Landingi is a landing page creator growing in popularity due to its user-friendly interface and ability to collect leads effectively. Since it’s a tool for landing pages, the developers at Landingi can streamline the building process to get their intended viewers’ attention and turn them into leads and clients. But is Landingi, the landing page builder, worth the money?

Pricing Plans for Landingi – An In-Depth Review

Landingi’s solution is cost-effective and flexible subscriptions to be tailored to different needs.

All plans include SSL certificates, AWS cloud hosting, leads export and tracking pixels, a no-cost trial with unlimited landing pages, conversions, and invite unlimited users.

The Landing plans comprise:

1. The Landingi Create Package

This program could be an ideal fit for your company, particularly when you’re a small-sized company owner or operate an online store with a small or medium size store.

With a high-converting landing page at $89/m, you’ll be able to design high-converting landing pages and increase huge leads.

This plan comes with options like:

  • Pop-up and landing page builder
  • 300+ landing page and popup templates
  • CRM/sales & email integrations
  • WordPress plugin
  • Unlimited conversions
  • Unlimited landing pages
  • Free one-time migration
  • 50,000 unique visitors/month
  • Ten domains that you can customize

2. Landingi Automated Package

This is a great package for you, particularly if you’re an experienced marketer who wants to increase and boost the conversion rate at every stage of your company;

It is priced at $127 per month if you choose to pay monthly and comes with the following benefits:

  • Split testing A/B/x
  • Autoresponder
  • Funnels
  • Smart sections
  • Campaign scheduler
  • Unlimited conversions
  • Unlimited landing pages
  • Free one-time migration
  • 100,000 unique visitors/month
  • 20 domains that are custom-made

3. Landingi Agency Package

The Landing Agency package is designed to provide you with more advanced marketing tools and capabilities, particularly if you’re managing an Agency or are a Resellers or Integrator who require working with customers on a large size.

It is $199/m. If it is, you pay it monthly.

It provides features such as;

  • Customer accounts and accounts
  • Platform unbranded
  • Priority assistance
  • API to create sub-accounts. API for creating sub
  • Customized images and templates
  • Unlimited conversions
  • Unlimited landing pages
  • A one-time, free transfer service
  • 300,000 unique visitors/month
  • 30 domains with custom domains
  • Ten subaccounts

4. Landingi Enterprise Package

Landingi also offers an Enterprise package for those who run a business for a corporation and are looking for the most advanced features. The package is evaluated on the basis of the needs of your business.

Features include:

  • Unlimited conversions
  • Unlimited landing pages
  • 100,000 unique visitors/month
  • Ten domains that you can customize
  • Ten account users
  • Two subaccounts

Apart from these options, Landingi enables you to run your plan in the event you do not have enough of the features included in the plan you choose.

For example: To add a sub-account to 10 domains and 50,000 distinct monthly visitors, for instance, you will pay $13/month for the features.

Landingi Coupons, Demo & Discount Deal

Landingi’s landing page builder gives you 14 days of free trial on all its services. The thing I love most about Landingi is the fact that it does not require credit card details to get started on your free trial.

How can you save money using Landingi Landing page builders?

It will be clear that Landingi provides a variety of pricing options, allowing you to pick the period which is most suitable for you.

The payment options include monthly, three-month, 6-months, 12-months, and 3-months, which offer huge savings.

For instance, you’ll have to pay

Landingi Create Plan for $89/m paid every three months or $65/m that is billed every six months. That’s $55 a month that is billed every 12 months instead of $89/m charged every month.

Landing Automate Plan for $127/m charged every three months, or $95/m, billed every six months, or $79/m to be billed every 12 months instead of $127/m charged each month.

Landingi Agency Plan for $189/m charged every three months, or $169/m charged every six months. Or $149/m is billed every 12 months instead of the $199/m that is billed each month.

Landingi also provides a wealth of videos and illustrations online to help you in getting up and running and how you can utilize the platform effectively to expand your business.

Service offered by Landingi Plans

Drag and Drop Builder, which is able to meet the needs of all kinds of businesses.

Custom templates you can design from scratch or customize the templates you have and then share them with your clients.

Lead generation planner to assist you in organizing, analyzing, and managing your leads’/prospects’ information.

Integrations for tracking and analytics give you a detailed insight into the effectiveness of your campaign and help you improve your business.

