Here’s how RealEflow can help your real estate business

The real estate industry offers one of the most lucrative business opportunities. And while your chances to close a deal rely heavily on your experience in this field, many assume that this market of real estate is reserved for only the experienced and knowledgeable class.

But this is not true!

While many believe that you need to be a pro in order to close more deals or achieve your investing goals, technological advancement is going to change the narrative( in a good way).

If you are somebody who wants to kickstart their journey to becoming a successful realtor or you are somebody who has already scaled the summit of business success but now wants to streamline the process and make smarter investment decisions, there is one software that is ‘one size fit for all’ for all your real estate business objectives! We are referring to RealEflow here!

Since its introduction in 2007, RealEflow has proven to be a blessing in disguise for realtors and investors alike. Since its launch, over 100,000 investors have used RealEflow CRM to close deals worth more than $10 billion.

Thanks to this tool that real estate agents and investors no longer look at the property market the same way they did before. And while this tool has streamlined the processes and channelled the workflow, it has also broken the belief that you need to be a pro in order to make big in this industry.

But what exactly is the hype surrounding this tool? I guarantee that this article will justify the buzz around RealEflow. After reading this, be sure to use this amazing tool.

Let’s get started:

What is RealEflow?

Simply put- RealEflow is an all-in-one software platform that facilitates the investment process of real estate across different domains. Even the RealEflow pricing is worth the ROI you’ll receive.

The aim of this software is to simplify the process of finding real estate investment opportunities across various sectors. Using RealEflow, you can find your next real estate deal as quickly and easily as you would like.

This software offers a wide variety of products and services for real estate investors, which include marketing websites, direct mail lists, direct mail printing, direct mail mailing, email marketing, property listings, customer relationship management (CRM), deal analysis and other automation services.

Property search database and integrated direct mail marketing are some of the services that RealEflow is known for, along with their all-inclusive ecosystem for real estate investors to search and close properties off-market.

How RealEflow can benefit realtors?

Two types of users are targeted by the RealEflow platform: real estate agents looking for a means of analyzing deals and real estate renovators looking for estimates of repair expenses.

The RealEflow agent tool can help you by analyzing multiple key variables and recommending  the best offers.

If necessary, the software can even predict you by analyzing multiple key variables and recommending the best offers. All in all: RealEflow CRM could help you reach your goal whether you’re just starting out in the property market or you’re a pro looking for new challenges.

How to get started with RealEflow?

You can track the performance of each of your properties with RealEflow, a sophisticated software management tool designed to assist in the real estate investing process. Due to limited supply and continued panic buying in the market, RealEflow experienced a surge in demand recently.

Create a personal account for yourself before you can find qualified buyers for your properties.

Several things need to be done before you can install the software.

In order to use RealEflow CRM, you will need a username, an email address, and a password. After you have completed the above steps, you need to open an investor account.

You must set the password to a strong password that does not auto-type, regardless of what you choose. As well as the long and short passwords (something easy to type) and the confirmation email, you need to enter the confirmation code. The confirmation email for real estate listings must be sent by email.

Alternatively, multiple emails could be mistakenly sent to the same address, making this process confusing. You must set up an account on RealEflow CRM as well – just like you would on any other social network such as Google, Facebook, or Instagram.

How does RealEflow guarantee success to realtors?

Using RealEflow CRM, consumers are able to easily access the best real estate deals on the market. If you’re a real estate agent or home buyer, RealEflow is a great tool because it helps you locate the best properties at the best price. According to the platform, each user can open tabs for different purposes.

 A few tabs can be used for shorter periods of time, but most people use it to monitor market prices. Checking new listings can be done on a daily, weekly, monthly, or daily basis for a specific time period.

All tabs can be saved and handled later. One of the main goals of RealEflow CRM at its launch was to make it easy for users to invest in more properties.

It now appears that this approach may actually work much like RealEflow CRM, which allows its users to make quick and accurate decisions.

