Learnworlds is the top platform for online courses. The goal is to sell and create online courses. They begin monetizing experiences along with skills. There is target audience. It involves learners having interactive ebooks and videos. There is a group and 1:1 sessions. The student will get certificates and assessments. There are valuable surveys. The themes are wonderful and unique for participants of the course. It is quite flexible with paid and free versions. The student will discover pathway of course. The student can convert videos into experiences. There is an automatic extraction of transcripts. The student will discover quizzes along with the content. An important step is to build community and develop strong relationship.

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Learnworlds pricing


Learnworlds has a starter version which involves $5 fee for every course sale. There is one admin along with the custom domain. The user will get endless paid courses along with site builder with 3 pages. There are 2 popups in the popup builder. The user will get assessments along with one-to-one sessions. There is a built-in community and group sessions. The user will get four gateways for payment. There are options of checkout, which is flexible. The participants will get fundamental integration with coupons. There is an SSL certificate completely free. There are courses of drip feed type. The user will get assistance via email round the clock.

Pro Trainer

Pro Trainer version of Learnworlds does not have any transaction fees. There are five admins or instructors offering endless courses. You will get Landing Pages plus a total site builder along with a blog. There are popups with memberships and subscriptions. The user has course player. There are installments also. We have a Page for checkout and certificate. Live Classes and Webinars are present in Webex and Zoom. The user gets form builder and 20 HTML5. There are 20 SCORMs. We have high-level assessments. The user gets Affiliate Management plus Premium Integrations and Advanced Zapier. There are Question Banks and endless access to LW Academy. We have email support every day and round the clock.

Learning Center

Learningworlds presents Learning Center which has 20 Customized Roles for users. There are Bulk User Actions along with complete options of white label. The videos on this platform are Interactive in nature. In this video, we had subtitles and audio-transcripts, There are several accounts of Webex and zoom. We have endless HTML5 or SCORMs. There are user segments or progress reports. You will come across reports for the insights of the course. The user has reports which are automated. They are made at right time. Affiliate management is quite advanced. There is API integration and webhooks integration user. The user will come across a high level of SSO. There is an app for android and iOS with an additional fee. The onboarding is premium with the manager of customer success. The support is premium and it is round the clock.

High Volume and Corporate

The High Volume and Corporate of Learnworlds present extra admins with enrollments in bulk. There were facilities for academy for corporate issues. We have uptime of server of 99.95%. The cloud servers have a premium version. We have got SLA as optional. The invoicing was quite flexible with services and customized reports. There are alternatives of support in premium category and price is adjustable.

Fundamental Features for Most of The Plans

  • The Courses are unlimited
  • There are no limits to our courses along with the extent of creativity.
  • Library of Video
  • The user can share videos in the personal library of video.
  • Tablet and Mobile Friendly
  • The students has the right to learn at any time and at any place.
  • UI with a number of languages
  • The user must pick up and customize the language of school.
  • Theme editor and branding
  • There is a complete freedom at the creative level for boosting the brand.
  • Prepared Templates
  • There is a Pages builder having more than 400 amazing templates.
  • Customization of font
  • Pick up different fonts for original design.
  • Generation of lead
  • The user can get leads from their web pages and increase visitors.
  • Upsells and coupons
  • A business can improve sales using lucrative discounts and offers.

How to draw customers?

The suggestions for drawing New clients are as follows:

  • We need to point out the new customers.
  • We can utilize the Marketing of Direct Response for drawing Customers.
  • You can share something for luring customers. These customers are new to the business.
  • You can improve the business for enhancing sales.
  • Obtain the perfect word.
  • Improve the total number of happy customers.
  • Enhance the average size of the transactions.
  • Enhance frequency in the transactions for every customer.
  • Improve the price.

Are you facing problems in uploading courses? Do you lack the time for this task? Should the content be changed to a new format prior to uploading? They might be texts, videos, or quizzes. The expert will assist you in taking care of them.

Learnworlds Pricing FAQ

Are you going to charge for fee of setup?

We do not have any money for establishment of any type for those who sign up in the plans.

Do you have any hidden charges or fees from course sales?

There are plans named as Learning Center and Pro Trainer. We have no sales fees. The user must pay the fees per month or subscription on yearly basis as per the choice. Irrespective of the sales volume, they are making. When the user selects the plan at the lowest level, it is the Starter plan. Subsequently, you are going to pay fee once about $5 for enrollment in every course.

