Each year, Kajabi facilitates the sale of more than $2.5 billion worth of products by more than 50,000 professionals.

You can grow faster with marketing, automation, and selling tools provided by Marketo. Kajabi is loved by entrepreneurs and professionals with prior knowledge of selling and operating internet businesses.

However, it does not mean that Kajabi is not open to new users. Like us, you probably enjoy having hands-on control over your products, emails, automation, payments, sales funnels, landing

The following Kajabi review provides a walkthrough of the platform and an in-depth review of Kajabi. We will discuss Kajabi and all that it can do, who it is for, what it features, and what it has to offer.


  1. A brief overview of Kajabi
  2. How to use Kajabi to create a digital product?
  3. How to Create a business website with Kajabi?
  4. Building a landing page with Kajabi
  5. Marketing with Kajabi
  6. What Makes Kajabi Stand Out
  7. How to create an email sequence in Kajabi?
  8. Kajabi App
  9. Is Kajabi right for you?

A brief overview of Kajabi

For sharing your expertise and knowledge, Kajabi creates online courses, memberships, coaching services, and other digital products.

It can host multiple courses, products, landing pages, email contacts, and websites, in addition to being a powerful SaaS tool.

When you first start using Kajabi, here’s what you need to do

Upon opening Kajabi, one of the first things we recommend you do is go into your Settings.

Ensure that you can get paid for your digital products first. Payments can be processed via Kajabi’s integrated payment gateway, which makes it simple to take credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal. You do need to connect PayPal and Stripe accounts, however. 

You will need to sign up for a PayPal or Stripe account if you don’t already have one. There are a lot of easy-to-follow instructions provided by Kajabi on how to sign up for these accounts and how to connect them with Kajabi. 

When your payments have been handled, you should set up your domain and email settings. Go through the custom domain setup process in Settings if you have a custom domain for your website. For people without a custom domain, Kajabi gives them a subdomain to use under the “.mykajabi.com” domain.

After that, you should complete your Marketing Settings. In order to send emails to promote your business, which you really should, you must include 

You can also upload your company logo to your emails in this section, as well as specify how you want your default email settings to be set up, like from which business name your emails come.

Last but not least, fill out the details of your site in the settings. Customizations can be applied sit 

How to use Kajabi to create a digital product

Once you have put together your Kajabi has the best and easiest way to turn your knowledge into an amazing digital product you can sell. 

Whether you want to set up an online course, a membership site, a coaching product, or a community, Kajabi makes it simple. In addition, it includes proven templates for organizing your courses or products, which means you only need to focus on creating great content. 

You can build Kajabi from the ground up if you have your own vision for your online course or digital product. Kajabi’s product creator lets you design your course or digital product exactly how you want it. 

Would you like to make a video course? This is a simple process. It’s the same with a course delivered through email or an audio course. Your business can benefit from Kajabi by selling downloadable ebooks, membership sites, community offers, and much, much more.

Once again, you bring great content, and Kajabi will make it simple for you to turn it into an amazing digital product.

How to Create a business website with Kajabi?

You need a place to sell your product once you have a product to sell. 

The Kajabi platform lets you create websites that look like they were designed by professionals. 

The best part is that you can build your website quickly and without knowing how to code. 

There are beautiful templates included in the Kajabi website builder, called Themes. Unlike most other themes, the Themes can be fully customized and are mobile friendly, so your audience can see them perfectly no matter what device they’re using. In minutes, you can create a fully-integrated, amazing-looking website with the Kajabi template. 

Additionally, you can create your website from scratch using Kajabi. Using a simple but powerful website editor, you can add different elements to your website according to your preferences.

There’s no need for expensive plugins, one can easily change color palettes, add your branding and really make it your own. 

Furthermore, you can tinker and build an awesome website without taking any coding classes.

Also, if you have a design team or know how to code, Kajabi has you covered. A code editor comes with the Pro plan, allowing you to dig into the granular details of your webpage. 

Building a landing page with Kajabi 

Specialized landing pages are sometimes required for specific campaigns. Kajabi’s landing-page builder allows you to customize your landing pages to meet your business needs. 

Similarly, you can find the Pages builder under the Website tab, where you can see the templates that Kajabi offers you.

  • Optimized sales pages
  • signup pages
  • policy pages 
  • and more

You can really get to the value quickly with these templates. Neither coding nor design is required. A template for a sales page can be selected, your details added, then you can start selling. 

The landing pages in Kajabi can also be customized to your needs. These pages can be customized to match your brand, you can change the fonts and the layout to make sure they fit your business. 

