If you are in sales, you have likely heard about a product called ClickFunnels. What is it? Well, it is a tool that will turn your website into the ultimate sales machine. You’ll be able to generate an unimaginable number of leads every month. It’s now time to learn more about what ClickFunnels can do for your business. You should also know about ClickFunnels pricing structure

What is ClickFunnels?

If you have ClickFunnels, you won’t need the usual sales and support staff businesses. This means that you can do away with those expensive web wizards. You also will not need to hire teams of computer programmers and IT staff (either as in-house or consultants!) Finally, you’ll no longer need a full-fledged sales department and a sales support department. Gone are the days when you had to have a sales copy and train sales reps. ClickFunnels will do all of this and more for you!

ClickFunnels puts every step of the sales process – from prospecting to closing and beyond – on your website. But ClickFunnels is focused. In a way, you can think of it as a substitute for a traditional website. You can use the ClickFunnels software to create funnel pages. These are designed to drive traffic and make as many conversions as possible.

How does ClickFunnels work?

If you visit ClickFunnels’s website, you’ll hear a lot about squeeze pages and sales funnels. Basically, ClickFunnels is designed to get visitors to buy from you soon after they come to your site. It does this through regular (but not standard) websites, landing pages, opt-in pages, and more! You’ll love the fact that you don’t need to know anything about web page creation or design to use it.

You can use ClickFunnels for a variety of purposes. You can sell your products or services. You can also use it to get even more leads and business. This is crucial if you are expanding your business. Clickfunnels works its magic by doing all of your marketing for you as well. This means that you no longer need Advertising executives.

What does ClickFunnels take care of for you in terms of marketing?

ClickuFnnels’s websites are rich in content. You can now create intriguing funnel pages that are full of powerful and relevant content that is to the point and incites an immediate call to action. It will also do email marketing for you. Now you don’t need to download specialized software programs like Getresponse that are expensive and time-consuming. You can easily market to all of the people on your mailing and prospects lists.

No online marketing campaign for an online store can be complete without an order form and a shopping cart. Online stores also need analytics and stats to know their websites’ performance in real-time. These are just some of the many diverse marketing tools online store owners need to be successful. In the past, they had to take out huge loans or appeal to investors to hire professionals capable of doing all of this. However, since ClickFunnels takes care of all of this and more, store owners can concentrate on their main tasks – selling and taking care of business.

Note that ClickFunnels automates and simplifies the entire sales funnel process. A sales funnel is simply the entire selling cycle broken down in steps.

Understanding ClickFunnels pricing structure

ClickFunnels pricing structure comes in table form. It may seem complex at first, however, this is definitely not true. The following sections will demystify the ‘complexity’ behind Clickfunnels pricing structure. Clickfunnels pricing table currently offers two plans: ClickFunnels basic ($97/month) and ClickFunnels Platinum ($297/month.).

ClickFunnels pricing structure

Clickfunnels pricing structure is different for each of its plans. The basic plan is ClickFunnels’s plain but extremely functional. You pay $97 a month for the following features:

  • Ability to share funnels
  • Max of 20 funnels
  • Max of 100 pages
  • 1 user
  • Max of three payment gateways
  • Max of three domains
  • 24/7 chat support
  • Funnel hacker forum
  • Funnel fix

ClickFunnels Pricing Platinum Plan features

ClickFunnels Pricing also includes the Platinum Plan. You’ll have access to all of these amazing features for just $297 a month. They are:

  • The ability to share sales funnels.
  • The ability to build unlimited funnels.
  • The ability to build as many pages (landing and support) as you want to.
  • Ability to add 3 users to each account.
  • Ability to add 9 different payment gateways.
  • Access to the building as many follow up funnels as you want to.
  • The ability to add 9 domains for every account.
  • 24/7 chat support.
  • Access to weekly peer review hackathons.
  • Access to the funnel hacker forum.
  • Almost unlimited training resources with the Funnel Flix program

Each Basic Plan feature is explained in more detail below:

Ability to share funnels
This feature is common to both plans in Clickfunnels pricing structure. Sharing funnels is easy. All you do is email the funnel to another user or copy the funnel link. The person then adds it to his or her (ClickFunnels) account. However, make sure that the person you email your funnels to is also a ClickFunnels member. This is a smart strategy since you’ll have a copy of your sales funnel. You can always rely on this should your funnel get hacked into or corrupted.

Max of 20 funnels
Each funnel is a website with many pages that have different tools designed to convert. These tools convert cold leads into warm prospects and warm prospects into loyal customers. Clickfunnels pricing structure can get a little tricky. This is because the basic plan only allows you to set up 20 sales funnels with each account. You’ll get many features, but they are basic and somewhat limited. For example, you’ll be able to design up to 100 pages for all of the funnels.

The basic plan also only accommodates up to 20,000 visitors in total. This may be ideal if you are starting a business and don’t want to spend lavishly initially. Startup business owners find that it can take several months to get 20,000 visitors a month. You’ll be able to generate and store as many contacts as you want. The flip side is that the basic plan doesn’t have a visual builder. This is offered with the more advanced ClickFunnels plan.

You also will not be able to track conversions or any marketing metrics through email. The number of affiliates you can have supporting your funnels is limited. You’ll not have the option to sell through subscriptions.

Max of 100 pages
You can only create 100 pages for all of your 20 funnels. The reason for this is because the basic plan is meant for small scale entrepreneurs. People who sell as a hobby can also use it. However, this does have its advantages. You’ll have unlimited options in terms of the types of pages you can create. For example, you can create a squeeze page. This comes in handy if, for example, you sell consulting services. You can pique interest and gather vital contact information. You’ll have the option of sending targeted email messages to these prospects.

Of course, you can build intriguing landing pages that describe what you sell in detail. If these pages are informative and exciting enough, you can generate sales immediately. These landing pages have contact sections where you can have customers (and prospects) enter their contact details. Once again, this creates a great email marketing campaign opportunity! This may be crucial in terms of expanding your business and revenue streams.

You’ll get good value for your money with Clickfunnels pricing structure. This is becasue ClickFunnels will offer you dozens of professional, pre-made templates that are guaranteed to convert immediately. You can use these for your various landing and squeeze pages. ClickFunnels allows you to create a wide variety of pages. This is crucial if your small business is growing rapidly. You’ll get conversions and loyal customers in no time. You can create the following types of pages with the basic plan:

  • Thank you page – this encourages repeat business because it gives the visitor a favorable impression/image of your business.
  • Misc page – you can use pre-built templates and customize it to support your landing page. This will land you more conversions and loyal customers.
  • Sales page – this page encourages sales. It also encourages the nurturing of contacts because it asks for contact information at the POS.
  • Optin page – this is useful because it gives the visitor the option of receiving future information from your company.

One user
The plan offers basic features, so only one person can create an account and use it.

Max of three payment gateways
ClickFunnels is a sales software program. Therefore, it does not have its own payment gateway. However, you can choose a max of three payment gateways with ClickFunnels basic plan. While many payment gateway options exist, you may want to use the following gateways:

  • Stripe
  • PayPal
  • Authorize.net


One thing that ClickFunnels users love about it is that anyone can build amazing landing pages. Even novices can use its drag and drop features to build a website that would make webmasters jealous. One of the great features of ClickFunnels is the diversity it offers you in terms of integrating payment gateways. One of these is Stripe. It allows you to accept payments from a variety of mediums. This includes Apple Pay and other mobile wallets, and all major credit, and debit cards.

Stripe is a popular payment gateway for ClickFunnels because of its trigger and response mechanisms. This allows you to manage your sales pipeline and strategies.

