Did you know that there’s a solution out there that’s even better than Quick books? Oh, and it also costs a fraction of the price. So, what can you expect from it? well, how about greater control over your financial operations. Hey, this is important. After all, you must have heard about those people who had a great idea but whose enterprises failed within less than five years because they didn’t have a sound financial management system in place! Don’t become one of those guys, succeed with Pabbly!

What is Pabbly?

So what is Pabbly anyway?” You’re probably wondering. After all, everyone’s heard of Quick Books, but very few people have heard of Pabbly – you’re probably one of them. For your information, Pabbly is a software as a service (SaaS) that will do it all in terms of taking care of most of your core business operations – from email marketing to financial management.

Now, you can rest assured that your email marketing campaigns will always be concise, meaningful, targeted, driven, and built around a specific and driven call to action. Expect your web traffic and conversion rate to soar respectively.

Oh, and it can also take care of many of your financial tasks. Therefore, you’ll always be on the same page regarding the financial situation and health of your company.

Why Create Pabbly

“So; Pabbly seems to be like a lifesaver for any business owner, but what’s the story behind it?” Ah yes, that’s coming up right  now! Go back in time more than a decade. The year was 2009 and America was reeling from the sub-prime mortgage crisis. That said, there was still a lot of opportunity for entrepreneurs in America. What was even more profound was that this opportunity was increasingly being extended to more and more corners of the world.

well, a very tech-minded entrepreneur noticed all of this. His name was Panjkaj Agarwal. He was accompanied by a man named Neeraj Agarwal. These two saw that there was an unmet and rapidly growing need for a technical system (software) that could help business owners integrate all of their functions and operations into one coherent and consolidated platform. So, Pabbly was born!

To make a long story short, they created and experimented with a lot of tech solutions that were designed to make entrepreneurs’ lives easier. However, they saw that something was missing. They decided to fill in the gaps and the Pabbly Subscriptions system was born in 2018!

What can You Expect from Pabbly?

Well, we need to explain Pabbly’s plans and features to answer this question adequately!

We looked on Pabbly’s website and we saw that it appeared to have many plans. These had some core comprehensive feature offerings in common. They were:

  • Email Marketing
  • Subscription Billing
  • Form Builder
  • Email Verification
  • Pabbly Connect

Email Marketing Explained

“It’s great that Pabbly offers email marketing, but how does it work?” You asked a very good question that’s going to be answered in this and some of the other following paragraphs.

Now, before we explain how Pabbly email marketing works, it would help if we explained this feature in more detail. So, here’s your answer.

Pabbly’s email marketing feature is based in the cloud. That means that you only pay for the services that you use when you use them. It also means that you can use as little or as much of the service as you want whenever you want. So, if you’re busy during Christmas and Easter, you can stay up late at night sending out email marketing campaigns to your customers and prospects. Then, you can take it easy with these campaigns during the down times of the year!

Another interesting and useful aspect of Pabbly’s email marketing is that you can send inexpensive bulk email marketing campaigns. If you’re a business owner, you know just how crucial this is when you’re trying to expand your business when it’s in its initial stages!

Here’s an aspect that you’ll love about this feature. You can send email marketing blasts out to people who use different email carriers. Let’s give you an example of this. You have just attended a major Meet and Greet function where you collected lots of business cards. Each card has either a business or personal email address that you can send marketing emails to. The trouble is that some of your prospects use Gmail, some use Yahoo!, and still others use something called ymail!

Don’t worry, Pabbly’s email marketing feature will allow you to reach out to all of these prospects in the same email blast marketing campaign. All you have to do is use different STMPs. You can even use the STMP that Pabbly provides.

if you’re not a techie, you’re probably wondering what an STMP Is. It’s a service that you use to send emails out to different people who may have different email addresses. The beauty of Pabbly is that it will allow you to easily send out mass email marketing campaigns from one account!

Did you know that Pabbly will allow you to lower your overall email marketing campaign costs by  up to 70%? Now, that’s more money that you can pump into your business and pay your employees higher salaries with!

In fact, you can save up to $11,160 a year if you market to over 200,000 customers and prospects.

Automates marketing

Yes, Pabbly will automate your email marketing campaigns for you. Now, you can send out marketing emails that are professional, fast, and efficient. You’ll be amazed as to just how much more web traffic and conversions you’ll get in just a few months!