Marketing with Kajabi

We have discussed Kajabi’s ability Now, we’ll explore how Kajabi’s email marketing helps you market and sell products. 

Kajabi email marketing helps you turn leads into subscribers and keep your existing customers engaged.

The Email Campaigns section is located in the Marketing section. From there, you can choose to do an email broadcast or an email sequence. 

Sending a single email broadcast is the same as sending a mass email. Whether it’s to announce something new, launch a new product, or for any other reason you wish to share. 

When you create an email sequence, you create a series of emails that are tied to an event, such as filling out a form or buying a course. Email marketing is automated in Kajabi, so you can monitor it at any time without having to do anything. 

Following the selection of your type of email, you can decide how your email will appear. 

A variety of stunning email templates are included in Kajabi’s email marketing. Kajabi’s email templates are industry-leading and feature: 

  • Demonstrating a new product
  • Sharing a blog post 
  • Closing the sale
  • Closing the deal
  • Picture-rich emails 
  • Text-filled emails

In addition, you can also customize these templates to fit your brand and products. Furthermore, you can build your own email if you wish. 

Adding your content to the email body is quick if you use a template or create your own design. Be as creative as you like by adding pictures, changing fonts, and adding different blocks.

Once you’ve selected the people you want to send it to, you’re all set. 

You can easily import contacts into Kajabi if you already have an email marketing list. As a bonus, Kajabi gives you the ability to segment these audiences, so you can make sure they get the messages they need.   

Embracing Kajabi Pipelines

Automating your business can be very beneficial. As time is your most precious resource, leaning on tools to automate parts of your work gives you more time back. 

Your leads and sales will increase as a result of this automated sales funnel. The best part is that you don’t need to be a coder to use it. 

Check out the OVO Pipeline sales page. A simple way to get quick conversions, OVO stands for “offer, value, offer.”. 

It displays some kind of value on the opt-in page for this Pipeline. An online course, a free download, or a webinar are examples. To get the lead’s email address, you need content that they are willing to share.

After entering their email address, they will be directed to a sales page. After they complete the purchase, they will be taken to the checkout page.

If they don’t purchase within eight days after they give you their email address, you’re triggered to send them eight emails. To accomplish this, send emails explaining why potential customers should use or buy your product. 

In the meantime, Creating leads and closing them automatically can be achieved with Kajabi Pipelines.

 Among the other features of Kajabi are:

  • You can track your sales and the engagement of your customers through robust analytics
  • Keeping track of your customers is easier with a CRM
  • Having a native mobile app so that your customers can take your products wherever they go

Kajabi does more than just help you create products your customers want, it also gives you the tools to run a successful business entirely online. It means you do not need to worry about paying for all these other tools and can say goodbye to the hassle of stitching data from all over the place.  

However, it’s not only about tools. In addition to video guides and 24×7 support, Kajabi also has a comprehensive help centre. To help you succeed with the platform, we have team members who are here to help you if you get stuck. 

For entrepreneurs who sell digital products, Kajabi is an all-in-one business platform. It is called the Knowledge Commerce industry because Kajabi Heroes sell their knowledge in the form of online courses, membership websites, coaching services, etc. 

With Kajabi, you can easily turn your knowledge into a digital product. As well as website creation and landing page building, email marketing software, account payment processing, and sales funnel software, we offer a variety of tools to help you run your business.

They offer a range of tools to help you run your business, including website creation, landing page building, email marketing software, and account payment processing.

Kajabi is designed to sell. Users rave about how easy it is to use. It is free to get started. You can choose from Pro, Growth, or Basic. These are discussed below. Set up an account and upload your content after you’ve chosen a plan.

The lesson editor allows you to upload your video lectures and give them a title and a description. Assessments can be easily completed by typing the questions and selecting the options (if you selected the multiple-choice option). Your product can now be marketed. With Kajabi, you can create pipelines. 

By offering efficient marketing funnels, you can achieve high conversion rates by turning prospects into potential students. In addition to landing pages, freebies designed to get leads to enter their email addresses, video marketing, etc., you can also add landing pages for your leads.

When students become students, they can use the site to process their payments. They can do this without leaving Kajabi. The platform effectively does everything. We will discuss these features in more detail later on. Because of its many features and benefits, Kajabi can compete with most online course platforms. 

How can Kajabi help you? If you are an entrepreneur interested in maximizing your investment, Kajabi can assist you in marketing valuable content. It is not enough to just upload your course content and wait for students to sign in. You have to launch your business and keep it growing. A course involves creating a curriculum, creating assessments and goals for your students, designing a website for your course, and marketing it to your target audience. Through Kajabi you can accomplish all of these and more.