You can program Stripe to initiate certain actions for ClickFunnels. This is based on the trigger and response features of Stripe:

  • When a visitor makes a new purchase, Stripe will automatically search for the visitor based on his or her id.
  • Stripe will automatically add a new customer when his or her credit card transaction is approved.
  • Stripe will add a new product when a visitor enters his or her payment information.
  • Stripe will automatically search for an existing charge based on the customer’s id. This occurs when a new invoice is created.
  • Stripe searches for subscriptions by a subscription or a customer ID. This occurs when a visitor creates a new subscription.
  • Stripe will add new customers to your contact list when they make a purchase.
  • Stripe will let you know when a customer deletes a subscription.
  • Stripe will let you know when an attempted payment has failed.
  • Stripe automatically lets you know when a customer disputes a transaction.
  • It sends automatic alerts when a customer successfully requests a refund.
  • You’ll be alerted the minute a new product is created.
  • You’ll receive an immediate alert when an invoice is emailed out.
  • You’ll immediately know when a customer updates a subscription.
  • You’ll be alerted three days before a customer’s trial period ends.


These features and more allow you to be proactive with both your payment and marketing strategies.

Stripe does charge a fee for accepting and processing transactions. It is 2.9% + 30 American cents. The upside is you’ll get a volume discount if you make more than $80,000 in sales annually. You aren’t charged a monthly fee for using it. Other payment gateways like PayPal charge a monthly fee. You’ll need to integrate it into another payment gateway for it (Stripe) to work. You’ll also have free access to the API. It charges a $15 fee for refunds.

Integrating Stripe with ClickFunnels
You’ll be able to easily create products in Clickfunnels. You’ll then be able to accept and process payments through Stripe. Most of this will occur automatically. If you want to integrate Stripe into ClickFunnels, do the following:
NOTE: Make sure that you have a Stripe account. Also, make sure all of the countries you will be operating in accept Stripe.

  • Log out of your Stripe account. Note that you can skip this step if you are currently logged out of Stripe.
  • Go to your ClickFunnels admin dashboard.
  • Go to the payment gateways section.
  • Select the ‘add payment gateways’ option.
  • Click on Stripe.
  • Select the ‘create Stripe account’ option.
  • Key in your account name.
  • Note this is optional: go to Apple Pay. Then select the domains you want Apple Pay to work on.
  • Note this is also optional: select Apple Pay as your default payment gateway.
  • Note that this is mandatory: select the ‘create Stripe Account’ option.
  • Click on the ‘connect with Stripe’ option.
  • You’ll be directed to a page. You’ll need to create a Stripe account there if you don’t have one.
  • Click on the ‘sign in’ button. This is towards the top right side of the page.

You have now added Stripe to your ClickFunnels account. Note that 70% of ClickFunnels users integrate Stripe as a payment gateway!


PayPal is one of the most popular payment gateways for online store owners. It is also one of the easiest to use. Perhaps that’s why 20% of ClickFunnels customers use it. PayPal is actually a brilliant payment method to use with ClickFunnels.

People love PayPal because it ensures their customers’ transactions will be secure. The same is true with their credit card and other sensitive information. More than 300 million people around the world use PayPal. It charges a fee of 2.9% + 30 American cents per transaction. This is among the lowest in the payment gateway industry.

Set up is free and easy. You have two choices in terms of ClickFunnels integration:

  • API
  • 3rd party

You’ll be able to easily collect payments from any mechanism or device if you install PayPal using this method. Do the following to integrate it into Clickfunnels:

  • Go to a specialized website. It will allow you to go directly to the PayPal Developer Apps page through a link.
  • You sign into PayPal. You’ll then be on the dashboard.
  • Go to the My apps and credentials section and click on it.
  • Choose the Rest API.
  • Click on the ‘Live’ option.
  • Select the create app option
  • You’ll need to name this app. You can give it any name you want.
  • Select the ‘Create app’ button.
  • .Select the ‘show’ button.
  • You’ll be taken to a screen that will display your PayPal app being created in your ClickFunnels account. The PayPal app will appear by the name you gave it. Just note that you need to connect (integrate) this app into your ClickFunnels account if you want to begin to receive payments.
  • Don’t close this page. Instead, open up a new page. You’ll be logging into your Clickfunnels account from there.
  • Once you are in your ClickFunnels account, go to your ‘avatar’ icon. It will be at the top right-hand corner of the page.
  • Position your mouse on this icon. Keep it there until a drop-down menu appears.
  • Select the ‘account settings’ option (in the drop-down menu).
  • You’ll see another menu on the left-hand side of the screen.
  • Select the Payment Gateways option: Note: it has the shopping cart icon to the left of it.
  • You’ll see another screen appear. The ‘select payment gateway’ button will appear there. Select it.
  • You’ll then see two buttons appear. PayPal (with its tell-tale logo) will be at the top. PayPal V2 will be below that. Select the PayPal V2 button because it will give you more options and functionality than PayPal will.
  • You’ll see a screen that shows PayPal’s logo near the upper right-hand corner. The upper left-hand side will ask you to submit your Pay Pal account information. This is necessary if you want to integrate PayPal into ClickFunnels
  • Migrate back to the PayPal tab in your dashboard. Then copy all of the client ID information there. Paste it into your ClickFunnels dashboard.
  • You’d be better off using the functions on your keyboard to do that.
  • If you’re using Windows, activate the keyboard by holding down the Ctrl and V keys simultaneously.
  • Hold down the CMD and V keys simultaneously if you’re using a MAC operating system.
  • Visit your PayPal tab again. You’ll want to copy the Client Secret section. You’ll be pasting that into the Clickfunnels dashboard.
  • Once you are back in the Clickfunnels dashboard, go to the Client Secret section. Paste the information into the client secret box.
  • You’ll see the ‘Create PayPalV2 account’ button. Select it.

You have now successfully integrated PayPal V2 into your ClickFunnels account. This will give you many options as a store owner. For example, you’ll be able to:

  • Add PayPal buttons on your ClickFunnels’ landing page order section.
  • PayPal V2 will let you create a subscription plan in ClickFunnels.
  • You’ll be able to create test orders through PayPal to see if it’s working properly.

3rd Party
There are many advantages to using this method to Integrate PayPal. One is the ability to add PayPal buttons to your ClickFunnels’ order page. You’ll then be able to use another payment gateway like Stripe or Recurly to accept payments. Just note that you will not be able to allow your customers to upgrade products with a single click. Do the following to add PayPal to your ClickFunnels account:

  • Sign into your PayPal account.
  • Migrate your mouse on the Tools button this appears towards the center of the top part of the screen.
  • You’ll see a drop-down menu appear. You’ll want to select the “all tools’ option that will appear. Select it.
  • You’ll see the PayPal buttons option appear. You’ll want to select the Open option.
  • You’ll see many options related to selling and promoting products that have no variations. Select the Buy Now button. It will have the description “Make it easy to buy one or more of a single item!’
  • You’ll see a screen that asks for product details appear. Enter the relevant information.
  • You can then go to the ‘Customize advanced features’ page.
  • You’ll see three steps. Select the third one (Customize advanced features – optional).
  • You’ll see many variables with yes and no buttons. These are limits you can set in regards to the options your customers will have when they want to buy from you:
  • For example, you can decide if you want to let your customers change the quantities of a particular item they are buying.
  • You’ll want to open a new screen. (don’t close the previous PayPal page though!) you’ll sign into your ClickFunnels account. Then you’ll open your sales funnel.
  • Select the settings option.
  1. You’ll then select the third party Membership+ access button.
  2. You’ll see an ‘Add product’ button. Select it.
  3. You should add all information, including price.
  • You’ll want to go back to the PayPal page that you left open.
  • You’ll want to go back to the first step of setting up the payment buttons.
  • You’ll see your item ID.
  • Copy it.
  • Go to the opened ClickFunnels page. Either copy or key in your item ID.
  • You’ll see a Webhook URL.
  • Highlight and right click your mouse to copy it.
  • Then select the ‘click product’ button.
  • Clickfunnels will now display your new product.
  • You’ll want to go back to the open PayPal page.
  • Select the third step. This will give you the ability to customize advanced features
  • Go to the advanced variables option.
  • Check the box.
  • Type notify_url= into the box.
  • You’ll want to paste the Webhook URL after the = sign.
  • Select the ‘create’ button.
  • You’ll see the new button and product that you have created in ClickFunnels and PayPal.