Another interesting and useful feature of Pabbly’s automated email marketing campaigns is that it allows you to determine when you want certain emails to be sent out well in advance. this means that you can send out different email messages in the same campaign to different people at different time periods.

It gives you an advantage since some people in the same email blasts may have made a purchase for the first time, whereas others may be repeat and regular customers. You’ll end up getting even more conversions by engaging your customers in what your business does and sells better.

How Pabbly Automated Email Marketing Works

You know how your mouth waters when you’re hungry and you see that the main course is about to come? Well, what you’re about to read – a full description of how Pabbly automated email marketing works – will excite your brain. So, enjoy the reading.

It may sound like music to your ears, literally, to learn that Pabbly doesn’t charge a single cent for its automated email marketing campaigns. Another perk about Pabbly’s email marketing campaigns is that it will deliver 99% of your emails to the right recipient on time!

You can also expect to pay a very affordable and reasonable fee for sending out many automated email marketing campaigns. You can think of Pabbly as being an opportunity creator since you’re not just sending interesting marketing information out to your customers and prospects, you’re creating long-term and effective relationships with them!

Some other valuable features of Pabbly that will help give you a sustainable competitive advantage are:

  • You can segment subscribers
  • Pabbly will regularly and automatically clean your email marketing lists
  • Each email is built with an auto responder
  • You’ll automatically know exactly who has been opening and who has been reading your marketing emails.
  • You’ll get more conversions faster with drip marketing emails
  • You can easily track email open and click rates
  • It comes with API

These are just some of the many useful aspects of Pabbly’s automated marketing emails.

Did you know that your marketing emails will have an open rate that’s twice as high with Pabbly than with other automated email marketing platforms?

Pabbly will help you sell better

Okay, so you’re in business because you want to sell your brands to lots of people. That’s how you make money, and you’d go out of business within a few months if you didn’t continue to generate constant revenue streams. So, here’s where Pabbly gets interesting and exciting. It will help you sell what you sell better!

How can Pabbly do this? Well, the following features allow you to sell your brands like a pro!

  • Better lead capture
  • You can track more emails better
  • You can add subscription forms
  • It hooks up to many SMTP’s
  • The Auto Responders are a godsend
  • You’ll get SMTP routing
  • You can manage your lists

If you’re in business, you probably figured out long ago that you need to capture lots of leads. Then, if you’re very lucky, you may be able to turn 10 out of 1,000 leads into regular customers. The million dollar question though is, “How can you get lots of leads?”

Ah yes, that’s where Pabbly comes to the rescue, my friend! You see, Pabbly comes with a lead capture tool. Each marketing email that you send out to new prospects will contain fields that will ask them to enter their contact information. It generally consists of a name and an email address.

Those names and email addresses are invaluable to you though. You can convert these names into people who will buy from you if you send them enough persuasive and informative marketing emails with a clear call to action – you know, asking them to buy your brands!

You probably already know this, but in case you were wondering, you need to be able to track all of the automated marketing emails that you send out to people. Why do you need to do this? Once again, you should already know the answer. However, for your information, it’s because it costs you big money to create and send out automated email marketing campaigns.

So sure, Pabbly will allow you to send these out for a lot less, but it’s still money that’s coming out of your advertising budget. Therefore, you want to make it count! Well, you can do this only if you know how much money you’re generating in sales revenue for every dollar that you’re spending on advertising. Business people refer to it as Return on Investment (ROI.)

Well, it turns out that your business won’t last long if your automated email marketing campaigns aren’t constantly generating a high ROI! So, Pabbly will allow you to understand who has been opening your emails, who has been reading them, and who has been inspired enough by their content to actually buy from you!

Unfortunately, email tracking only goes so far. You need to have a way to constantly generate more leads who you can send future automated email marketing campaigns to. Once again, Pabbly comes to the rescue.

Pabbly’s subscription forms will allow you to integrate certain forms that are designed to sign people up for your marketing emails and newsletters into your current marketing emails. When combined with a persuasive call to action (to sign up in this case), they are very effective tools that can help you generate a lot more leads fairly quickly.