Automate email responses to follow up with your prospects who visit your site or complete forms.

Sub-account that lets you establish an account and control them through the same account.

User agents tools that allow you to allow an individual (either within the team you work with or from one of your customers) access to your account so that they can make a duplicate or new landing pages as well as monitor the results.

The white label feature allows you to design landing pages that are branded with your personal branding.

A customized library in which you can upload photos and share them with clients or colleagues.

App Integrations with different software, for example, Email Marketing CRM/sales Chat support, etc.

Landing pages are among the essential elements of effective online marketing and sales strategies. It is here that you transform unknowing users into leads or customers.

To create highly-converting landing pages, you could either start entirely from scratch using coding or employ a landing page builder tool to create several stunning landing pages in just a few minutes.

Landingi is among the most effective web-based landing page creators available. This article will examine every part of it to help you decide if it’s the best landing page builder for your company.

Overview: What exactly is the Landingi page builder?

Landingi is a lead-capture software that offers everything needed by users to design the perfect landing page. Landingi comes with an editor that you can drag and drop that allows you to modify, change, or include anything you want to be displayed on your landing pages; no programming is needed. Landingi makes it simple to pick a theme for your landing site by offering more than 100 customizable templates.

The main features offered by Landingi include the creation of a Landingi page and publishing landing pages managing leads, automation of essential processes, analyzing and improving, and collaborating with customers. When you publish your landing page, Landingi facilitates the automatic optimization of images to increase the performance on your landing pages. Landingi gives you an ideal platform for increasing the effectiveness of your social media marketing by inserting landing pages as a tab on your page on Facebook.

For the management of leads, Landingi gives you access to an inbox with the essential tools to make it akin to managing customer relationships. The form creator lets you define all pertinent information you need to collect from your visitors to your landing page. For validation of forms, Landingi enables you to specify a field’s formatting when designing the form. This will allow you to collect the data that you need from your visitor.

When it comes to analyzing as well as optimizing the use of data, Landingi gives you important analytic indicators that allow you to maximize sales conversions. Landingi offers Google analytics which lets you get a complete view of your customer’s experience. Custom scripts offer you the perfect platform for adding hidden codes to your landing page, which will aid in the analysis of the data you need to track using other tools.


User-friendliness ranks top in this Landingi review since it is the main selling feature. This Landingi landing page creator is made for people who have minimal or no programming experience. It is also geared towards users who want to modify elements of their published pages and modify your marketing campaign’s flow. The drag-and-drop builder is extremely easy and well-organized. Therefore, the process of the creation of a landing page that usually takes days to create using Landingi alternatives will take only a few hours in Landingi.

There are numerous customizations available to meet the various needs of endless campaigns. You can create pages from a variety of Landingi templates and then modify them with your dropdown menu. You can duplicate any page you have to reuse for a different campaign.

The Landingi’s Features

The site is simple and offers a simple UI with only a few options to prevent confusion. When it comes to creating a landing page, it is possible for the user to have the option of creating an entirely new page or picking the template that appears appropriate for the market and alter the template.

The gallery of templates has more than 400+ templates based on various themes suitable for all kinds of commercial and marketing purposes. After a theme is selected, you can start editing it right away. Some of the most popular features are:

Multiple Ways of Publication

Landingi offers users its own hosting service, which means you can connect your domain name, and your page is ready to publish on the web. In addition, the service is fully compatible with WordPress, the most well-known CMS.

If you already have got an online presence for your company, the process of importing your new landing page only requires a couple of clicks. There’s support for custom domains, and you can even add the page to your personal server using embeds.

Landingi makes use of AWS (Amazon Web Services) servers to host your landing pages, which means you can be confident about uptimes and security. The freedom to host your customized landing page in the way you like is very beneficial.


Optimized websites get more traffic and conversions. Landingi provides an SEO-optimization tool that increases your SEO rankings and conversion rates.

A great landing page for a promotion is just the beginning of getting more customers. It’s crucial to monitor and ensure that the page is optimized.

Landingi’s PageInsider feature will scan your landing page and the content of your page to provide you with an overall clarity score. The score for clarity is determined by speed as well as the accuracy and data-driven analysis of your page and gives you an indication of how your website will perform once it is made open to the public.

