is certainly one of the most effective funnel creations on the market. It’s extremely simple to use, has numerous features, is an intuitive user interface, and is a great pricing plan. However, if you’re an inexperienced Groove user, you may be confused by the pricing plans as they do not mention their pricing plans on their website. is a powerful platform that can transform a business’s entire operation. It’s at no cost and has limited access to all its amazing features. is a complete marketing software with numerous options for business improvement. is an internet-based platform that has revolutionized the process of growing the business.
A free edition of this platform gives users access to revolutionary features without the need to sign up to different platforms to manage their businesses. Everything from building a landing page to email marketing software to webinar software, shopping carts to blogging, and so on. plans include all the things a company requires. Through one membership, the user can improve customer engagement and increase sales.

To simplify the purchasing process for customers, this post will cover all the minute information about Groove Pricing, the plans you can purchase, policies, features, and much more.

What is, as the title suggests, is a 360-degree funnel maker tool. In reality, it’s one of the fastest growing funnel tools and marketing automation software with more than 550,000 users. The platform could be utilized by freelancers, bloggers, online business owners and web developers, Affiliate marketers, eCommerce business proprietors, and more.
I named it a 360-degree funnel-builder tool because it’s an amalgamation of 17 tools.
By combining all these tools, you can boost sales, attract visitors, generate leads, build websites or blogs, create affiliate programs, offer online courses, and more.

Do you want to know the most important feature?

The 17 tools are gratis for the rest of their lives. Yes, you read it exactly. (GrooveFunnels) is completely free for the rest of your life.

  • There is no need for credit cards.
  • No lengthy signup process.
  • No 14 days or 30 Days trial period for free.

How much does cost?

The platform provides three plans that cost between free and $239 per month that are annually billed. Although once offered the lifetime membership option, they have since ceased it to make way for ongoing subscription plans.
You can check out the various versions below. Pricing and Plans

As I said previously, is free at all times. You can use it however you like and take your business to a new level. Additionally, you don’t have to provide your debit or credit card information to get access to for a free test.
The free account for life is subject to limitations. Unfortunately, that means you’ll be unable to use the advanced features and take your business to a new height.

For example;
GrooveSell (One of 17 software tools included with GrooveFuneels) The free version lets you market your digital services and products with very few limitations. For example, they let you accept credit cards through GroovePay or PayPal. The service also includes the Groove Affiliate Marketplace to assist you in finding the Army of Affiliates.
If upgrading to Lifetime Platinum, advanced options are unlocked for gateways such as Stripe,, Braintree, NMI, and more.

With the Platinum option, you can choose more effective Affiliate payment methods and lower charges for withdrawals.
If we talk about GrooveKart for free, the free version for life lets you create your online store, and Groove will take the 2 percent fee from the sale. In contrast, upgrading to the Platinum Lifetime deal, you receive unlimited eCommerce stores for life, and there is no requirement to pay storage charges.
That’s what I’d refer to as a super deal, isn’t it?

Let’s talk about how to use GrooveMail.
If you choose to sign up for a free Life Groove Account, you may be able to connect with the first 500 leads, customers who are new affiliates, and loyal followers.

If you decide to upgrade to the Platinum Lifetime offer, Groove will provide you with a daily limit of 25,000 leads per month and each month for the rest of your life. For free members, you will get only 500.
That was the Groove pricing explanation for three of the 17 tools included with Groove.cms. This is the same with the remaining 14 instruments too. FREE Plan

Groove.cms’ FREE plan is free! It also says that it will remain completely free for the duration of time.

The free plan provides users access to all the amazing features, but with some limitations. For example, doesn’t require a credit card to purchase the free plan and permits users to sell unlimited digital goods.

Users can sell more or promotional discounts on their merchandise to attract customers.

Additionally, offers free hosting and an amazing platform designed to be SEO-optimized.