You’ll now be able to add new products and PayPal buttons when you want to.

Authorize.Net lets you do business with vendors and merchants. You’ll be able to accept any type of credit card or e-check payments. Authorize.net is unique because it lets customers key their payment and ship to information directly into the platform. It consolidates the e-payment cycle and process into three steps. This simplifies it. The three steps are:

  • Authorization
  • Capture
  • Settlement

If a customer buys on credit, Authorize.net will check his or her bank account. This is to determine if there are enough funds to cover the payment amount. If there are enough funds, the payment will be approved. However, the money will still be in the customer’s account until it is captured.

Authorize.Net will contact the customer’s bank. The platform asks the bank if the customer really does have enough funds in his or her bank account. If the answer is “Yes” Authorize.Net will ‘claim’ the money. The funds will then be locked.

The funds are wired from the customer’s account to your company’s account.

Other useful features and benefits of Authorize.net are:

  • Advanced Fraud Detection
  • Customer Information Manager
  • The ability to handle different types and modes of payment
  • The ability to handle repeat payments
  • It automatically updates customer account information
  • Managing customer invoices
  • Simplifies checkout

Advanced Fraud Detection
You can use up to 13 filters to find and block fake transactions before they can go through. Some of the more powerful and popular filters are:

  • Velocity Filters
  • IP Filters
  • Transaction Filters
  • Shipping Filters

Velocity Filters
You can limit the number of times a particular customer can purchase from you in a day.

IP Filters
You can program ClickFunnels to block websites with a particular IP. you can do the saFe with (IP) region, address, and transaction velocity. You can even select specific server IP addresses for submitting transactions.

Transaction Filters
This allows you to verify the customer’s credit card information before you process the transaction. You can limit the dollar amount a customer can purchase from you per day. This significantly limits the number of fraudulent transactions. You can also use Authorize.Net’s property criteria to identify and block potentially fraudulent transactions.

Shipping Filters
You can use features like Shipping Address verification and Enhanced AVS. This will inform you if a bogus customer is using a fake shipping address. It helps you correct discrepancies in shipping information as well.
Customer Information Manager
Customers can store their payment information on Authorize.Net. That way they can make repeat purchases with a few clicks. You’ll be able to manage the information either directly on Authorize.net or through ClickFunnels with an Application Programming Interface (API.)

Authorize.net complies with and uses the latest in payment credit card industry standards (PCI-DSS). This ensures that your customer’s payment information and purchases are always safe.

Customer information management
This feature allows customers to store their payment information in the system. They can then make future purchases with the click of a button. The customer information management feature allows customer profiles to include multiple shipping addresses as well.

As a vendor, you’ll have the ability to manage multiple profiles simultaneously. You can also use the application programming interface (API) to automate and send out invoices. If you are old school, you can manually create them and email them out. This feature also allows you to automate subscription and regular billings. Your bills will always be sent out on time.

You can program CIM to automate customer billing and address information as soon as it changes. This will help you manage your customer databases better.

Payment Types
This simplifies and streamlines the payment process. Authorize.net accepts all payment types. Your customers can pay with their preferred method with a few clicks. As a vendor, you have many payment options to choose from;

  • All-in-One.
  • Payment gateway only.
  • Enterprise solutions.

Use this if you lack a merchant account because it guarantees payment in this situation. You’ll get an Authorize.net merchant account and payment gateway regardless of your payment set-up. You’ll love the following about it:

  • Free set up.
  • No monthly gateway charge.
  • A change of 2.9% + 30 American cents per transaction.
  • A multitude of plan features that will benefit you as a vendor.

Payment gateway only
This is the pan for you if you have a merchant account. You’ll enjoy many features and benefits including:

  • Free setup.
  • No monthly gateway charge.
  • A charge of 10 American cents per transaction. You’ll also pay 10 American cents per payment batch.

Enterprise Solution
This option is for you if your sales revenue is more than $500,000 a year.

  • Nonprofits (501 C 3) can process payments and donations/fundraising proceeds.
  • You’ll enjoy a customized pricing plan.
  • You’ll get help with moving data.
  • You’ll have the options for interchange-plus.

Automatic recurring billing
This is useful if you have lots of customers who buy from you regularly. This also is useful if your customers pay in installments. You can automate accepting and processing the regular payments. The automatic recurring billing option works for any type of electronic payment method.

Account updater
You’ll enjoy updates in all of your customers’ credit card information on a monthly basis. It does the same for other types of electronic payment methods. Some beneficial features include:

  • Increase your authorization approvals.
  • See an increase in loyal customers and customers who make repeat purchases.
  • You will also get more referral business.
  • You won’t be charged if Authorize.net has to automatically update your customers’ payment information.
  • You’ll be updated regarding changes in your customers’ payment information and statuses.

Increase in your authorization approvals
Your customers’ payment information will be updated regularly. You will no longer have to worry about losing loyal customers because of payment declines from outdated payment information. You also won’t have to incur the additional costs you would by reaching out to customers and updating the information manually.

See an increase in loyal customers and customers who make repeat purchases
Your customers will be happy because the payment process will be regular, consistent, and smooth. They will want to buy from you more often because of this.

You won’t be charged if Authorize.net has to automatically update your customers’ payment information.
Since customers update their payment information frequently, you’ll see real savings. This is money that you can reinvest in your business.

You’ll be updated regularly regarding changes in your customers’ payment information and statuses
You’ll get regular reports. These will tell you the payment information that changed for your customers. You’ll also be informed as to why it occurred. You’ll also understand which accounts were closed and why.

You will be able to email customers billing invoices on any electronic device. The emails are customizable. Gone are the days when you had to endure the headache of updating customer account information and invoices manually.

Simple checkout
This is perfect for nonprofits. It also helps smaller businesses that sell a single product. Now they can easily sell with a big and conspicuous buy button.

Integrating Authorize.net with ClickFunnels
Do the following to integrate Authorize.net into ClickFunnels:

  • You’ll need a way for Authorize.net to ’talk’ to ClickFunnels
  • If you are a merchant, the only way you can do this is with a VAR sheet.
  • You’ll have to ask your merchant account provider for this sheet.

Note: you will fail if you try to integrate Authorize.net directly into ClickFunnels. Integration can only be done through another payment gateway. ClickFunnels recommends using Gateway Funnel Pros for this. You will need to use an NMI gateway that is compatible with ClickFunnels.


  • Log into your NMI account. Select the ‘customer vault’ option.
  • Go to the left side of the menu bar. You’ll see the ‘options’ icon there. Select it.
  • A ‘settings’ option will appear next. Click on it.
  • You’ll be directed to the settings page. You’ll see the ‘security options’ there.
  • Go down to the icon and select the ‘security keys’ option.
  • Name your security key.
  • Assign the key to a user.
  • You will see the API and cart options. Select them.
  • Select the ‘create new key’ option.
  • You’ll be presented with an API key. Be sure to copy this.