Various tabs provide relevant information, but there are three core components to the software:

The information available: All licensed real estate agents can enter information about their properties into their profile and submit them for listing, according to the information collected on this part of the software. Additionally, users can view the listed properties of their agents and find out how many days remain for them to invest, as well as how much they can profit.

Three of the software components are related to the child’s results. These are local public relations strategies that recruiters and buyers employ to find properties and homebuyers that match certain characteristics. Typically, these child results are provided by real estate agents, but some PR agencies may also be able to offer this service to clients.

Results of place traders: The foothold of RealEflow CRM software is its results of place traders. The results are presented to everybody according to their own specific expectations, as well as information about financing and a video tour of the house they are interested in, based on what they think is a reasonable market price and rental offer.

Features and Benefits: How realtors can use RealEflow to strengthen their business?

This part will answer the question about ‘what surrounds the hype about RealEflow’. Read carefully and when you are ready to use this powerful tool to grow your real estate business, make sure the optimum adage of this tool.

Build custom websites without burning  a hole in your pocket

If you’re planning to hire a web agency to construct a site, you can expect to spend upwards of $5,000 for something that’s well-designed for search engines and that is optimized for SEO. So RealEflow is the right solution for you when it comes to cost-effectiveness. It only takes a few minutes to set up a custom website with RealEflow CRM.

A pre-designed template already includes SEO-optimized copy so users do not need to create a site from scratch. A pre-designed template is especially beneficial to novice website users.

Developing direct mail campaigns

Direct mail campaigns are also an innovative RealEflow feature. The feature lets users send pre-written direct mail with ease. For those who want to personalize their letters or postcards, you can even use handwritten fonts.

Effective and result centric email marketing

Email marketing campaigns can be created quickly with RealEflow CRM. If you use the software to capture new leads, you can automatically send a pre-written email to convert the leads.

Customize your property listing pages

We will finish with the benefit of the property listing pages. For each property that they wish to market in RealEflow, users can create their own URL.

The buyer gets all the information they need to make a decision regarding a rental or purchase. And what is even more exciting is that the process could not be easier – you simply need to upload your images and listing information, and the platform handles everything else on your behalf.

LeadPipes tool that will provide a satisfactory return on investment

RealEflow CRM comes with LeadPipes, which is a search engine that enables sellers to find motivated buyers. In addition to supplying leads to buyers and lenders, the tool helps sellers find qualified leads. The platform helps customers identify various types of leads such as cash buyers, absentee owners, private lenders, free and clear properties, high equity properties, low equity properties, and upside-down properties based on LeadPipes.

As an amazing feature of RealEflow, LeadPipes finds leads by analyzing mortgage, deed, and legal data. Over 140 million properties are included in the database. Using the tool, you can filter leads by county, street address, and ZIP code to easily find what you’re looking for.

Calculate the accurate value of the property with DealAnalyzer tool

The DealAnalyzer tool is another great feature of RealEflow. You’ll be able to determine the value of properties using this handy tool, so you can make an informed decision on whether or not to invest in them. Using this tool, you can determine which offer is the most recommended. You just need the address to get started!

Calculate repair costs with Hammerpoint tool

Hammerpoint’s rehabilitation planning tool will let you estimate repair costs. Using the tool, investors can ensure that the property is thoroughly inspected. In addition, Hammerpoint provides fast labor quotes and materials estimates.

Home Depot product quantities and SKUs for specific products are included in the estimates. After viewing, processing, or printing the estimates, you can make changes as needed.

It’s safe to say that Hammerpoint is one of the best tools around offered by RealEflow. For those wondering whether to invest in a property, this tool helps to estimate repair costs.

As the user walks around the property with a laptop, tablet, or cellphone in hand, the tool can be used to make notes. During the walkthrough, Hammerpoint guides you through the property so that you can inspect it thoroughly. Afterwards, the tool calculates an estimate, including the cost of materials and labour.

What are some latest additions in RealEflow?

