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Table of Contents

  • Why Should You Use AWeber to manage your Business Online?
  • Aweber Pricing: How much does AWeber cost?
  • Quick Overview: AWeber Price
  • AWeber Free
  • AWeber Pro
  • AWeber Price Comparison
  • What AWeber’s features are offered in these Pricing Plans?
  • Benefits of using AWeber
  • The AWeber Pros and Cons
  • Final Conclusion AWeber review, features as well as Pricing

If you’re not interested in going into detail about AWeber reviews price, features, or Pricing and are just looking to test it out for free to manage and grow your business, click here and begin their email marketing campaign.

If the AWeber email is a new option for you, read until the close. After that, We have written the full analysis, Pricing, features reviews, and Pricing for AWeber mail software.

So, let’s dive right into it to learn the fascinating information, features, and insights of AWeber and the user’s views.

Why Should You Use AWeber to manage your Business Online?

It doesn’t matter if it’s B2B, B2G, or another type of business; nearly every business has employed email marketing for a long time to maximize revenue and profits. It’s even hard to envision the next phase of an online company without email marketing.

For the best utilization of Email, marketing can automate the entire marketing process via Email, from creating the list to servicing after-sales. However, since it is impossible to do this manually, it is difficult to improve the process and make it more efficient and effective.

Aweber Pricing: How much does AWeber cost?

Are you seeking more details on AWeber rates and Pricing?

AWeber is an effective email service for small-scale web-based businesses. It can provide email marketing, automated email web push notifications, and signup forms.

With all the features included with AWeber, How much should you spend to get an email marketing solution? Do you think it is worth the cost of AWeber?

This article will provide the entire AWeber pricing breakdown to help you choose the most appropriate plan for your site.

This post doesn’t provide AWeber’s pricing structure or payment terms since you’ll find all those details on their company’s website.

We’ll instead look at AWeber’s pricing plans to show you which plan is the best fit to meet your marketing email needs.

The Pricing for AWeber is based on the number of subscribers you have on your list of email subscribers. We’ll also share their plans and features to make it simpler for you to choose the right plan for your needs.

Quick Overview: AWeber Price

If you’re in a rush and would like to have a quick look into AWeber pricing, you should read the section on overview. But, we suggest reading the entire article to learn more about how the Pricing of AWeber is broken down.

AWeber provides two pricing plans: Pro and Free.

You can begin by choosing any of the plans. Each plan has helpful email marketing features such as email automation, drag-and-drop email builders, email templates, animated content, stock image segmentation, reporting, and more.

Let’s look at AWeber pricing plans:

AWeber Free AWeber Free Free plan is limited in its ability to send Emails. It allows you to join up to 500 users on your email list. It also allows 3000 email messages per month. However, you can only create one email list with all your contacts. With the free plan, you can access many email templates, RSS emails, basic automation of email marketing, and many more. In addition, you can include unlimited team members to handle your marketing emails.

AWeber Pro AWeber Pro is an upgraded version of AWeber’s Free plan. It’s $16.15 per month with the possibility of up to 500 subscribers. It doesn’t limit your ability to do anything; it allows you to create unlimited lists of contacts. So build endless email lists, and send unlimited emails you’d like. It also includes split testing, automated behavior, advanced user tagging, custom branding, and robust analytics reports.

This is a brief review of the Pricing and plans. Keep reading for a comprehensive review of AWeber features based on their costs.

AWeber Pricing

Let’s review each AWeber pricing plan individually, beginning with the AWeber no-cost trial.

AWeber Free

AWeber Free plan AWeber Plan for free is a fantastic option to begin creating emails for marketing. It comes with email automation and drag-and-drop email builders to create beautiful emails without editing code.

Through hundreds of different email templates to choose from, you can pick the most suitable design that is compatible with your content and allows you to send out thousands of emails. The program also provides stock photos to include in your emails.

If you’re using an alternative email marketing service, the AWeber team can help you migrate the contacts and emails, and other information free without cost. Additionally, you can access live chat support 24/7 and phone and Email support when you sign up for this plan.