The platform allows you to test the A/B of your popups and landing pages. A/B testing is among the most used optimization tools, and for a good reason. It can yield better results when it’s done correctly.

When you compare and test, it’s fairly easy to figure out which one performs better and is more likely to gain conversions. It also allows for dynamic updates, which means your landing pages will always be up-to-date. PageInsider is Landingi’s only AI technology developed to improve your landing pages to achieve better conversion rates. It comes with an engine for heatmaps called Smart Maps that uses predictive eye technology that is based on deep learning.

As opposed to other heatmaps, it doesn’t require data on traffic to analyze your websites. Instead, the AI algorithm is based on pre-recorded information from real tracking studies and instantly creates the heatmap.

In the beginning, it is possible to examine each of your landing pages as well as thank pages. When you select the page that you want to test and click the button, the PageInsider will begin its analysis. This can take up to a few minutes.

Once you have completed the research, you will be able to visualize the heatmaps as well as the clarity score of your page. By using heatmaps, it’s easy to see the sections which are most likely to be a hit and the ones that require enhancement.

Additionally, the Clarity Score shows how easy clear and easy your landing page’s content is to your users. It also reveals the standards needed to update your landing pages in the near future.

So, whether you want to enhance CRO, check the design concepts, perform an audit of your project, study benchmarks, or test your marketing websites for running A/B tests, Landingi’s PageInsider will be able to serve you most effectively.

Page Builder

Landingi is a drag-and-drop editor for creating your landing pages as well as thank you pages in a flash. When you double-click on the text you want to edit, it is possible to begin creating your own customizing the page by going to the settings in the right-hand sidebar.

To make your landing pages more interactive, Landingi offers 14 widgets, including parts, sections, text forms, buttons for payment video, a counter, the image of a CTA, an icon, and many more. You can also include advanced features such as embedding HTML and CSS codes to customize styles.

One of my personal favorite widgets that I’ve wanted to write about was the Smart Section. This feature allows you can apply a similar section to several landing pages and then apply the same elements across all landing pages with one click.

Another aspect that is important is the mobile and desktop view. Any changes made to the desktop will impact the mobile layout too. But, you can change to mobile view and alter the design by hand or click”rebuild mobile,” or click on the “rebuild mobile” button to optimize your page’s layout for mobile devices.

In addition, the page builder of Landingi comes with strong design options that enable you to create landing pages that are clear in concentration and precision and optimized to increase conversions. Drag and drop builders allow anyone to create stunning landing pages.

Popup Builder

The process of creating popups is similar to that of landing pages. It comes with 50+ appealing pre-designed templates for popups that fulfill your particular needs, like the following:

  • The number of subscribers to email lists is growing.
  • Increased sales through cross-selling and discounting
  • Inspiring visitors to take part in giveaways and contests
  • Offer different methods for customers to contact you: Virtual appointments, scheduling calls, feedback, and so on.

Based on the purpose of your marketing, You can select an appropriate template and then begin creating your own design using its drag-and-drop editor.

You can then define the display rules for popups, which will provide the best experience for users according to their interaction. There are three options for setting up a rule.

  • Where do you need your popup to show the landing pages or external websites?
  • Select the action that will trigger the popup (You may choose multiple options) The amount of time spent on the site Exit Intent, Scroll Depth and then click on the Element.
  • How often do you wish your popup to be displayed? It can be displayed each time you visit, or only upon the first time, always after a specific number. Of visits or only show it on ‘X’ visits.

Once you’ve configured the steps above, the popup will be ready to interact with your users. It will automatically be published on your page of landing; however, for other websites, you’ll need to install the code.

With Landingi, Not only can you design landing pages you can also mix the websites to build funnels to convert.

It lets you create funnels using two methods –

  • Redirect visitors after submission of form – You can redirect visitors following the submission of your form to a different landing page.
  • Redirect after clicking a button Visitors can be redirected from one page to the next upon button clicks.

The funnel-building function of Landingi is basic since it doesn’t come with a distinct section to monitor and manage your funnel’s performance. You must make use of your analytical abilities to collect information from the linked landing pages and then analyze the funnel’s conversion rates.

A/B testing in Landingi allows you to compare various variations of your landing pages and pick the most efficient one. You can choose the primary variant (control) as well as another variant and then distribute the traffic between both variants.

