Do you know how much Realeflow will cost you?

Did you know that you can make thousands, if not millions, every month? Now, what activity will allow you to do that? Well, it’s investing in real estate. However, wait! It’s possible to go bankrupt in real estate investment if you don’t know what you’re doing! Ask the 95% of real estate investors who have failed! There is a silver lining though, you can succeed if you use a platform called Realeflow. Read this article if you’re wondering, “How much does Realeflow cost?”

So what is Realeflow?

You’ll understand what Realeflow is much better if you think of it as being your virtual real estate office staff all rolled into a comprehensive and effective platform. Realeflow will help you find the right leads. It will also help you analyze deals. You’ll be able to understand which ones will generate the most amount of profit for you in the shortest time. Finally, Realeflow helps you calculate the cost of renovation projects and plan them out accordingly.

Oh, and Realeflow acts like a virtual customer service, virtual assistant, and office manager team as well! In other words, it’s built around great CRM!

Why should you use Realeflow?

You’ll be able to multitask and perform many real estate and office functions with Realeflow.
● You can filter and download lead lists to reach out to the right buyers, lenders, and sellers
● It will be easy to convert these leads with automated direct mail (marketing) campaigns
● Find the best real estate opportunities and analyze them for profitability
● Market various properties on custom websites.

How can Realeflow’s CRM help you?

You (probably) know that CRM is crucial to converting and keeping customers. It’s also vital for generating enough revenue to remain profitable. So, how can Realeflow’s CRM help your business?

For one thing, you’ll be communicating with and managing your staff and prospects right from Realeflow’s dashboard. For example, you can do the following things in terms of CRM from the dashboard:
● Add contact
● Manage contacts
● Categorize contacts
● Rate contacts

The beauty of Realeflow’s CRM is that you can communicate and work with your staff while doing all of this!

The CRM will help you spend less on marketing campaigns while targeting more people, getting more conversions, and generating more revenue! It’s all possible because of these features:
● List management
● Collaborating with teams
● Storing documents
● Organizing your teams, documents, and lists

When combined with Property Radar, Realeflow’s CRM is a powerful tool that will allow you to outsell your competitors. Think of Property Radar as being the ultimate database for the real estate industry. What it contains is an amazing and almost unlimited list of contacts.

Property Radar’s has more than 200 filtering criteria. Therefore, it will help you build the perfect mailing list. Property Radar will also help you segment them. Here’s where it gets sweet. Property Radar will allow you to build and filter an unlimited number of mailing lists!

Realeflow pricing and plans

Realeflow has three plans
● Team
● Pro
● Lite

The breakdown and analysis of plans in terms of Realeflow pricing is:


The Team version costs USD 175 a month. Expect the following features:
● Unlimited users
● Customer and tech support by phone, email, and live chat
● Access to nationwide lead pipes
● Access absentee owner leads
● access to free and clear leads
● Access high equity leads
● Access low equity leads
● Access to upside down leads
● Access to cash buyer leads
● Access to private lender leads
● Access to probate leads that are priced per lead


● Build unlimited websites
● Use the direct mail engine
● Use enterprise direct pricing at 40 to 80 American cents a lead
● Access to Moby
● Use opt-in forms
● Access to marketing library


● Rehab planner
● Repair estimator
● Deal analyzer
● Comping tool


● Access to Smoothfax
● Access to Scrum Board
● Access to document storage
● Access to power linking
● Calendar
● Create and access tasks
● Access to activity feed
● Utilize paperless office


● Use Email
● Pre-built Email Auto Responders
● Power Matching


● Pre-approval Letter
● Property Loan


The Pro plan costs USD 125 month. It has the following features.


● Maximum of 10 users per account
● Phone, email, and live chat customer service and tech support are available

Nationwide Lead Pipes

● Access to absentee owner leads
● Access to free and clear leads
● Access to high equity leads
● Access to low equity leads
● Access to upside down leads
● Access to cash buyer leads
● Access to private lender leads
● Access to probate leads
● Leadpipes premium is available for an upgrade


● 5 websites per account
● Access to direct email engine
● Access to enterprise direct mailing at 40 to 80 American cents per mailing
● Access to Moby
● Access to opt-in forms
● Access to the marketing library


● Access to rehab planner
● Access to repair estimator
● Access to deal analyzer
● Access to the comping tool


● Access to CRM
● Access to Smoothfax
● Acess to Scrumboard
● Access to document storage
● Access to power linking
● Access to the calendar
● Access to tasks
● Access to the activity feed
● Access to the paperless office