Here are the complete features of the plan for free:

  • 500 contacts
  • 2,500 email sends per month
  • One custom domain
  • 25 pages hosting
  • Unlimited e-commerce stores
  • Unlimited products
  • Pay-to-pay gateways include Stripe, PayPal, and GroovePay
  • 3% fees
  • Hosting five videos
  • Free for the rest of your life

Any tool that helps develop a company that’s so great and free to use is a great deal. Can it be any better? is making its services readily available.

This free version is perfect for people trying to get familiar with this system. Starter Plan

This Starter plan brings significant value to both the business and the user. In addition, it’s an excellent upgrade from the free version for growing companies. assists businesses in creating websites and landing pages that are attractive, informative, and convertible.

Through this platform, customers can increase their sales and improve customer satisfaction by a significant amount. is a replacement for various memberships and provides a central area to manage all the details. offers tools for creating simple one-click upsells, membership websites, emails for marketing that are effective, and many more. It’s a straightforward platform that makes running a business easier.

Here are all the specifications included in this Starter pack:

  • Contacts up to 5,000
  • 50,000 email sends per month
  • Five custom domains
  • 250 pages hosting
  • Unlimited subdomains
  • Unlimited e-commerce stores
  • Unlimited products
  • Unlimited gateways
  • No platform fees
  • 5 team accounts
  • 50 videos for hosting Platinum Plan

You may have gotten the details about Groove.cms’ free version and Platinum plans. This is not a problem, even if you’re running the trial version of Groove.

However, if you’d like to move up to a Platinum plan to avail additional features, here’s an in-depth review of the Groove Platinum Pricing Plan. Groove Platinum Pricing Plan.

Presently, Groove has got three different pricing plans for Platinum customers.

  1. EZ Pay
  2. Best Value
  3. 2X Pay Plan

These plans offer advantages, features, support bonuses, and additional features. The only difference between the three plans lies in their payment method.

With the EZ Pay plan, you can pay $699 in three simple monthly installments and receive Groove Funnels to last a lifetime. With the most affordable, highly recommended plan, you will be able to pay $1997 in one go and then get for life, with unlimited features and other add-ons.

With the 2X Pay plan, you can pay $999 over two months in simple installments.

This is all about the pricing plan.

While it is true that the Platinum plan offers additional benefits and features, its free-for-life plan is still adequate, particularly if you’re only starting.

I would recommend testing using the free-for-life plan, which lasts for one month, or two, and then determining if you’d like the upgrade plan to platinum or not.

Which pricing plan from is right for your needs?

In the previous paragraph, I suggested that first, you need to test using the free for a lifetime account. Then, if you’re satisfied with the free account, you can use it for the rest of your all time. After that, you can change to the platinum version if you are interested in exploring more Groove options.

My opinion is that an account that is free for life will be the best choice for novice blog writers and affiliate marketing, as well as entrepreneurs who operate online or through eCommerce and who are just beginning their journey.

Those producing revenue and profits for their company should consider this plan. Platinum plan.

What are the Main Features of Offering in their Pricing Plans?

Groove is packed with an array of options that include:

  • A user-friendly and powerful all-in-one online business building tool similar to Kartra.
  • A marketplace for digital products that allows users to purchase and sell digital items
  • A course creator that lets users build courses online and then sell them.
  • A site for building memberships that lets users create as well as sell membership online
  • A highly effective marketing tool for email
  • An affiliate marketing program
  • A built-in payment processor
  • A sales funnel builder
  • A blog builder
  • A website builder
  • A landing page builder
  • And much more!

Let’s take an in-depth look at each one of these options.


The Groove includes everything you’d require for running an online business, including the digital marketplace for products and course builders, a site for membership builders, tools for email marketing, and much more.

The platform is user-friendly and straightforward to use. I’ll provide more details about this in this article.


Groove’s marketplace for digital products can be a fantastic method for entrepreneurs to sell the digital goods they create.

Marketplaces like HTML0 are ideal for customers to locate high-quality digital goods at a fraction of the price.

Groove’s digital marketplace is like Kartra’s, allowing customers to purchase and sell digital goods.

However, there are a few key distinctions between the two systems.