AWeber integrates into hundreds of applications and apps, and the Free plan is compatible with them all. However, it might only have access to eCommerce integrations. For complete access, you’ll have to change into Pro. Pro plan.

This plan might not be effective in all regions of the globe. Therefore, if it redirects users to their Pro plan, you must join their premium plan for your marketing emails.

Pricing: $0 for 500 subscribers and 3000 monthly emails.

AWeber Pro

The Pro plan includes everything in the Free plan but with added features. It also includes automated behavior to track users’ paths and send out emails based on their actions.

There’s no limit on the number of subscribers, email messages per month, or email lists included with the Pro plan of AWeber. Contrary to that, the Free plan, this one allows you to eliminate AWeber logos from emails, which means you can make it your own by adding your company’s name.

From the beginning, it has been compatible with all the most popular applications, including eCommerce. Thanks to the abandonment of the cart feature, you can boost your sales at a rapid pace. It is also possible to keep track of the sales so that you can compare the outcomes of your emails.

Regarding analysis and reporting regarding reporting and analytics, the Pro plan includes tracking webpages and sales tracking for emails, advanced message analytics, and account analytics. These reports aid in creating better and more effective email campaigns.

It includes unlimited landing page templates and thousands of stock photos that can be used to create the most important pages on your site. This will allow you to quickly increase the number of emails you receive and get your message out to a wider audience.

With this package, you have split-testing options for the signup form to create the email lists. For example, you can test two different forms and monitor the outcomes.

Price: It allows you to pay quarterly, monthly, and once a year. AWeber Pro is a plan that allows you to pay monthly, quarterly, and annually. An AWeber Pro plan is $19 per month for up to 500 users. You will save 14% off the total cost if you choose the monthly payment option. You may also opt to pay annually and save 14.9 percent off the total price.

This concisely explains the billing cycle and the total number of email subscribers in the contact lists.

For more than 25,000 subscribers, you must contact their billing department to obtain an individual AWeber Pricing plan. They are available via live chat and phone 24/7 throughout the day.

AWeber Price Comparison

AWeber offers two plans that are the Free and Pro. Their free plan includes many premium features, and you can see the similarity under the All Features section. We’ll go over the different features here.

The Free plan allows 300 subscribers and allows the sending of 3000 emails monthly. So it is only possible to create a sufficient email list to get started with your company. But the Pro plan allows you to add unlimited contacts, send unlimited emails, and build unlimited contact lists.

Other tools available inside the Pro plan include email split testing, behavioral automation cart abandonment, custom-branded click-tracking links, and more. In addition, with AWeber’s Pro program, you will eliminate all AWeber logos from emails. These features aren’t included with AWeber Free. AWeber Free Plan.

With both the Free and Pro plan, you can create unlimited landing pages, including video landing page templates for landing pages, photographs, stock photos, and more. But the Free plan includes AWeber branding on every page, and the Pro plans let you add your company name on the landing pages.

To build lists and segment your subscribers, You can use signup forms, tagging subscribers, and basic segmentation with both plans. But, the Pro plan can split-test your form to determine the best signup form for your users. Additionally, you can email a customized contact list with the Premium plan.

When you use an email marketing service, reporting and analytics are essential to ensure that your campaigns are geared towards achieving results. The free plan comes with message analytics, but it’s not enough.

With the Pro plan, you can get advanced analytics, user analytics, tracking of webpages, and tracker reports for sales. This can make a difference in the marketing of your emails.

AWeber Features for eCommerce are restricted in the free plan. It also charges a 1% transaction cost on each sale you generate through your Email. If you upgrade to the higher plan, you will receive complete support for selling products, tracking your campaigns, and much more.

And the transaction cost is minimal.

AWeber Pricing for Nonprofits

If you’re a nonprofit or charitable organization that wants to send out emails to your subscribers, AWeber offers you an ideal start with three months of no-cost service. With their free account, you’ll be able to send thousands of emails to your subscribers and create lists of email addresses.

AWeber also offers a 25% discount on your invoices when the free time has ended. However, for the first time using your free AWeber account, you’ll need to fill out their form, complete the form, fill in your details, and mail or send it by fax to AWeber. Also, you must add an official 501(c)(3) document to prove the existence of your nonprofit business.

