So you just figured out a new way to create that dramatic smokey look by using glitter eye shadow! Congratulations!  Now, you just have one issue – how are you going to market your new techniques.

You could create a YouTube channel. The issue is that getting enough likes and views to take it viral and make you an online celebrity will take you a few years. Don’t worry. there’s a faster way to get your new techniques out there, it’s to use Thinkific.

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What is Thinkific, In a Nutshell?

Now, you know that Thinkific is something that will help you market your new techniques to do shady eyes. That said, you need to know more to know how to use it and to know how it can help you!

Well, you can use Thinkific to help you create killer online courses that will amaze the competition.

How will Thinkific Give you an Advantage?

You want to use tools that will give you an unfair and sustainable competitive advantage when you start a business. There is no real point in starting a business if you don’t do this.

While Thinkific was designed for those who want to create and sell courses that teach people how to ace the MCAT or USMLE, and other educational courses, you can use it too to create DIY makeup tutorials.

You see, Thinkific was designed for small business owners – people like you. People in more than 190 countries around the world use it to create courses that can help people. But they do more than this. Thinkific was designed to help them market and sell these courses as well.

Think about it. The best course on how to ace the Bar exam is useless if no one knows about it!

The Stats

  • Business owners, people like you, have used Thinkific to create online courses in more than 20 languages.
  • Over 50,000 business owners have used Thinkific so far
  • People have created more than 100,000,000 courses using Thinkific
  • Small business owners like you have generated more than $650 million in revenue from Thinkific courses so far.

Benefits of Using Thinkific

Here are some of the reasons why you should use Thinkific to take your DIY smokey eye shadow makeup tutorials global:

  • It’s easy to set up and you can start to design awesome courses right away.
  • You can customize the appearance of your courses to match your business logo and brand.
  • You can gauge knowledge retention by creating quizzes and knowledge checks.
  • Thinkific’s free plan and many flexible options contains something for every business owner’s budget.
  • You can count on Thinkific’s team to take your feedback and suggestions to heart and make appropriate changes.
  • You can set up your courses to make it look like you own and host the domain. No one will ever know that Thinkific does both!
  • Thinkific has excellent phone and chat customer service
  • Thinkific is up and operational 99.99% of the time
  • Your site will be secure. Thinkific’s many layers of security ensure that. It offers 24/7 secure hosting, regular and automatic backups, and integrated SSL certificates.
  • You can easily integrate data analytics into your website. It includes Google AdWords and Facebook.
  • You can integrate secure payment gateways for easy and hassle free payments. Two good examples are PayPal and Stripe.
  • You’ll have many advanced digital marketing features to help you reach out to more people at once. Some of these include:
    • Drip campaigns
    • Scheduling marketing campaigns in advance
    • Having many instructors teach courses
    • Private and hidden courses
    • Multiple membership sites
  • You’ll be able to provide course completion certificates to those who complete your courses
  • You will be able to customize the layout, content, and design on the different pages on your website.
  • You can use a user-friendly tool to manage all of your students easily.

Thinkific was built for you since you want to tutor girls and women on how to create the smokey eye shadow look. Thinkific was also built for anyone who wants to be a formal tutor.

How to Create Courses Using Thinkific?

You now have some idea as to how Thinkific will benefit you. However, you have no idea as to how Thinkific’s features will help you create courses. You want to know about this since that’s the reason you’re thinking about buying it.

Well, in order for you to understand how to create courses in Thinkific, you need to know what its features are:

  • Drag and drop course editor
  • Advanced and easy to use site builder
  • Multiple options for accepting payment

Drag and Drop Course Editor

As with most drag and drop course editors, Thinkific’s drag and drop course editor uses WYSWIYG logic. You don’t need to spend hours learning detailed and complex coding and computer programming languages. All you need to do is drag and drop objects into place.

It’s easy to edit various pages to make them look perfect as well. You can arrange and rearrange different sections and blocks of content to your heart’s content. You can also add and delete sections as needed.

Thinkific’s drag and drop course editor gives you many options that other software platforms’ drag and drop editor’s may not. For example, you’re not limited to text and videos when you use Thinkific. You can add an entire range of content in many different formats – from pdf files to surveys – the sky is literally the limit!

Thinkific hosts each page on your site. That means it takes care of storage for you.