● Access to email
● Access to pre-built email auto responders
● Access to power matching


● Access to the pre-approval letters
● Access to property loans


The Lite plan costs USD 75 a month. It offers the following features:
● 1 user per account
● Access to phone, email, and live chat customer service and tech support

Nationwide leadpipes

● Access to absentee owner leads
● Access to free and clear leads
● Access to high equity leads
● Access to low equity leads
● Access to upside down leads
● Access to cash buyer leads
● Access to private lender leads
● Access to probate leads
● Leadpipes premium is available for an upgrade


● 1 website per account
● Access to direct mailing
● Access to enterprise direct mailing at 40 to 80 American cents per mailing
● Moby is not included
● Opt in forms are not included
● Marketing library is not included


● Rehab planner is not included
● Repair estimator is not included
● Deal analyzer is not included
● Comping tool is not included


● CRM is not included
● Smoothfax is not included
● Scrum board is not included
● Document storage is not included
● Power linking is not included
● Calendar is not included
● Tasks are not included
● Activity feed is not included
● Paperless office is not included


● Email is not included
● Pre-built email auto responders are not included
● Power matching is not included


● Pre-approval letter is included
● Property Loan is included

Realeflow cost

Is the Realeflow cost worth its benefits? You may think that you don’t need to use a software program if you’re in the real estate industry. The reality is that you do unless you’re established or have more networks than a doctor’s clinic does! A comprehensive real estate software program makes it easy for you to find people who are willing to buy, sell, and invest in properties. That’s the only way you’re going to make money as a real estate professional! Realeflow is a software program that is capable of doing all of this and more!


Realeflow’s leadpipes feature is invaluable if you’re a real estate agent or broker. It breaks leads down into the following categories:
● Property leads
● People leads
● Probate leads

You will find quality leads in each of these lead categories. It’s useful because these leads can convert into interested and quality buyers, sellers, and investors.

Realeflow’s property leads category allows you to search for qualified buyers based on the following criteria:
● City
● State
● Zip code
● Metro

The next thing you do is choose a lead type from the following categories:
● Absentee owners
● Cash buyers
● Free and clear
● High equity
● Low equity
● Upside down
● Active listing
● Bored investor
● Foreclosures
● Long-term owner
● Potentially inherited
● Pre-foreclosures
● Vacancy
● Zombie properties
It’s possible to filter leads by owner type:
● Individual
● Business
● Financial
● Government
● Trust

You can also filter leads by property type:
● Single-family
● Condominium
● Townhouse
● Multifamily
● Apartment
● Land
● Mobile

The feature analyzes deed. mortgage, and legal information to find qualified leads. Leadpipes’s database contains data and information on 148 million properties across America. The database also scours tax assessor data. Some of the information it accesses and analyzes includes:
● Property square feet
● Property lot size
● Year the property was built
● Number of bedrooms
● Number of full and half bathrooms

The database looks at more than 100 pieces of data to find good leads.

If you see anything with an asterisk that means that it’s a Premium feature and you have to have a higher subscription to access it.

Analyzing properties

One of Realeflow’s features is the ability to use various contact information details to find buyers, sellers, and investors. Some of this contact information includes:
● Names
● Addresses

This is just some of the criteria that you can use to find these people. You’ll be able to download this contact information from Realeflow’s vast database. Realeflow filters sellers by local area. This makes it easier for Realeflow to search by local, regional, or national areas.

Another great feature of Realeflow is the the ability to analyze properties. You’ll be able to isolate quality properties. These are the ones that are likely to have ready buyers and sellers. It’s easy to reach out to connect to property owners with interested buyers.

You can easily find private lenders who are only too eager to finance real estate deals. Once you’ve identified these lenders, it’s just a matter of sending out pre-written direct mail requests to them.

Many properties need to be renovated and rehabilitated before they’ll attract quality and qualified buyers, sellers, and lenders. Realeflow takes care of this with the Rehab estimator. The tool will allow you to accurately estimate how much it will cost to repair and renovate properties.

It’s easy to find good buyers and sellers/investors for these properties once they’ve been renovated and/or rehabbed. Realelfow will also take care of closing deals by providing you with filled out documents.

You can avail all of these features and more with Realeflow’s free trial.

