So, this is something that you just can’t do without if you own a business. What is it? It’s Pabbly Connect and using it is just about to make your life much easier! You’re likely buying, integrating, and using many different applications as your business grows. Well, you’re eventually going to end up with what seems like an endless alphabet soup of applications (no pun intended!)

How on Earth are you going to manage all of this? Use Pabbly Connect! You see, this is the world’s leading SaaS software program if you want to integrate various apps smoothly, make sure that they work together seamlessly and effortlessly, and make sure that data flows through your enterprise in a smooth and manageable manner!

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Benefits of Pabbly Connect?

“Okay, so now I know that Pabbly Connect is some software program that promises to make my life as a business owner much easier by helping me run it much better and much more efficiently! But what is it and how does it work?” Since I never answered those two questions, now would be the time to do that!

What is Pabbly Connect?

I gave you a basic definition of Pabbly Connect, but hey, that really didn’t tell you much. Well, for one thing, it’s the ultimate SaaS software platform. Oh, and there is no installation required. All you’ll have to do is spend 5 minutes executing three steps on your lunch break, and this program is good to go!

It’s as easy as 1-2-3

Ah yes, throwbacks to the Jackson 5 songs. One of these was, “It’s as easy as 1-2-3!” Well, this applies to Pabbly as well. Let me explain the three steps in detail:

  1. Select the Create Workflows button
  2. Click on all of the apps that you want to be integrated
  3. Sit back and watch Pabbly Connect take care of the rest

How does Pabbly Connect work?

Now that you have a basic understanding of what Pabbly Connect is, it’s time to explain how it works. In a nutshell, Pabbly Connect allows you to concentrate on the two things that you do best:  running your business, and (most importantly) selling your brands for more money.

How does Pabbly Connect do this? Well, it automates the boring and repetitive tasks. You know, like filing, sending out invoices, etc…Oh, and you’ll be able to integrate various apps and export/import information from and to them. Now, that will make you a super entrepreneur!

Here’s some more great news, you don’t need to know anything about coding to do all of this and more! You want to use Pabbly Connect if you sell online courses. Yes, online education at all levels has taken off over the past two years thanks to the pandemic.

What’s even more amazing is the fact that online education is growing exponentially and this doesn’t show any signs of stopping or reversing even now that vaccines are available and being widely administered!

So, if you’re selling online courses and your business is expanding rapidly, it would be a real pain to send out thank you emails, marketing emails, newsletters, and other email correspondence to each of your customers individually. Why not make your life much easier and have Pabbly Connect do all of this and more for you?

Pabbly Connect’s Core Features

So, Pabbly Connect has some great features. Hey, there’s a reason why it’s currently one of the most popular SaaS software platforms around. These are:

  • Webhooks
  • API Integration
  • More than 300 spreadsheet formulas
  • Text pattern extractor
  • Number Extractor
  • Date and Time Formatter
  • Filters
  • URL Encode/Decode
  • Text Formatter
  • Math Operations
  • Text Parser
  • JSON Extractor
  • Email Parser
  • Data Transfomer
  • Currency Formatter
  • Automatic Counters
  • Number Formatters
  • Phone Number Formatters
  • Encryption/Decryption Operations


You’ll love webhooks if you’ve integrated Pabbly Connect with other applications. These (webhooks) will allow the different applications to talk to each other seamlessly. The webhooks do this by sending out event notifications through a language called HTTP Post.

So, if you’re billing customers, all you have to do is send out a webhook from Pabbly Connect to your billing application and let it (your billing application) take care of the rest.

API Integration

You’ll love this if you’ve got many different applications working together that understand and communicate with each other in different languages. It’s a common phenomenon when you’re running a SME or a larger company.

All you have to do is use the API Integration. Now, you can easily send messages, data, and more across different apps in your company without knowing a single line of coding!

More Than 300 Spreadsheet Formulas

You’re using spreadsheets if you run a business. It’s the ony way you’ll be able to keep track of the information that will go into your budgets and financial statements. But inputting all of these numbers in manually every month is a real drag. It also eats up valuable time that you could be putting into running your business. Is there an easier way?

There is, welcome to Pabbly Connect. Now, you can rely on this platform to do the data entry and financial calculations for you. Don’t worry, Pabbly Connect is AI at its best so you never have to worry about it making mistakes when doing data entry or calculations. Note that you and your employees may make mistakes when doing this work!

Text Pattern Extractor

As a business owner, you probably get more email and text messages than you want. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way for you to separate the important and strategic emails from the spam? After all, there are some email messages that are harmful. You just shouldn’t be receiving them.