Students’ Discount

Apart from nonprofit organizations, AWeber also offers a 20% discount for students enrolled in an academic program. It is necessary to possess an active .edu or .ac email address to avail of the discount for your marketing email account.

This is an excellent opportunity for any tech-savvy student to establish their own business from an early age. Start by filling out AWeber’s form of order and mailing it or send it by fax to them. After they’ve processed your purchase, you’ll receive your login details on the Email you have provided.

What AWeber’s features are offered in these Pricing Plans?

AWeber offers a variety of great features, such as segmentation A/B testing, segmentation content, and a landing page. However, it doesn’t include any features that make a statement, and it was not often clear where features were, making them easily missed.


AWeber offers traditional contact options that allow you to manually create or upload groups of contacts. When you add subscribers manually -which could be the case with people who are just beginning their journey with marketing via Email and don’t have an email list you can modify the fields. It could be any color, from the most preferred to gender.

When you make additional contacts, AWeber reduces the time spent by auto-suggesting tag and campaign options based on the previous entry (below).

You can alter the information about your customers that you gather to ensure that you have the information needed to create segments. You can then customize your messages to ensure your content will be the most relevant you can. For example, if, for instance, you sell shoes, you could gather information about the size of shoes worn by customers as well as gender and then make an area for women who wear sizes 6-8 (below ).

AWeber lets you effortlessly manage and understand your contacts to design the best campaigns and the appropriate segments. Many filtering options and searches allow users to obtain granular details about your customers and better tailor campaigns. The filters and search options include:

  • Date added
  • Web page visited
  • Sale Amount
  • City
  • Custom fields you’ve created

Consider the example of a web page that is visited. You can track who has visited your running shoe product page and then create an advertisement targeted to the same group of people. If you can determine what your customers are looking to know, you can modify your content to meet their needs.

Disabling subscribers to ensure they do not receive emails from any or all campaigns is possible. This is helpful in cases such as when a consumer already has an active support request regarding the issue with your service or product, and you don’t want to upset them by sending an advertisement email.


AWeber provides a wide range of options for creating emails based on your skills, experience, and the time you’d like to devote. One of the most intriguing features is its AI-powered email creator, Smart Designer.

All you need to do is type in the web address for your site, and it will produce various templates within a matter of seconds. You can save any template you want and then begin editing.

The dashboard for email creation is well-organized and laid out with an automatic division of draft emails that you haven’t yet sent, emails you’re sending out to all your contacts (broadcasts) and emails that are part of campaigns. This is particularly helpful when you’ve created several campaigns and require a more distinct view of your email messages to locate them faster.

It is slow and more complex to use than other email marketing programs. It took quite a bit to test and play with the various options to design an appropriate email message.

The preview feature allows you to test Email to see how the message appears on mobile and desktop devices; however, you cannot see how it will look on an individual email client like Gmail or Outlook.

The ability to determine your spam score on factors like body copy, domain authority, and username will increase the email delivery rate and the chances that your message will arrive in your customers’ inboxes.

However, the sending times are also limited as you can only select the time you want to send. AWeber doesn’t automatically send out emails based upon your customers’ time zones or at the optimal time based upon past open times.

Automated workflows and campaigns

AWeber has a set of templates that will aid you in creating automated campaigns, such as the welcome sequence the moment a client signs up for your newsletter and the blogger series, which provides different, yet related content distributed over a set of email messages.

The process of creating your automatic marketing campaign (called workflow in other email marketing tools) is easy, and you can choose to start a campaign whenever an account is created by a new user or according to the criteria you’ve applied to tag your clients (these tags are the way you classify those who sign up).

All you need to do is drop it in the process.

Sign up forms

AWeber offers a signup form builder (below) to enable you to gather information from prospective customers and then build your mailing lists. Unfortunately, the interface for users is cumbersome. It’s difficult to get the various elements to be where you need them; however, it’s worth it in its functionality.