Advanced and Easy to Use Site Builder

Pre-made Templates

Let’s face it, unless you’re a web master, you re likely totally clueless as to what the idea design and layout for your site would be. Well, don’t worry since Thinkific has all of that taken care of for you with its pre-made templates.

Thinkific offers you 10 customized themes and six slick web pages that look awesome and convert immediately! All you have to do is drag and drop various types of content in place with the drag and drop editor and you’re good to go!

You can also change the placement and types of content that go into the templates as much or as little as you want! All of Thinkific’s templates come with standard sections for websites that offer online educational courses. These include:

  • Course review
  • Curriculum
  • Key-Learning
  • Instructor

You are free to change these as you see fit. Thinkific knows that many online tutors will find these features to be virtually useless

You know that what you see is not always what you get with digital technologies. Thinkific realizes this and that’s why it has given you a live preview. Yes, you’ll be able to see how visitors will view and perceive your website before you publish it. If you guessed that this is a great tool that will help you provide a great UI/UX for your visitors and help conversion rates soar, you’re absolutely right!

Oh, and you can use Thinkific’s domain to host your site. Of course, you can always register your own domain name if you want to offer your students and visitors a personalized experience!

You can completely change the look and feel of Thinkific’s pre-made templates. It’s just that you’ll either need to be a web master or you’ll need to hire one to do that!

You Have Scads of Options when it Comes to Creating Appealing Courses

You have always heard that students are more interested in learning when courses are descriptive and interesting. There is a lot of truth to that saying.

It’s easy to use Thinkific’s platform when you want to create courses. It’s partly because the platform is straightforward, It’s also partly because the course creator and platform are intuitive to use.

The good news about Thinkific’s platform is that it allows you to host as many different types of content – from pdf articles to videos – as you want. Thinkific also allows you to separate the content into sections based on chapters and lessons that are topic and concept specific.

You can Create Slideshows and Presentations

Thinkific allows you to create voice over PowerPoint presentations. It’s a tool that will allow you to make your lessons more interesting and powerful. Your students will end up learning more.

Thinkific will allow you to upload the audio portion of the presentations when you’re creating PowerPoint slides. You can save the slides in Thinkific’s vast library for later use.

Thinkific’s Surveys are Awesome

Thinkific’s surveys are an excellent way for you to learn what your students really think about your classes. There are many ways that you can format and design your surveys:

  • Single answer questions
  • Questions that are designed to get the student to give many answers
  • Questions that ask students to rate how they perceived the courses to be in terms of interest, course material, and relevance.
  • Questions that are designed to get the student to rate how they perceived the courses to be in terms of interest, course material, and relevance on a scale of 1-10.

Multiple Options for Accepting Payment

The good news is that you have many options for accepting payments. It’s crucial since we live in a globalized world. Therefore, most tutors have clients all over the world! Since you’re just starting out with your DIY online makeup courses and tutorials, you could supplement your YouTube videos with free courses.

Then when you have built up a sizable following, you can try to convert some of these followers, first with one-time payment options. Then you could offer them subscriptions to continue to watch your channel and take your course. If you guessed that this would help establish yourself in the growing DIY makeup industry, you’re absolutely right.

The good news is that Thinkific allows you to do exactly that. Many people have been hit hard by the pandemic. Thinkific realizes that and it’s why they offer you the monthly payment plan option.

Basically, you can charge your clients the entire course fee in a series of installments that are paid over the course of many months. You’ll be able to access this (and more) option in the Managing Learning Content section.

Now, the issue of processing payments arises. Yes, your clients will pay you, but it will do little good if you can’t accept these payments since they’re made in different currencies. Well, Thinkific comes to the rescue, once again!

You can integrate standard payment gateways like Stripe and PayPal. Of course, if you’re more adventurous, you can also integrate more novel payment gateways like Quaderno or Stunning. These types of gateways will allow you to take your online makeup courses global!

How to Market Courses Using Thinkific?

You have won a third of the battle by creating awesome online courses that will complement your makeup tutorials on YouTube. Now, you have another issue – you need to market your courses. After all, you are not going to make any money if no one knows about your courses!

Well, you’re going to learn exactly how to market your courses using Thinkific and some proven marketing hacks!