The Parcel Data Mapping feature in Leadpipies Premium is new for 2018 and it’s part of a new enhancement. In addition to the powerful Leadpipes data, we have integrated property parcels, which means that now we have 140+ million geospatial polygons covering 99% of the U.S. population. Not only did the company pair Leadpipe’s data with these polygons, but Mapbox’s award-winning mapping technology layered this data over top of it.

It shows data sets like Loan to Value, Vacancies, Square Footage, Lot Size, Last Sale Price, and Cash Buyers in a visual way. The colour-coded representation of the parcel will appear on the map when you select any of these data sets. It enables real estate investors to view all of the high-profit deals available in their area, allowing them to choose which ones they want. Investing in real estate through it, allows real estate investors to explore all the high-profit opportunities available in their area and choose which are best for them. You should leverage this functionality of RealEflow premium.

Integration of RealEflow and PropertyRadar: what does this mean for you?

RealEflow helps real estate professionals get more leads and increase profits. However, RealEflow does not come preloaded with leads, let alone high-value prospects, as many CRM platforms and productivity platforms do. You are responsible for providing your own leads to RealEflow CRM. PropertyRadar can help with this.

You’ll find all your future customers at PropertyRadar, which contains nationwide property information for millions of properties and owners. By creating and segmenting email lists based on 200+ criteria, you are able to create and maintain an unlimited number of primary, secondary, and tertiary customer profiles.

From here, you just need to import PropertyRadar leads into RealEflow. Those are just the beginnings. The new RealEflow integration brings several benefits to PropertyRadar users.

Using Property Radar along with RealEflow has these benefits

Marketing lists, also known as mailing lists, are crucial to the success of your campaigns. The purchasing of mailing lists from third party list vendors, however, can be frustrating and disappointing.

They tend to use outdated and inaccurate data in building lists, which results in a loss of productivity, time, and money.

Furthermore, you need to pay for each list you need to stack for better segmentation or targeting in the event you want to do so.

When you use PropertyRadar along with RealEflow, you won’t be limited by such a restriction as you can build as many lists as you wish. The best part is that PropertyRadar’s data is clean and refined, enhanced, and most importantly, makes you actionable.

Build unlimited information-based marketing lists to feed RealEflow with new leads

In order for people to see your emails, you’ll need more than one mailing list if you have more than one type of ideal customer. The PropertyRadar platform allows you to build as many mailing lists as you need to represent as many custom profiles as you need. Your leads will be fed into RealEflow CRM automatically when you use ‘Monitored Lists.’

By mixing and matching the more than 200 criteria you can build hyper-responsive leads lists with almost limitless possibilities. It can be overwhelming at first to have so much data at your fingertips. Quick Lists were created to alleviate that problem. Mailing lists that are prebuilt with criteria already in place are called Quick Lists. They simplify the process of getting started.

Comprehensive Insights from Monitored Lists

Where the rubber meets the road is in crafting compelling sales messages that resonate with your prospects. It is for this reason that every Watched List you create will include insights on the properties and owners of these properties. This will allow you to compare properties and owners to see what they have in common and what they have in common.

Automate RealEflow by filling it with high-quality leads

When new leads match your criteria, PropertyRadar’s dynamic ‘Monitored Mailing Lists’ are updated to show new leads. It would be nice to log on to RealEflow and see a whole bunch of new, high-quality leads waiting, anxiously awaiting you to get in touch with them. When you integrate PropertyRadar with RealEflow CRM, exactly that’s what you’ll get.

Even better, you can select alerts to get notified as soon as a monitored list is updated by email or push notification so that you’ll know when new opportunities arise. Even automating actions can help you follow up on new opportunities, such as sending your new lead a welcome email highlighting your services and business. It is impossible for anyone else in the industry to offer anything similar.

How to integrate RealEflow with PropertyRadar?

It is easy to integrate RealEflow and PropertyRadar. The Zapier integration lets you link platforms using ‘zaps’, a third-party integration tool. This means you’ll configure your zap in order to feed new leads from PropertyRadar to RealEflow CRM. You’re not tied to those integrations forever. To optimize your marketing automation workflow, you can create new zaps or adjust existing ones. Talking about workflows.

