/month

This is the most popular level. This plan is available for as little as $125 per month and can be used by up to 10 people. It offers 10 lead generation websites and all other tools.

Team — $175/month

This is the highest level and costs $175 per month. You can accommodate unlimited users. You can create unlimited lead generation websites and all other tools.

LeadPipes Premium

Realeflow is our favorite platform for investing. We have done many product reviews. LeadPipes Premium is the feature that makes it stand out.

Easy Direct Mail

There’s a built-in list-building tool, as we mentioned above. You can quickly and easily create direct marketing campaigns using your filtered list by clicking a button. Many other products allow you to export the list and then upload it into a separate database.

Realeflow allows you to do all of this with one login. Realeflow is an all-in-one platform for real estate investing.


This is an add-on feature, as you probably guessed. It’s not a standard feature.

Included in the monthly base rate. It’s not as costly as you might think authority members are offered a $995 one-time fee for this feature. They previously charged as high as $3,000 for it. This one-time payment gives you lifetime access and allows for unlimited use of the platform.

This platform is more attractive when you consider that ListSource charges up to $1 per lead. You get the same information.

Instead of paying per list, you can purchase lifetime access to the same information. This add-on is highly recommended to serious investors, but it does require a significant commitment.


LionDesk software is customer relationship management (CRM), designed for real estate agents and mortgage brokers. It also includes property management services. Pricing for LionDesk starts at $21 per month. It includes features such as built-in communication channels and lead generation. It’s simple to use, and users love email drip marketing and text tools. It’s ideal for pros and real estate companies who need a single platform to manage their leads, client communication, and sales prospecting.

Who is LionDesk the Best for?

  • LionDesk’s power phone dialer is a great choice for real estate professionals looking for a highly-functional, in-app phone system. It offers helpful features like unlimited calls, click-to-call, call recording, and voicemail. Learn more about LionDesk’s inclusion on our list of eight best real-estate CRM software platforms.
  • LionDesk’s lead generation tools can be used by sales teams to generate leads using Facebook Ads or third-party websites. Facebook users can create ads and extract leads from them based on their target audience and the number of people who clicked on the ad. It allows users to import data from Zillow, Trulia, and For more information on other lead-sourcing platforms, see our article on top lead generation companies.
  • Sales teams are looking for AI features to automate prospecting. LionDesk’s intelligent follow-up feature allows agents to learn about a prospect’s real-estate needs using an AI-powered chat. Agents can gain valuable information without having to directly engage with a client.

LionDesk’s Top Features

LionDesk CRM can help you organize client contacts and other information. It can automatically respond to all people who contact it. Automate drip campaigns, video or regular emails, and text messages. LionDesk includes video email, video messaging, text 2 Sell, 3rd-party lead imports and lead distribution, property management and deal and pipeline management, autoresponders, email tracking, and document management, as well as contact management.

LionDesk offers many unique features that aren’t available in other customer relationship management platforms. These features are known as video email and texting. These functionalities allow users to send video messages and video emails to specific contacts. You can include video emails and video texts in drip campaign templates. Users can then send them as mass emails or mass texts to a contact group.

LionDesk has a built-in video recorder that allows you to create video emails and text messages automatically. This feature is available in the Communication section of the platform. Clicking the button will bring them to their current view and allow them to start recording.

LionDesk also allows users to search for videos that they have previously created. You can filter search results by choosing the type of video, which can either be text or email. You can tag video emails and video texts so users can search for them easily. You can personalize property information sent to clients by using video emails or text messages. They can also be used to promote a listing or provide tips for potential buyers.

LionDesk allows users to import leads from third-party lead sources automatically. This will allow them to automatically respond to clients. They can import leads from,,, or IDX websites. LionDesk will then route the leads from these sources and integrate them into drip campaigns that they have set up within the software.

LionDesk’s property management function is another popular feature. This feature showcases the software’s task management capabilities. Users can create their task lists to manage a listing, sales, open houses, and more. This feature automates tasks and ensures that all property plans are executed on schedule.