It may come as a relief to you that there are AI tools out there that you can use that will get to the ‘meat and bones’ of the messages that the text in the 2000+ emails that you get in your email inbox contain.

The news gets even better. Did you know that Pabbly has this type of an AI tool. In case you were wondering, this is referred to as a text pattern extractor. What this does is pull the most important words from various content (text and image-based) in your emails.

Text extractors look for certain things

Well, though it may shock you to read this, it’s true. Hey, all text (and even image) based content has patterns and structure. It has to for you to be able to understand it well. Any text extractor out there (Pabbly Connect included) will look for certain elements in these patterns and structure.

It will help you out tremendously to know what these are, so here’s the list:

  • Keyword extraction – this doesn’t necessarily pertain only to certain target keywords that customers type into search engines, though it certainly includes these. It also pertains to the most strategic words in your emails. Now, you can understand what these emails are really trying to tell you.
  • Named entity extraction – Now, you ‘ll be able to know exactly who is sending you email messages, where they are located, and the companies that they work for. If you guessed that this will go a long way towards giving you the ability to identify exactly who is contacting you, you’re absolutely right.
  • Summary extraction – In case you’re wondering, this gives you a clear picture of the messages that the texts in your emails are telling you.
  • Text from image extraction – okay so there is a lot of truth to the adage, “a picture says a thousand words. You can use Pabbly Connect’s text pattern extractor to figure out exactly what the images are trying to say in words that you can read. Now, the days when you had to make inaccurate and sloppy educated guesses are over!

You can think of a text extractor as an AI tool that highlights certain words to tell you what the general and strategic meanings of the text in your email and text messages are. Trust me when I say that it will make your life a lot more pleasant and a lot easier.

Did you know that Pabbly Connect’s text extractor comes with machine learning?

So, as a business owner, you have just learned that Pabbly Connect’s text extractor is capable of machine learning. Well, big deal! What does this mean and how exactly is this going to help you. Well, I’m going to answer both of those questions now.

I’ll give you an analogy to help answer the first question for you. Remember when you were learning to ride a  bike? You probably weren’t always watching where you were going. Therefore, your bike may have fallen over and thrown you to the ground after it passed over a rock.

You ended up scraping your knee and boy did that hurt. Well, you probably learned to be careful after that. Essentially, you learned your lesson and Pabbly Connect’s machine learning is capable of doing this as well.

With the case of Pabbly Connect, it uses the latest in AI to scour various texts thoroughly. Only, it does in 3 minutes what would take you 3 hours to do. Oh, and it also scans tens of thousands of texts in those three minutes. Now, even you can’t do that!

But it does more than this. The AI picks up on certain patterns and repeating words. It remembers these and their general messages. Then it looks for these words and messages in future email and text messages.

It does for topics what it does for repeating words and messages. So how can this help you? Well, for one thing, it can help you identify those people who you should be advertising to the most (because they’ve shown the most interest in buying from you.) Oh, and it can also give you a heads up on what your competitors are doing!

The different types of text extraction

I just mentioned that Pabbly Connect can do text extraction much better and faster than you can. Wouldn’t it be great though if you knew exactly the types of text extraction that it can do though? Well, that’s what you’re about to find out!

  • Named Entity Recognition – This type of text extractor will identify names in the text that you’re analyzing and will show them to you.
  • Sentiment analysis  – This is the most popular type of text extractor out there. You’d want to use it if you get lots of emails that have customer surveys, reviews, and comments from social media platforms. This type of text would be rich in customer sentiments, opinions, and feedback

    Most text extractors use a scale with three points when they do sentiment analysis. There are three outcomes on this scale:
    • positive
    • negative
    • neutral

      this type of a text extractor is useful for getting feedback regarding the ways in which customers perceive the effectiveness of your brands.
  • Summarizing text – So, if you get a long-form email, don’t spend several hours reading it and trying to figure out what its message is. Get a summarizing text extractor and find out its gist and topic in a few nanoseconds!

    Summarizing text extractors use two methods when reading text:
    • extraction – this summarizes key sections of the text
    • abstraction – the extractor will rewrite the text to convey its real and original meaning.
  • aspect mining – it looks for key metrics when reading and analyzing text. These include:
    • brand quality
    • brand value
    • customer service

      Note that this is not an exhaustive list.
  • Topic modeling – it identifies the key topics that a particular email covers. The topics can belong to one or more of the following categories:
    • Latent Semantic Analysis (LSA)
    • Probabilistic Latent Semantic Analysis (PLSA)
    • Latent Dirichlet Allocation (LDA)
    • Correlated Topic Model *(CTM)

      The LDA method is the most widely used.