The price of Kajabi is one of its criticisms. Kajabi is more costly than some alternatives. However, keep in mind that this saves you the hassle of having to use expensive plug-ins for your business. It’s also challenging to figure out how to seamlessly integrate the plug-ins. A lot of time, money, and effort is required for this. One platform would eliminate all of this. Well-designed platforms take into account the needs and want of their users.

It is possible to use these platforms for creating sales pages, contacting your students, and doing all sorts of marketing activities. Kajabi is a great choice if you are a professional looking for a way to promote your expertise. Online courses can be created, marketed, and sold using this powerful all-in-one solution

What Makes Kajabi Stand Out

Next, let’s look at some of the top features of Kajabi that make it one of the best platforms for hosting online courses.

A single platform for all your needs

You can monetize your knowledge in many ways with Kajabi. Among the features of this program are the ability to build and host not only online courses, but also coaching programs, memberships, podcasts, and communities.

With Kajabi, you can monetize your knowledge in multiple ways

Let’s look at them all

Kajabi’s intuitive dashboard makes it easy to create fully-featured courses. There is an option to add more than one chapter and lesson and to add course content such as videos, assessments, images, etc. You can choose from three blueprints – drip course, mini-course, and online course – or start from scratch.

Kajabi allows you to create coaching products in minutes. This feature allows your students or clients to reach you directly for tutoring and assistance. By using this feature, you can allow your students or clients to reach out to you directly for tutoring and assistance.

Kajabi lets you create a community for students as well. Students can then post and discussion forum topics in the community. As well as asking questions, sharing opinions, and having open discussions with your members, you can allow them to ask questions. It is also easy to connect the community with other Kajabi products.

If you enjoy providing information through the spoken word, you should create podcasts with Kajabi. Your subscription-based podcasts can be downloaded for free, while your subscription-based podcasts can be purchased. 

It is possible to distribute your podcasts through channels such as Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, and Spotify.

With Kajabi Membership, you can create membership portals. In other words, if you offer a membership program, you can generate recurring revenue through your products or courses.

Website Design for Custom Landing Pages

The landing page designs provided by Kajabi are focused on attracting customers and converting them into customers. Also, it helps in gathering data, capturing leads, and improving conversions.

Creating customized landing pages

Kajabi provides a variety of themes so you don’t need to spend hours creating landing pages. These themes can be used for multiple purposes.

Additionally, the landing page templates can be selected and added to, tweaked, arranged, and edited by you according to your needs. It is also possible to edit the theme’s source code if you are an expert in coding.

Course Creation – Advanced

Courses in Kajabi can be created by choosing from several predesigned blueprints and then adding the course structure beforehand. Creating courses is the next step where you will be able to edit modules and posts. In Kajabi, modules and lessons are called posts and sections, respectively.

The same applies to your courses, where you can have multiple categories and multiple posts per category. The categories can also be broken down into sub-categories, making it easier to maintain a course’s hierarchy. It also allows you to arrange the entire course in a manageable order by simply dragging and dropping.

Kajabi provides an easy way to upload course content – just click the lesson name and choose the content you wish to upload.

Using Kajabi is as easy as dragging and dropping

You don’t need to worry about hosting a lot of video content! Kajabi seamlessly integrates with Wistia, a secure video hosting platform. It hosts unlimited videos with proper bandwidth and content protection from Wistia – at NO additional cost. No third-party software is required.

Additionally, dripping content, quizzes, certificates, a free trial of your course, and downloadable materials can be added to courses.

The creation of pipelines (funnels)

Kajabi uses Pipelines to help you create sales funnels that lead your website visitors to your course and product sales pages. You can use the Pipeline in order to create a sequence of pages touting your products. Once the user enters the funnel, they are likely to purchase.

There is now a built-in Pipeline feature in Kajabi that replaces third-party tools like ClickFunnels (pretty expensive). This product seamlessly integrates with Kajabi’s products, email list, website, etc. like no other.

Kajabi lets you design pipelines for improving sales

The pipeline templates in Kajabi can be used for different purposes when creating courses. The templates can be customized as you wish.

By selecting Sales Page OVO Pipeline, naming it, and selecting your product, for instance, you can create a pipeline for your selling product.You can create an OVO pipeline for your selling product by choosing Sales Page, naming the pipeline, and then selecting your selling product. The funnel’s layout is created next, consisting of pages and email sequences as determined by the funnel’s order.