You’ll be able to send your marketing emails to any email inbox available. It doesn’t matter if it’s Amazon or Yahoo! Pabbly’s multiple SMTPs will allow you to do this.

Pabbly’s multiple auto responders will allow you to make a new customer or prospect feel comfortable with doing business with you in the future. They will send out warm, emotional, and encouraging welcome emails that your new customers and prospects will just love.

The multiple SMTP routers ensure that all of your marketing emails reach the right place – the top of your prospects’ and customers’ email inboxes exactly when you want them (the emails) to!

You’ll also be able to manage all of your customers and prospects on Pabbly with its list management feature.

Other Reasons why Pabbly’s the Best

You get to use lots of advanced tools with Pabbly. These will give you the edge that you need to ensure that you create the sustainable edge that you need to outsell the competition and remain financially viable in the long run. In fact, these advanced tools may even allow you to become an industry leader and become a legacy like Mars or Coca Cola!

One of Pabbly’s most interesting advanced tools will allow you to integrate, literally, hundreds of unique and useful lead generation tools into your marketing emails. Oh, and you’ll be able to add links to forms, membership site providers, landing pages, and more in your marketing emails.

If you guessed that this will allow you to generate lots more leads, prospects, and conversions immediately, you’re (literally) right on the money!

It will be easy for you to grow your prospect lists. So, why is this important? Well, it’s because (you should know) that sales is a numbers game. The bitter and unspoken truth is that few people will come to your website from various places online with the mindset to buy what you sell.

Instead, you’ll have to convince them that they simply can’t live without your brands. You do this by explaining the awesome benefits of what you sell, how these can and will make your visitors’ lives much easier, and (finally) you persuade them to buy with a catchy call to action!

Unfortunately, here’s another bitter nugget of truth. The majority of people won’t buy from you, no matter how much you try to convince them. That’s why you need lots of prospects coming into your pipeline continually. If you do this, you’ll get a handful of conversions each month. However, these will generate enough revenue to keep your business going strong!

Well, Pabbly makes it easy to grow your prospect lists fairly quickly. It includes features that will turn your marketing emails into sales funnels and lead generation instruments. Pabbly’s marketing emails are secure. They also will allow you to find more people to pitch to constantly.

Pabbly will give you Prospects a Reason to Buy From You!

Yes, if you use Pabbly’s advanced features, your prospects will (literally) be trying to find excuses to buy your latest brands. What’s the secret? It lies in the following:

  • easily integrating email chat forums
  • SMS
  • Notifications
  • Facebook ads
  • Landing pages
  • Re targeting

The list of advanced features that will help you convert and get repeat customers is literally seldom ending.

You’ll build Dynamic Lists and Score Leads

So, in plain English, you’ll be constantly building an ever growing prospect list. You’ll also be able to rate leads based on their inclination to buy from you. It would be in your best interest to target those with a higher score more often with marketing emails.

These efforts will help you get more sales because strategic and smart advertising to the right people results in more revenue generation for your company.

Advanced Reporting Features Lead to More Conversions

Okay, so this happens because Pabbly’s advanced reporting features will give you complete detailed reports that will tell you exactly which recipients have been opening your emails.

Oh, and you’ll also understand exactly who has been reading (clicking through) your marketing emails. You’ll know how many of your recipients are buying what you sell. Additionally, you’ll be seeing exactly how many prospects are progressing through your pipeline and how long they stay at each stage. You’ll know if any of your prospects are leaving your pipeline before converting.

If you guessed that this is important information that will give you valuable insights when you create strategies and plans for future email marketing campaigns that are much more effective, you’re absolutely correct!

Oh, and you can store contact information for as many prospects as you want. The sky is literally the limit in this regard. You’ll have lots of data and that will help your organic SEO. You’ll be seeing traffic rates to your site skyrocket within a few months. Ditto for conversion rates. Finally, you’ll be able to stay GDPR compliant and it won’t cost you a penny to do so!

Another interesting feature of Pabbly is that it integrates with Zapier. This is what gives you the ability to connect to virtually any and every email platform in existence.

You’ll also be pleased to learn that you can create award winning marketing emails taht will convert immediately even if you don’t know anything about programming thanks to Pabbly’s drag and drop builder.

This tool will allow you to build slick and professional looking marketing emails in just a few minutes. You’ll love the user-friendly and intuitive nature of this drag and drop builder.