Number Extractor

Ah yes, you can use Pabbly Connect to extract key numbers from text. This includes critical phone numbers.

Date and Time Formatter

So, date and time are important if you run a business. Missing an important meeting can mean losing a key customer. Similarly, launching a product or service at the wrong time can mean losing out on the entire market.

Well, now you can use Pabbly Connect’s date and time formatter to help you. You may be wonder how it works. Here’s your explanation. It uses a string of numbers to identify certain dates and times.


You use filters all the time. For example, you put a filter in your coffee maker when you make your morning cup of coffee. Well, did you know that your workflows will also need filters? Pabbly Connect can help you out with that. Here’s how it works.

When you have a workflow, you have a process or task to do that requires certain steps done in a particular sequence to complete; Well, when you apply a filter through Pabbly Connect, you won’t be able to do certain steps to complete the process or task until and unless you have completed certain previous steps.

You will also have to ensure that certain conditions are met and fulfilled if you want to complete all of the steps necessary to complete a task or process.

You can also apply filters to various apps that you connect with Pabbly Connect. You’ll end up boosting productivity and dramatically lowering expenses while exponentially

increasing profits.

Interesting applications for filters are filtering a new form Pabbly Connect before creating it in Elementor, and filtering in Pabbly Connect before paying a bill in Razor Pay.

URL Encode/Decode

Pabbly Connect has a URL Encode/Decode feature, but what is it and how does it work/help  you? Well, let’s give you some basic background on URLs to answer these questions adequately.

Do you know what a URL is? If you answered, “It’s an address for a website on the World Wide Web, you’re only 10% right! If you were to Google what a URL is, you would learn the following:

  • URL is an acronym for Uniform Resource Locator
  • a URL has many different components which conform to a generic syntax. THis is its basic structure: scheme:[//[user password@]host[:port][?query][# fragment]
  • The short form of the structure is the one that you’re used to seeing. It looks like this:
  • The RFC 3986 is what defines the syntax of the URLs that you see online today.
  • URLs consist of a finite set of characters that belong to the US-ASCII character set
  • URLs have all of the numerical characters and alphabetical characters in the English language. They also contain a limited number of special characters (-,.,_,~)
  • Characters like /,\,:,# and others are not in the URL text because these are not considered to be secure.
  • Characters like !, and ? are reserved characters. Like disallowed characters, they are also not included in URL strings

Suppose you have to include a disallowed character in a URL. What can you do? Well, you can encode it using Pabbly Connect’s URL Decoder/Encoder feature. It works by converting reserved and disallowed characters into packets of at least one byte.

Each packet is represented by a special sign which consists of a % sign that’s followed by two hexadecimal digits. A good example would be %ut. This format is accepted and understood by all web browsers on this planet.

The % symbol is recognized as an escape sign.

All a URL decoder does is reverse and read an encoded URL.

 You’ll be able to access many more websites that contain information and data that will help you when you use Pabbly Connect’s URL Decoder/Encoder.

Text Formater

You want to send out various marketing emails and newsletters to your customers because this is what will get them to visit  your website and buy from you en masse. You also want to publish lots of text in the form of blog articles and other content because this also plays a key role in driving traffic and conversions.

The issue is that your readers have lots of content to digest from you. They just may not be having the time or patience to read everything that you know would pique their interest in your site, company, and brands.

There is a solution. Do you know what it is? It’s a text formatter, and Pabbly Connect offers this. But, exactly how does a text formatter work? Ah, you’re about to find out so keep on reading.

Did you know that you highlight certain areas of your text when you format it? So, what’s the logic behind this one? Well, it’s simple. you can bring certain information like product specs, price, and (most importantly) benefits to the reader’s attention by bolding it.

Yes, bold text is a form of formatted text. You can also highlight certain key text that contains information that customers should pay attention to. You can italicize the text, change its font size, change its font color, underline it, highlight it, etc…

Of course, you can always adjust how you align the text. This will change the ways that you display in on your web pages.

Math Operations

You can use Pabbly Connect to do basic and advanced math operations. “Big deal, how will that help me make money?” Ah yes, you just asked a great question! You need to keep a regular budget. You also need to keep records which you will use for quarterly, semi-annual, and annual financial statements. You’ll need to do basic math since doing all of this involves crunching numbers.