Deal Analyzer

You can use the Deal Analyzer tool to calculate the real value of properties that you are trying to find buyers, investors, and investors for. You can search for these properties by street addresses. The tool will tell you what the profit margin and the best offer will likely be.

It’s possible to plug different scenarios in terms of buying and selling properties. You can even experiment with different financing options. You’ll also get a good idea as to how long you can hold the properties for.


Hammerpoint allows you to create cost estimates for rehabbing homes. You can also create comprehensive and detailed rehab plans once you have the cost estimates. Realeflow has an app which makes it ideal for making notes while you are surveying a property. In fact, you can use Realeflow on the following devices:
● Laptops
● Tablets
● Smartphones

An interesting point to make is that Realeflow makes estimates based on Home Depot’s products and prices.

Custom websites

The real estate industry is competitive, therefore it helps to stand out. One way that you can stand out is with a unique and catchy website. This site can and must be different than the cookie cutter site the company that you work for gave you. Realeflow will allow you to create slick, one-of-a-kind, and professional websites that will make buyers and sellers notice you immediately!

Don’t worry if you don’t know anything about either website design or coding/programming! Realeflow will take care of all of this and more for you with its pre-designed templates. You can rest assured that search engine bots will notice these sites right away. Also, be confident that your sites will have squeeze pages that convert!

Email campaigns

There are few things that are more effective than email when it comes to marketing campaigns. Realeflow will design killer and professional email marketing campaigns that your prospects will read. What’s even better is that they’ll actually contact you for deals!

The email autoresponder uses a 10-step process to create and send amazing emails with powerful content that converts to your contacts in a few minutes! Some of the features that you’ll love about the auto responder are:

● Automated email marketing – Now, you can determine when and how often you’ll send out marketing emails. The email autoresponder will automatically send out emails on the schedule that you set in advance. Rest assured that your contacts will receive the emails when you want them to!
● Get more sales – Stumped as to which content will get buyers and sellers to contact you regarding deals immediately? Don’t worry, the email autoresponder can write content that’s persuasive, engaging, and converts. It gets powerful insights from the best in the industry!

Direct mail Campaigns

In today’s era of communication through SMS and email messages, nothing delivers a powerful and personalized message like snail mail! Realeflow offers direct mail marketing campaigns. You’ll see your conversion rates skyrocket with this!

Now, you can use Realeflow to write postcards, letters, and more that look like they’re handwritten. The recipient’s address and the return address will also be written in handwritten text.


One of Realeflow’s most important tools is its its CRM. You can use it to manage your tasks and documents for buyers and sellers to ensure that you close more deals faster!

Realeflow competitors

So if you’re new to the real estate industry you’ll definitely need a good software program to help get you started and established. This article has discussed Realeflow and its many benefits so far, but do you need it? After all, there are many programs out there for real estate professionals. They also claim to be equally or even more effective at helping you close deals than Realeflow is, but is this really true?

Let’s analyze this by looking at some of the biggest Realeflow competitors out there!

The top 10 Realeflow competitors are:
● Zoho CRM
● Hubspot CRM
● Salesforce
● Bitrix24
● Contactually
● Pipedrive
● IXACT Contact
● Top Producer
● Boom Town
● RealOffice 360

Zoho CRM

Many real estate professionals already trust Zoho CRM. The question is, “should you?” Zoho CRM was created approximately 16 years ago. It was designed for small and medium-sized business owners – people like you!

One thing that Zoho CRM has going for it is that it’s easy to learn, understand, and use! That said, so is Realeflow! Another great feature of Zoho CRM is that it’s easy to install and set-up. Well, so is Realeflow! So should you be choosing Zoho CRM over Realeflow?

Zoho CRM and Realeflow have two key similarities. They are both CRM systems and they are both designed for small and medium-sized businesses. Zoho CRM was created over 16 years ago. It allows business owners to have great professional relationships with their clients. The system is easy to use.

Like Realeflow, Zoho CRM is easy to set up and use. Unlike Realeflow, Zoho CRM comes with an intuitive and easy to understand installation and user guide. The guide describes and explains each step of the set-up and installation process in detail.

An interesting and useful feature of Zoho CRM is that it allows you to add extensions. Realeflow doesn’t appear to offer this. Zoho CRM is one of the main Realeflow competitors.

Zoho CRM comes with an easy to use and understand user interface. The interface is interactive. What users love the most about Zoho CRM is its simplicity. This is part of what makes it so easy for people with no technical background to use.