Make a Student Avatar

Okay, so you see those little realistic looking cartoon caricatures of your friends on Facebook all of the time. Those are avatars. Well, a student avatar is a little different, though it does operate off of the same concept!

You have to understand the key characteristics and traits of the average student in your target audiences when you create a student avatar. Doing so will help you understand what their frustrations, needs, issues, and concerns are. It’s only when you know these that you can create the perfect marketing campaign.

Keep in mind that the student avatar needs to be short, sweet, simple, and to the point. In other words, remember to KISS! A paragraph that is between 60-75 words will suffice!

Figure out what your USP and value propositions are

You should already know this, but in case you were wondering, USP is an acronym for unique selling point. You need to know what your courses’ USPs are since you’ll be writing your value propositions around them!

Your courses’ USPs are what separate them from those of the competiion’s. The USPs are also the reason why people should be buying courses from you and not from someone else!

Things to include in your USPs and value propositions are angles, topics, and concepts that are vital that your competitors may lack in their courses.

Know thy Audience

It just goes without saying that you need to know what your customers want in an online course even before you create it. All of your hard-earned money, time, and work will go down the drain if you don’t do that!

The best way that you can know what your customers are looking for in an online course is to survey them before you start to create them (your online courses.) Oh, and make sure to involve your audience in every step of the course creation process.

Make the Title Captivating

When you go to the bookstore, do you buy a book with an unappealing title? The answer is, “No!” It’s the title of any publication – a course, magazine article, book, etc… that determines if a person is going to buy it. That’s why you want to make sure that the title is always intriguing and attention grabbing!

You need to do keyword research when creating your title because your title will need to include certain keywords that your customers and prospects will enter into Google’s search engine! There are many tools out there that you can use if you get stumped. Google Keyword Planner is one of these.

Sell Your Courses Before You Sell Them!

Okay, so this may seem awkward, but it works! You pre sell your courses when you sell them before you actually do any formal selling! You can do this by pitching ideas that are related to your marketing campaign before you actually start to pitch your marketing campaign!

Start Blogging

The truth is that you’re more likely to sell your online courses if you start to blog about them even before you start your official marketing campaigns. The reason? Blogs offer tidbits of useful information and people love to receive information. In fact, they’re much more inclined to buy from you if you do provide them with nuggets of useful information!

Market on YouTube

Hey, you already have online tutorials on YouTube for your makeup courses, so why not take this one step further and start to market on YouTube? It will work. Did you know that Google is the go to source for people when they are looking for something online?

YouTube comes in second place when it comes to DIY videos and tutorials! You’ll definitely reach a global audience and have a worldwide following if you market on YouTube!

Do a YouTube Video that Promotes Your Courses!

All you have to do is create a short video that promotes your courses and upload it to YouTube! All of your videos should have strategic keywords in their titles and descriptions. They will rank high on Google for those keywords if you do this!

Put Customer Testimonials on Your Sales Page

The bitter truth is that few people are going to buy your courses unless you’re an established industry figure. It doesn’t matter how good your marketing campaigns are. There is a way to get around this though that is to include customer testimonials on your sales page.

In this case, you’ll be putting student testimonials on your sales page since they will be your customers. Of course, make sure that these testimonials are glowing.

Include a Link to Your Courses in Your Email Signature

All you have to do is add a few short and descriptive sentences about your courses before your email signature. Include your courses link in a strategic place in these sentences.

Make Sure Your Cite has a Course Page

Including a course page on your site will actually increase the prospects of it selling well!

Create an Email List

You need to have people to market to, so it would make sense for you to build an email list. Email lists serve another purpose. They can and will help you grow your database of contacts.

The truth is that you’ll have to spend a significant amount of time marketing to most people before they will ever think about buying your courses. A solid and growing email list can help you do exactly that!

Podcasts Make all the Difference

You’ll need to create lots of awareness about your courses before you make a single sale. The truth is that podcasts are a perfect way for you to build this type of awareness. Remember that you can convert every person who listens to your podcasts.

Your podcasts will be much more effective if you know how to market valuable tips related to your online courses and include a call to action in each podcast. Of course, if you want to give your podcasts even more of a powerful reach, you should send them to platforms like Google Play and iTunes!

Get Interviewed on Podcasts

You’ll need to do research beforehand, but this is a move that will pay off tremendously in the future. If you’re stumped, you can’t do better than iTunes. It’s a great place to search for podcasts who are looking for budding teachers and authors like you!