It is highly recommended that you map out your marketing automation workflow before establishing zaps and building integrations.

RealEflow and PropertyRadar are connected, and the triggers and actions need to be taken based on those connections. You will be able to see exactly how and where the data is flowing as soon as you launch the integration. You will be able to see exactly how and where the data is flowing as soon as you launch the integration.

Having integrations in place will save you hundreds of hours a year because you will not have to invest your time in tedious manual marketing – it is a set-it-and-forget-it marketing solution. In addition to saving your time, you can now focus your efforts on more important things. Like closing that deal.

What is the most powerful aspect of RealEflow?

As one of RealEflow’s most powerful features, Leadpipes gives investors access to off-market and on-market listings from thousands of buyers, lenders, and sellers in the United States.

In addition to the integration of sales and marketing, RealEflow CRM offers an automated way for investors to market to their leads using Direct Mail and/or Mobile Marketing.

A majority of a marketing solution includes a powerful direct mail engine thus giving investors peace of mind that they are launching quality multi-touch handwritten campaigns to hundreds of thousands of prospects with the simple push of a button.

The tool provides real estate investors of every level with Repair Estimator and Rehab Planner, tools that allow them to assess repair needs on the first visit and create complete rehab plans without the involvement of a contractor. Moreover, this tool is integrated with Home Depot so each rehab can be as detailed as the product model number, Home Depot SKU, and Internet number.

Using RealEflow’s Comp Engine and Deal Analyzer programs, real estate investors can perform due diligence on properties from the comfort of their offices in minutes, instead of the hours this type of work usually takes. These features revolve around a powerful CRM that keeps track of and organizes every deal from start to finish.

How much does RealEflow cost?

Everything you need to know about RealEflow Pricing and plans

This is the most crucial part! How much does RealEflow cost? Well, you should know that there are three different pricing levels for RealEflow CRM. All are billed on a month-to-month basis and can be cancelled at any time. Here’s a bonus:  A customer who pays annually receives two free months.

Is there any free trial forRealEflow?

Yes! Users can try the software for free for 30 days. In the event that the trial fails, there is a money-back guarantee. Regardless of what you pay, every customer gets access to nationwide leads. Here’s a detailed RealEflow pricing breakup:

Lite- for one user

One user can be accommodated at this level for $75 per month. You will get only one lead generation website included with this package, and a limited number of other tools as well.

Pro — for10 users

There are many levels to choose from, but this is the most popular. This package is priced at $125 per month for up to 10 users. In addition to providing 10 lead generation websites, you get some other handy tools.

Team — unlimited users

A month’s subscription to this level costs $175. You can add an unlimited number of users to the account. The platform offers an unlimited number of lead generation sites.

LeadPipes Premium

One of RealEflow’s best features is LeadPipes Premium, which makes it stand apart from the competition. Here’s what you get with this:

Hyper-Targeted leads Lists

Custom lists can be created or you can search for individual properties using the RealEflow premium add-on.  Among the standard details, you’ll find are the bed and bath counts, the property valuation, and so on. There is also the option of filtering by “tags.” These different types of owners are likely to sell their homes.

The RealEflow premium subscription includes the following lead types:

  • Activated listing: You get Listings in the “For Sale” section of the MLS that are currently available.
  • Insolvency:  This shows you data of the homeowners who are currently in bankruptcy.
  • Absentee Owners: This category includes irrevocable absentee owners.
  • A foreclosed property: A property that has been foreclosed on in its state.
  • Owners with a long-term lease: tenants who have lived in the house for 30 years.
  • Possibly Inherited: They exhibit characteristics that suggest they were inherited.
  • Pre-foreclosure: Properties that are in the process of foreclosure.
  • Renter: A tenant who may be interested in becoming a homeowner.
  • Vacant Property: A property with no occupants.
  • Zombie Property:  Foreclosed properties that are vacant.