Yes, you could do all of these calculations by yourself. The issue is that it would take you forever (literally) to do so. You also run the risk of making a mistake. Making mistakes in financial statements and budgets can be fatal. Not only can this get you into trouble with various entities, but it can also cause you to over calculate your budget and under calculate your expenses. The result is often bankruptcy.

Trust Pabbly Connect to help you by doing all of the calculations for you accurately and in a few nanoseconds. Now, you’ll always have a clear and correct picture of your business’s financial health.

Text Parsers

If you get a lot of email and text messages every day, chances are that the majority of these are nonsense messages. However, every so once in a while there’s a message out there with a message that’s useful. In fact, it may be so useful that it could change the course of your business for the better.

There’s one pressing issue though, how are you supposed to access it? Well, that’s where a text parser comes in handy. Pabbly Connect offers an excellent one. Pabbly Connect’s text parser does more than extract data from the thousands of email and text messages you get daily.

Pabbly’s text parser will put the data and information in your messages in a structure that you can easily and quickly read and understand. Now, you can make accurate spur-of-the-moment decisions that will deliver great results for your company!

There are many different types of text parsers on the market. One of them is a web scraper. Pabbly Connect uses this to read, interpret, and structure the information and data present in email and text messages.

What you do is tell the web scraper the sections of the messages that you want to scrape and allow it to do its job. Once this is done, it’s time to parse (or structure) the scraped data and information.

Parsers convert the scraped data and information from HTML format that only computer programmers and web developers could read well into files that people like you would have no trouble reading and understanding. A good example of a file format is JSON.

Why Use a Parsing Software Program?

So, now you know that text parsing can will put mountains of data and information in a structure that you can easily read and understand. However, you could hire a college student to do this as well for cheap. So, is there a real reason to use a parsing software program? There is, and here are the reasons:

  • Optimizes work
  • Allows you to read more data and information in less time
  • Reduces your overall business expenses
  • Results in much more accurate databases for you

How Can Parsed Data and Information Help Your Business?

Ah yes, that’s the million dollar question. There is no point in you using Pabbly Connect’s text parser if we are unable to provide a good answer to this one! Well, here’s your answer:

You get a lot of information and data in the form of new technologies that you can use to lower costs and boost revenue streams from your vendors. You also get mountains of data and information about orders and new deals from your clients/customers.

All of these are hidden in your email messages. The thing is that they come in randomly throughout the day and in bulk. You would have to take a week off of your work every quarter to go through your email inbox and find these. Unfortunately, that’s time that you probably just don’t have.

Well, a good text parser will go through these emails in a few minutes. it will scrub your inbox of the messages that you don’t need or want. It will also look through relevant emails and structure their content in a format that you can easily and quickly read. What’s even better is that you’ll be able to make strategic decisions based on this data and text quickly and easily.

The same logic and process applies to text messages.

JSON Extractor

So, we mentioned a JSON extractor previously. If you have no idea as to what it is and what it does, you’re probably itching to know more about both. You also likely want to know how it will help your business be more productive and profitable. We will now answer these three questions.

So, to answer your first question, a JSON Extractor takes the numerical values that are stored in an HTML file. Yes, these numbers are of great use to someone with a programming background. However, they’re of little use to someone who lacks this background – that’s probably someone like you!

It does this by reading the HTML format and translating the data and information into a format that most people can recognize in a few nanoseconds.

You can incorporate the information and data that JSON extractors give you into your data modeling programs. It’s from there that you can determine which business operations will boost productivity and profitability.

You can also plug data into budget software programs to determine which software programs and technologies will help you boost productivity, lower expenses dramatically, and see your revenue streams and profit margins skyrocket.

Data Transformer

In a nutshell, what a data transformer does is put data into a format that you can easily recognize and read. A good example of this is the field MM-DD-YYYY. Data transformers do much more than this though.

The real purpose of a data transformer is to change and translate seemingly meaningless numbers, facts, statistics, etc…into information that you can actually understand and use.

Data transformers’ powers go well beyond this. For example, you can perform the following functions on cold, hard data to make it more meaningful to the lay person:

  • merging
  • aggregating
  • summary
  • filter
  • enriching
  • split
  • join
  • get rid of duplicate data

Many business managers and data analysts need to work with data that is standardized and consistent. They have an easier time interpreting it. These professionals also find that it’s easier to move them from one data set and one context to another without sacrificing their integrity.

Many data analysts in the insurance sector, especially, have to use data for projections that will tell them the likelihood of certain accidents occurring and certain groups of people needing to file claims much more often.

Data transformers help these people do their jobs much better.