Make sure you know exactly what the podcast is about before you send email pitches to its directors. Your pitches must be personalized and persuasive. You must convince the directors why they should feature you discussing your courses.

Make sure that your interview is impactful. Also, make sure that your ending explains how the readers can contact you and learn more about your courses.

Be Active on Social Media

It goes without saying that people buying behavior is heavily influenced by social media. Posting frequently on various social media platforms will definitely increase your chances of developing a huge following.

You’ll need a huge following if you want to get people interested in buying your online courses.

Make sure that all of your social media profiles clearly feature your full bio. Also, make sure that your bio is professional and clearly reflects your areas of expertise and how these relate to your online courses.

The about us section of your social media profiles should include a link to your website. It will give interested people more opportunities to learn about your courses and if they would be a good fit.

Promote Free Mini-Courses

Believe it or not, promoting free mini-courses is an excellent way to sell your courses in new markets. What you do is include snippets from the most interesting, useful, and informative aspects of your courses.

The tactic will get people interested in your course. They will be more than willing to spend money on what you teach if they have an idea about the subjects that your courses cover beforehand.

Host a Live Webinar

Did you know that you can’t do better than hosting a live webinar if you want to sell your online courses? A good strategy for promoting your webinars is to give listeners little snippets of your best content for free.

Don’t worry, this will make them even more eager to visit your site and purchase your courses. Your visitors will also view you as the go-to person in your industry (the industry expert!)

Make Sure to Promote Your Webinar Recording

Hey, your webinar is useless if you don’t promote it anywhere! That’s why you need to make a recording of your webinar and promote it as much as possible on as many channels and platforms as possible. A good place to start is your list of contacts, prospects, and people who registered for your webinar but didn’t attend.

Of course, you can and should promote your recordings on social media platforms.

Be Sure to Cross Promote Multiple Courses

Most topic areas are vast and deep. You just aren’t going to cover all of their concepts and materials in one webinar or course, no matter how long or in-depth it is. That’s why you’re best off creating a series of courses on a particular topic.

Write the series so that the previous course promotes the next course. Also, make sure that all of the courses complement and promote each other as much as possible. Be sure to mention that you have other courses on the same topic and subjects at the end of each online course. Don’t worry, this encourages many conversions immediately.

You’ll get More Conversions by Bundling and Offering Discounts

Have you ever gotten mailers from Bed Bath and Body? If you have, you probably noticed that you got a discount if you bought groups of different but related products, like lotions, body washes, gels, soaps, and spritzers. That’s an excellent example of selling by bundling and offering discounts.

Companies bundle products and offer deep discounts on them because it works! THey end up selling much more and to far more people when they do so! You’ll sell more if you bundle your online courses and offer discounts on them as well!

Self-Publish on Amazon

If you have ever looked in the Facebook writing groups, you’ll see many posts where someone offers people to self-publish work on Amazon. No, this is not a scam gimmick, it actually works!

Amazon will let you use Amazon Kindle to create e-books of your online courses. You can use CreateSpace to create hard and paperback versions of your courses. This strategy will help you make lots more money quickly by doing two things:

  • Add new revenue streams
  • Attract more students to purchase your online courses.

Do Copywriting on your Sales Page

Copywriting is crisp, short, and to the point. It has one goal and that is to get as many conversions as possible as quickly as possible. And, do you want to know something? It works!

Yes, you’ll be selling much more and generating far more revenue if you put copy written content on your sales page. Makes sure that your content is well-written, persuasive, and has a clear call-to-action. You want the content to highlight your course offerings and how your reader will benefit from these.

Remember that no copywritten content is complete if it doesn’t have the right keywords at the right density and in the right number of places.

Be a Speaker at Local Events and Meetups

Local events and meetup groups have one goal in mind – to familiarize you with those in your community. They are an excellent way for you to promote your online courses, so be sure to attend as many relevant ones as possible!

Of course, you will need to do your research beforehand. When you do find great local events and meetup groups, be sure to contact the hosts and inform them of your online courses and overall intentions in terms of promoting these. Inquire if you can sell your courses while presenting them. If you can, split the revenue with them.