You are now ready for the next phase. You will be connecting your NMI gateway with your ClickFunnels account. Follow these steps during this phase:

  • Go to the ‘Account settings’.
  • Go to ‘payment gateway’ from there.
  • Select the ’add new payment gateway’ option.
  • You’ll need to search for NMI. Select it once you have found it.
  • Sign in to your NMI account.
  • Past the API key.
  • Select the ’create NMI account’ option.

You have now integrated Authorize.net into ClickFunnels. From here, you can easily add new products.

Though ClickFunnels basic plan only allows at most three payment gateways, another good gateway deserves mention. This is Recurly

Note that you need to have a Recurly account in order to integrate it with ClickFunnels. However, don’t use it if you sell to the E.U. You are better off using Stripe in this instance. You do the following to integrate Recurly with ClickFunnels:

  • Go to your Recurly account and click on the “Integrations” tab.
  • Choose the “API credentials” box.
  • You will need to provide your public and private API keys.

You are now ready to complete a series of substeps which comprises step # 2. They are explained below. But just remember to set up your Recurly account before following these steps for your integration to be successful. Remember to enter nothing more than the subdomain portion of your ClickFunnels account when you sign up for Recurly.

  • Go to your Clickfunnels dashboard.
  • Select the Account Details tab.
  • Click on “Payment Gateways”.
  • Select Recurly
  • Enter the subdomain for Recurly.
  • Input the Public API Key in the corresponding field.
  • Input the Private API key in the corresponding field.
  • Select the “Create Recurly account” button.


Benefits of using Recurly with ClickFunnels
You need to integrate your ClickFunnels with Recurly because it will give you many options. This is in reference to payment services like PayPal, Amazon, and others. Recurly has PCI Level 1 certification. This means your transactions and payments through ClickFunnels will always be secure.

But Recurly offers much more than this. It does what conventional payment gateways like PayPal, Paytm, and Amazon can’t. It provides the highest level of security in the payment gateway industry. This allows it to monitor and notify you of fraudulent transactions immediately. An added plus is that Recurly takes tax considerations by country into account. This allows you to adjust your prices for taxes in countries like New Zealand and Canada.

Many Recurly users love their analytics information. They can use this to better understand how their website(s) is performing in terms of sales and marketing by region. They can then increase sales, revenue, and strengthen their customer bases through targeted marketing campaigns and strategies. The analytics comes in handy when they are trying to determine the funds to allocate to their annual marketing budgets.

Max of three domains
Well, you don’t even need to add a domain to use ClickFunnels (either the basic or premium plan!) However, you should because it will help you sell your goods and services easier and faster. You can connect either a regular or a custom domain with the basic plan. Follow these steps to connect a custom domain to ClickFunnels basic plan:

  • Create a CNAME record.
  • Once you have done this, go to the dropdown menu and select the CNAME option.
  • Type the desired domain name into the search field.
  • Now search for the domain to ensure that it has a green check. Then point target to ClickFunnels.com.

Now you come to step 2.  The following sub-steps comprise this main step:

  • Go to the settings section on your ClickFunnels dashboard.
  • Select the “add new domain” option.
  • Go to the right part of the page and choose the “use an existing domain” option.
  • Enter the desired domain and select the “add domain” button.

Note: you must remove the www. Part of the domain name if you are adding a subdomain.

  • You will be directed to the next page where you select the “I’ve done this step” option.
  • Go back to the domain settings in ClickFunnels. It will tell you if your selected domain name has been verified.

Your domain may now be a part of ClickFunnels, but you have to make sure that it can’t be hacked into. Not doing so could compromise your entire sales funnel. You need to verify the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) of your domain. This can be done through the following steps:

  • Make sure that 10 minutes have elapsed from the time you added the domains.
  • Go to domain settings in the ClickFunnels dashboard.
  • Click on the three dots that appear next to the added domain.
  • Select the edit option.
  • Go to the SSL section and select the “expand” option.
  • Select the “Check SSL” option

As is evident, Clickfunnels pricing structure is very reasonable and flexible for small-scale entrepreneurs. This is evidenced by the amazing functionalities that the basic plan offers its users.

24/7 chat support
You can access a customer or tech service rep at any time of the day or night through chat support. This courteous, knowledgeable, and friendly professional will be able to answer any and all questions you may have. He or she will also be able to resolve your most pressing ClickFunnels issues and challenges in a timely manner.

Funnel Hacker forum
This allows you to learn through your peers. You will be connected to the vast global ClickFunnels network. These knowledgeable and helpful professionals will help you set up your ClickFunnels account and start to market and sell your goods in no time!

They say that you learn more by watching what others do and by implementing their successful strategies and plans. The Funnel Hacker Forum (and funnel hacking in general) works off of this principle. When you hack a funnel, you are essentially examining the marketing and selling methods, knowledge, and practices of your competitors. You then do the same for your company using plans and strategies that will work best for you!

Just make sure you never do the following. Doing this could spell disaster for your business in terms of sales, customer acquisition, revenue generation, and more. It could also set you up for potentially long-term damaging lawsuits and retaliation from powerful competitors.

  • Never copy your competitors’ funnels to the T
  • Never pass off their work and strategies/plans/actions as your own
  • Don’t do anything illegal, immoral, or unethical in terms of digital marketing. Black Hat SEO tactics and practices would be a big “no-no” in this instance
  • Never use tantalizing marketing practices to lure people in and then either con or dupe them. While this may win you short term sales and customers, it is sure to backfire on you. You’ll end up losing revenue streams, profits, customers, and most importantly, your reputation

Why you want to do funnel hacking
“Why is doing funnel hacking so advantageous anyway?” Many business owners have asked this question. If you are one of them, the answer is: it allows you to learn from your competitors’ successes. You will be tailoring their successes to your own company to ensure that your company is also successful.

For one thing, you don’t have to spend lots of time and money testing marketing strategies and plans. Your competition has already successfully done this for you. You can also save potentially hundreds of thousands on SEO and marketing optimizing. This leaves you with more time and resources to run your business successfully. Your business will have more revenue streams and (more importantly) profit faster. You can see what made your competitors fail. Then you can make sure that you don’t repeat their mistakes. Finally, you can really understand what your business does and the industry it operates in. Doing so will make you an industry expert, and potentially even an industry leader!

But funnel hacking is NOT for all businesses!
“Hey wait! How can funnel hacking NOT be for all businesses?” Well, you’ll have problems if you start to copy everything your competitors do. Not only may it fail for you, but you can be sued for predatory practice (among other things!) Copying funnel hacking may alienate your current customers. It can also cause you to totally mistarget advertising to those prospects in your target audiences. Also, not all businesses need funnel hacking (but most do) to be successful!

You need to understand what makes your competition so successful because…
Well, for one thing, you can attract lots of visitors to your landing page quickly. The best part is that you can get lots of high-paying conversions quickly. You also don’t have to ‘reinvent the wheel.’ One of your competitors has probably done what will make your business successful.

You need to know and do funnel hacking if you want to sell your own products and services. You need to know and do this if you want your business to be a success. Additionally, ClickFunnels will pay you big money if you become an affiliate. That’s money you can reinvest into your business to make it even more successful! Funnel hacking can turn a business that no one has ever heard of into a successful industry leader. In fact, it has saved many businesses from ‘going the way of the dinosaurs!’