The main difference is that Groove’s market is much better for users than Kartra.

The other difference is that Groove has more digital services than Kartra.

The third distinction is that prices in Groove’s market are usually lower than in Kartra’s.

An ENGLISH COURSE BUILDER WHICH allows users to create and sell online courses

Groove’s Course Builder can be a fantastic option for entrepreneurs to develop and offer classes online.

The course creator is similar to Kartra’s in letting users develop and market online courses.

Groove’s course creator is far simpler to navigate than Kartra’s. But, Kartra tends to have many more sophisticated features in its course builder.

Groove’s course builders tend to be restricted in certain ways; for instance, it can’t alter the landing page to suit your needs.

Courses can be designed by using GrooveMember.

A WEBSITE BUILDER FOR MEMBERSHIP that allows users to create and sell online memberships

Groove’s Membership Site Builder (GrooveMember) is a fantastic option for entrepreneurs to build and sell memberships online.

The site creator for membership allows you to build unlimited membership websites, each with its distinct member plans.

With Groove, you can offer unlimited goods to an unlimited number of customers by creating an online retailer or site. You can offer your goods or services using Upsells, Downsells, and Bumps.

This will provide you with good conversion rates and help you to increase your revenues and sales.

Follow this GrooveMember tutorial for a step-by-step guide on how to set up your membership website.


Groove’s email marketing software (GrooveMail) is a fantastic option for entrepreneurs to grow their email lists and send out autoresponders, newsletters, and many more.

With GrooveMail, you can set up emails that automate mass email broadcasts and even list management. You can create your signup forms here too.

This could be a replacement for MailChimp, SendInBlue, and Aweber, to mention several.

You can also increase your email list’s size and generate leads. In addition, it offers space for hosting your email that you can use to send emails to up to 500 contacts.

Upgrade to the platinum version if you’re looking to benefit from the additional features with Groove Email marketing.

The platinum version and the free version has pre-designed email templates and styles to help you save time. You can also design automated email campaigns with ease.

GrooveMail is the newest feature of Groove; however, it’s one of the most effective marketing tools for email.

GrooveMail is a fantastic alternative to other available marketing tools. However, keep in mind that it’s not the most technologically advanced. At the very least, not yet. They’re always making improvements to the product, however.

GrooveMail lets you transfer up to 255,000 email addresses and send out 25,000 emails per day.


The Groove includes an affiliate-marketing program that lets users earn commissions by promoting Groove products and services.

This affiliate program offers a fantastic method for entrepreneurs to earn commissions by promoting Groove goods and offerings.

Groove’s affiliate program is one of the best in the marketplace, with commissions up to 40% for recurring. That’s 40 percent of the monthly cost that your customers who refer you to them pay for the duration of their membership will go directly into your account.

Affiliate marketing can aid in taking your business to the next stage. Nearly 81% of the top-rated companies worldwide depend on affiliate marketing to improve their sales and conversion.

Be aware of this.

If you’re looking to grow your sales through affiliate marketing,  can help.

Groove gives you all the tools you need by which you can manage and interact with affiliates you choose. Also, you can use promotional tools to the affiliates to make it simpler to promote your product while remaining in control over your image.

You get paid weekly if you make sales.

There are plenty of marketing tools available (such as email swipes) that you can use anytime you require. You can also look over the sales statistics of your business and more.

To be a part of an affiliate network, you simply must sign up for Groove.


Groove has an integrated payment processor which allows users to accept payment on their site.

A payment processor can be an excellent option for entrepreneurs to accept payments on their sites.

Groove’s credit card processor is among the most user-friendly ones on the market. It has an easy-to-use interface as well as very low costs.


Groove’s blog builder tool is an excellent way for entrepreneurs to build and manage their blogs.

Blog Builder permits users to build and manage their blogs.

Groove’s blogging builder is simple to navigate and can load quickly. This is a great option for those who must swiftly establish blogs for affiliates in a specific niche.

It’s still in its early days, and it’s a bit basic, and if you’re looking for the most sophisticated features of a blog, it’s best to use something similar to WordPress, however.