Of course, be sure to discuss your series of courses when presenting them. Remember that no one likes to be sold to. A general rule of thumb to follow – keep 80% of the course as valuable course material, and be sure to sprinkle the remaining 20% throughout the presentation.

Take Initiative – Start Your Own Meetup Group

Hey, they say that necessity is the mother of all inventions. If this is true, and there are no local meetup groups in your area, then get creative and start one! You can invite people from your database and email lists of prospects to attend.

You can create a huge following that will easily convert if you hold regular meetings. You will find that you can and will position yourself as a local industry leader if you invite other experts from around the world to attend!

Get it Straight from the Horse’s mouth!

So, what better people to critique your course than the students who actually take it? That’s why you want to ask the students who take your courses to leave a review or testimonial of them before they complete them (the courses!)

You will get the continuing positive stream of reviews and customer testimonials that you ‘ll need to continue to successfully sell your courses. You’ll find that including these reviews and testimonials on your sales page will make your copywritten content more powerful and likely to convert!

Some students may give you negative feedback. While you don’t want to publish these, you do want to use them to improve your courses accordingly to make them more powerful and relevant in the future.

Promote Your Courses Based on Price

A great way to sell more of your courses is if you offer certain discounts during certain holidays and/or strategic parts of the year. For example, you can offer a 10% discount on 5 or more courses during Christmas time. You’ll find that this is an excellent way to sell more of your brands.

You Can’t Go Wrong With Guest Posting!

Yes, posting articles about your online courses on noted peoples’ blogs and publications can actually help you sell more by establishing your name in your industry in two ways:

  • You will create more awareness for your brands
  • You’ll get a backlink which you can put on your website to drive even more traffic and get even more conversions.

Make sure that every article you write is unique. Also, be sure to thoroughly research the websites before you write content for them. You want to make sure that your content is useful and relevant. Finally, make sure to include a link to your own website in every article that you write.

Selling Your Courses Using Thinkific

Now that you understand the benefits of creating online courses using Thinkific, and now that you have some understanding as to how you can market your online courses, it’s time to discuss how to use Thinkific to sell them!

Now, before you Google “how to sell your courses using Thinkific,” there is something that you should know. You need to have a page that you can actually sell your courses on. Hey, I did mention earlier that you should market your courses using copywriting content on your sales page. So now, it’s time to discuss how to create a sales page.

You’ll have an easier time creating it if you think of it as a page that sells your online courses by describing them in some detail. That said, your page has another much more important task to do. That is to convince your visitors to put your online courses in their shopping carts and buy them!

Okay, so now you know just how important this page is to your marketing efforts. After all, all of the marketing efforts mentioned in the previous section are useless if you can’t get anyone to actually buy your courses!

Now, before you hop online and start using Thinkific’s drag and drop builder to create that killer sales page, you need to sit down and really think about the following questions. How you answer these questions will determine exactly how you will create your amazing sales page.

  1. Who are you creating your courses for? So, the answer to this question is crucial since it will set the theme and tone for your sales page. Now, there are some things that you need to know before you can answer this question well. Therefore, it will definitely help if you extensively research Dr. Google when answering this question.

    The first thing you need to do is ask yourself what types of issues and problems the target group who you are creating your courses for faces. Then, think of all of the potential solutions that you are offering these people. Of course, be sure to write these solutions down so that you don’t forget them!
  2. What will your courses help them do? Put another way, what will your courses help your target audience accomplish or achieve? Remember that you need to be detailed and specific when you answer this question.
  3. What benefits will they get out of your course? Okay, so the dirty truth is that people only do something after they know that they’ll personally benefit from it. Similarly, you’ll get lots of conversions only when you explain to people how exactly they will benefit from your online courses.

Now that you’ve answered these three questions, don’t relax. Your work selling your courses is far from over. You need to go to the next step which is to write the answers to these questions down in a single short, simple, coherent, and powerfully written sentence.

The Parts of a Sales Page

Since you’re going to be using a sales page to sell your courses, it would make sense if you knew more about it, how to use it to your advantage, and how it will benefit you. So sit back and enjoy a good Starbucks Frappucino while you read this section.

Well, it turns out that your sales page is going to have 10 sections. Each section plays a vital role in selling your online courses. I’m going to explain what each section is in detail!