You need to understand the following if you want to be successful in funnel hacking:

  • You need to understand how your competitors’ landing pages work. This includes understanding how they are structured. You also need to know which types of content makes them (landing pages) successful. Knowing this and more is the only way you can drive traffic in the droves to your landing page.
  • Understanding how your competitors’ sales pages work will tell you all about their sales strategies. You can use this knowledge to craft your own successful sales strategies, plans, and campaigns. You’ll also know what NOT to do in your industry to sell.
  • You’ll understand how ads work and which ads work. You will learn how to make your competitors’ ads work for you!
  • You’ll learn what makes their email marketing campaigns successful. With luck and a lot of hard work, you will be able to duplicate this success.
  • You’ll know where you should be pricing your products. There are certain price points that are great in maximizing revenues and customer bases while minimizing expenses.

It’s possible to learn all of this and more by split-testing and analyzing what your competitors do!

Do you know how to funnel hack successfully?
Well, probably not. If you did, you would not be reading this article. You would, instead, be hacking your funnels successfully. If you want to be successful in funnel hacking, you need to know and understand exactly what your competition does. Since they probably do one or more of these, you need to make the following a part of your marketing strategy:

  • Set up webinars.
  • Feature lots of Pay Per Click (PPC) ads on your landing pages.
  • Be active on social media platforms.
  • This includes doing lots of paid and organic advertising on major platforms like Facebook and Pinterest.
  • Feature regular podcasts.
  • This will keep you connected with your visitors. It will be easier to convert them if they have a warm connection/relationship to/with you!
  • Post infographics on your landing page.
  • People always like to get free stuff. In fact, they are more willing to buy from those businesses who do this regularly.

Note that you can easily get regular subscribers if you do one or more of these. Regular subscribers can easily turn into loyal and regular customers. They’ll also give you lots of referrals. Remember that referrals are ‘like gold dust’ in the business world.

The 10 ingredients you need for a good funnel hacking recipe
Business strategies are like recipes in that they need the right amount of certain ingredients. They also need to be executed in a certain order in order to turn outright. The 10 ingredients you will need for a good funnel hacking recipe are:

  • Know what your marketing goals are.
  • It helps if you know who your target audiences are.
  • It also helps if you know the revenue streams you want to realize in a particular period of time.

How do you know whom to market to? Well, you could go out and survey everyone in your target audience. However, that would be too time consuming and expensive. Also, there is a good chance that people would either not respond or get annoyed. That would not be good! You can easily understand the tastes, preferences, buying behavior, buying patterns, and more of those in your target audiences with buyer personas.

A buyer persona is an imaginary person whom you create, whose personality exactly mirrors that of your target audiences. Creating a buyer persona is invaluable because it allows you to understand the detailed nuances and psychology of those you are marketing to. You can also adjust your buyer persona’s characteristics and details as nature and/or demographics/composition of your target markets change.

A good buyer persona will be detailed and tell you (at least) the following:

  • How old the average person in your target audience(s) is.
  • If they are single, married, widowed, divorced, etc…this is important because single people have different tastes and needs than married people.
  • Whether or not the average person in your target audience has kids.
  • What they do for a living.
  • How much they make in a year. This is crucial because wealthier people tend to want more expensive products and services. They have a perceived need for it and can definitely afford them!
  • What they do in their spare time.

However, you want your buyer persona to be so detailed and descriptive that this profile seems like a living, breathing person. This is crucial because it tells you whom to market to. You’ll also understand how to market to them. You’ll know what material to market to them, and much more! Some other useful things to have your buyer persona answer in detail are:

  • Where to find them en masse online.
  • What are their problems in life? Make sure to only include the ones that your products/services can solve.
  • What would solve their most pressing problems
  • What do they worry the most about?
  • What is the one thing that they would change about themselves?

Your buyer persona is useless if it also doesn’t tell you in detail who NOT to sell to!

Amazingly enough, you’ll succeed if you know how much you want to earn when you design your sales funnels. Make your projections on a monthly basis. Then use that number when designing and building your funnels. Always remember to keep your monthly revenue goals and buyer persona in mind when designing the funnels.

Ingredient # 2: find the successful players in your industry
Once you have found them, analyze what they do, and repeat it. Of course, make sure that what you repeat is tailored to your business. Since this is easier said than done, you’ll be most successful if you:

  • Jot down the top players in your industry (players means companies)
  • Make sure that the ones you do note are making more annual revenue than you are.
  • You can include players in parallel industries. This can help because it can also give you insights into complementary products/services that you could be selling.
  • Get Clickbanks
  • This is a software program that has detailed information on 100,000 of the top businesses in any industry imaginable.
  • It ranks the highest-earning players first and has a menu that sorts players by industry.
  • It is therefore easy to navigate and understand. You’ll also have a quick and easy time finding what you need to.

Of course, Clickbanks is only useful for you if you know how to use it! You do the following to use it:

  • Go to the landing page and click on the affiliate marketplace option.
  • Find your industry in the extensive menu on the left side of the page.
  • Select the most successful products and services. Make sure that these are similar to what you sell.
  • Purchase these items/services. If they come with upsells, buy these as well. As you are going through the buying process, take strategic screenshots. Be sure to design a rough draft of a sales funnel as you’re doing this.

The fourth ingredient in the funnel hacking recipe is understanding where your competition’s traffic comes from. You need to understand how they drive traffic to their sites as well. A good sales tool you can use to do this is Similar Web. You’ll love it because it’s effective and free! Pay attention to the sources where the majority of their traffic comes from. Since this tool will give you a horizontal bar graph breakdown of traffic sources, know it by heart. Chances are, a good percentage of their traffic will come from major social media platforms. This is one of the reasons why social media marketing (SMM) is so important in the digital age.


Ingredients 5-10 are mentioned below in bullet points

  • Ingredient # 5: sign up for your competitors’ newsletters.
  • This is advantageous because you’ll have exposure to all of their target markets.
  • You can market your products and/or services to these markets.
  • Make sure you understand how your competitors are asking you to join their email lists.
  • For example, they could be taking a short preference quiz.
  • Be sure to emulate their methods of gathering information. This is crucial because you can incorporate them into your marketing strategies for instant success.
  • Be sure to take screenshots of the pop-up screens and opt-in pages the competitors use to get subscribers. You can analyze this and incorporate the successful elements in your own email marketing campaigns.
  • Be sure to note the following once you get regular newsletters/e-mail correspondence from them:
  • How many other subscribers (email addresses) are on their lists?
  • If they send random information about the usefulness of their products/services.
  • Do any of these emails incorporate Russell’s scripts? This is important because Russell’s scripts are ‘tried and true’ in terms of selling!
  • What do the links in their emails lead to? If these are backlinks, pay attention because they could lead to the top players in your industry.

Ingredient # 6: Know how the competitors model their sales funnels

  • This means thoroughly analyzing their site to see which elements bring in their sales. It may be a demo followed by a squeeze page.
  • It’s important to learn their techniques in terms of generating successful sales funnels. You will then be able to customize and emulate their ‘secret sauce’ for your business.
  • Also make sure that your site’s layout, structure, and XML sitemap look like theirs. Just remember to be unique with content and design.
  • Pay special attention to their usage of social media icons, format, innovation in headlines, etc…It also is crucial to note where they mention product/service prices. Note if their headers are floating or fixed. Other things to pay attention to are:
  • Price points
  • Total number of words on each page.
  • Any mentions of discounts and/or one-time offers.
  • Nature and setup/layout of their site’s color schemes.
  • The methods they use to gather contact and other vital information from customers. Note if they use opt-in pages or squeeze pages. Also note their size, layout, and format.
  • The placement of their links and buttons that gather information and incite a call to action.
  • The types of content that is above and below their folds.
  • If and where product/service benefits and/or features are mentioned.
  • Note if the text content is supported with video, audio, or visual content.