Do you have any fees of Transaction for acquiring money of credit card?

There are Payment gateways who are going to ask for fees as the customers are paying you. An example is Paypal and Stripe ask for 2.9% + $0.30 for every transaction. For further details, please explore cost of our payment gateway and it is completely your choice.

Shall I provide private or free courses?

Yes! The user can develop and present private or free courses in the Learning Center and Pro Plans.

Do you want the perfect service of web hosting?

No! Those who are hosting a school and their content has been added free of cost in different plans. We are offering care for the security along with the support for the school life. These are present on the popular cloud servers.

Who is the owner of the content?

You are taking part in it! You become the owner of those rights. This is for the content along with the intellectual property. Above all, we are not going to utilize the information of the students for selling them.

Is there any assurance of uptime?

LearnWorlds presents 99.9% guarantee of uptime for plans like Learning Center, Pro trainer, Starter, plans. There is an assurance of 99.95% uptime for Corporate or High Volume plans.

Being a non-profit organization, am I going to discover discount?

Non-profits are going to be suitable for discount. Get in touch with us in the direct way to inform us for different activities and we are going to achieve. Now, we will boost knowledge with the help of LearnWorlds!

Is VAT added in price?

Most of the prices represent exclusive VAT. There are also US Dollars. VAT is going to be present among the customers of European Union. There is an approved number of EU VAT.

What is the mode of payment for selling courses?

The team offers guidance using three gateways of payment which include Paypal, Stripe, and Shopify. The user can take the help of them for receiving payment through debit or credit cards. It indicates freedom and quick access for financial support. Most of the proceeds in the sales of course is going to the payment gateway in a direct way. It is then transferred to the bank!

May I change plans or turn any moment?

You have the capability to modify plans or stop them before their emergence for the chosen subscription and it is before the upcoming term of billing. For all kinds of questions, kindly send us an email.

What will happen when there is a failure of selling courses? Do you want to offer training to clients or employees? May I apply the business training of LearnWorlds?

Right! LearnWorlds is going to be quite thrilling. It has flexibility and ability. This is a training for corporate and internal issues. LearnWorlds presents model at a flat rate. Here the pricing has been found by Active Users in their stage. The users are login platform for one time every month or billing cycle. Get in touch with us for significant information. The team is going to modify the pricing of the requirements

I possess a website or domain name. May I apply it?

Perfectly! You will utilize the personal domain name in school. For example, www.xyzabc.com or proceed towards publishing school at LearnWords in the form of a subdomain for present website (e.g. academy.xyzabc.com). We are going to offer a subdomain free of cost to most of the clients (yourschool.learnworlds.com).

Guarantee for getting back money

The team is quite definite that they are going to admire LearnWorlds. The team is going to present the assurance of money back within 30 days, You want to cancel their account in 30 days. You are going to get in touch with us. You can get a refund. You cannot ask questions.

How to gain the security of information?

The security of data gained priority to LearnWorlds. We had applied for architecture security with design. They obey right norms of industry. The target is to protect information. For instance, data of users will stay alone from databases of customer. You will never discuss database because this is a situation with websites of e-learning.


The user can explore the power of a mobile builder of the Mobile App of LearnWorlds.

You can improve your sales by developing the business. The user can get a big audience. They can involve the students. The user has the opportunity to create a native app of mLearning using a builder of Mobile App. There is a native of android and iOS. You do not have to code and there are In-app purchases. There is a personal push notification along with endless courses. You do not have any limit to the courses along with creativity. Those who have a library of videos can go on uploading videos. The user should prepare the tablet and mobile so that the student can learn at any time and at any location. an important step is to understand UI at the multilingual level. The user can upsell and use coupons. They can boost up the sales using strong discounts and offers. The individual has a network in the social networking site. They can develop a social network that can create a complete community. The goal of this community is to learn in groups and network. The user can create a profile of a student where there is a demonstration of achievement along with work. The newspaper is automatic and it is the newspaper that is personal and daily. The book is quite interactive with beautiful ebooks having notes of a student. There are exams, assignments and quizzes. This is a strong engine for assessing the requirement of certification. The analytics of the learner is to observe the behavior of student. The user can check the development of course along with the completion. We find the checking of the conversion where the user explores the campaign of Adwords and Facebook.