About AWeber

Headquartered in Pennsylvania, AWeber is an email marketing software company founded by Tom Kulzer in 1998. Known for its excellent auto-responders, solid performance, and an array of quality features, this company allows for the easy and efficient exchange of emails between businesses and their clients.

Over 120,000 small companies and blogs utilise AWeber’s industry-leading email marketing tools.

Utilizing email marketing software from AWeber can help businesses grow faster thanks to time-saving automated emails and industry-leading deliverability.

Why Should You Use AWeber?

With Aweber’s autoresponder function, you can automate email marketing campaigns. Small businesses may use this tool to develop effective email marketing campaigns that increase engagement, loyalty, and sales.

The company not only offers over 150 unique email template possibilities, but also lets users choose when, where, and how their emails are sent.

Overview of AWeber Features

Highlights of Top Features

AWeber’s most popular features:

  • You can easily use your favourite tools with dozens of integrations
  • Third-party API for apps
  • Service to clients Phone, live chat, and email support are all excellent.
  • The editor is simple to use and has a drag-and-drop interface.
  • More than 100 customizable templates
  • Autoresponder with powerful features
  • Triggers can be created by tagging emails
  • You can track your analytics to see what is working.
  • Deliverability rates exceeding 90%

Some more features:

  • Automating everything

A user is provided with a feature that allows them to design anything they want without having to learn any code.

  • Emails

Users can generate stunning emails with their Smart Designer. They will have a better chance of impressing their recipients as a result of this. The AI-powered email template creator allows users to easily generate email templates. An email template can be created in a matter of seconds. 

  • The drag-and-drop builder

An important feature of their drag-and-drop builder is that it allows a business to create anything it wants with just a couple of clicks. Simply drag and drop some boxes at the right places and you can create anything stunning. It doesn’t require any programming or design skills.

Alternatively, if you prefer HTML-codded email templates, then you can utilize them and customize them according to your needs.

  • Easily integrated

The dashboard of your email marketing service provider can easily be incorporated into other apps, such as Shopify, WooCommerce, and WordPress. This integration will allow us to easily create Pop-Ups and sign-up forms on our website. Different types of forms and pop-ups will be able to help you easily grow your email list with these types of integrations. 

AWeber has different apps for different functions. Overall, it has three apps. You need all three for full functionality.

This programme allows you to quickly and easily create a signup form on your mobile device, which you can then share with others. This will assist you in rapidly and easily growing your email list.

  • Curate

With this app, you will be able to create stunning and beautiful newsletters from your mobile using the contents of your blog or website.

In addition to helping you see your email campaigns’ results, this app helps you to track your other marketing campaigns, as well. Their detailed analysis will help you better understand the campaigns since they will provide you with all the data.

Landing Page

With their free tools, we can easily make beautiful landing pages. They will assist you in collecting information such as emails, phone numbers, and other details about your audience.


The purpose of this section is to help you better understand your audience’s engagement process. Knowing who your target audience is will enable you to reach out to them at the correct moment with the right offer.

Effortless management

People can simply be classified into several types or groupings. The division of people into those who will respond to your mails and those who will take your offers can be done. Sending them emails and offers will be a simple and fast process as soon as you categorize the people.

Targeting and segmenting

Your targeted audience is segmented and targeted with Aweber, so you can reach out to them. Your business will grow faster if you focus on the right audience. The list will allow you to reorganize your audience.

Statistics and Reports

The analytics feature allows you to analyze your campaigns and emails for things like open rates and click rates. As you log into your Aweber account, you will have access to these types of data, which will allow you to grow and improve your business.

Despite their intricacy, these reports are simple to comprehend. Your KPIs will be displayed on your dashboard (key performance indicators). On mobile devices, split testing makes it simple to optimise.

  • In an A/B test, you compare two things so that you can determine what is most effective. Split testing is also possible in Aweber between two emails.
  • The team can compare their subject lines, messages, and preview text to see which one is the best for delivering your message. Your email-send time can also be tested, which will help you gain good open rates and understand your audience.
  • By sending the email to half of our subscribers, you can optimize its performance, and if that works, you can send the mail to the other half as well.
  • The timing of emails can be tested, at which time our emails are most effective. At which time subscribers open email during the day, at noon and at night.
  • Sending automatic emails to your audience is made much easier with AutoResponders. As an example:

-You receive an email subscription if someone subscribes. The subscriber receives a Welcome Email.