  1. An attention-grabbing headline – hey, your headline should be powerfully written and send a message that stops people in their tracks and motivates them to sit down and read through the rest of your sales page. Your entire sales page is useless if it lacks this type of headline!
  1. The introduction – make this an emotional and tear-jerking story. Trust me, this type of an introduction actually sells products and services! It’s better known as ‘the opening story’

    You need to begin your story by illustrating a common issue that your visitors will face. Make sure you highlight the costs and headaches they will experience if they don’t resolve this issue.

    NOTE:  You’ll make your introduction much more appealing and you’ll have an easier time selling more of your online course faster if you tell your visitors that you know their pain since you have been in their shoes.

    You have now set the perfect backdrop for the solution – which your courses are. Of course, before you do this, make sure to put fear in the visitor’s mind. You do this by making the issues that the visitor is facing look much worse than they actually are. Then you tell them that these issues are making their aspirations for the future look about as realistic as a mirage of water in the desert is!

    NOTE: Your entire sales page is useless if you don’t structure your introduction this way!
  1. Present the perfect solution – well, if you haven’t already guessed, the perfect solution comes in the form of your online courses! Okay, so now is your chance to explain to the visitor exactly what your online courses are about and how they will benefit from taking these courses.
  1. The benefits – Here’s where you answer the fundamental question every visitor will have for you, “what’s in it for me?” in detail. Make sure to list all of the benefits. Use bullet points if you have to!
  1. The bonuses – Hey, everyone likes free extras. Why do you think all of those stores have those “buy one, get one free” sales? So, you’ll sell more if you explain the bonuses that your online courses offer your visitor.

    In case you’re wondering, these are all of the bonus materials and resources that your visitor can use to help him or her understand your course material much better.
  1. Testimonials – You can think of testimonials as promises to your visitors from your previous customers that your online courses will actually deliver what you claim they will! Make sure that your testimonials include short but detailed examples of how your online courses helped your previous students!
  1. Establish credibility – it will be easier to do this if you’re already an industry authority or leader. Essentially, you want to introduce yourself in some detail and explain to the reader exactly why he or she should trust you to teach him or her!

    Now, don’t be afraid to brag when you’re doing this.
  2. FAQ – Make sure that your sales page has a frequently asked questions section. This is the section where you clear any last-minute doubts your visitor may have about your online courses.
  1. Pricing – Make sure that your sales page includes a clearly visible and persuasive call-to-action. Trust me, it can and will lead to more conversions faster.
  1. Offer a money-back guarantee – Okay, so don’t be afraid to offer them a 100% money-back guarantee if the visitor is not satisfied with your courses. This is called using a risk reversal strategy and believe it or not, it actually works!

The Sales Funnel

Okay, since no one is going to walk up to your website with the intent to actually buy from you right away, you have to have a set of steps ready where you convince them that it would be in their best interests to buy your online courses. This is called establishing a sales funnel.

Your sales page needs to have at least one sales funnel.

The sales funnel consists of many steps which I’m going to explain in some detail below. The formal name for the sales funnel is the customer journey.

  1. Awareness stage – This is the stage where people become aware of the problems and issues that they face in life. They also become aware of the fact that they need to solve these issues and problems in this stage.
  2. Consideration stage – The visitor will explore possible solutions to the issues or problems that they face.
  3. Decision stage – the visitor will decide to buy your online courses in this stage.

How do you Build a Sales Funnel?

It turns out that the best way to build a sales funnel is to start out by creating an engaging, informative, and useful article. Make sure it’s at least 1,100 words long, but don’t make it more than 2,000 words long.

Remember that a good article is powerful and makes an impact. Don’t put any fluff in the article. Doing that will actually turn the reader away! You may not believe this, but you can actually get up to a fifth of the readers to opt in for emails from you!

Once you have email addresses and names, the next step is to send them a sequence of emails that are designed to get them to buy what you sell! You want to make sure that your emails add a lot of value for them. That’s the only way you’re going to get them to trust you enough to get them to buy your brands!

Then, you describe your online courses in the last few emails in your sequence.

Yes, You can Sell Your Online Makeup Courses

Don’t worry, a lot of noted makeup artists got their start with DIY YouTube tutorials. Some of these artists became so famous that they ended up starting their own makeup lines and selling their brands at stores like Target and Walmart. Now, you can use Thinkific to help you create the online makeup courses that will give you a ‘leg up over the competiton!