For instance, you can modify the timing of the pop-up, for example, whether it appears below the current page or shows on the time of exit. It is also possible to set the different frequencies of the display, for example, every day, when the customer is logged in, or once every few days.

This means you can customize each form, so it doesn’t bother users or hinder their purchasing path.

AWeber offers a range of templates to help create landing pages quickly. It also has Smart Content functionality, which lets you embed interactive content into your landing pages, such as polls, countdown timers, social posts, maps, and podcasts.


The reporting capabilities of AWeber track both email campaign metrics as well as email subscriber statistics. So you can assess the effectiveness of your campaigns and your signup forms.

AWeber does not only measure vanity metrics like clicks and opens; it also tracks more precise revenue-based metrics that enable you to determine the ROI of your marketing campaigns.

It includes metrics like:

  • Conversions
  • Revenue over time
  • Sales during a certain time frame (such as the last 24 hours)

AWeber is not just an illustration of the data it collects but also allows you to monitor how each campaign performs and how well all campaigns perform over time, but it also lets you take action using this information. For instance, if you observe that 150 people visited a website that advertises your brand new sneakers, you can make an exclusive segment that only includes those who clicked and then send them a relevant, targeted email.

Split testing

Split-testing (also called A/B test) is the process of sending different versions of your e-newsletters to a certain portion of your mailing lists and observing the effectiveness of each, then sending the most effective version to the rest of your subscribers.

Most email marketing software takes care of this automatically. You create several variants of your emails (using different contents or subject headers) and then send them out to the recipients with a sample of your information. Your email marketing tool will distribute the top-quality version automatically to your entire email list.

With AWeber, it is possible to create up to three versions of your e-newsletter for split testing and the ability to combine and mix different versions. You aren’t limited, like with other tools, to compare subject headers to another topic header. Or sender name against another sender’s name, or sender name against another sender name.

AMP for Email in AWeber

One area in which AWeber stands out from the majority of other platforms for email marketing is an extremely new technology called the AMP email.

In the past, e-newsletters were extremely static, simply a mix of text and pictures. AMP for Email transforms the way people receive emails by allowing users to take easy actions (such as scheduling an appointment or RSVPing for an event) in the Email -for example, without leaving their email program – i.e., you don’t have to leave their email program or even visiting websites.

It also permits the recipients of emails to include dynamic content, for instance, lives survey results and football scores, weather updates, etc.

The dynamic character of AMP emails gives recipients an incentive to revisit them regularly — and transforms newsletters that are emailed into much more powerful informative and entertaining material items.

One thing to note about AWeber’s AMP to Email feature is that you’ll require the technical know-how to implement this feature (the one drag and drop AMP component currently available can be a carousel gallery. To add other intriguing dynamic elements to your emails, you’ll have to know how to use AMP HTML and code the templates you create yourself).

Email templates for RSS

As with similar products for marketing via Email, AWeber can take your RSS feed from your site and transform it into e-newsletters, which are distributed by a timetable you decide on.

In AWeber, the feature is referred to as “Blog broadcasts,” — but technically, it is possible to use it for any content that generates one.

Like the name implies but ‘blog broadcasts’ are particularly useful for bloggers who want the people on the mailing list to be automatically notified of newsletters with their most recent blogs (or an annual review of posts from their blogs).

In essence, it gives you the possibility of powering your newsletters on your site — which is an enormous time saver. The company had users using different (and very outdated!) templates to send emails powered by RSS. It was impossible to use their regular templates for newsletters to accomplish this. The company has made some improvements in this area. For example, the newsletter templates can now utilize to deliver RSS emails. Additionally, editing is now possible in its drag-and-drop editor.

A lot of competing email marketing tools require the use of separate templates for sending RSS emails. So an enthusiastic thumbs-up for AWeber is in order here.

Using web fonts in AWeber templates

In contrast to other email marketing services that use web fonts within AWeber. This is an excellent option since web fonts are generally more appealing than the regular safe fonts’ (Times New Roman, Arial, and so on.) which email marketing software typically limit the user to when used in a responsible manner they can improve the look of your Email in a significant way.