The builder’s powers go far beyond this though. You’ll also be able to use it to segment your email marketing lists based on various criteria. That way, you’ll be able to send out certain marketing emails to certain people on your lists during certain time periods. Good examples can be anniversaries or birthdays. In case you’re wondering, this is referred to as strategic email marketing.

About Pabbly’s Subscription Billing

So, we mentioned that Pabbly is a SaaS. But, what exactly, does that mean for you? Also, how does it help you? Well, people who are familiar with Pabbly know that it’s also a software program that helps you manage subscriptions.

As for answering the questions of what that means for you and how it help you, put yourself in this situation. You sell courses on studying for the US Medical Licensing Exam (USMLE.) Since this is a comprehensive exam, students have to study for many subjects. This means that you’ll be billing them on a recurring basis.

Well, it’s a good thing that you have Pabbly because it will allow you to automate your billing cycle. That means that you can concentrate on running your business and have Pabbly take care of all of the issues that are associated with recurring billing for you!

Pabbly automating billing means that it will automatically send out invoices and collect payments for you. Oh, and it will also create as many pricing plans and packages that you need. The sky is the limit in this regard.

Pabbly is the automatic billing software program for you if you own a small or medium-sized business. Its customer support is amazing and the program itself is easy to use. A good example of this is the fact that you can accept payments in almost any and every currency in existence.

Oh, and don’t worry if you only bill your customers once – hey, you would do this if you sold coaching courses for the GMAT or LSAT. Pabbly, once again, has you covered! Accepting payments is a breeze with Pabbly. Some of the many payment gateways that you can integrate are Stripe, PayPal, and BrainTree!

You may be wondering if Pabbly uses some sort of system to categorize customers when it automates the billing cycle. The answer is that it does. It creates a billing cycle and categorizes people according to their payment status. The statuses are:

  • Dunning
  • Live
  • Trial
  • Pending
  • Unpaid
  • Non-renewing
  • Canceled
  • Expired
  • Trial expired.

In case you were wondering, Pabbly categories invoice statuses as follows:

  • paid
  • sent
  • overdue

Custom Plans

Hey, your business is growing (you wouldn’t be using Pabbly if that wasn’t the case!) did you know that Pabbly’s subscription management plans allow you to add new products and plans as you enter new target markets and expand in existing ones.  You can do this in just a few seconds!

The sky is the limit when you’re creating new products and plans. You’re free to name these any way you want. You can also decide if you’re only going to accept a particular payment gateway. Of course, you can choose to add as many payment gateways as you want.

Oh, and you can also choose the prices, billing cycle, and many more features that make plans and subscriptions work properly. You can also decide if you want to charge a setup fee. Note that charging a setup fee is not mandatory. Of course, you’re always free to change any of these parameters any time you want.

Coupons and discounts

So, when was the last time you went to a restaurant? if you did, you probably noticed that some dishes were marked down. In other words, they were discoutned. You likely also noted that you could use a voucher to lower the final price of your meal.

Well, a similar concept works when you’re selling brands. Just as you probably ordered more when certain dishes had discounted prices and you could pay for part of the bill with a voucher, you can sell more if you offer discounts and coupons for your brands.

Pabbly realized this long ago. Its makers want to help you succeed. After all, they won’t make money if you don’t succeed! Therefore, they added an option that allowed you to add coupons and sell some of your brands at discounted prices.

You decide the parameters you want when setting up discount and coupon offers. Oh, and you can also add flat percentage discounts. A good example is, “10% off all merchandise!”

You’re in luck if you sell many brands that are similar. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel since Pabbly will let you clone plans. Oh, and you can also decide how many plans you want to clone.

Creating Invoices

Well, you have to bill your clients for services that you perform for them. Your business wouldn’t last very long if you didn’t. That’s why you send them billing invoices. it turns out that Pabbly gives you some options when you’re creating invoices.

You can create two types of invoices:

  • Online invoices
  • Offline transactions

Oh, and you can create customized invoices directly from the dashboard. All you have to do is go to the settings to do so.

Of course, if you use the “record payment” option, you’ll let users generate their own invoices. Pabbly’s collect charge service lets you accept credit card payments.

How Can Pabbly’s Form Builder Help You?