Use these guidelines to create your first blog using Groove.


Groove’s platform for eCommerce (GrooveKart) is a fantastic option for entrepreneurs to set up online stores.

GrooveKart is simple and has all the features needed to create a successful online store. It includes an online store building tool, built-in CRM, numerous payment gateways, and integrates with print-on-demand providers.

It’s a less expensive alternative to Shopify and works well from my experience.

Learn how to set up GrooveKart on this website.


Groove’s page builders (GroovePages) are a fantastic option for entrepreneurs to build and manage their pages.

Page Builder lets users make and manage their pages.

Do you want to design websites, landing pages, content forms pages, sale pages, or other pages? If so, the drag-and-drop page builder tool developed by is specifically designed for you.

With Groove, you can create the pages you want and even more as you expand. Groove will assist you in creating landing pages, web pages, sales webpages, product pages, and many more. Using the drag-and-drop editor, it is also possible to use pre-made templates and then edit them by hand.

Plies, Groove has also got design blocks, elements, wireframes, popups and counting timers and progress bars, and many more.

The page builder from Groove is simple to use and has all the features required to create a successful website. It features a simple drag-and-drop interface and various template templates for pages and connects to your marketing email tools and payment processor.

Many templates are available for those who don’t wish to begin with scratch. You can also design your templates and sell them if you want.

Learn how to build landing pages using Groove on this website.


Groove’s funnel builders are ideal for entrepreneurs to build and manage funnels.

The funnel builder allows users to design and maintain their funnels.

You should consider suing Groove because it permits you to design marketing and sales funnels that work like magic. This tool can easily design follow-up funnels, lead generation funnels, affiliate funnels, sales funnels, and many more.

You can draw your funnel and create it in real time after finishing it.

To help you save time, Groove has pre-created funnel templates you can use and get your funnel up and running within a matter of minutes.

Groove’s funnel creator is simple to use and includes all the features you require to create a profitable funnel. It features a simple drag-and-drop interface and a variety of template funnels and connects to your marketing email tools and payment processor.


A space to host your videos. There is no requirement to utilize Vimeo or another YouTube platform for embedding your videos on your website or membership platform. Instead, you can utilize GrooveVideo, the GrooveVideo platform natively. The GrooveVideo platform lets you host and store your videos, giving you complete control.

You can integrate GrooveVideo with the other Groove apps to create amazing experiences for your visitors/subscribers.


GrooveWebinar is a more recent application that was released recently. It allows you to use GrooveWebinar to host your webinars and surveys, as well as polls, canned responses, and polls. You can make invitations to your webinars here. You can also look at the analytics to determine the results of your webinars.

This is a great option for digital marketers and suppliers of services.


Groove’s helpdesk tool (GrooveDesk) is a fantastic option for entrepreneurs to handle customer service.

The Helpdesk tool lets users handle their customer service.

Groove’s helpdesk is simple and has all the features needed to manage your customer service. It comes with a FAQ section as well as a ticketing system. It is also integrated into the email tool you use to market your products.


Groove’s Analytics tool is an excellent way for business owners to measure the performance of their websites.

Analytics tools allow users to keep track of the performance of their websites.

Groove’s analytics tool is simple to use and includes all the features you require to measure your site’s performance. In addition, it offers numerous reports, real-time information, and integration into Google Analytics.

Who is eligible to receive the Groove-Payed Plan? offers a variety of benefits. For example, if you run an online company or marketer, you’ll find all of the necessary marketing tools in one.

If you’re a new creator of content and run an organization that needs the benefit of complete marketing tools in one platform If so, is the best option for you. Beginning with affiliate programs and email marketing to app development and more. It assists you in keeping everything at cost-effective prices.

Other than that, on the usual platforms, you must connect to Shopify, Wix, etc., if you own an online eCommerce business. This can increase your expenses. pricing plans are affordable.’s price plans are lower than other platforms. Additionally, you receive 10,000 email contacts for the price of a reasonable cost. GrooveSell is an effective selling platform that can design high-converting sales funnels. It can also be used as an affiliate program to sell your product and even sell online anything.