In addition, based on the fonts you choose to use on your site can assist in creating increased brand consistency across your website and electronic newsletters. Therefore, Customers give an affirmative vote for AWeber’s templates, with points awarded for using web fonts. It is nice to see some additional fonts available in AWeber. However, the fonts included are dull.

Landing page builder

Pages called ‘landing’ or squeeze pages are websites made with one purpose in the back of your mind: data capture.

They usually comprise a form, some appealing pictures, and a little text explaining the advantages of submitting an email address.

Landing pages can collect information more efficiently than the forms on regular websites because there are fewer distractions to be distracted by — there’s no navigation, offers, or other content that could distract you from a signup page.

The AWeber tool lets you create easy landing pages which can be employed in conjunction with advertising campaigns (reducing the requirement to depend on expensive third-party software to design these pages). It is easy to use, and a good selection of templates is available (46 as of the date of writing). AWeber customers can also utilize some free stock images and 24 web fonts to choose from to design your website.

It is also possible to add a Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics tracking code on your landing pages, which can help measure your advertising campaigns’ success. And you can buy a domain through AWeber that you can join to your website technically; this will give you an easy website with the AWeber service. Most interestingly, you can utilize AWeber’s landing pages to serve e-commerce uses: they let you make payments, accept donations, and even create regular subscriptions.

(This attribute was developed by Stripe, which charges a transaction fee of 2.9 percent and USD 0.30 per sale. AWeber also charges a 0.60 percent transaction fee for its ‘Pro’ plan and 1% on its no-cost version).

While AWeber’s eCommerce functionality will not be able to compete with that of the dedicated e-commerce platforms such as BigCommerce and Shopify anytime shortly, it’s an asset to have.

On the flip side, There isn’t automated A/B testing. One of the main benefits of using an online landing page is that it allows you to conduct real-time tests on different landing pages to determine the most effective one.

Although the option of adding Facebook or Google Analytics tracking code to processes is helpful, it doesn’t look to be a viable option to ensure that this is GDPR-compliant. If you’re using these cookies, you’ll have a way to allow EU users to sign a consent form before their use (i.e., before being activated). This lack of a mechanism is that some visitors could be breaking the law using the creator of their landing pages.

Overall AWeber customers would give a thumbs-up for adding a builder for landing pages. However, it certainly needs enhancements.

Integrations with third-party apps

More than 750 integrations with other web applications are available through AWeber. These enable users to connect to cloud-based solutions such as website creators, Shopify, CRM tools, and landing page builders such as Instapage.

Certain of them require dedicated widgets. Others involve the addition of a code fragment to a website. Others require the use of a sync tool. Sync. AWeber rarely integrates with ‘big-name applications very easily. However, it shouldn’t be difficult to get ber to integrate with various (software as services) applications.

Benefits of using AWeber

AWeber is an excellent option to use an email marketing service featuring all the features needed to design campaigns that bring in revenues and the simplicity required to quickly send appealing emails that are a hit with customers.

Its subscriber management feature allows you to understand customers’ behavior and provides the data you need to see how your marketing campaigns are doing.

It also suggests actions you can take based on the information. AWeber can also make it simple to create workflows based upon behavior triggers, meaning that customers are automatically sent relevant communications based on actions they’ve taken.

Utilizing AWeber’s support

AWeber provides 24/7 live chat and email support for all its customers, regardless of whether they have a free or paid pricing plan. It’s the few email marketing tools to provide this service.

The help options are simple to access. All you need to do is click”help,” click on the “help” option within the main menu or click the little head at the bottom right-hand corner to open live chat.

AWeber provides hyperlinks to articles on knowledge bases on the lower part of relevant menus. For instance, there are articles on managing your email subscription at the lower part of the subscriber menu.

AWeber also provides an option to migrate for free for users using a different platform where they transfer subscribers and build registration web forms, landing pages, and marketing campaigns.

AWeber Pricing

AWeber is one of the most straightforward pricing structures. The free plan lets users send 500 monthly emails to up to 3,000 users. It comes with a wide variety of features on a no-cost plan but doesn’t offer A/B tests or automated emails based on past shopping patterns.