-There will be a follow-up mail from you within a few days, with goals or offers

-Following that, there will be an email.

Autoresponder: Sending communications relevant to an individual

You can send emails automatically to site visitors who do certain activities by establishing a sequence of email messages timed to be delivered at specific intervals, such as

  • Free downloads of e-books, research reports, and white papers are accessible.
  • Taking part in a webinar or completing one
  • Subscribing to a newsletter
  • Purchase of a product

Upon receiving a new client’s email address, you can send a welcome email introducing the products and services you offer, followed by an info email explaining your current deals, etc. Also, depending on the type of product the individual purchased, you could send different series of post-purchase emails.

As an alternative, you can send automatic emails whenever your company changes, offer a new product or has a special offer. You can send personalized, timely, and targeted autoresponder emails to your customers that keep your company at the top of their minds using Aweber’s autoresponder functionality.

Sales and Marketing Integration: Do More with Flexibility

You can also integrate Aweber with various aspects of your business from the email marketing account.

There are over 100 connectivity possibilities, ranging from simple techniques like displaying email subscription forms on your website and social networking platforms to fully integrating PayPal with your account.

The following integrations are among the most popular:

  1. WordPress
  2. Shopify
  3. Magento
  4. GoTo Webinar
  5. Salesforce
  6. Shopify
  7. WooCommerce
  8. ClickFunnels
  9. Unbounce
  10. Freshbooks

Make Your Own Email Marketing App

In addition to this, AWeber Labs is an easy-to-use programming interface that includes multiple powerful features that allow you to fully customize your email-marketing strategies. Apart from an API programming interface, Aweber provides you with a data management tool.

Is it Possible to Manage Contact Lists?

Your list can be segmented with AWeber’s essential list segmentation tool, making your contact list easier to manage.

Sorting and categorising customers will help you market to them more efficiently.

Using this feature, you can classify your customers according to various factors, like their purchasing habits, their value to your business, or their length of time with you.

Customers who are new to your business, VIPs, clients who buy your products or services repeatedly, etc., can be segmented. It is easier to send relevant and targeted emails that will be responded to when clients are separated into distinct categories.

From the connectors to the list segmentation options to the analytics, Aweber goes above and beyond to ensure that you have a pleasant time managing your contacts.

Whenever you want, you can easily make any changes to your campaigns thanks to a straightforward dashboard.

Try Before You Buy: Free Trial

If you’re not sure if Aweber is right for you, you can try it out for free with an affordable tester plan. You can have up to 500 email subscribers and send unlimited emails with the free trial.

Aweber offers a no-risk plan that allows you to cancel after your free trial if the company’s services do not meet your email marketing requirements.

What Does AWeber Do?

Aweber is a well-known email marketing provider that also offers autoresponder functionality. It assists small businesses in developing successful email marketing campaigns that increase engagement, loyalty, and revenues.

Not only does the firm provide over 150 unique email design possibilities, but it also gives you a lot of control over when, how, and where these emails are sent.

Overview of AWeber Features

Overview of Top Features

The following are some of AWeber’s most popular features:

  • There are plenty of connectors available to make utilising your favourite tools even more convenient.
  • API for third-party apps
  • Customer care that is second to none via phone, live chat, and email.
  • Easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor 
  • Over 100 customizable templates
  • Robust autoresponder features 
  • Ability to tag emails to create triggers 
  • Analytics that can be tracked so you can see what’s working.
  • High deliverability rates 

Sending Communications that are Relevant to the Individual: Autoresponder Function

The ability to send automated emails is one of AWeber’s most popular capabilities.

For example, you can build a series of emails that are distributed at predetermined intervals to site users who perform specified behaviours, such as:

  • Downloading a free e-book, research report, or white paper
  • Registering for, or completing, a webinar
  • Signing up for an email newsletter
  • Purchasing a product

A welcome email is sent as soon as a new client joins your contact list, followed by an informative email describing the products and services you offer a few days later, then an email informing on current specials, and so on. You might also send multiple post-purchase emails depending on the sort of goods the customer bought.

Alternatively, you can send out automatic emails to all customers anytime your company makes a change, offers a special deal, or introduces a new product. Overall, Aweber’s autoresponder emails enable you to truly engage with your consumers by delivering them tailored, timely, and targeted emails that keep your business front of mind.