RealEflow CRM is the only platform that lets you combine filters, even though you’ve seen filtered lists from other companies. It is possible to combine these two filters if you want to search for absentee owners who own vacant properties.

Then, based on your search, you’ve narrowed your results down to 140 properties. The ability to search this way will save you a lot of time and money.

The majority of sellers target properties in certain zip codes that belong to absentee owners. Nevertheless, at $0.50 per mailer, there’s a lot of waste. But you can produce more effective lists by filtering your mailing list on the front end using the Realeflow Premium plan.

How to contact RealEflow customer service?

The support team of RealEflow CRM is always available to assist you. You can contact the RealEflow customer service by either clicking here: or
Email at: [email protected].

How to Put Your Marketing On Autopilot with RealEflow?

Almost every type of need can be met by today’s real estate marketing automation landscape. The likelihood is that there is a solution tailored to your needs, whether you want to post social media updates more frequently or respond to organic leads on your website. With RealEflow CRM, you can easily invite prosperity to your real estate business. Now that you know about this real estate software, here is how you can leverage it:

  • Keep your database of contacts informed by sending them regular email newsletters. This is a good way to share useful information, and, most importantly, to remind your contacts of your status as a subject matter expert. It’s easiest to upload new content to a software program once you’ve set up an attractive template. You do get the option s part of the RealEflow premium plan.
  • You can use email marketing to communicate with customers: New developments in artificial intelligence allow marketers to use creative marketing techniques like chatbots.
  • Maintain a relationship with existing clients: As any real estate entrepreneur will tell you, referrals and repeated business are crucial. By setting up pre-scheduled emails, real estate email marketing software can enable you to follow up on your contacts on a regular, consistent basis and provide them with appropriate information. You could, for example, compose an email promoting timely tips, like how to buy a house in the fall, or what to do to make your home more appealing this season.
  • You can refine the process of direct mail marketing by using many tools: Direct mail is a classic marketing method that cannot be completely automated, but you can refine the process by using tools that can target your audience. There are many real estate software and automation tools that can help you manage your contact database, from establishing mailing lists to segmenting them.
  • As a best practice, provide customer service 24/7: Making it convenient for potential clients to receive a timely response to their comments and questions is a good way to capture leads. Using an integrated approach and RealEflow premium plan, you can offer customer service online, via social networks, text messages, email, and over the phone. Automated responses and chatbots are becoming increasingly popular.

Final takeaway: Is RealEflow worth it for your real estate business?

Lead generation is a core function of the Real Estate Investing platform. And that’s what excites the investors and realtors the most!  Besides analyzing deals, estimating remodelling costs, and finding lenders, it has special features for finding lenders. Real estate investors can use it for lead follow-ups and marketing, as well as for automated lead follow-ups.

We believe this is the most complete real estate investing product we’ve seen and if we talk about RealEflow pricing, it is the cherry on the cake, thus making it a wise choice for any investor.

Property dealing tasks can be handled with RealEflow CRM using a single tool. Apart from cleaning up your social profiles, it also flags up when you are being fake when you are using the service.

This software allows you to detect when your clients are using multiple accounts or if they are concerned about identity theft.

The RealEflow app is available for Windows, macOS, and even Android! On the market, you will find a lot of tools designed to help you sell your real estate faster and get established. When it comes to a complete tool, you cannot go wrong with RealEflow.

Software like this will help you sell more properties and increase revenue. Besides giving you tools to keep your social media usage under control, the program will also help you identify social media accounts with low engagement. It’s a legit and trusted system for real estate investing. It has everything you need…to get and stay organized.

Generally, we find this software to be among the most useful on the market. We have reviewed many real estates investing products in the past, most of which are either incomplete or do the job. There is no doubt the team at RealEflow has put some serious thought into their platform.

They offer an all-inclusive platform to provide real estate investors with everything they need for discovering and analyzing deals, and they do it well. Adding personal touches, such as handwritten envelope addresses, makes a wonderful impression. Because of all these reasons, RealEflow CRM is important for any serious investor.