You can also decide the way you would like your test to be concluded by choosing one of the following options to do so.

  • Manually – You are able to stop the test yourself at any point
  • Automatically following ‘X’-related visits
  • Automatically following conversions to ‘X’
  • Automatically after “X” days

Once you’ve filled in all the information After that, you can begin the test A/B. In accordance with the selected condition, the test will be stopped, and the winner or champion will be chosen from the variants that have been tested.

The procedure of testing A/B is straightforward, and anyone can learn how it works. To assess the effectiveness of each variant, you can go to the test management section and see the number of visits, traffic leads, and conversion rates.

Landingi has very basic analytics built in. The dashboard is where you are able to see the number of visitors, leads conversion rate, and sales by selecting the date that is estimated.

For more in-depth insights into the way your landing pages are doing, you should integrate with major analytics software like –

  • Google Analytics
  • Heap Analytics
  • Yandex Metrica
  • Mixpanel
  • Hotjar
  • Kissmetrics

It also tracks TikTok Pixel, Facebook Conversions API, Pinterest Tag, LinkedIn Insights, and more.

The reporting of Landingi Analytics isn’t as effective as other page creators such as Unbounce and Instapage. However, with the free analytics tools and the low-cost plans, Landingi justifies it.

But, I believe Landingi could include an in-built analytics tool that can provide an entire package to users who do not have experience with analytics tools.


Its Landingi landing page builder offers an extremely specialized service that serves one specific purpose – to convert leads. Particularly, marketing teams that are running multiple campaigns simultaneously will find Landingi pricing is worth it. One of the most useful features is the A/B test which instantly pinpoints the most effective campaigns. This is when having quick access to the builder’s tool to change the settings is crucial.

It’s true that it can’t substitute for an online store or a general website presence that includes all the prospective information customers might want to know. So if you’re in need of these, then you need to look for a builder who can provide these. It is possible to make use of Landingi Shopify together, for example. Instead of relying on your website builder to provide marketing support in addition to managing your shop online, it may be better to have two different experts to provide each in the maximum capacity.

Have you set your sights on making a decision this early? It is possible to skip to the Landingi price section in the Landingi review to learn more about the choices!

Themes and templates for Landingi:

We’ve previously discussed Landingi templates for landing pages while talking about their user-friendliness. For instance, it is possible to choose from 300 stunningly created and customizable template templates to create landing pages as well as popup boxes. They’ve also created an option to search to narrow down your template selections since there are many. Enter the type of area you’re looking for or what you want your landing page’s design to fulfill, and you’ll be able to find the appropriate templates that are suitable for your requirements.

Tools for Customisation:

For the purposes of this Landingi review, we found that the builder had become more user-friendly than it was when it first came out. The buttons for customization are that are easy to locate. Additionally, you’ll receive fully customizable pages with color and fonts. They’ve also provided an unfinished template so that you can create your own layout from scratch. They also regularly update the icons and image libraries.

Create your landing page exactly how you’d like it. Find out which Landingi pricing method is the best for your company.

Lead Generation/Conversion Tools:

Landingi landing pages have been designed to convert visitors to leads. For instance, the navigation bars are absent to keep the attention of the viewer on the main content. The templates for landing pages include large images that are designed to draw interest.

Integrations into Landingi:

In the following Landingi review, the only integration with an email to send data directly to an email account is available within the core plan, which is the base plan for customers who require only two or three pages. The higher price tiers offer the use of all integrations. This includes:

  • Chat and call back:
  • Webinars and online meetings:
  • Zapier:
  • Marketing tools for email like MailChimp, Active Campaign, AWeber, and many other Sales and CRM platforms like Hubspot, LeadByte, and LiveSpace; and
  • The combination of email marketing CRM, sales and email marketing like Sales, CRM, and email marketing like Campaign Monitor as well as Drip. The landing WordPress integration is another useful feature.
  • Alternatives to Landingi that offer more diverse integration options include ClickFunnels and Unbounce.


Landingi’s landing page builder provides cloud hosting as well as domains for campaigns; however, the price for the basic package includes limited options. But you can’t instantly link your landing pages to domains that you purchased from an external source.

Mobile and SEO:

In this Landingi review, we will show you how to add keywords to the SEO tab to optimize your website for indexing by search engines. This can be done through The Additional Options tab, which is located under the Page Settings.