Versatility: Do More with Sales and Marketing Integrations

Aweber’s ability to combine your email marketing account with many elements of your organisation is another wonderful feature.

There are over 100 integration possibilities, ranging from simple call-to-action methods like publishing email subscription forms on your company’s website and social media platforms to combining your account with popular online shopping tools like PayPal.

Some of the most popular integrations are:

  1. WordPress
  2. Shopify
  3. Magento
  4. GoTo Webinar
  5. Salesforce
  6. Shopify
  7. WooCommerce
  8. ClickFunnels
  9. Unbounce
  10. Freshbooks

Create Your Own Email Marketing App

AWeber Labs, a sophisticated programming interface with various strong functions that allow you to construct your own bespoke email-marketing apps to help you fully optimise your marketing tactics, is also included.

This API programming interface also serves as a management tool, allowing you to access Aweber information.

What Can I Do with Contact List Management?

AWeber provides you with an essential list segmentation feature that makes it easier for you to manage your contact list.

Sort and Categorize Customers to Market to them Better

AWeber includes an important list division tool that makes managing your contact list much easier.

Sort and categorise customers so you can market to them more effectively.

This tool allows you to categorise consumers based on numerous variables such as their importance to your organisation, their shopping patterns, or how long they’ve been with your firm.

You can establish divisions for new customers, VIP clients, customers that buy from you frequently, and so on. Customers can be segmented to make it easier to send them relevant and targeted emails that they will reply to.

AWeber pulls out all the breaks to guarantee you have the easiest experience possible while managing your contacts, from the integration capabilities to the list segmentation feature to the offered analytics. You are provided with a simple dashboard that allows you to make modifications to your campaigns at any time.

You can Give it a try

Aweber offers a free tester plan if you are unsure whether the service would suit your needs. You can send unlimited emails with the free trial and have up to 500 subscribers.

Aweber offers a commitment-free package, so if the company’s services aren’t suited to your needs, you can cancel.

Creating templates and forms

You’ve never created an email before? You don’t have to be concerned about it because Aweber allows you to produce stunning emails using 150+ customizable templates.

Additionally, Aweber offers over 700 different signup forms for building up an email database. These kinds of forms can be posted on your company’s website, blog, and social media pages, giving you access to thousands of potential customers.

Email creation made easy

There are over 150 templates available, which makes it easy and quick for you to create email campaigns without having to start from scratch. You can customize the template you choose in the email editor by using intuitive tools.

You may upload images, create a logo, move information around, change the colour scheme, and input your own data using the editing tools.

Signing up for email subscription lists

You need to do more than just collect users’ information when it comes to getting them on your email list. The single opt-in process and the double opt-in process are the two sorts of opt-in processes you can utilise.

One-time opt-in

With one simple opt-in step, your user joins your email list. That’s all there is to it. A user can opt-in in a variety of ways, in addition to the specific opt-in forms you design and publish on your site.

Users do not need to do anything more than sign up to receive your emails after they sign up. The whole process of signing up is very simple for all parties involved.

Two-factor authentication

Double opt-in means you have to complete another step before being added to your email list. Subscribers will be asked to confirm their subscription after signing up for your list.

In most cases, the user acknowledges having provided you with their information via a welcome email that requests that they choose to be contacted by you further.

What is your preferred option?

There are pros and disadvantages to each opt-in method.

By having just one opt-in, your users will have an easier time enrolling, which will cause you to collect a greater number of email addresses.

By double opting in, however, you double-check that the emails you receive are real and aren’t being sent by bots or the like (spam is defined as sending too many emails to dead email addresses), and you don’t want to appear as a spammer). At the point where the user is enrolling, a solution like BriteVerify can assist you to weed out bogus addresses or typos.

Single opt-in leads to larger email lists, higher opening rates, click-through rates, and conversions, according to research, but double opt-in leads to higher rates (percentage-wise) of openings, clicks, and conversions.

You can implement either opt-in process easily with AWeber, regardless of which option you choose.

With split testing, your results can be improved

When it comes to email marketing, it is helpful to know what works and what does not, and split testing is one way to gather such information (otherwise known as A/B testing).

It entails creating separate emails and sending one to one set of consumers at random, and the other to another group of customers at random.

Create two emails and send one randomly to a customer group, and the other randomly to another customer group. Using metrics such as. 

You may compare the success rates of both emails using the following formula: Delivery Rate: what percentage of emails successfully reach an inbox?