Did you know that you can also use data transformers to convert data into new file formats that will add value to your company and make it much more profitable?

Currency Formatter

This will help you if you work in any type of financial position, so pay attention. Pabbly Connect offers you a currency formatter. “But what is it and how does it help people like me out?” Well, here are your answers:

A currency formatter allows you to display numbers as currency. You can, therefore, display 46 dollars as $46.00. What is the big deal about this? Well, certain professions require you to submit Excel spreadsheets full of currency numbers that have been formatted correctly.

Yes, you could do this by yourself, but it would take several hours and the chance of you making an error would be high. Pabbly Connect’s currency formatter will do this and more for you in just a few nanoseconds.

How does this help my business make even more money?

Boy, you definitely ask good questions. Yes, a currency formatter will definitely help boost your company’s overall profit margins and revenue streams. Let us give you this example to explain exactly how this works.

Suppose you own a store in England. You sell seashell and gemstone necklaces. These are handmade and one of a kind. Contrary to what you expected, business is taking off rapidly. In fact, you’re getting lots of orders everyday and from people from all over the world.

There are a few issues though. The main one is that these people tend to submit payments in their national currencies. It has posed more than a few issues for you since you have many customers who live in America, Canda, Israel, The UAE, India, China, etc…These are all nations outside of the Shenghen region. Therefore, they don’t pay in Euros.

You are using the currency formatter and this is your godsend because you would have to otherwise turn all non Shenghen customers away. Non Shenghen customers amount to 66% of your total business, so you would soon find business going under because of non profitability.

Number Formatters

You probably keep many different budgets and financial records for the many financial statements that your accountant creates to show to the IRS every year. Well, these different budgets will have numbers in different formats. It’s important that you use a number formatter to standardize these, and Pabbly Connect allows you to do this.

Number formats will help you in other ways. For one thing, they will allow you to keep money numbers separate from dates and percentages. There is another key advantage to using number formatters when you create Excel spreadsheets. The spreadsheets will be easier for you and your accountant to read!

Phone Number Formatters

Pabbly Connect’s phone number formatter is a must-have feature. Since you’re a business owner, you’re constantly dependent on new and existing customers. They buy your brands in exchange for revenue that keeps your business financially afloat.

Well, you need to find a way to nurture new prospects to turn them into new customers. The same applies when you want to keep new and existing customers. That’s why you do various forms of marketing.

You need to store these people’s phone numbers in a CRM database so that your inbound sales reps can call them for various offers and to market your brands. These phone numbers need to be formatted correctly, especially if they’re from people living in various nations around the world.

Properly formatted phone numbers will allow your inbound sales reps to call on more people faster. You’ll find that your reps will be closing far more deals everyday as well!

Encryption/Decryption Operations

Since you complete many transactions online, you need to encrypt and decrypt the data to make it safe. Encryption will split the data up into jumbled packets that look like nonsense to spammers and hackers.

Encrypted data is essentially data that’s protected by a secret code. That code is referred to as a key, and the recipient must have a that code to ‘unlock’ the data and access it.

In case you were wondering, the key to unlock encrypted data is referred to as a secret encryption key. You can use encryption keys to encrypt data before sending it over the World Wide Web (WWW.) People use special algorithms to create the secret encryption keys.

Data can be encrypted using two systems:

  • Symmetric encryption. You would use one password or key to encrypt and decrypt the data.
  • Asymmetric encryption. You would use one key to encrypt the data and another to decrypt the data.

Encryption algorithms are complex. They consist of a set of rules that dictate how data can be split up and scrambled before being sent over the web to various digital devices. All data that’s encrypted must conform to one or more of the following standards:

  • Data Encryption Standard (DES) – The American government created this in 1977 when personal computers were still new to the West. Therefore, it’s one of the lowest standards because its parameters are simple and its requirements are minimal.
  • Triple DES – This is a more stringent and complex version of Data encryption standard. It runs the basic DES three times. What this means is that it encrypts data in three different ways before sending it over the web

    You must encrypt data using Triple DES (or something stronger) if you’re sending sensitive information (social security numbers and credit cards) online. Hackers can easily encode data that’s encrypted according to conventional DES.
  • RSA – This is an acronym taken from the first letter of the last names of three top data scientists. it has a long key length. Therefore, it will keep data secure for long periods of time.

Pabbly Connect Will Turn Your Business into a Money-Making Machine

You’re in business to acqire more customers and enhance your existing revenue streams. You also want to make more profit. Well, you need to run  your business like an efficient money-making machine. Pabbly Connect will allow you to do this!