Email and text templates

The program includes a selection of pre-written email templates and text templates for customers. Email tracking and reporting help to document marketing efforts.

Dialers dial numbers by clicking within the program. With Caller ID, you can also make a call using a cluck. Outbound calls can be automatically tracked.

Calendar and App Integration

LionDesk seamlessly integrates with Google Calendar, Gmail, as well as other lead generation platforms such as Zillow, Trulia, and You can distribute leads to your team members. Brokers have access to reports about the team activity.


You can also tell the program to send specific responses based on where the source is. New leads generated by Facebook ads can be set up to receive one or two text messages. Zillow leads could be set up to get one text or video text.

To-do reminders in the scheduler will help you keep track of all upcoming events. You can view the calendar agenda in three different ways: daily, weekly, and monthly.

Text 2 Sell

Based on LionDesk user reviews, Text 2 Sell is a popular feature. This allows agents to send shoppers a customized response and a website link automatically when they text them from a yard sign.

Agents can send bulk emails to certain groups from their contact list. One message can go to new listings and another to buyers. A third message goes to all the people on the list.

Built-in video recorder

LionDesk comes with a video recorder so that you don’t need to use any other program or third-party services to create video messages and emails. This makes it easy to send video walks through of newly listed properties, for example.

Bulk texting

LionDesk users also love bulk texting. With a single click, agents can send text messages to more than 100 leads from Zillow.

Transaction Management

LionDesk doesn’t have fully-featured transaction management software. It doesn’t even have digital signature capabilities. It cannot auto-fill forms with MLS information. These can be done by more advanced back-office software.

Seamless Document Storage

LionDesk’s document storage and scheduling features can help to streamline closings and prevent oversights. The messaging tools can also improve communication between parties involved in a transaction.

You can upload contracts and other documents to your computer and then assign them to people. You can organize the documents into different folders.

It also tracks transactions and saves the history. It has built-in closing plans and can create a workflow task list to help move transactions forward toward completion. Agents can drag and drop transactions between stages.

LionDesk allows you to manage a single transaction pipeline with lower pricing plans. You can manage multiple transactions in the pipeline with the more expensive plans.

Customer Support

LionDesk can be reached via the following channels

LionDesk offers support via chat, email, or over the phone. Cloud-based software means that it can be used on all systems, from Windows to Android.

LionDesk allows users to connect with a trainer for assistance with the initial setup. Many users agree that the program is easy to set up.

Pricing and plans for LionDesk

There are several pricing options for Liondesk. All plans are affordable and offer robust features.

LionDesk’s features make it one of the most cost-effective CRMs available for Realtors. The company offers a 30-day free trial. The 30-day trial does not require a credit card number. To avoid being charged, the testers do not have to do anything after the trial ends.

30-Day Trial — No Charge

Samplers can try limited communications for a 30-day trial. The sampler includes 15 text messages, five video texts, and 1250 emails. Advanced contact filtering and task managing are also included in the sampler.

It records emails and creates leads for inbound contacts. You can also create custom contact fields. It offers a 30-day free trial that includes a lot of functionality.

Starter Plan — $25/month

The next pricing level is Starter. It costs $25 per month billed monthly, or $21 per month billed annually. It includes 1,000 emails including video emails and 15 text messages. Additional emails cost $2 per 1,000

Additional texts cost $5 per 1,000 Additional video texts cost $7 per 1000. Bulk texting, transaction management, and pre-built marketing campaigns are just a few of the other features.

Pro+ Plan — $49/month

Pro+ plans cost $49 per month or $42 annually. You get 5,000 emails, 1000 texts, and 100 videos. It includes the Text2Sell function, bulk campaigns, white label emails, and the Text2Sell option.

Pro+ subscribers receive sub-account management and multiple transaction pipelines. They also get a customized LionDesk number to text. Overage pricing is $1.50 per 1,000 emails, $3 per 100 texts, and $5 per 100 video texts.