  • What is your email open rate?
  • In your email, did you include links that people could click?

It’s easy to see how success rates drop as you progress from delivery to open to click-through rates.

Still, such figures will give you an insight into what works and what doesn’t, particularly if you compare two emails side-by-side.

In spite of the lack of a feature called “split testing” in AWeber, setting up segments (groups of customers) and sending emails can be done relatively easily.

What type of support and assistance will I receive?

Its friendly and helpful representatives respond to queries and problems promptly, which is why Aweber is known for its quality support. Customers can receive one-on-one support via email, phone, and chat. Customers can receive one-on-one support via email, phone, and chat.

They offer email support and live chat support 24/7 from 8 a.m. through 8 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. Aweber Live chat support is accessible from 9 a.m. on Saturdays and Sundays.

The Best Online Resources for Email Marketing

The following departments also give support and assistance:

  • A variety of video tutorials cover topics such as how to set up an account and how to integrate Aweber accounts with different applications.
  • A live webinar devoted to educating users about email marketing.
  • Hundreds of articles about email marketing software, troubleshooting, and other topics are available.
  • Every week, They provide email marketing advice and general tips.
  • These email marketing instructions are available as pdf files for download.
  • You can post questions on social media platforms.

Reporting and Analytics: Analyzing and Acting

There are few email marketing services that provide reporting tools as comprehensive as those provided by Aweber

The programme creates detailed, easy-to-understand reports that include critical performance indicators including new subscribers, email opens, clicks over time, ad tracking, subscriber location, subscriber growth, and follow-up information, among other things.

Through the company’s email dashboard, users can access the data at any time. You also have the option of selecting a default report format, which can range from simple raw statistics to percentages and figures.

With Aweber, you can create campaigns that will achieve greater success and better results.

AWeber vs GetResponse

You may have noticed that GetResponse is a competing email marketing platform if you are searching for AWeber. What is the difference between the two? Would you prefer one over the other?

Despite some significant variations, both AWeber and GetResponse provide the tools you need to plan, design, build, launch, manage, and sustain email campaigns. 

Advanced A/B Testing, Signup Forms, and Landing Pages

AWeber and GetResponse both include sign-up forms. GetResponse is now the only service that includes a form-creation feature in addition to AWeber’s.

Additionally to creating visually appealing sites your customers can use to provide information, GetResponse offers additional functionality such as A/B testing of your designs and automatic rollout of the designs that are the most effective at generating leads.

Managing email addresses

Managing and maintaining contacts is also possible using both products if you have subscription lists. As long as you segment your users based on factors like geographic location or profession, you can add, delete, or update your users at any time.

Most other marketing automation providers offer fewer CRM integrations than GetResponse.

The future of marketing automation

GetResponse is a modern marketing automation software that allows for advanced behaviour-based marketing and is very user-friendly. GetResponse offers a fully modern marketing automation platform, while AWeber offers automation like adding tags to segment clients depending on their interaction with your emails.

AWeber Pricing: How much does AWeber cost?

AWeber’s pricing is simple. Because all plans include the same functionality, you can pick the one that best fits the size of your email list (for instance, if you reach out to fewer than 500 customers, you can choose the cheapest package).

The pricing plan for Get Response is slightly more complex. The company offers four different plans, each with its own set of features and functions. However, the plans are tiered, which means that as your subscriber list grows, you’ll be charged more.

If you want to get started with the least amount of money, GetResponse is more affordable. However, as your needs grow, you will need to compare plans with the features you need to complete your goals.

AWeber Plans & Prices

The AWeber price structure is set up in such a way that you can start your email campaign for free. A 30-day free trial is available. Following that, it costs $19.00 per month for up to 500 subscribers, after which the price varies depending on the size of your mailing list. More information and current prices can be found on the AWeber website.

Email Templates

You can build an email using AWeber or GetResponse’s templates. Both providers offer very professional-looking alternatives, however, AWeber has over 700 possibilities whilst GetResponse has less (around 500).

You can edit templates in both companies (although GetResponse has a more robust preview feature).

Drag-n-Drop Email Editor

There are easy drag-and-drop email editors offered by both AWeber and GetResponse, so no HTML, CSS, or JavaScript experience is necessary to create visually stunning emails.


What should you do if you’re having trouble with your email marketing campaigns?