It also handles all dropshipping, printing upon demand, and various other elements of an online store on one platform, which assists in a better conversion rate and sales.

Isn’t that awesome?

Is Better Than Clickfunnels?

This is where your requirements and visions play a role.

Clickfunnels is well-known for its capability to build high-converting landing pages that convert well. They’ve created a variety of millionaires and are famous for their reliability. is indeed new to the market. However, if you can design a high-converting funnel and have an “irresistible” offering, It doesn’t matter which tool you choose to build your page with.

Groovepages is loaded with features, and Groovesell functions make it more powerful and feature-rich. So if you use shopping carts to run your business, you’ll have fun using Groovepages.

Automated email marketing through Groovemail is yet another Groove feature. Again, you can pay a high price of $297 per month. Yet many Groove features aren’t available in Clickfunnels.

However, I wouldn’t recommend switching to Groove for advanced email marketing’ since Groovemail isn’t there yet. This is true for anyone who has large budgets and systems in place.

What are the advantages of

Suppose you decide to use allows you to create your website from scratch and develop an effective sales funnel. It will assist you in growing your email list, gathering leads, developing high-converting marketing campaigns, and much more.

Groove. cm is an all-inclusive online sales system that lets you build websites, sell products or services, and create marketing campaigns. It also provides rapid support and is secure to use.

Here are some additional advantages that you can get by signing up for Groove cm:

Fast Loading

Websites, sales funnels, landing pages, and other pages created using is faster to load than other marketing and CRM products available in the market. This is because GroovePages uses a progressive JavaScript framework to create pages. In addition, the JavaScript framework is extremely light and utilizes DOM to improve speed.

Other Groove Tools/Apps Integration

Integration with other applications or tools is among the benefits of any user will appreciate it since it eliminates many problems. For instance, GrooveMail can be integrated with other platform tools, such as GrooveKart, GrooveBlog, sales funnels, affiliate marketing systems, and membership sites.

Email Campaign Customization

With GrooveMail, you can categorize leads for email marketing by categories. After that, you can tag them further to create personalized emails. Additionally, you can sequence the emails according to triggers.

Advanced Video Marketing Tools

grooveVideo includes features like CTA positioning and tags that you can use to send emails. These features allow you to show video popups based on the number of minutes the video has been watched. Additionally, it provides deep video analytics, such as details about watching videos and A/B testing, to aid in creating more engaging content.

24/7 Customer Support Team

You can reach’s support team at any time during the week. They will assist you with any issues that arise with the program. They can also be reached if you encounter issues with the website you created via the platform.

The support team is extremely accommodating and deeply understands how users receive the best assistance. The program even includes the space for a section of questions and answers known as GrooveDigital.

PCI SSC-Compliant has been certified to comply with Payment Card Industry Security Standards (PCI SSC). In addition, the program follows the industry’s best practices, which ensures that businesses of all users, as well as their customers, have the best possible buying and selling experiences.

Data Encryption

The software makes secure direct, and encrypted connections between customers and payment options. Because it secures the data associated with payment transactions of customers, the program does not hold or have access to any data about payment transactions being transmitted to the system.


The process of getting started using Groove. cm isn’t a requirement to pay a dime. After you sign up for your free account and begin using every app, because there are some limitations for free plans Free Plan, you can upgrade to paid plans. You can then use other features. Even if you need to pay for extra functions, pricing remains a more affordable choice.

Responsive Interface uses standard technology to quickly develop your business in the ever-changing market. It provides front-end capabilities providing a modern and responsive interface that can draw more customers. Additionally, it comes with a development kit that allows users to create extensions.

Here you go! We want to learn if you’ve ever used before. If yes, what did you experience it? Did you find it useful? We’d love to hear your feedback. Please share your thoughts via the comment section.

Are The Worth It?

Yes. The prices are indeed less high than other platforms on the market today.