Ah yes, so you want to know “what’s in it for me? How can Pabbly’s form builder help my business grow?” Well, that question will soon be answered. You’ll also learn how the form builder can help you launch your business.

Now, before we can address the two issues previously discussed, we must explain what Pabbly’s form builder is to you. After all, there’s no point in knowing how a feature can help you if you don’t even know what it is!

For your information, the form builder is intuitive. That means that you don’t have to know anything about programming or coding to use it. Oh, and you can also be clueless about CSS, HTML, Javascript, and that other alphabet soup of programming languages?

Why is all of this and more possible? Well, it’s because Pabbly’s form builder uses What You See Is What You Get (WSYWIYG) technology to operate. That means that all you have to do if you want to create professional web pages that will sell is drag and drop content and objects into the desired places, literally!

What you’ll love the most about Pabbly is that it’s user friendly. This means that it works with and helps people who are clueless about creating websites create sites and pages that would make the most talented webmasters green with envy. These are people like you!

The options you’ll have in terms of website and page design and layout are literally unlimited. You’ll be able to build professional web sites and pages that drive droves of traffic and conversions in just a few minutes.

You’ll be able to use the drag and drop intuitive form builder if you sell products, services, or both. You’ll never have to worry about lost payments or customers not being able to make a payment. The form builder will allow you to add as many secure payment gateways as you want.

You can build pages with lead fields that will make great lead generation tools. Oh, and the form builder will also allow you to share forms. it has a back end that allows you to view forms and all messages (new, replied, on hold) that pertain to the forms. You’l be generating hundreds of leads in no time!


Its many useful features include:

  • Skip logic
  • You can build complex forms that can gather detailed information about warm leads
  • It complies with HIPAA
  • You can accept payments from multiple payment gateways.
  • Drag and drop builder will allow you to build stellar pages from scratch in 15 minutes.
  • You’ll get email alerts when you get new leads or when a lead converts.
  • It comes with many form templates
  • You can integrate many apps into the forms

The form builder has many useful survey and user feedback features. These will help you get to know how your visitors really perceive your site. You’ll gain valuable insights as to what your website is really like in terms of responsiveness, layout, content, load speed, and more. You can use this to improve your website and pages and get even more warm prospects.

  • It comes with the embed survey feature
  • It has the skip logic feature
  • The online survey allows you to understand how your visitors really perceive your site
  • its many ready survey templates allow you to gauge the ways in which visitors perceive your site immediately.

You can have as many subscribers as you want with the form builder. You can store as much data as you want as well. Also, there is no limit in the number of users who can access your site.

The form builder is reasonably priced. You can receive as many payments as you want. It’s also possible to automate email notifications based on certain purchase actions. Pabbly’s form builder will allow you to use automatic responders when someone makes an action on your site.

There are many other things that you can do with the form builder:

  • Embedding – so, you can embed objects and content to your heart’s content. The embedding feature has many tools that allow you to do this like a pro. These include, but are not limited to:
    • sliding form
    • Full form
    • Pop-up forms
  • Drag & Drop builder – the drag and drop builder is smart and learns as you create content on various web pages on your site. it’s easy to create data collection forms in just a few seconds.

    As mentioned earlier, you don’t need to have any programming, coding, or web site design knowledge or experience. Trust the slick and professional pre-made templates to do all of the work needed to build stellar websites that are responsive and convert immediately.
  • Advanced conditional fields – you can easily integrate conditional fields that operate off of advanced logic and knowledge. The result will be much more traffic to your site and an exponentially higher conversion rate in just a few weeks.
  • ReCaptcha – ReCaptcha will keep spammers and bots out
  • Save and Resume – this allows you to save sensitive data on a form and continue to work on it later.
  • Storage and uploads – you can store as much content as you want. The same applies to uploading content.
  • no websites – kiss the traditional landing page and website good bye. Now, all you need is a form to collect all of the data that you’ll need for lead generation.
  • Pabbly Plus – now, you can integrate your forms into Pabbly Suite. The result will be built in SMTPs, subscription forms, and email campaigns that deliver real and lasting results.

How Pabbly Does Email Verification

So you know the situation all too well if you’re a business owner. You have a small business but you’re literally deluged with emails everyday. The most frustrating part is that many of these emails are irrelevant spam! These emails really slow you down and make you less efficient because it pulls you away from the real work of running your company effectively!