Weber provides award-winning support via Live Chat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and by phone from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. (Eastern Time) Monday through Friday. A Support Center is also available, which comprises a knowledge base, webinars, and video instructions.

Furthermore, GetResponse offers live chat and email support in 7 different languages, as well. Moreover, GetResponse has won several awards for its support and offers a wealth of written materials as well.

How is AWeber compared with other tools?

AWeber’s effectiveness as an email marketing platform is debatable. That will be determined by your requirements. 


  1. Sending emails is easier by previewing them first.
  2. Newsletters can be created and edited.
  3. In addition to its unique Call Loop feature, all Aweber packages come with SMS (text messages) and voice mail capabilities, so you can communicate with your subscribers via SMSs (text messages) as well as voicemail. Please be aware that SMS messaging regulations are different – and more stringent – than email marketing regulations.
  4. Ensures all emails are delivered to their intended recipients with spam protection.


  1. Contact lists cannot be imported from other providers
  2. Adding contacts who haven’t sent subscription confirmations violates Aweber’s anti-spam policy. They can also see this as a benefit because it helps them maintain high email deliverability rates.

FAQs About AWeber

Are you interested in learning more about AWeber? Check out these frequently asked questions.

Is AWeber’s free trial limited in terms of the services it offers?

You’ll have access to all of AWeber’s email marketing services, including autoresponders, during your free 30-day trial.

Obtaining access to all the features after the free trial period is over requires that you purchase either a month-to-month, quarterly-to-quarterly, or annual package.

The analytics provided by AWeber is useful?

This company’s in-depth analytics is one of its most popular features. It’s also simple to keep track of your data. You can easily track outcomes by sending a second message to those who did not open the first or generating segments based on who opened the link. 

How does AWeber handle drag-and-drop editing?

You can quickly create beautiful, functional emails using their drag-and-drop editor and templates (prebuilt designs that you can customize). The editor doesn’t require any technical expertise. The logo, photos, text, and layout are all very simple to update.

What is AWeber’s pricing compared with its competitors?

Generalized, AWeber is

  • Affordable compared to Campaign Monitor
  • Cost-effective compared to iContact
  • Much cheaper than Mailchimp
  • Costlier than GetResponse
  • Pricey compared to Mad Mimi (but it has fewer features).

Of course, we’re comparing apples to oranges in certain circumstances – all of these rival products have distinct feature sets and subscription limits, which may make AWeber less expensive at times and more expensive at other times.

Furthermore, AWeber’s (see above) inclusion of unsubscribed contacts in the picture distorts the picture.

AWeber pricing is genuine as for the perks you get.

Prices are important, but they shouldn’t be the only factor you consider…the most important thing is to determine what you will receive for your money.

Let’s examine some features of AWeber.

The key features of AWeber

The following are some of the key features of AWeber’s email marketing features:

  • Importing and hosting a mailing list
  • The option to choose from a number of different responsive email templates
  • Features of autoresponders
  • Automating marketing processes
  • Monitoring
  • Testing in two groups
  • Email addresses can be used to receive feeds and blogs.
  • Organizing a list
  • You can build landing pages with this tool
  • Live chat, email, and phone support are all available.
  • Apps integrated with third parties
  • Features of an e-commerce site

Let’s examine them in more detail.

Importing data into AWeber and hosting your list

Importing existing email databases into AWeber is simple.

The following file types can be uploaded:

  • XLS
  • XLSX
  • TSV
  • CSV
  • TXT

Manually adding subscribers or copying and pasting rows of subscribers into AWeber are also options.

Due to anti-spam laws, you will be required to provide information on how you gathered the data you’re importing.

You may also need to contact AWeber’s anti-spam compliance team if you have a large list (over 10,000 records). That might take a few hours.


In comparison to its competitors, AWeber offers a large number of HTML newsletter designs.

According to AWeber, over 700 templates are available (most of these are variations of templates, however – we estimate that there are closer to 200).

There are over 150 GetResponse templates and approximately 100 Mailchimp themes.

My personal opinion is that some of AWeber’s designs are a bit dated – some of them seem stale. All three providers provide templates that look a bit more contemporary than Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor and GetResponse.

Although the sheer number of templates makes it possible to find a fitting template for your e-newsletter, it might require a little tweaking.

You might even start from scratch and develop your own template.

It’s also possible to create a new template with AWeber’s new ‘smart designer’ tool if you don’t want to start from an AWeber template.