Companies are built upon calculative investment decisions. This long-term investment could bring you an enormous boost to your business.

In conclusion, Groove Free is essential. However, even if you’re capable of using one of the primary components of Groove it will be paid for.

GrooveFunnels: Who’s It’s For

GrooveFunnels is an entire sales system for online businesses instead of a funnel builder, which is why it can be used with virtually every internet-based business.

Even if you do not use any of the tools provided along with the program (19+), You’ll still receive an abundance of value.

We recommend GrooveFunnels for:

  • Course creators: Design and market your course on one platform. GrooveFunnels has a lower cost than most course platforms and doesn’t include marketing or emails!
  • Advertising agencies Unending web-based design options, a variety of templates, simple sales funnels, and a wealth of marketing tools online, You’ll find everything you require.
  • eCom stores can be created with unlimited stores. You can also import directly from Shopify. Additionally, transaction fees are less. In fairness, Shopify is better overall in terms of eCom stores; however, it doesn’t provide the marketing capabilities of Groove. With Groove, it is possible to build your store, show unlimited products, create landing pages, accept payment (for affordable prices), use 1-click upsells, and do everything Shopify does.
  • Consultants and online coaches: Groove empowers you to make memberships, funnels, page landings (with templates), and many more.
  • Affiliate managers: Groove’s management tool is strong enough to handle a vast network of affiliates and affiliate programs. Similar software is priced at more than $2,000 per year.

GrooveFunnels: Who’s It’s Not For

Groove is way too large and complex for some entrepreneurs. I wouldn’t suggest it for:

  • Solo site bloggers: If you simply want to create a personal blog to promote your brand or for a small number of affiliate sales, WordPress and a few plugins can work fine. You don’t have to pay a cent. Groove is designed to grow larger companies or small businesses that plan to expand.
  • You require hands-on training Groove’s training doesn’t reach the same level as Kajabi or any of its competitors. They’re too focused on improving the software. There’s plenty of instruction available, but you can’t receive hands-on instruction with the group.
  • Anyone looking for free stuff: Groove has free stuff, but it’s not worth the cost. It’s better to get a free plan for an individual application. For instance, take the no-cost MailChimp plan for marketing via email instead of Groove’s free plan. With Groove, you’ll grow quickly but hit a wall and will be unable to expand if you don’t upgrade to their paid-for web-based marketing software.

Pro’s and Con’s – 3 Things I Love and Three Things I Do Not Like.

After nearly an entire year with the platform, I’d like to provide an objective view of what’s great and not very good about the technology.

Pro #1 One platform that can do everything

I pay for a platform that grants me access to plenty of tools to expand my business. This should be a priority for me.

You no longer have to manage multiple subscriptions!

I have access to myriad online marketing tools (sales funnel builder and emails, landing page templates shopping carts, affiliate manager, etc.) that will aid me in growing my business for many years to come.

Pro #2 GrooveFunnels is the most effective selling system for SEO.

GrooveFunnels is an enormous leap over other competitors in an SEO aspect.

A large portion of the simplest elements of SEO on-page is integrated into this software.

  • Page title
  • Meta keywords
  • Meta description
  • Page URL

This also allows domain names and page structure to be very simple, even for those without experience. For example, “”

In addition, loading times are A LOT quicker since it doesn’t utilize Bootstrap.

Many other sales systems ignore SEO, making it difficult for websites to be ranked.

Pro # 3 – Highly customizable and as a plug-and-place

You can modify any landing page the way you like; however, If you don’t have programming or design experience, it’s easy to choose one of the many templates already created.

Simply select one, alter the text, and add your logo, and it’s done.