The system features a menu at the top of each page. You can select options and navigate through the system from there. The menu bar contains some of the most basic and useful functions of any system – CRM or not! These include:
● Leads
● Contacts
● Accounts
● Deals
● Activities
● Reports, etc…

One feature that makes Zoho CRM unique is the customizable menu bar. You can rearrange the functions in any order that you want.

Most of Zoho CRM’s extensions are free. Zoho CRM also has an app.

Zoho CRM plans

Zoho CRM offers the following plans:

Free – this plan doesn’t cost you anything to use. You are also not required to sign up for the paid plans. You’ll enjoy the following features:


  • Up to 3 users per account

Sales force automation

  • Leads are included
  • Contacts are included
  • Accounts are included
  • Deals are included
  • Tasks, events, call logs, and notes are included
  • CRM views are included

Product customization

  • Page customization
  • Rename tabs
  • 5 modules on the custom views list

Automation and process management

  • Workflow rules are included
  • 50 email notifications per user or a max of 150 email notifications a day – whichever is lower

Marketing Automation

  • Maximum of 10 email templates
  • Email opt out included
  • Email authentication included

Web forms

  • Web-to-lead form – One form per module included
  • Web-to-contact form – One form per module included

Team collaboration

  • Calendar included
  • Status updates included
  • Direct messaging included
  • Attach files to fields option included
  • Follow-up rules included

Customer Support

  • Business hours included

Document library

  • Folder sharing included
  • Attach documents included
  • File versioning included
  • Reviews included

File storage

  • Up to 1 GB of free storage per organization

Data administration

  • 5,000 records (10 MB) for up to 200 users.
  • You can import data per batch
  • Additional data backup is $12 per request

Security administration

  • Profiles are included
  • Organizational Hierarchy roles are included

Developer tools

  • 5,000 API credits a day per organization

Add-ons and integrations

  • Ability to hold online meetings. These include Zoom, GoToMeeting, ZohoMeeting, and 12 other online meetings
  • Telephony and PBX are included. These include Ring:io, Amazon Connect, Zoho, PhoneBridge and 106 other types of telephony.
  • Team collaboration is included. It includes Slack, Zoho Cliq, Teams, and nine others.
  • Office productivity is included. This includes Zapier, Trello, Zoho Flow, and 26 others.
  • Storage is included. It includes Google Drive, Dropbox, Zoho Workdrive, and 4 others.
  • Analytics is included. It includes Zoho Analytics, Google Analytics, dotConnect, and 10 others.
  • Email marketing is included. It includes Mailchimp, ZohoCampaigns, and 4 others.
  • Customer service is included. It includes Zendesk, Zoho Desk, and 15 others.
  • Finance is included. It includes PayPal, Quickbooks, Pay U, and 8 others.
  • Business operations included. Amazon Seller Central and 15 others
  • Website visitor tracking is included
  • Maps and route planning are included


  • You can access basic support with the free plan

Marketing Automation

  • You can access up to 10 email templates
  • You can include the email opt-out option
  • You’re allowed to use email authentication

Web forms

  • You get one web-to-lead form per module
  • You get one web-to-contact form per module

Team collaboration

  • The free version comes with a calendar
  • You’ll get status updates
  • You’ll get direct messages
  • You’ll be able to attach files to information feeds
  • You’ll have access to follow-up rules

Customer support

  • You’ll get customer support during normal business hours

Document library

  • You’ll have access to folder sharing
  • You can attach documents to various customer accounts
  • You get file versioning
  • You’ll have reviews

Security Administration

  • You’ll have access to profiles
  • The profiles come with organizational hierarchy

Developer tools

  • You get 5,000 of API credits per day for your organization

Standard – You’ll pay USD 14 a month. There is no obligation to use Zoho CRM. The standard plan offers all of the features of the free plan, and:


  • Unlimited number of users per account

Sales force automation

  • Everything in the Free plan, and
  • Sales forecasting
  • BCC dropbox for email
  • Email insights
  • Many currencies
  • Advanced filters
  • 10 fields per module
  • Reminders
  • Multiple pipelines

Product customization

  • It includes 10 fields and modules as custom fields
  • It includes 1 Canvas view per organization
  • It includes custom list views for 50 modules
  • It includes 100 emails per user license a day or 5,000 emails a day, whichever is lower


  • it includes standard reports
  • It includes 100 custom reports per account
  • It includes scheduled reports

Analytics and Measurement

  • It includes up to 10 custom dashboards
  • It comes with many charts
  • KPI is included
  • You’ll get the Zoho CRM Analytics Mobile App