It works by analysing your URL and creating a template that is consistent with your brand.

Creating responsive email designs

The templates of AWeber’s email service are all ‘responsive’.

In other words, they adapt automatically to fit the size of the screen they’re being viewed on. This capability has grown indispensable as smartphones and tablets have become more common.

It is also possible to see how your e-newsletter looks on a smartphone just by clicking a preview button and toggling the ‘mobile preview’ switch within AWeber.

The use of web fonts in AWeber templates

Unlike many of its competitors, AWeber supports web fonts.

The good news is that web fonts are generally more appealing than traditional safes fonts’ (Times New Roman, Arial, etc.) Standard email marketing software typically limits what you may use – and when utilised wisely, can dramatically improve the aesthetic of an email.

Moreover, if you use the same typeface on your website and e-newsletter, it will help you achieve greater brand consistency.

Emails sent with AWeber can use the following 11 fonts:

  • Arvo
  • Lato
  • Lora
  • Merriweather
  • Merriweather sans
  • Noticia Text
  • Open Sans
  • Playfair Display
  • Roboto
  • Source Sans Pro
  • Permanent Marker

AWeber’s templates earn a thumbs up from us, with bonus brownie points given for using web fonts.

AWeber would be better off with a few more font options – the ones currently available are a bit bland.

Email templates based on RSS

You can use AWeber to turn your site’s RSS feed into newsletters that are emailed on a schedule you specify.

You can use AWeber’s blog broadcast feature with any content that has an RSS feed, although technically, it can be used with any content.

‘Blog broadcasts,’ on the other hand, are particularly useful for bloggers who want their mailing list subscribers to get e-newsletters including the most recent entries (or a monthly digest of blog posts).

You may utilise the feature to deliver your newsletters automatically from your website, which saves you time.

This can be done ‘dynamically,’ which means that when a user re-opens an email, the content is automatically updated with the most recent blog articles.

How to configure dynamic RSS emails

Note that RSS-to-email campaigns cannot be created using AWeber’s standard templates – you must use a set of templates specifically designed for this purpose.

(AWeber is not alone in this respect).

This email marketing solution has a lot more RSS templates than most other options I’ve used (around 100) – more than most other mail marketing solutions.

They don’t look so great – as you can see in the screencap below, they look like they come from the 1990s!

Additionally, AWeber does not support the drag-and-drop interface for editing emails – you must use another editor (which is not very user friendly).

With a little experimenting, you might be able to come up with something that works, but there’s always space for improvement.


An autoresponder sends out a series of follow-up emails based on the user’s actions or the passage of time.

Suppose you created an autoresponder programme so that…

  • Anyone who registers up for your email list receives an immediate welcome message from your firm.
  • They will receive a discount voucher for the merchandise after one week.
  • They’ll be urged to follow you on social media in three weeks…

The list goes on.

Email campaigns are a crucial component of any email marketing strategy because they save time and create revenue.

According to the company, autoresponders were invented back in 1998, so their autoresponder functionality would be astounding.

Strangely, it’s just ‘okay’.

On the plus side, AWeber makes sending follow-up emails at regular intervals a simple – for example, constructing drip cycles like the one above (email onboarding, promo code, and social media invitation) is a breeze.

There is a downside, however: The options for triggering autoresponders are much smaller than you’ll find in competing products.

Marketing automation

Marketing automation is a function that is increasingly available in email marketing platforms, and AWeber offers it.

Marketing automation usually comprises creating a flowchart in which emails are sent in response to the recipient’s actions, such as email opens, link clicks, site visits, purchases, and so on.

AWeber Campaigns, a feature of its marketing automation service, provides some of this functionality.

This tool allows you to track user behaviours such as opens and click-throughs, as well as the application of tags, which are triggered when a visitor views a specific page of your website, to determine what should be emailed to whom and when.

AWeber Campaigns

However, this capability needs to be much more versatile – solutions like GetResponse and Mailchimp provide a lot more flexibility in terms of how particular activities are treated as email campaign triggers.

GetResponse, for example, allows you to send messages based on triggers like purchases, page visits, subscription scores, and more. The same may be said for Mailchimp.

So in other words, AWeber is playing catch up here a little bit.

What makes Weber’s free plan special?

AWeber has created a fully free plan in order to compete with Mailchimp (a programme well-known for its free option).