Elite Plan — $99/month

The Elite plan costs $99 per month or $83 annually. These plans include 15,000 video or regular emails, 3,000 text messages, 300 video texts, priority support, and priority emailing. It costs $1 per 1000 for additional emails. Additional text costs $2 per 100 and video texts $2 per 100.

LionDesk offers special pricing to large business clients that will be signing up a lot of agents. Enterprise plans offer a wider range of messages and discounted pricing.

The Enterprise version includes management tools that allow brokers to track office activities and assign tasks to specific agents.


Real estate investing can be time-consuming. There are many steps involved in identifying and producing leads from motivated sellers to closing a sale.

REIPro can help streamline this process.

You may have heard of the software before and are interested in giving it a go.

Is it worth it

Let’s see!

This REIpro review will examine it to determine if it is truly the best real-estate software.

Find out if real estate is right for you.

You’ll also find the answers to many of your most common questions about REIpro and real estate in general.

You’ll also see how others have built their internet marketing businesses to generate a passive income of over $40,000 per month.

They were able to swear by real estate because it used the same skills but in a more powerful and lucrative way.

What is REIPro?

REIPro software is ideal for small and large real estate companies. REIPro lets you search for different types of properties such as bank-owned and unoccupied lots.

The software also allows you to see the selling prices for such listings. With the quick search feature, you can find materials all around the globe. You can target both distant and local estates.

REIPro can also be used as a marketing platform that allows you to send messages and proposals to investors and clients. It includes 20 templates for letters and 90 postcards. Both are free.

REIPro offers a deal analyzer that can help you make business decisions. The software analyzes your contracts using data-driven data. The software also allows you to analyze transactions from the past. This allows you to create profitable plans for your real estate firm.

Real Estate Investing Process Simplified

REIPro real estate software is designed for real estate investors. It features a 10-step workflow process. This platform will guide you through each stage of your investment process. REIPro may allow you to access vital information like phone numbers, landline numbers, and email addresses of potential buyers or sellers. The app allows you to view 10 years’ worth of tax information as well as mortgage amounts for different properties across all 50 states. REIPro can streamline the investment process for you and your team. REIPro offers all the resources you need, from searching for a house to reviewing a transaction.

Lead generation

The program makes direct marketing easier for real estate investors. REIPro offers email transcripts you can customize to make your message personal. You can also use the offer and contract templates provided by REIPro to help you navigate the legal process of buying and selling a house. REIPro can be used to create a unique marketing campaign for potential investors. The integrated mail platform allows you to send a message. The software allows you to track your campaigns. This software allows you to analyze your marketing strategies.

Organized Company Files

REIPro organizes and categorizes your files such as contract and transaction history. This software allows you to centralize all your business information. REIPro doesn’t require you to have a separate place for paperwork. You can access your property details and report from any device. REIPro stores your files in the cloud so you can access them and manage them from anywhere. This feature also protects your files from hackers.

A detailed examination of the REIPro features

1. Lead generation

REIPro allows you to search over 150 million leads. These are often motivated investors.

There are many categories that you can choose from to narrow down your search.

  • Absentee owners
  • Vacant properties
  • Bank-owned real estate
  • Pre-foreclosures/auctions
  • Clear and unrestricted properties
  • Properties with high and low equity (more or less 30 percent equity)
  • Trusts own properties
  • Properties “Underwater” (debt more than their current values)

Real estate investors need to be able and willing to partner with others, co-invest, promote deals, and partner up.

The platform makes it easy to find other investors across the country.

Let’s say you have a buyer list or a list with other wholesalers. You know what they are looking for in an investment.

This is where the search filter for REIPros comes in handy.

It can be used to limit your search by price and lot size, type of property, several bedrooms, bathrooms, year built, date last sold, size of the property, owner type, potential equity, and other factors.