Note: always make sure that you are taking notes when hacking the competition’s funnels. These notes must be concise, to the point, and organized.

Ingredient # 7: copy what the competition does that makes them successful
The key lies in customizing it for your site. All companies that are successful in their respective industries have a formula for their success. The entire point of funnel hacking is to figure it out, customize it, and copy it through reverse engineering. You should also always be thinking of ways that you can do what your competition is doing better.

Ingredient # 8: Apply ingredients 1 – 7 when hacking your own funnel
While it may seem strange to hack your own sales funnels, it is necessary. This is the only way you will be able to determine if you are doing things the right way in terms of setting up the sales process. It consists of a series of phases:

  • Phase # 1: check and control traffic temperature
  • Phase # 2: build a pre-frame bridge
  • Phase # 3: obtain quality subscribers
  • Phase # 4: Identify and attract quality buyers
  • Phase # 5: Identify and attract hyperactive buyers
  • Phase # 6: Age and ascend the relationship
  • Phase # 7: Change the selling environment

Note:  Hacking your own funnel will work only if you follow the phases to the T. They must also be followed strictly according to their sequence.

Phase # 1:  Check and control traffic temperatureThis involves pre-qualifying your web traffic into different categories:

  • Cold traffic means that visitors are ‘on the fence’ about buying from you. They are borderline customers. They can easily be converted with a little marketing effort and good content.
  • Warm traffic means that the visitors like the products and services you sell. They are just not convinced that these could successfully resolve their pain points. Most of them will convert with some social media marketing and digital marketing efforts. These efforts must revolve around outstanding content that is well written.
  • If your website has lots of hot traffic, it has lots of visitors who will make immediate purchases.

You need to determine what the ideal traffic temperature needs to be for your website to start earning. Then build your sales funnels and strategies around this. Now it’s time to discuss how to hack your own funnel

Ingredient # 9: understand the sales flow of your funnels
Ultimately, the only way to do this is to ‘hack into’ your own sales funnels. You examine what the competition is doing in terms of funnels and then copy it! For example, if they are successfully using opt-in pages, you should do the same.

Ingredient # 10: design the sales funnels to sell your products well
This may seem obvious, but many business owners either forget or don’t know this. If you do this successfully, you’ll be copying your competitor’s strategies and methods. You’ll then be customizing them to fit your company, products/services, mission, etc…

Of course, if you want any of these ingredients to successfully build your sales funnels, know the following at all times:

  • Target audience demographics
  • Products and services you are selling
  • Landing page layout and content
  • Traffic sources
  • Ad copy

Funnel Flix
This section of clickfunnels teaches you how to use it. You can become a clickfunnels expert quickly by doing the following:

  • Watching online courses
  • Watching online training

Rest assured that you’ll become an expert quickly because these are led by industry experts.

By watching these courses and training, you’ll learn the following:

  • How to make your landing pages a success in just 30 days.
  • How to make clickfunnels and sales funnels work for you with the affiliate Bootcamp program.
  • How to successfully operate a physical store.
  • How to succeed in online selling.

This in itself is a bargain offer. However, ClickFunnels wants you to succeed. This is because they succeed when you do. Therefore, they offer the following online classes in the following areas and mediums:

  • Documentaries – you can watch the following in documentary form to learn how to ace every aspect of Clickfunnels:
  • Funnel Hacker TV
  • Funnel Hacking Live
  • Operation Underground Railroad
  • Funnel building – you’ll learn how to build sales funnels that actually sell by watching:
  • Funnel Agency Secrets
  • Funnel Builder Secrets
  • Funnel U
  • One Funnel Away
  • Unlock the secrets
  • Copywriting/sales – this will create the content that will convince visitors that they should only be buying from you!
  • 10x Secrets coming soon
  • Funnel Hackathon no
  • High Ticket Secrets
  • Agora Copywriting
  • Traffic – these video courses will teach you how to drive droves of traffic to your site
  • Add skills
  • Traffic Secrets
  • YouTube Traffic Secrets coming soon
  • Agora Media buying

The list of potential online classes you can watch to build successful sales funnels is endless. You can watch classes in business strategy and mindset. You’ll learn many secrets to online selling. These will make your funnels an instant success. ClickFunnels is able to provide online courses that work because it focuses. It focuses on all aspects involved in online. This is what makes it so effective.

The funnel flix has many components that make it one of the most sought after sales educational tools. With the funnel flix, you can get an MBA style of education in sales without spending the big money on it. It also educates people on the ways in which artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly influencing sales. Also, since AI is becoming an integral part of sales, funnel flix is being redesigned. The new version will offer three layers of support.

The first tier of support will be AI-focused. The new and improved funnel flix will have an entire section that discusses AI issues. This will be done in a Q&A format. This is supported by the community expert program. It is similar to the funnel hackathon in many ways. The CEP is composed of talented and knowledgeable people who are willing to support each other. They are also willing to help them learn. It does differ in the key aspect that it is primarily designed to resolve issues related to using and selling on ClickFunnels.

The third tier can be thought of as the foundation of the new Funnel Flix. It consists of seasoned and knowledgeable customer support professionals. These individuals are trained to answer any technical or business questions related to using Clickfunnels. They can also resolve even the most complex technical or business issues quickly.

Now that you have an idea as to how the funnel flux is designed to educate you on ClickFunnels and general business, it’s time to delve deep. As mentioned earlier, the funnel flix contains many courses. One of the most important ones is the Daily Virtual Hackathon Event. These sessions are filmed live and are very useful for learning about ClickFunnels and business principles. You’ll have the support of millions of like-minded peers as well.

Tony Robbins is to selling what Babe Ruth was to baseball. Robbins has a lot of knowledge and insights about selling successfully. This comes from his many years of experience. It can’t be learned from sales classes or books. You need this knowledge and these insights if you want to stand out and sell like crazy immediately. You’ll also be motivated to perform your best whether it is in your professional or personal life. The ClickFunnels Funnels Flix includes seminars from Tony Robbins.

You can access the One Funnel Away Challenge. This alludes to the fact that you are always one funnel away from selling more. It’s a 30-day boot camp training program for sales that includes recorded lectures.

The affiliate Bootcamp program contains testimonials, stories, and real-life experiences from people who have made it in your industry. You’ll learn their selling tactics and strategies. More importantly, you’ll learn what NOT to do!

Marketing and advertising support sales. After all, it’s the marketing and advertising departments that create the literature that salespeople use to sell. The same logic applies to your online business. If you enroll in a paid training program that is taught by seasoned guru Justin Brooke. You’ll learn all about the theoretical, practical, and technical aspects of e-commerce that are worth several millions of dollars.

You can enroll in online classes at ClickFunnels University. These free classes will teach you the best ways to market your business to success. You’ll learn what not to do as well. The classes are worth tens of thousands of dollars in terms of the knowledge and insights they will offer you.
You can also participate in a special training session. This is called the ‘secret laboratory.’ The industry experts do an in-depth analysis of the best sales funnels in existence. They will teach you how to start selling successfully from day 1! Some of the things you will learn about include

  • Funnel strategies
  • Sales offers
  • Split tests
  • Special ClickFunnels code
  • Maximizing sales
  • Blueprints for sales
  • Sales scripts
  • Selling cheat sheets

The Funnels Flix offers a unique type of training program. It’s called 10X Secrets Masterclass. You’ll learn all of the fundamentals of selling. You need this if you want to be successful against the ‘big players’ in your industry. For an added bonus, you’ll get 16 of Russel Brunson’s seminars. Russel Brunson is the founder of Clickfunnels. He is also an amazing sales rep. If you watch all of the seminars, you’ll be able to sell refrigerators to Eskimos. This will be true even if you are innately terrible at sales.

