You don’t need to do automated email marketing in the era of social media marketing, right? Think again! Here are some important statistics that will show you just how important automated email marketing is! You make $42 for every $1 you spend on automated email marketing. Also, automated email marketing can result in as much as a 760% increase in revenue. You can’t afford NOT to do automated email marketing! But wait, automated email marketing done manually can be time-consuming! Do you have anything that you can rely on for help? You do, and it’s in the form of a CRM and email marketing software program called Active Campaign.

What is Active Campaign?

So now that you know that Active Campaign can help you, it’s time to discuss what it is! It is your ultimate email marketing, automation, sales, and CRM platform. What’s even better is that it’s all based in the cloud. Now all of your automated email marketing campaigns will be permanently stored in a safe place!

How can Active Campaign help you?

The ten ways Active Campaign can put your store on the map

There are ten critical ways that Active Campaign can help you become a superstar entrepreneur in your industry.

Comprehensive email marketing and CRM

You need to know two vital statistics before you embark on your journey of being a successful entrepreneur. The first is that 20% of your customers will generate 80% of your revenue. The second is that 80% of businesses fail within the first five years of operation. Oh, and it wouldn’t hurt to know that customer acquisition is challenging and expensive. It is five times more expensive to find new customers than it is to keep existing ones.

So now that you know all of this, how exactly can Active Campaign help you? For one thing, this software program will do it all for you to create automated email marketing campaigns that work. For example, Active Campaign can do the following for you in terms of automated email marketing:
● Generate professional and slick newsletters
● Automate marketing
● Create email marketing autoresponders
● Design awesome email templates
● Allow you to create impressive emails that sell with a drag and drop builder.
● Launch stellar social media marketing campaigns that convert
● Do text marketing
● Create customized forms for landing pages
● Take care of your CRM.

These are just some of the many valuable features of Active Campaign that make it so popular with small business owners like you.
Automated email marketing

This is one of the core and most valuable features of Active Campaign. There’s no getting around that email marketing is one of the most effective ways to generate leads and get customers. Active Campaign gives you two choices. You can either send out powerful and concise marketing messages in standard email blasts, or you can tailor them into customized and personalized email marketing campaigns.

However, Active Campaign’s many automated email marketing powers don’t end there. The email marketing and CRM software platform can also generate professional and targeted trigger email marketing campaigns. For example, you can send first-time customers personalized, automated emails that sincerely thank them for their purchases and encourage them to do repeat business with you.

You can also send out automated emails welcoming first-time visitors to your site. These emails are even more potent if you thank them for visiting and exploring your site and encourage them to come back.

Active Campaign will allow you to send out these types of automated marketing emails:
● Broadcast emails
● Trigger emails
● Targeted emails
● Email autoresponders
● Email funnels
● Scheduled emails

Monitor your site

So Active Campaign has tools that will help you track who visits your site and when. There are two benefits to this. The first is that it allows you to see who is visiting your site. You’ll understand when and from where they are visiting. The second is that you can have peace of mind that your site will be safe from hackers.

How is the site monitoring feature helpful? Well, because it puts you in control. You’ll be able to send out customized and personalized email blasts when you know exactly who is visiting your site and what they’re looking for. Believe it or not, this will increase your traffic and conversion rates dramatically in just a few months!

In case you were wondering, Active Campaign will ‘watch’ your visitors. It will then analyze their actions. You’ll receive a comprehensive report on your visitors’ behavior. This will do more than help you launch more powerful automated email marketing campaigns that convert. It will also allow you to understand what you should be selling and to who!

It helps with conditional content.

So you’re sending out an email marketing blast to all of the prospects and customers in your database! Well, here’s how conditional content can help. The robust feature of Active Campaign will do more than allow you to send out content based on different themes and topics to users. You’ll also be able to change the format, layout, and font type in emails based on your receiver’s preferences.

If you guessed that this would allow you to increase your conversion rate, you’re right. There is another way that conditional content can help you. It will drive much more traffic to your site right away!

How it works

Okay, now you know that Active Campaign will allow you to customize emails. However, wouldn’t it be nice if you knew how to use it? It may amaze you to learn that the conditional content feature is built into Active Campaign’s drag and drop email wizard. If you want to change anything in a particular email message, all you have to do is place the feature over a block of text. You’ll see a gear button with many options. It’s easy to make changes if you click on the “Make conditional” option.