It is possible to assess the equity potential of a property in the same lead-generating or better property lookup module and determine if it has potential for deal potential.

REIpro does this by comparing the initial loan amounts with current market values.

Where can REIpro find its property leads?

This program examines courtroom records as well as county tax assessors regularly and updates these data every morning, Monday through Friday.

Direct mail is a popular marketing strategy used by many real estate investors to reach motivated sellers. REIpro has a complete direct mail system for this purpose.

2. Direct Mail

It can be used to create custom direct mail campaigns, and you may add your leads to them.

It’s possible to do it all from one location…

  • On-Demand Letter Printing
  • export campaign lists
  • Multi-touch postcard campaigns can be created
  • Purchase postcards (REIpro offers an in-house printing facility)
  • Save your campaigns for future reference.

REIpro offers a service where you can have your postcards mailed to you. Their system will track every single one.

Software companies also offer a service called “LISTMaid,” which can help you clean up your database and delete duplicates.

This is done by searching the NCOA secure database (National Change of Address), which has approximately 160 million permanent changes-of-address records.

This database is maintained by the United States Postal Service. It contains the names and addresses of individuals, families, and businesses who have filed a change of address form with the USPS.

3. Marketing Tools

REIpro’s marketing tools mainly consist of postcard templates, skip tracing tools, and a marketing library.

Postcard Design Templates

REIPro has more than 90 different postcard designs in its template collection.

According to the company, they have been road-tested to confirm that they work.

Postcard designs are available for both motivated sellers (mostly investors) and buyers (mostly business buyers).

  • Clear and free property owners
  • Divorced sellers
  • Lease options
  • Short sales
  • Absentee owners
  • Sellers of high-value property
  • Owners of expired listings
  • Tax lien owner of a house
  • Pre-foreclosures
  • Property owners are renting their homes out
  • Sellers of the auction property
  • Investors and sellers
  • Probates
  • Cash buyers
  • Sellers are selling
  • Foreclosed Homes Sellers
  • Landlords
  • Seller finance is provided by owners of properties
  • Sellers of vacant-homes

Skip Tracing In REIpro

With REIpro’s skip-tracing feature, you can find the contact information of the owner from one lead or multiple leads at once.

You may be given up to three phone numbers on your mobile and three phone numbers on your landline, as well as all the email addresses associated with the individual lead.

REIPro’s Marketing Library

There may be a variety of supporting materials within the marketing library. These include letter templates, posters, and postcards, as well as emails, budget sheets, and checklists.

You can also add your stuff.

The REIPro Workflow Systems

REIPro’s workflow system considers the common steps and duties real estate investors must complete before closing a deal.

This is a visual representation of the typical real estate investor business process.

Each lead has its workflow, and current tasks, and is part of the system.

These are the ten most important steps or tasks.

  • Details about the property
  • Contacts
  • Inspection
  • Special Offers
  • Contract
  • Closing
  • Affidavit
  • Buyers
  • Payday

The workflow system can also be linked to a basic CRM for managing your leads (such as buyers and sellers)

It can also be used to search for property information such as MLS comparable sales in all 50 states.

How to Get Specific Information

The workflow system may contain extensive information about sellers and owners, including their estimated age, phone numbers, email addresses, family members’ names, phone numbers, and email information for relatives, previous residences, and decedent status, if applicable.

Use Phone Scripts to Contact Sellers

This system also has the advantage of a collection of phone scripts that you can use to ask the owners.

If you have scripts, you can modify them.

Analyzing and Examining Transactions

You can also estimate repair costs from there (this would be the inspection from above). Auto-calculating tools can be used along with various inspection forms.

As an additional aid to estimating and calculating repair costs and determining value after repairs, the system gives you access to an “All Access Comparables Pass”.

This pass gives you access to data about MLS sales prices (all 50 US states), MLS dates (all 50 US states), and county-recorded sales (all 50 USA).

You can also sort the data in many ways to generate a comparison report.