It is the only pricing plan available, with different prices based on the number of contacts. The cost begins at $19 per month if you pay each month. There’s a 14.9 discount if it is paid annually.

AWeber’s simplicity of use

When you first begin using AWeber, it prompts you to create an email list and add a subject line and the message’s confirmation code. While this may be an attempt to be helpful and automate the process initially, it could be complicated. Therefore, these steps must be optional, not necessary.

After you have gotten past this, AWeber supplies the steps needed to assist you in starting working in the main dashboard, along with guides and tips.

AWeber isn’t the most user-friendly email marketing program. There were instances when we were stuck or couldn’t figure out why the software would not allow me to perform certain actions.

Consider creating segments. It’s an essential function in email marketing. However, there’s no option on any menus to “create an individual segment.” To figure out the procedure, we needed to go to Google and read a helpful article. Once I had the info, the procedure was easy; however, to accomplish it, we first had to look up contacts, and only after that did the options pop up.

The in-app tips can be helpful; however, the workflow did not run as smoothly as other tools for marketing emails. As a result, we were unsure about what we should do next or whether AWeber customers were using the software correctly to get the results AWeber customers wanted.

AWeber Features review conclusion

Overall, AWeber is a reliable software for marketing via Email. It’s certainly not the most effective product available, but it’s solid, affordable, and easy to use. In addition, it includes most of the essential functions in an enterprise-grade email marketing system.

The most important aspects of the product that draw me towards AWeber’s direction are its user-friendly interface, Web fonts, landing page builders, AMP for email functions, and extensive assistance. The free plans are also generous for users with smaller lists and access to all essential features for a long time.

The support aspect could be crucial for those who are just beginning their marketing journey via Email without much technical expertise (because issues occur and can be resolved through a live human using a phone line! ).

Furthermore, AWeber is not as costly as competitors, particularly Campaign Monitor and iContact.

The primary factors that might keep me from employing AWeber are the fact that you’re charged for hosting unsubscribed contacts on your account, its basic marketing automation features, and the fact that you cannot broadcast to different segments of data simultaneously.

We hope that you’ve enjoyed reading this AWeber review useful so far; however, if you aren’t sure whether this is the best email marketing option for you, you’ll find a straightforward outline of the main benefits and drawbacks of using the service.

The AWeber Pros and Cons

AWeber Pros:

  • A free plan that is free and has no credit card requirement is among the most useful options with AWeber.
  • Even startups, small-sized businesses, and new bloggers can afford AWeber service for Email.
  • AWeber’s email software and tools are powerful and easy to use. It’s very simple to use.
  • More than 500 highly skilled convertibles are among the best features of AWeber that distinguish it from other email programs.
  • Incredible support systems and taking part in tutorials, live seminars, and even courses are just a few of the features of AWeber.
  • The powerful built-in landing page builder, AMP for email data tracking, and more are among the top attributes of AWeber.
  • Autoresponders for Email and integrations with a vast assortment of third-party tools, applications, and tools are among Weber’s greatest strengths.

AWeber Cons:

  • When sending out an email, you cannot add or exclude multiple segments simultaneously.
  • Some templates are out of date.

Final Conclusion AWeber review, features as well as Pricing

We hope you will find this article about the Aweber review, price, and features useful. Also, if you’re an Aweber user, please share your experience with other readers by leaving a message.

In terms of features, the Free plan of AWeber includes several premium plans that can be utilized to increase the size of your business. However, it is the AWeber Pro plan. They are pricey for those who want to add additional subscribers to the list of email subscribers. If your business expands, it will be necessary to change to AWeber alternatives.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of using AWeber email services, Click here to start using AWeber completely free.

As with the other 100,000+ users, we also utilize the Aweber mail marketing program to run my advertising and marketing agency. We have no regrets in using AWeber email marketing services. What we love the most is its autoresponder feature, the email template, simple and effective landing page builder, and off-course Pricing.

To increase the growth of your business, avoid the power of email marketing channels. Aweber is the most effective tool and software to expand and run your company for email marketing.

We’ll leave it at that. However, we hope this article will help you understand AWeber pricing.