The conditional content modal window allows you to choose the type of content you want to include. It’s based on many parameters. These include demographic information and other information. Some of them are interests, age group, and marital status. Yes, you can send emails to people with different interests in the same blast.

Why should you use conditional content?

What’s so unique and great about conditional content anyway? Well, it’s because it allows you to include content that you know that people in your contacts will want to see. If you guessed that this would increase the email open rate, web traffic, and your conversion rate you’re absolutely right. After all, you’re doing email marketing because you want to see more of these three things for your business!

Examples of how to use it

Suppose you have people who buy a particular good or service from you in large quantities? You (obviously) want to encourage them to continue to do this. So you can include a special coupon or discount code in your email. It can give them a certain percentage off of their next purchase. They’ll definitely be motivated to buy from you more often.

There’s another bonus of this feature. You can include all of the brands that you sell. That said, Active Campaign’s conditional content feature will let you hide certain brands for some recipients. This comes in handy because what good would be selling men’s aftershave do in an email message to a female?

You can filter content based on age, gender, and other demographic information. There is another reason why the conditional content feature is one of the most powerful and popular benefits of Active Campaign. You’ll be reaching more people with fewer emails if you use it right. Oh, and there’s the fact that your email messages will be specific, customized, targeted, and above all, powerful!

You can monitor events.

Now, why on Earth would this be a useful feature of Active Campaign? Well, think of it this way. What if you had a way to ‘see’ everything that each visitor did while on your site? This is not wishful thinking. It’s a reality, thanks to the Active Campaign’s event monitoring feature!

Well, you can obviously use this information to create targeted and customized emails to people. These emails will have one goal – to get people to buy from you. That said, you can use this feature to send thank you and follow-up emails. The thank-you emails would apply to people who had just made a purchase. Follow-up emails would go to people who hadn’t bought from you in a while!

Oh, and you can make your website even more engaging when you know what visitors are doing while on your site. Suppose you have an intro video that you love but that your visitors hate. They stop watching it halfway through and leave your site. You would never know that the video was hurting your traffic and conversion rates without the event monitoring feature of Active Campaign. Now you know what needs to be modified on your site if you want more people who will buy you to visit your site.

Intuitive API

This is an invaluable feature of Active Campaign if you have a lot of apps on your site. More complex and elaborate websites tend to have more complex apps. These apps need to be integrated and synced together for your website to function optimally. Well, the intuitive API comes to the rescue because it allows all of your apps (no matter how unrelated they may appear to be) to work together. It also synchronizes their operations on the site.

Sales CRM

The Sales CRM feature of Active Campaign will allow you to reach out to more prospects in your target audiences. You’ll be able to find and nurture the right leads who will convert. The Sales CRM feature will allow you to send tailored messages that generate sales immediately.

However, reaching out to more of the right people is only part of the story. You have to motivate them to buy from you. That’s where the Sales CRM feature of Active Campaign helps. It allows you to establish a professional relationship with them. You do this by guiding them through the sales pipeline based on their individual wants and needs. In case you were wondering, this is referred to as tailored guidance.

Nurturing is nice, but it, by itself, won’t help your business succeed. You need to have conversions for that to occur. Well, the Sales CRM feature helps once again. You’ll be able to send prospects targeted and specific emails with a powerful call to action as they come to like you, trust you, and interact with you much more often!

Customer testimonials, repeat business, and referrals are invaluable for your business. In fact, this is the only thing that will allow it to grow in the long run. Well, the Sales CRM feature will allow you to do all of this and more! It will let you create specific and targeted emails that address what each of your customers and prospects wants and needs. You’ll have many satisfied customers who will be more than happy to give you repeat business and referrals.

The Sales CRM feature has another advantage. It will do repetitive tasks for you in no time. Now, you have more time to concentrate on running your business, getting more customers, and making more money!

Segmentation is easy

Before you read this section, you need to know something. Did you know that targeted and segmented email campaigns alone will generate up to 77% of your profits? That’s a lot! In fact, you’ll have high email open rates, web traffic that constantly increases, and much more sales revenue if you take the time to segment your marketing emails.

One of the key benefits of Active Campaign lies in the ease of segmenting emails. You can segment them from anywhere on the platform. That said, it gets even better! You’ll be able to segment emails based on certain important and specific demographic information. It includes contact information, customized fields, actions, location, site and event information, deals, and attribution.