Landingi landing pages are optimized for mobile use and include Rebuild Mobile View, which lets you change the layout of elements of the mobile version of your landing page.

Support and Resources:

In this Landingi review, you can find the help button on their site requires you to fill out an application that puts you in a queue, and they’ll get back to you by email. Additionally, you will be placed in an in-line queue when you call the number. One way you can stay ahead of the line will be to join Agency Pro, a Priority Support feature. However, they have a well-organized Help Center with entries full of all the details you may require.

Sales Funnels

It also lets you develop selling funnels.

If you’re not familiar with sales funnels within the field of digital marketing, these are a sequence of steps people go through to ultimately become customers.

It’s possible that some people are likely to “drop off” at each step of the funnel, so the amount of people who are on the way to making purchases is shrinking and decreasing. In the end, every step of the process becomes smaller, and the entire process appears like an arrow.

You’ll employ sales funnels to guide people through the steps to becoming customers.

It may begin with a visitor visiting the website. It might also start after someone signs up for your list of email distribution. It might also start when a customer shows a desire to purchase a product that you’re offering.

From where it all begins where it begins, you are the one to guide the customer from the first step to the point of purchase.

And Landingi helps you out by giving you the tools to recognize potential customers and then guide them to the shopping cart.

Review of Landingi Integrations

In terms of the integration process, Landingi has three options to choose from Three options to integrate

  • Integrations can be found directly on the editor and on the platform.
  • External integrations made using Javascript as well as HTML code
  • Integrations via Zapier

This being said, Here are the various kinds of tools that can incorporate with Landingi easily. It is possible to integrate these tools seamlessly.

  • CRM CRM SALESmango, Egito, Salesforce, Agile CRM, Zoho, HubSpot, and more
  • Email Marketing Mailchimp, SendGrid, GetResponse, Sendgrid, Campaign Monitor, Mailerlite, SendFox, and ActiveCampaign
  • Callback and Chat – Freshchat Facebook Messenger Intercom, Whatsapp, and CallPage
  • Analytics & Tracking – Yandex Metrica, CrazyEgg, Google Analytics 4, Universal Google Analytics, Heap, Facebook Conversion API, Tiktok Pixel, etc.
  • E-commerce Shopping Cart Shopify Buy Button or SendOwl. They also accept payment via Stripe, PayU, and PayPal.
  • Other services Other LeadByte, Ohmylead, 123 form builder, Slack, Gmail, MySQL, Webhook, WordPress for publishing, VWO, and the list continues.

Therefore, it is obvious that you can make your landing pages engaging and interactive by using the vast array of choices for integration.

Review of Landingi: Customer Support

Landingi is among only a handful of platforms that will take the greatest care and responsibility for its users prior to and after their entry into the community. It provides a variety of helpful instructions in its help center, which you can use to solve the majority of commonly encountered issues.

If you encounter difficulties, you are able to reach their support staff via chat, email, or by phone. Customer support is available from Monday through Friday, three up to 5 midnight (ET) ( 7 am until nine midnight GMT).

Review of Landingi Pros and Cons

Once you’ve got an idea of what you can expect from the tools that Landingi offers, below are some suggestions that will help you understand the pros and downsides of the software.

Pros of Landingi

  • Access to over 400 responsive templates for landing pages
  • Integration with Unsplash to search and download images in a snap
  • Reuse the same section for any landing page that uses clever sections
  • Potential to increase the size of your funnel with various options for targeting
  • Enhance the personalization of your landing page by incorporating dynamic text
  • Automatically send replies to visitors after they have completed the form.
  • A myriad of options for integration
  • Support for customers is available for all paid plans.

The cons of Landingi

  • The editor on the mobile is a bit awkward.
  • There are no unlimited visits to the internet on any higher plan.
  • There are additional restrictions on options on the Starter plan.

Final Verdict: Is Landingi worth it?

Landingi is an easy-to-use, highly effective landing page creator that helps leads generation, conversions, and sales of digital services or products by providing tools for creating beautiful landing pages, popups, and sales funnels for marketing.

The bottom line is that whether you’re a company owner or a marketing expert, or manage an agency, you should think about Landingi as your primary landing page creation tool. It’s inexpensive yet robust enough to help you improve your marketing strategies for greater performance.