Is there a solution? There is, and it’s in the form of Pabbly email verification.

This service will help you identify bogus and dead email addresses immediately. You’ll be able to prune them from your email list right away. Oh, and you’ll hardly get any catch all or unknown email addresses with Pabbly email verification.

How does Pabbly do it?

Pabbly uses a multi-step process that’s thorough to scrub your email lists regularly.

  • It sends a test email out to the server of the person who you’re going to send the email out to. This lets Pabbly know if the email address is real.
  • Pabbly will send these test emails and pings out slowly. This process ensures that the message will reach the server as intended and invoke a response if the server is real.

What characterizes Pabbly’s email verification and sets it apart from that of the competition is the fact that it sends undetectable emails to accounts that have bouncing email addresses. That way, you’ll know for sure if the email address is legitimate.

The email verification service will analyze the email addresses in your list for correct spelling and syntax. Addresses with incorrect spelling and/or syntax are removed immediately.

Pabbly will scrutinize every email address on your mailing list. Those whose domains are inactive, parked, or invalid will be scrubbed right away. The same thing is true for emails whose email addresses are on Pabbly’s list of complaints.

Pabbly will resolve duplicate email addresses immediately. You don’t have to worry about having duplicate email addresses in the lists that you import. Trust Pabbly to analyze these addresses and remove the duplicates right away.

Your email inbox and browser will be secure since you can count on Pabbly to scan any and all TLDs and high risk keywords that may be in the content of your email messages. Any email address whose email contains these will be scrubbed immediately.

You’ll also know if your email addresses have the right MTA validation.

You can expect 97% of your emails to be delivered to the right addresses. The bounce rate will be less than 10%. You’ll find that you can easily clean email lists with as many aso 10 million addresses.

You can also expect email addresses with the wrong punctuation and spelling to be removed immediately after regular scrubbing. Pabbly will use the latest in anti-greylisting technologies to make sure that your email addresses are always relevant, accurate, and fresh.

Pabbly Connect

What you’re about to hear will sound like music to your ears if you own or manage a rapidly growing company. You’re probably all too familiar with the following situation.

You’re looking up a customer and you get an error message that says that you need authorization to access Google sheets and integrate that customer into your system. In the past, unless you had a tech background, there was little that you could do. However now, Pabbly makes it easy!

Now, you can integrate many apps into the same system and get stellar results. “Well, all of this is great, but how does Pabbly Connect help business owners?” Ah yes, now it’s time to answer that question that’s been bothering you for several months now!

The first thing that you’ll love about Pabbly Connect is that it will allow you to automate work flows? So, why is this important? Well, unless you love to do data entry and spend a lot of time on the computer, Pabbly Connect will allow you to connect two seemingly unrelated apps together.

Now, you can easily import leads from Instagram or Facebook into Google sheets without doing any painstaking or time-consuming data entry. After all, isn’t it time that you started to focus on your core business operations?

So, now you just learned that Pabbly Connect will allow you to automate workflows quickly and easily!

Oh, and you can also integrate any app ever in existence for CRM, marketing, e-commerce, Helpdesk, payments, etc…

Pabbly Connect works wonders to help you keep new customers by sending them a nice and professional thank you email with messages from the heart whenever they buy from your site for the first time!

You also don’t need to re-invent the wheel. Suppose you have lots of new customers who have just made a first purchase from you, but you also have to reach out to repeat customers, and to customers who haven’t bought from you in a few weeks.

You need different systems to reach out to these different categories of people, right? No, all  you need is multi-step integrations and Pabbly Connect allows you to do this!

How does it work? Well, you can send thank you emails out to first time customers. Then you can add these people to your sales databases. From there, it’s just a matter of tweaking the commands a bit to reach out to the other two categories of customers.

The good news is that you can automate as many workflows as you want.

You Can’t Afford to Not Use Pabbly!

Yes, it doesn’t matter if you’re selling coaching classes or costume jewelry. You’re doing some sort of e-commerce. Therefore, you’ll need a system that will allow you to send out automated emails and automate other aspects of your business so that it functions like a reliable and efficient money making machine. Pabbly will do all of this and more for you, and that’s why you need to use it!