At first, the pages will contain only filler content. You will need to edit them as necessary, add & remove page sections, as well as adjust each page separately. It is the same for emails.

Once the funnel is live, you can see the statistics for each of the pages.

Email Marketing

You should consider email marketing when building your online teaching and learning business. By using social media, you can generate leads, build relationships with customers, drive traffic, pitch your products, or grow your business in general.

The Kajabi site comes with a built-in email marketing feature by default. Kajabi’s email marketing works seamlessly with other parts of the platform. Additionally, Mailchimp or ConvertKit does not need to be integrated.

The process of creating an email marketing campaign on Kajabi is now simple. Email campaigns on Kajabi come in two major forms.

i. Email Broadcast

With bulk email campaigns, you are able to send a single email to a large group of email subscribers at once. Email broadcast campaigns can be scheduled to a certain date and time as well.

The broadcast emails that Kajabi offers reach directly into the inboxes of your subscribers. Through the emails, you can create a customized sales pitch using the editable templates.

It is easy to target your email subscribers with Kajabi, as it lets you segment your list of subscribers.

Sending email broadcasts with Kajabi

The facility also allows you to automate certain actions a user takes on the email.

An email broadcast can be useful for announcing new products, offering special deals, or sharing related news.

ii. Email Sequence

Now, Kajabi facilitates email marketing campaigns with email sequences.

Upon taking a certain action, the system automatically sends the users an email or a series of emails.

In addition to completing forms, users can visit landing pages, register, subscribe to newsletters, open emails, buy, and complete courses to trigger email sequences.

These emails are also known as transactional emails in marketing terms.

You can choose from the available templates when creating an email sequence. Emails can be customized with visual editors. An action can then trigger the sending of the email.

How to create an email sequence in Kajabi?

An email thank you can be created and used as a trigger for course purchases. The customer receives an automatic thank you email when they purchase the course.

Additionally, unsubscribing can be automated. If you want to stop sending promotional emails to the user after they purchase the course, you should remove his or her email address from your mailing list.

Kajabi App

Since the world has become more mobile, Kajabi offers its users a mobile app as well.

First of all, mobile apps enable students to attend classes and use other services from anywhere and at any time.

It is possible that not all of your students will have access to laptops or computers. Those customers who use just their phones or tablets won’t be left out with Kajabi.

There is also the option of using it on your mobile device. A mobile browser interface would be terrible for your students.

Kajabi has developed a global app that enables users to access purchased product and courses from any creator.

Applications that look professional and slick require no customization, development, or maintenance. However, it does provide a few tweaks to the mobile app, such as changing the logo and colour scheme.

Further integrations

While Kajabi is all-in-one, it integrates with multiple tools. Kajabi integrates with marketing and tracking tools to offer additional features on your teaching platform.

There are the following integrations available:

Email Integration

When you integrate your email marketing tools, you can collect contact information from users when they submit forms or purchase services from you. They offer the following email integrations:

  • Aweber
  • Mailchimp
  • Drip
  • ConvertKit
  • ActiveCampaign


You can use the analytics integration to place tracking codes on your pages’ headers and footers. In order to analyze results and improve your selling strategies, you can collect information about your website visitors. Some options include the following:

  • Data segment – Collects and sends data to analytical tools.
  • Google Analytics – Informs you about your page visitors’ demographics.
  • Track website visitors with Facebook Pixel and target them with social media ads


You can use Zapier to connect Kajabi with hundreds of other apps that aren’t integrated with your site.

Apps and Kajabi can exchange information back and forth. Therefore, when you take action in one app, another app takes action as well.

You can update a Google Sheet with the data entered into a form.

ClickFunnels Integration

In addition to selling your courses with Kajabi, you can sell them through ClickFunnels as well.

You set up a sales funnel for the product using ClickFunnel. In addition, the courses will be automatically accessed by any customers who purchase the course. By entering their e-mail address on the purchase form, they will receive their login information.

Is Kajabi right for you?

If you are an expert or professional looking for a platform that offers more than just a display of your courses online, Kajabi is the best choice for you.

The Kajabi platform allows you to create, market, and sell digital products online. Hence, it’s designed for experts who want a multi-functional platform that can handle everything from creating courses, promoting products, generating leads, managing client relationships, marketing courses, and selling them.

In general, online course creators migrate to Kajabi from other course platforms as they grow.

Kajabi is suitable for those who have created online courses and want to expand their business by adding features and improving the student experience.

Besides no transaction fees, Kajabi has several other benefits, including multiple websites, advanced automation, many site templates, etc.