While AWEBER’s free plan is less generous than Mailchimp, it is more generous than Mailchimp.

Rather generously, AWeber offers most of its features for free, with the exception of split testing and abandoned cart emails.

 It doesn’t allow any automation, for example, and you can only use a few core features.

On the other hand, Mailchimp’s free plan allows you to work with a list of up to 2,000 subscribers. Aweber’s free plan only works if you have a list of 500 or fewer contacts.

On their free plans, both products send out e-newsletters with ads for their brands; these are, however, fairly subtle.

AWeber’s AMP for an email

AWeber has an advantage over most other email marketing solutions when it comes to AMP for email, which is a relatively new technology.

In the past, e-newsletters have exhibited a very static format – a simple assemblage of text and images. With AMP for Email, recipients can complete simple tasks (such as arranging an appointment or RSVPing to an event) without ever leaving their email application or browsing the internet.

Dynamic material, such as live survey results, weather updates, and football scores, can also be added to emails.

As a result, AMP emails encourage recipients to check back periodically, turning e-newsletters into significantly more engaging content.

You’ll need to learn AMP HTML and create your own templates if you want to include more intriguing dynamic components in your emails. Technical abilities are required to use AWeber’s AMP for email functionality (the only drag-and-drop AMP component is a gallery carousel; if you want to add more dynamic components, you’ll have to learn how to build your own templates).

Opt-in processes

You can handle opt-in processes in a way that suits your needs with AWeber’s flexibility.

You can set up a single opt-in subscription or a double opt-in subscription (a single opt-in subscription is when a user subscribes directly after completing a form; a double opt-in subscription occurs after the user clicks a link in a confirmation email).

Although neither technique is superior to the other, we appreciate AWeber’s flexibility in this area.

Split testing

Sending different variants of your e-newsletter to different subscribers, evaluating how well they work, then sending the most effective variant to the other recipients is what A/B testing (also known as split testing) entails.

Email marketing platforms usually take care of this for you: you create a few alternative versions of your email (with various content or subject lines), send them to a sample of your database, and your email service provider distributes the best-performing one to the rest of the list.

When split testing your newsletter, AWeber allows you to send up to three versions, and interestingly, you may mix and match variants – unlike many competitors, you aren’t confined to testing subject headers against other subject headers, sender names against other sender names, and so on.


AWeber provides good email analytics. You also have access to a variety of additional important analytics and information, such as: While you can track critical metrics like open rate, clickthroughs, and bounces, you can also examine:

Over time, the number of lists has grown

  • Methods of signing up
  • The people that open your email are from all around the world (i.e., where they are located)
  • Per-subscriber activity history, including past opens and clicks

The list goes on and on.

The key benefit of AWeber is that it gives you a solid overview of the performance of your email campaigns and enough data to make informed decisions about how to organise your next campaign.

Segmenting data in AWeber

AWeber’s segmentation system is rather easy. Segments can be formed not just based on the contents of any field in your database, but also on user behaviour such as opened emails, visited web pages, clicked links, purchased products, and so on. It’s all highly adaptable and simple to use.

Setting up segments in AWeber

It is, however, a little difficult. To access the screen where you construct the segments, you must first navigate to the subscribers’ section, search for some subscribers, and then save the search as a segment.

For the record, some solutions (like as GetResponse) build segments in a similar way; however, others (such as Campaign Monitor and Mailchimp, for example) have a segmentation area that is easily accessible.

AWeber, on the other hand, does not allow you to send emails to numerous segments at once. Users that need to ‘pick and mix’ pieces in email newsletters on a frequent basis will have difficulty.

Consider the following scenario: You’re in charge of a mailing list with a ‘vehicle model’ field. You can divide your email list into owners of VW Polos, Golfs, Passats, Tiguans, and Touregs by utilising this field.

It’s now time to send a message regarding a special offer for owners of Polo, Golf, and Passat vehicles.

You’d be better off if you could just pick the appropriate segments and deliver the message to them. AWeber, on the other hand, does not have this feature. To send three messages, you’d have to either build three different segments or target “Polo, Golf, or Passat” more explicitly.

Similar issues exist when you try to exclude individual segments from the broadcast; while you may omit entire lists from an email, you can’t exclude specific segments.

AWeber, unlike its main competitor Mailchimp, allows you to send emails to many lists. AWeber can help you get around this problem.