The eighth goody is traffic secrets. You’ll learn how to attract millions of visitors to your website within the first month. It is literally worth its weight in gold.

The ninth goody is The Anthology by Jay Abraham. You’ll learn how to tap into the hidden markets in your business and industry. This will allow you to make profits, revenue streams, and have assets you never thought imaginable. The experts in terms of marketing strategy, innovation, marketing, performance, and management teach these classes. Therefore, you’ll be selling like a seasoned pro in no time.

The tenth goody is The Warrior Way’s Doctrine. This teaches you how to optimize and harmonize four vital components in your life: the foundation, the code, the stack, and the core. You need to know how to successfully manage these if you want to have a successful online business. These seminars also do wonders for your self-confidence and self-esteem.

The eleventh goody is 30 Days. This is a series of seminars which puts you in a hypothetical situation in which you have failed in every aspect of your life. You’re penniless and broke. To make matters worse, you have 30 days to figure out how to restore your life and make money with ClickFunnels. These series will comprehensively train you what to do to be successful every day of those thirty days. You’ll also learn how to do it.

Goody number twelve is 10X: A ClickFunnels story. You’ll learn what to do and not to do in terms of making the in-person and online sales presentations and pitches that are always guaranteed to sell!

The thirteenth goody is Funnel Builder Secrets. You’ll learn how to build a successful sales funnel from the drawing board to its final materialization on your landing pages. Since this is a comprehensive set of courses that progresses by steps, you’ll be a sales pro in no time.

The fourteenth goody is Operation Underground Railroad. This is a brutally realistic documentary that discusses the horrors of the underground sex trade in detail. You’ll learn to think creatively and analytically after watching this movie. You’ll also be more appreciative of everything you have!

The fifteenth goody is Funnel Hacker TV. you’ll learn how to think and act like a successful entrepreneur. This includes thinking and acting smartly and quickly. You’ll also learn how to identify prime and hidden opportunities in your industry.

The sixteenth goody is Funnel Hackathon. This training program lasts for three days. You’ll be watching live (but recorded) seminars. These will comprehensively inform you of how to sell successfully. It will also tell you what you need to do to accomplish this.

The seventeenth goody is Unlocking the secrets. Unfortunately, you have to sign up for the super expensive collective ClickFunnels plan to access this. This program teaches you exactly what those who built the most successful sales funnels in their industries did and did not do to be successful. But this program offers more than this. You’ll also learn the tools, strategies, and swipe files necessary to build super awesome sales funnels.

The eighteenth goody is Agora Copywriting. Once again, you can access this only if you are under the collective plan. You’ll learn how to create the marketing literature and content that has been proven to sell. You’ll also learn how to be successful in terms of copyright.

The nineteenth goody is Agora Media Buying. Once again, this is only for collective plan members. You’ll learn how to do media buys the right way. But this finance-based newsletter also teaches you how to create the ads that keep on converting. You’ll learn how to create killer campaigns. Some other equally valuable things that you’ll learn include how to interpret reports, how to do research, how to execute plans and strategies, and when and how to scale your business.

The twentieth goody is the Outsource Force. This program will teach you how to hire, use, and leverage/manage the skills of virtual assistants. You’ll need them in the form of clerical staff as you scale your business up.

The twenty-first goody is Product Secrets. You’ll learn how to take transformational ideas and convert them into products and services that sell. You’ll also learn the right way to sell and promote them.

The twenty-second goody is a Money Mindset. This is for you if you’ve run businesses that have failed miserably in the past. For the first time in your life, you’ll be making lots of money and running your business the right way. This course helps you by teaching you how to make, manage, and spend money from a business standpoint.

Of course, while this seems like a lot of things to learn for the measly price of $97 a month for the basic plan, the best is yet to come. Some courses that are still being designed and created are:

  • High ticket secrets
  • Offermind
  • Funnel Hacking LIVE Documentary
  • Course Secrets
  • Funnel Agency Secrets
  • YouTube Traffic Secrets


Clickfunnels pricing structure is designed to make E-commerce newbies very successful. This is most evident in its basic plan.

Clickfunnels Pricing for its Platinum Plan
As mentioned earlier, ClickFunnels Pricing also includes the Platinum Plan. These features are discussed in further detail below.

Since many of these features were discussed in detail when describing the ClickFunnels basic plan features, this section will embellish.

The ability to build unlimited funnels

You can literally build a thousand pages with each sales funnel. While this may seem excessive, it can actually help your business become the industry leader. You can build squeeze pages, opt-in pages, and more. This is useful for collecting vital contact information that you can use to email these prospects useful information in the form of articles and newsletters. But you’ll also be able to customize your landing and support pages extensively. Of course, you can always use the pre-built templates to do this. However, you can be creative and custom design your landing and supporting pages.

The ability to build as many pages (including landing and support) as you want

You can build a killer marketing strategy that will make you an instant industry leader with an unlimited funnels option. The different pages can contain content and information that works towards the ultimate goal of converting as many of your visitors as possible. With the unlimited pages option, you can build many to the point pages that will support the landing page. You can then build specialized pages that support the supporting pages.

The ability to add 3 users to every account

This option is crucial if you are expanding from the start-up phase. You can have strategic employees manage your entire funnel. Examples would be the marketing director and the Chief marketing officer.

The ability to add up to 9 different payment gatewaysThis is a huge departure from the ClickFunnels basic plan. The ability to add many more payment gateways gives you the ability to access otherwise impenetrable markets globally. You can also rely more heavily on payment gateways that don’t take a transaction fee. The three payment gateways discussed for the basic plan also work with ClickFunnels Platinum. So, do the following gateways:

  • Blue Snap
  • PayPal V2
  • Payment cloud
  • Flagship
  • Pro merchant
  • Card connect


ClickFunnels users love it because it can be easily integrated into their sales funnels. It allows them to accept more payments from far-flung places in the world. This is possible because the gateway syncs with all global and major banks. It accepts all major currencies. Blue snap also uses a patented and proprietary tool. This is capable of recognizing the issuing nation of various credit cards. It then will ask a local bank in that country to process the transaction. ClickFunnels users and their customers love it because they don’t have to pay expensive processing fees.

Users love the fact that Blue Snap complies with all banking rules and regulations of all nations in the world. This makes processing and Accepting payments quick and easy. Blue Snap also accepts payments from other major processing gateways. These include Apple Pay and Google Pay. Blue Snap also doesn’t take a commission for currency conversions. You’ll also be able to transfer up to 17 major global currencies with Blue Snap.Blue Snap offers many products. These are:

  • Online and mobile checkout
  • Subscriptions
  • Invoice payments
  • Virtual terminal
  • Marketplaces
  • Integrates payments for platforms
  • POS payments
  • Unified commerce

All of these products will work on ClickFunnels Platinum. You just need to decide which is best for you!

PayPal V2

Paypal is one of the major payment gateways that accept payments from customers as well. Your transactions will be secure. It recognizes 203 global currencies. You don’t have to convert currencies with PayPal V2. However, the gateway does take a 3.3% fee for transactions that are not made in US dollars.