This deal analyzer allows you to perform a financial analysis of various situations.

Making proposals

To increase your acceptance rate, many real estate “gurus” recommend making multiple offers to the same seller.

REIpro’s workflow system supports this method, which allows you to offer three options to sellers: cash offers, seller financing, or lease options.

These offers can be printed using one of the available letter templates. However, you can also make your own.

Selling Contracts

REIpro is not directly responsible for this functionality, but Rocket Lawyer collaborated to provide it.

The listed legal firm can help you with several state-specific agreements, including:

  • State-Specific Contracts and Agreements
  • REIPro Basic Sale and Purchase Agreement
  • Lease Options Agreements
  • Assignment Contracts
  • Contracts for Business

You can ask an attorney if you have further questions.

You can send personalized emails and search for local attorneys and title companies using the last two features of the workflow system.


This step in the workflow helps you create affidavits to obscure the title of a property or protect the investor.

Sellers can’t sell the property while the affidavit remains active. This is because they would need to transmit the clouded title.

Marketing to Buyers

This workflow system feature will assist you in finding a buyer for your deal.

It generates ad content that you can use in your marketing channels.

If you have one, you can also send emails from this page to your buyer list.

Buyer Contracts

This feature is similar to the seller’s agreement.

You can also access many contracts from the aforementioned law firm partnering with it.


You can use the workflow system’s last phase to locate a title company if you want to work with one. Real estate laws vary for each state.

REIPro has 15,000 different ones in its searchable database across the country.

These title companies are not related to REIPro, unlike the partnering law firms for the various contracts.

Pricing and Plans for REIPro

You’ve heard the saying, “You have to spend money to make money.” REIPro doesn’t require you to spend a lot of money to make your business run smoothly.

REIPro currently offers two pricing options.

Standard Plan — $109/month

You will pay $109 per month for this. It includes the national lead sources, executable actions system to improve your workflow, marketing tool, direct mail engine, contracts, and other cool tools that will help you grow your business.

Team Plan — $149/month

This plan is the most sought-after and costs $149 per month. This plan includes all the features of the standard plan, plus one major bonus: advanced features.

These include priority email support and phone support with REIPro; account administration delegation; 10 free skip track reports (to help find absentee owners); and 25% off all postcard printing

Each plan allows you to try it for free for 30 days. You won’t be charged if you cancel within 30 days.

You can save money if you decide to take the plunge and pay quarterly or weekly.


What is your competitive advantage as an investor in real estate?

You might be the most well-connected person in your area, knowing every contractor, wholesaler, investor, and lender. You might also be able to repair your own home and have a team available at your disposal.

You’re not able to identify your competitive advantage.

What if you could buy a competitive advantage? There are many real estate investing tools that can give you an edge over other investors.

PropStream’s investing program is one example of such a real estate tool. The PropStream app isn’t free but you can get a free trial to see if it suits your needs before you commit. And PropStream has some pretty amazing features that will help you identify and analyze off-market deals faster than any other investor.

What is PropStream?

PropStream offers several features for real estate brokers and agents who need to analyze and research large quantities of market data.

I’d estimate that about 80% of the features will help you with market intelligence and 20% will provide you with marketing tools such as voice mail campaigns, email campaigns, website landing pages, and postcards.

Although it may seem like it could benefit brokers and investors equally, I believe that it has slightly more value for real estate investors.


PropStream’s large data set makes it easy to quickly identify and evaluate potential investment opportunities.

If you’re a broker or a realtor, this might not apply to you.

A summary of all the features

1. Nationwide Data (Property Database).

This feature allows you to search for properties using a variety of criteria such as residential, commercial, office, industrial and agricultural.

You can also search by property type such as single-family, townhouse, multifamily, or other.

You can refine your search to filter out large amounts of data.

Real estate investors who aren’t only interested in their local area will find this search function very useful.

You can perform unlimited searches and have access to nearly any property address in the United States.