In case you were wondering, the contact information includes the following:
● Email address
● First name
● Last name
● Full name
● Phone number
● Company
● Subscription date
● Subscription time
● IP address
● Tag
● Total conversion value

There is one component of the contact information that is invaluable. It is the tags. You can use tags to group certain people who have certain contact information details in common. The result will be more customized and targeted emails. You’ll get higher email open rates, heavier traffic, and more conversions.

Custom fields pertain to those fields that you created in Active Campaign

The following are considered to be actions. Though, keep in mind that this is not an exhaustive list!
● Clicked on a particular link
● Didn’t click on a particular link
● Opened an email
● Didn’t open an email
● Shared the email on social media platforms
● Forwarded the email
● Didn’t forward the email
● Replied
● Didn’t reply
● Is in list
● Is not in list
● Used the subscription form to subscribe

Geographic location. It includes the following information:
● Country
● State
● Zip code
● Area code

Site and event information. It includes this but it’s not an exhaustive list:
● Visited site
● Didn’t visit the site
● Came to site from
● Device used to visit the page
● Total visits per page
● Total visits for the entire site

Deals. It includes the following information:
● Deal has a status
● Deal is in stage
● Deal has a value
● Deal is assigned to
● Total number of deals for visitors
● Total number of open deals for the visitor
● Total number of lost deals for the visitor
● Total number of won deals for the visitor
● Deals with title for the visitor

Attribution includes:
● Has source
● Has no source
● Contains medium
● Doesn’t contain medium
● Has campaign
● Doesn’t contain campaign
● Has term
● Has no term
● Has content
● Has no content

The segmentation feature of Active Campaign goes one step further. You’ll actually be able to group people based on certain actions in response to your email marketing campaigns.

Active Campaign will also document all of the emails that your customers and prospects open. It will track all of the links that they click in the emails.

You can even use the other features of Active Campaign, like the sales page, to track how often certain people visit your site or buy from you. From there, it’s just a matter of grouping these people based on certain buying patterns/behavior or on certain actions done on your site.

It’s easy for people to use Active Campaign

The layout and design of your site and pages are only part of the equation. People need to be able to explore your site and its pages easily. It’s the only way to ensure that they will stay on your site long enough to make a purchase.

Active Campaign is easy for people to learn how to use. It’s also easy for novices to learn how to navigate the platform. What users love the most about Active Campaign is that it allows them to be able to create professional-looking emails. They can do this quickly and without any prior experience or knowledge.

What people who use Active Campaign love the most are its many videos. These teach people how to use the platform. People can also learn how to create slick emails that will convert by watching the videos.

You can integrate it with Zapier

So this may not seem like a big deal at first. That said, it really is. So if you pay to use Zapier, the good news is that you can use it to integrate your apps with Active Campaign’s platform. This will give you a huge advantage since you’ll be able to automate and integrate your sales tools and payment gateways. Now, you’ll be able to see real progress in sales and revenue. You’ll also get paid at the speed of light!

You can integrate the following apps with Zapier:
● Facebook Ads
● Google Excel-based spreadsheets
● Clickfunnels
● Calendly
● Acuity Scheduling
● ScheduleOnce
● Unbounce
● ManyChat
● Pipedrive

The integration process works off of the intuitive WSYWYG (What you see is what you get) format. Therefore, you don’t need any programming or coding knowledge.

If you add a new account or update an existing account, Zapier will automatically create a new account or update an existing account in Active Campaign. Similarly, if an email address on your list bounces, Zapier will automatically create a new contact or update an existing one. These are just some of the functions that Zapier will perform when you create a trigger in Active Campaign.

You can afford Active Campaign

Sure, there are other CRM and email marketing platforms out there. The trouble is that they tend to cost a fortune and then some to use. Well, Active Campaign is different! You can sign up for the Plus plan which will set you back USD 49 a month!

Active Campaign is for you if…

Okay, so Active Campaign is the platform for you if you’re an entrepreneur who is serious about getting more customers. You’ll be able to use the many features of Active Campaign to automate your email marketing campaigns. However, you can think of Active Campaign as being your ultimate marketing and personal assistant because you’ll have your sales, marketing,, and CRM work taken care of for you. So, what are you waiting for? Now that you know about the 10 benefits of Active Campaign and now that you know that it’s affordable, why don’t you sign up for this platform today?