  • Pull information from Twitter to improve your data and account
  • Pull information from Facebook to improve your data and account
  • You’ll have access to a social media tab
  • You’ll be able to pull leads straight from various social media platforms
  • You’ll be able to communicate and engage contacts and leads on social media platforms straight from your account
  • It comes with social lite

Marketing automation

  • Everything from the Free plan is included
  • You’ll be able to send and receive mass email blasts
  • You can authenticate the emails that you send and receive
  • You can launch multiple marketing campaigns at once

Web forms

  • You’ll get 5 web-to-lead forms for each module
  • You’ll get 5 web-to-contact forms for each module
  • You’ll be able to notify the owner when you get a lead

Team collaboration

  • You’ll get everything in the Free plan
  • You can use the CalDAV to sync your calendar
  • You’ll be able to book dates and appointments on the calendar
  • You’ll be able to create different groups in your team to collaborate with
  • You’ll be able to tag people

Customer support

  • You get everything in the Free plan

Document library

  • You’ll get everything in the Free plan

File storage

  • Your company will get 1 GB of storage space
  • You’ll get 512 megabytes of free storage per user license
  • You must pay $4 a month for up to 5 GB of storage

Professional – You’ll pay USD 23 every month for a one user account.
You’ll get everything that the Standard plan offers in terms of sales force automation. The key difference is that this plan also includes SalesSignals. You’ll get 20 fields for each module. The sales force automation section also includes:
● Assignment rules
● Email association with deals

Product customization

Everything that the Standard plan offers is included. Some extras include:
● 155 fields for each module
● Custom links
● 3 views for each organization
● 50 custom view lists per module
● tab groups

Automation and process management

This section includes everything in the Standard plan. There are some major differences though:
● 1 webhook action per 50,000 daily calls or 100 calls per user a day – whichever is lower
● 200 email notifications per user each day or 100,000 emails each day – whichever is lower


This section includes everything in the Standard plan. the major difference is that it comes with unlimited custom reports

Analytics and Measurement

It comes with everything in the Standard plan. The main difference is that it comes with an unlimited number of custom dashboards.


It comes with everything in the Standard plan

Marketing automation

It comes with everything in the Standard plan. The main differences are that it also has 100 email templates, a mass email blast option, email relay, and Zoho CRM for Google Ads.

The professional plan offers users 10 web-to-contact and web-to-lead forms per module. You’ll also have access to a web-to-case form and you’ll be notified whenever you get a new lead or conversion.

The team collaboration section includes everything in the Standard plan. It also includes a motivator.

Inventory management

This feature will allow you to manage products, price books, sales quotes and orders, invoices, vendors, and purchase orders.

The other plans come with even more amazing features.

The main advantage of Zoho CRM is that you can literally use the Free plan forever. You’ll also never be pressured to upgrade ever.

You can only have three users per account with Zoho CRM. What SMEs can really benefit from is the ability to generate and manage leads. It’s also a great contact management system. You know just how important it is to categorize and manage contacts based on their status in the sales lead pipe if you’ve ever done any type of sales.

It’s easy to manage many tasks and events at once. You can also do marketing on many channels – both traditional and social. A key feature of Zoho CRM is that you can integrate it into other apps easily.

Yes, Zoho CRM is great if you want to have a virtual customer support, customer service, and sales department all rolled into one. You’ll definitely be saving thousands in payroll costs (you won’t be employing nearly as many customer service and sales representatives.) Zoho CRM can definitely give you the edge you’ll need to survive in the real estate industry if you’re new.

There is a catch though, and this is a big catch. Zoho CRM is designed to help you manage relationships with existing customers and find new ones in any industry. The fact that it’s not industry specific means that you will still need to have a system that will allow you to find buyers, sellers, and lenders in the super competitive real estate industry. That’s where Realeflow is valuable.

Since Zoho CRM has many features that Realeflow doesn’t, your best bet would be to use Zoho CRM (or a similar system) with Realeflow.

Realeflow is definitely worth it

Yes, Realeflow pricing for its plans may be steep in comparison to other systems. That said, its the only system that allows newbies in the real estate industry to eventually become successful. The price of houses is constantly increasing in America. That means that real estate professionals and investors can become wealthy if they can close many deals. Perhaps the smartest move that these professionals can make is to use Realeflow along with one of its competitors! That would make them superstars in the industry!