You can also search for the following information:

  • Owner
  • Loan balance
  • Past transaction details
  • More

You can also request information regarding sales records and cash deals, including contact information for a specific property.

PropStream does this by filtering cash sales within a predefined area and then generating contact information for the homeowner.

What does this all mean?

This allows you to access cash buyer information, which you can use later for your marketing activities.

2. Targeted Property Lists

Another useful feature is the ability to view and generate property lists that match your criteria.

You will be notified when a property meets your criteria.

How does this happen?

PropStream has multiple MLS data and can organize it with many filters and criteria.

This allows you to search multiple types of properties simultaneously, even if they have not yet hit the market.

These criteria can be used to filter your search:

  • Pre-foreclosures
  • Involuntary liens
  • Listings that are no longer available
  • Cash buyers
  • High equity
  • Divorce
  • Bankruptcy

These criteria already show that PropStream is more focused on real estate investors than real estate brokers and agents.

This feature allows you to generate up-to-date marketing lists according to your aimed property portfolio. These marketing lists can then be used for your marketing campaigns.

3. Instant Comparables

This tool helps you to determine the property’s value by comparing the average home values in the same area.

PropStream combines data from multiple multiple listing services with data taken from county recordings to accomplish this.

These variables can be changed in this feature:

  • Square footage
  • Date range
  • Bathrooms
  • Number of bedrooms
  • Distance from the subject property
  • Last sale date

4. Rehab Estimator

The rehab estimator will be a great tool for fix and flip investors as well as wholesale real estate investors.

It uses the same calculator as insurance companies to estimate rehab costs.

It covers all aspects of repair and improvement, including roofing, flooring, electrical, and plumbing.

Two different estimates can be made by using local materials and labor costs.

This will allow you to determine the cost of the rehab if it were done yourself or by a contractor.

5. Marketing Tools

PropStream’s marketing tools allow you to send automated emails, voicemails, and postcards (direct mail), as well as create landing pages.

Once you have gathered and generated relevant owner lists, the focus is on helping you reach prospects from one location.

You can create custom landing pages to generate additional leads in addition to those that the software finds for you in their database.

If you don’t yet have a website, this can be a great idea.

You don’t need to set up your server.

You can send automated voicemails, emails, and postcards directly from the platform to do your entire prospecting and direct mail campaigns. (Read my article on direct marketing here).

6. Property Deal Analyzer

The Property Deal Analyzer feature is the best way to find out more about a deal’s an investment and transaction details.

It allows you to calculate the following deal figures

  • Sum of the mortgage
  • Total purchase price
  • Property expenses
  • Projected rental income
  • Detailed mortgage analysis
  • Cash flow
  • Information and deductions about taxes

You will also get a market overview that shows you the trends in local rental prices, nearby property sales prices, and sought-after home features, as well as the overall market performance for your chosen area.

PropStream Pricing

PropStream offers a free 7-day trial. You will need to enter your payment information when you sign up. Once the trial ends, you will be automatically charged.

You can, however, cancel your trial before it ends.

Only one monthly subscription option is available. It costs $99 for every 10,000 properties.

Monthly subscriptions include:

  • Try it for 7 days free
  • National property search (up to 10,000 monthly property data exports).
  • Unlimitless property searches
  • Marketing tools
  • Lists of targeted properties
  • The Rehab Estimator
  • Instant Comparables
  • The Property Deal Analyzer

Final Verdict

We reviewed company histories, features, pricing plans, and customer reviews to determine which platform is the best. Realeflow won the features category because of its wide range of features that can help real estate investors save time and money. Realeflow won pricing because it offers three pricing levels with different amounts of included features. While the pricing plans were comparable to Liondesk, REIPro, and Propstream, they offered more value for money. Realeflow was voted the best by customers due to its positive customer reviews on forums, websites, and consumer review sites. It offers a fully functional CRM, landing pages, and email marketing. You can also create your website to generate leads.