Finally, GetResponse and Campaign Monitor are far superior to other email marketing solutions when it comes to segmentation.

Landing page builder

Website landing pages also called squeeze pages or squeeze pages for short, are typically designed to capture a lot of data.

Aesthetic images and a small bit of text outlining the benefits of inputting your email address are frequently included with the form.

Because there are fewer distractions – no navigation offers or material that can deter consumers from signing up – a landing page takes data more quickly than a form on a standard website.

AWeber also allows you to create simple landing sites that may be utilised with advertising campaigns (instead of having to rely on third-party solutions that can be quite expensive).

In terms of the landing page builder, it’s quite easy to use, there are a lot of templates to select from (46 at the time of writing), and you can use many free stock pictures and 24 various web fonts.

Additionally, you can add a Facebook Pixel and a Google Analytics tracking code to your landing pages to help you evaluate the efficacy of your advertising campaigns.

AWeber also allows you to buy a domain that you can connect to your landing page, effectively giving you access to a simple website as part of your membership.

How to edit an AWeber landing page

Landing pages created with AWeber can be used for eCommerce: You may accept payments, solicit donations, and even set up regular subscriptions on your website.

The eCommerce functionality within AWeber is not going to be able to compete with that offered by platforms like BigCommerce and Shopify anytime soon, but it’s definitely a nice-to-have.

Unfortunately, A/B testing is not automatic. Using a landing page builder has the advantage of allowing you to run real-time testing on different versions of the landing pages to determine which one performs the best.

Additionally, while including Facebook and Google Analytics tracking codes in processes is beneficial, it does not appear that there is a way to be GDPR compliant – if you use such cookies, you must provide a mechanism for EU visitors to consent to their use (i.e., before they are active). Because there is no such facility, some users will wind up breaking the law by using the landing page creator.

(Competing platforms like Mailchimp and GetResponse, for example, do not yet control cookies on their landing pages.)

Getting a landing page builder is definitely a plus, but it definitely needs to be improved.

Integrated with third-party apps

You can combine AWeber with over 750 different online apps.

Connect allows you to link your platform to other important cloud-based solutions, including website builders like Wix or Shopify, CRM applications like Capsule, landing page builders like Instapage, and more.

Dedicated widgets are used in some circumstances; in others, a piece of code is put to a website; and in yet others, a sync tool such as Zapier or Pie Sync is used.

Nonetheless, AWeber should operate with a wide range of SaaS (software as a service) apps (which appears to be the default standard email marketing choice for many companies).

Top 5 AWeber Benefits

  • It is very easy to use

Aweber is an easy to use platform which will work according to their user. Their dashboard is user-friendly and they do webinars or meet-ups with their users so that they can understand the need of their users.

They give an option to their new users to start with a free plan. So, that they can understand their working environment and if Aweber meets their demands

  • Ready-made templates

Users can use their pre-built templates library that will help them to save their time and efforts. Their library is significantly larger than that of some of their competitors.

AWeber Support 

One of the most significant aspects of an email marketing company’s support system is its customer service.

You get Aweber support via 24/7 live chat and email support. Which will help their users to get better and fast responses.

Import Functionality

They provide an option to import files and emails directly to autoresponders. This service is a free service that will help you to import your existing email list into your account.

What makes AWeber ideal for you?

AWeber provides you with all of the tools you’ll need to run a successful email marketing campaign. You have an easy-to-use interface and a good AWeber support system that makes it simple to start and sustain your email campaign.

The countless email and sign-up form templates reduce the amount of work you have to do. Most importantly, you’ll receive regular reports that will help you keep on top of your email marketing game.

So, if you want to conduct your email marketing campaign efficiently and without a hitch, Aweber is one of the solutions worth considering.

For 30 days, try AWeber free trial and get all the tools you need to succeed, including full access to all of AWeber’s features.

AWeber Review: Is it worth it?

In conclusion, AWeber is an effective email marketing platform. Even if it isn’t the best email marketing software on the market, it is dependable, affordable, and simple to use.

The ease of use, web fonts, landing page builder, AMP for emails, and thorough support are the primary reasons to select AWeber. Its free plan is also generous, providing users with tiny lists indefinite access to all of its essential features.

Support is extremely vital for people who are new to email marketing and don’t have a lot of technical knowledge (since difficulties can usually be fixed by calling a live person!).

AWeber is also less expensive than several competing programmes, like Campaign Monitor and iContact.