You can register on PayPal and download the app for free. It’s the quickest and easiest way to send money to others (PayPal users). This works for one time and recurring payments. You can also buy on credit using the PayPal Mastercard credit card.Other reasons why using PayPal V2 will help are:

  • You never have to worry about your credit card being declined.
  • You can send money to anyone around the world instantly.
  • Its iPhone app is easy to use .
  • It’s easy to use with online auctions.
  • It offers its customers special and unique discounts.

You never have to worry about your credit card being declined

Paypal gives you the option of adding as many banks as you want. You can also add different accounts from different banks. Your online purchases will never be declined provided you have enough funds in the bank. Additionally, all of your bank based transactions are secure.

You can send money to anyone around the world instantly

It’s possible to send money to anyone around the world with just one or two clicks. The money will reach them instantly. Paypal does take a small commission for transferring funds. However, this is a fraction of what traditional money transfer instruments would charge.

Its iPhone app is easy to use

You have the same options with the app as you do with the PC version of PayPal. You’ll be asked to provide a pin number for payments made with a debit card.

It’s easy to use with online auctions

Paypal integrates with major online auctions like Amazon.com and PayPal. This allows you to make and accept payments from an unlimited number of vendors and customers globally. You can also sell products on these auctions through your ClickFunnels account. The buyer resolution center acts as an online customer service department. You can resolve any issue – customer-centric or not – from there.

Payment Cloud

It allows you to accept credit card payments from high-risk companies. Payment Cloud provides vendors who otherwise have no access to credit with low-cost, high-quality financial products and solutions. They work wonders in terms of e-commerce solutions especially. One of their strengths is in virtual terminal credit card processing.

This makes it possible for its customers to send and receive payments over the phone. Best of all is that their credit card transactions will be completed entirely over the phone. Payment Cloud’s virtual processing system can do the same for debit cards and e-checks. Customers only need a company generated I’d to do so.

Payment Cloud’s virtual terminal gateways also have a form that customers can use for money orders over the phone. This information includes the customer name, payment type, amount, and frequency.

Many businesses, including traditional ones, prefer the virtual payment terminal option partly because of its ease of setup and use. All transactions, including credit card and account information, are one hundred percent secure. It also allows its users many options in terms of extending purchasing and payment offers to their customers. Companies in the following industries prefer Payment Cloud because of its virtual terminal technologies:

  • Companies that deliver and/or dispatch goods and/or services.
  • Individuals and companies who freelance.
  • Companies offering online technical support.
  • Accounting companies.
  • Companies that draft various types of documents.
  • Companies that repair the credit of companies and individuals.
  • Companies that consolidate debt.
  • Saas companies.
  • Property Management companies.

Other wonders of virtual payment products/solutions

  • One time payments
  • Automated recurring billing
  • Backup and recovery
  • Fraud protection
  • Account updater
  • Invoicing

One time payments

You can now enter any type of electronic payment that is made either online or over the phone. This can be done through the virtual terminal. It’s a perfect choice for companies that only buy a particular product once repeatedly.

Automated recurring billing

You can now set your automated billing system up through Payment Cloud. Simply enter in the frequency and time period for this to occur. Payment Cloud will take care of the rest! All you need is your customers’ credit card or money order information.

Backup and Recovery

You can still work offline in the odd off event that your company’s entire system crashes.

Fraud Protection

The virtual terminal comes with PCI compliance and data encryption. It also comes with Visa’s 3D Secure Authentication Protocol. This keeps your customers’ most sensitive information secure. The fact that you enter all data manually also helps.

Account Updater

The virtual terminal uses a special kind of technology that automatically updates your customers’ most sensitive information. A good example is credit card information. This updates your system regularly. It also keeps hackers from accessing this data.


You can send out electronic invoices to your clients and customers. These forms will collect their credit card and other sensitive and pertinent information. They will then send the information back to you. This can be automatically stored in your online system.

Payment Cloud offers shopping carts as another e-commerce solution for its users. Companies that sell products and services online need them. They would never be able to make transactions or bring in sales revenue otherwise.

These companies want to make the process of adding items to the cart, checking out, and making payments as streamlined as possible. Customers tend to get frustrated and abandon their carts if this is not the case.

Payment Cloud realizes this and offers integrative solutions that streamline shopping carts and shopping as much as possible. For example, it makes the process of accepting and processing credit cards easy. Payment Cloud ensures that all credit card transactions are secure. This gives its users and their customers peace of mind.

This payment gateway uses open API technology. This is compatible with any payment processing program.



Payment Cloud can integrate with any type of online store software program or extension. Good examples are Shopify and Woo Commerce. This is crucial because these programs and plugins allow third-party integration. Payment Cloud can be viewed as a ’hidden force.’ This is because while it’s not visible on users’ websites, it opened up their payment gateway options and horizons.

Users must be approved by Payment Cloud before they can connect to it. Upon approval, they must be able to connect their sites to a gateway allowing third-party integration. A good example is Authorize.net.

The good news is that Payment Cloud can be integrated with any payment gateway. The integration process is easy to learn and intuitive.  


This is a great payment gateway for merchants.

The multiple payment gateways option offered through the Platinum plan is ingenious. It’s one of the best features in Clickfunnels pricing structure.

Access to building as many follow-up funnels as you want

This allows you to cultivate relationships with new customers and prospects. It also allows you to nurture existing relationships. All of this and more is possible with the follow-up funnel feature which allows you to send follow-up emails to customers. You’ll have an easier time getting repeat purchases from them. They will also be more responsive to upsells. You can look forward to lots of referral business from them.

The ability to add 9 domains for every account

How to add a domain name to a ClickFunnels account has previously been described. Adding more domains is useful if you are a blogger who makes money off of different but interrelated sites. You can make unique points and tie themes together by discussing different topics on different websites. The websites can discuss each topic from different and unique angles.

Access to weekly review peer hackathons

This feature is even better than the funnel fix or ClickFunnels University. Each hackathon only accommodates 25,000 members. It is also only available to ClickFunnels Platinum members. They will teach you how to build particular types of strategic funnels. The hackathons are hosted daily at 9 AM American EST and at 3 PM American EST.

Hackathons are funnel specific. You’ll learn how to build a certain type of funnel from scratch. The hackathons are interactive, have an extensive Q&A session, and are taught by industry experts. You’ll learn how building a particular type of funnel can strengthen your strategies and dramatically increase sales.

Hackathons are live events. They discuss each of the three major funnels that clickfunnels allows you to create in detail. Each funnel is discussed from every angle and viewpoint. You’ll learn which funnel is right for your business and industry. You’ll also learn how to build them to transform your business into an industry leader.

Almost unlimited training resources with the funnel fix program

The funnel fix offers numerous courses that teach you how to use ClickFunnels in alignment with your business objectives and mission. You’ll have access to a greater selection of courses than you would with the basic plan.

Clickfunnels pricing structure is set up to offer entrepreneurs affordable business solutions based on their needs!

ClickFunnels give you MBA knowledge, insight, and expertise without spending the moneyIndeed, ClickfFunnels is more than just another web building software program to make online selling easier. It allows you to build powerful online businesses that sell. This is possible because of its almost exclusive focus on sales. This is reinforced with its emphasis on business functions related to sales. A good example is the business strategy. Many small businesses have been able to ramp up rapidly in extremely competitive industries with ClickFunnels. They quickly became industry leaders. Using Clickfunnels is like having an in-house staff of experienced E-MBA consultants guide your business. You can’t afford not to use it! So now that you know all of this, why don’t you sign up for ClickFunnels today? Click on the link below to start your 14-day trial today!