Templates exist for

  • Advertorial
  • Agency
  • Automotive & Cards
  • Booking / Scheduling
  • Business / Corporate
  • Coaches
  • Prize or Contest
  • Courses / Training
  • Cross-Sell pages
  • DownSell pages
  • Upsell pages
  • E-Commerce on product pages
  • E-Book
  • Event
  • Free Resource or download
  • Checkout pages
  • Consultation funnels
  • Food & Beverage websites for restaurants
  • Health & Fitness funnels
  • Lifestyle & Blogging
  • Long-form sales letter
  • Newsletter Opt-in
  • Discount, Offer, or Coupon
  • Optin funnels
  • Real estate funnels
  • Retail websites
  • Service & Maintenance websites
  • Sign-up/login pages
  • Startup website
  • Thank you pages
  • Travel website
  • Webinar funnel

Another reason is that it’s a great idea for agencies. It doesn’t matter if you are an auto body customer or real estate agent, local restaurants, gyms, whatever, there’s something to suit all.

As a person, you don’t require any previous experience. For instance, you’re a fitness trainer. Select their template, upload a photo of yourself, and write your message in the appropriate box; then, you’re ready.

Your landing page is complete with a value proposition. It should not take more than an hour.

Con #1 The drag-and-drop editor

The tool is extremely user-friendly and powerful. It is also scalable when it is working properly. Sometimes, you drag something on the screen, and it flies back on its own.

Honestly, it has improved since I started using the program, so I’m certain it’ll improve.

It slows the process of creating pages for landing pages to some degree, but not very too much.

Con #2 There are several applications.

The first thought that came into my mind upon logging into GrooveFunnels:

There’s plenty to go through here, as GrooveFunnels is intended to be a one-stop-shop platform. It can be daunting if this is your first experience with an enterprise. The learning curve is likely to slow. Not too steep, but certainly not flat either.

The good thing is you do not have to use every tool you can use to be successful. For example, if you’re starting your first eCom store, utilize Kart and start with Mail.

Of course, the creator utilizes the Memberships feature and Mail.

It’s not necessary to use every tool in the same way simultaneously. Instead, start small, create the first few sales and then build up from there.

It’s possible to get Groove Digital Academy, which walks you step-by-step through everything you need to know about.

Con #3 GrooveFunnels comes with a learning curve

If you decide to switch to using the Groove platform and all its tools, it will take time to become comfortable with the process.

The learning curve can sometimes be frustrating.

This can be a bit overwhelming when you’re just beginning; however, in my opinion, it’s worth it in the end because of the huge benefits you’ll gain from accessing numerous excellent tools.


Groove comes with a free lifetime plan that permits you to access all the tools they offer to create and manage your whole web-based business.

But, its capabilities are very limited and are ideal for people who are just beginning to get started.

If your company expands and needs additional resources, you could be in the position to upgrade or expand it. To do this, paid plans are better.

The Starter plan costs $79 per month and lets you add more than 5000 contacts. In addition, it provides 50k email messages each month. It also allows you to use up to five custom domains.

The Pro plan is $239 per month and permits you to import up to thirty thousand contacts. In addition, the Pro plan gives you unlimited access to all your contacts.

Groove is an excellent instrument for entrepreneurs trying to grow and expand their businesses online. It provides a variety of integrations, features, and assistance that can be beneficial for people who are just beginning their journey.

If you’re searching for an excellent tool to aid you in building and expanding your online business, I strongly recommend joining Groove. Groove offers a broad range of options, integrations, and assistance that could benefit those new to the business.

Simply put, if you choose to use the free live Groove account, It comes with some limitations. It allows you to use all 17 instruments, however, with limited usage.

Let me now inform you more regarding The Lifetime platinum plan from Groove.

If you choose to sign up for a free Life Groove Account, you may be able to connect with the first 500 leads, customers who are new affiliates, and loyal followers.

If you decide to upgrade to the Platinum Lifetime offer, Groove will provide you with a daily limit of 25,000 leads per month and each month for the rest of your life. For free members, you will get only 500.

That was the Groove pricing explanation for three of the 17 tools included with Groove.cms. This is the same with the remaining 14 instruments too.

Simply put, if you choose to use the free live Groove account, It comes with some limitations. It allows you to use all 17 instruments, however, with limited usage.

Let me now inform you more regarding The Lifetime platinum plan from Groove.