You can use platforms like Thinkific to build outstanding and value-added online courses. But what do you do if, like most people, your students want to access your courses on their mobile devices. In the past, you would have needed to locate a good app developer, give him or her your specifics, pay his or her hefty rates, and then hope for the best!

But now, a new solution is at hand, and offers it. You can cut the developer out of the picture and save oodles of money by developing custom apps your students will just ‘dig’ (no pun intended) yourself!

You’ll love’s features if you do any sort of coaching or content creation. does much more than allow you to create a great app. You can load it with amazing and stunning features that students will love. For example, you can create a community, stream your lessons live, inform students of important developments, and upsell course bundles.

You need to be a web wizard with comprehensive knowledge in coding and programming to use, right? No, that’s where you’re absolutely wrong, my friend. You can create apps that would make the most talented app developers green with envy without knowing a single line of coding or programming.’s intuitive drag and drop editor makes all of that and more possible!

It’s possible to create an app that will run on any digital devices – whether it’s a desktop computer, a laptop, a smartphone, a smart TV, a tablet, or some other device! What you’ll love the most about are the amazing features you can include in any app you create!

The drip content feature comes in handy if you’re teaching a complex subject like quantum physics and you want to use small and simpler modules to teach students bits of information comprehensively and at a time. You can also build a following that can easily convert.

You can even make and accept payments in the app. You don’t need to hook the app up to another payment gateway like Stripe or PayPal! Pricing and Plans Explained

Before I go into detail describing Pricing and Plans, I thought it would be good to tell you how to start using the app. It’s easy, just follow these four short and easy steps: Sign up for a free trial account, create your app, use the drag and drop editor to embellish your app further, upload your app on app stores. Good examples are Google Play and the Apple App Store. Plans offers three plans. The first is the Pro, the second is the Ultimate plan, and the third is the Ultimate Plus plan. price for the Pro plan is $79 a month. You’ll pay $299 a month for the Ultimate plan.

  • Pro Plan [$97 per month]
  • Ultimate Plan [$297 per month]
  • Ultimate Plus Plan [Contact]

All plans will let you create a branded app for Android and Apple phones. You can process payments for in-app and online purchases (all plans.) You can access content even when not online, track your students’ progress in the courses, and use push notifications for important developments (all plans.) You can stream live content (all plans.)

Only the Ultimate and the Ultimate Plus plan lets you build a custom brand, create a community, and use the drip content feature. You can add up to 100 users with the Pro plan. That number jumps to an unlimited number of users with the Ultimate and the Ultimate Plus plans. You can only upload 100 videos with the Pro plan, but you can upload videos to your heart’s content with the other two plans.

The Pro Plan gives you 1,000 push notifications a month. The Ultimate and Ultimate Plus plans give you an unlimited number of push notifications.

You’re also covered in terms of support. You launch your app with a 30-day expert unleashed challenge that’s designed to help you start selling your app from the first day. All plans offer this support feature. All plans also offer you the full backing of the Passion Fighter community. You can integrate email and chat features into all plans.

Only the Ultimate and the Ultimate Pro plans give you access to step-by-step expert training. That knowledge is for helping you scale your business quickly. Support comes in the form of video tutorials with the Pro plan. You’ll get a set-up-call with the Ultimate plan, and you’ll have a done-for-you consultation with the Ultimate Pro plan.

Only the Ultimate Pro plan offers done-for-you-app creation and weekly marketing and sales coaching calls. Also, only the Ultimate Pro plan offers phone support. As for the Platform fee, the pro plan offers a 3.9% processing fee for payments. That remains constant with the other plans. The good news is that none of the plans charge an external checkout fee.

Why You Should go for

Concentrate on Creating Your Courses

No one knows more about your courses than you do. Given that reality, does it make sense to hand the intimate details about your courses over to a third-part app developer and hope for the best? NO! Instead, rely on your wits and create the perfect app for your courses in a few minutes. It’s that simple.

What applies for coding and programming is also true for design. If you lived twenty years ago when the Internet was less than seven years old, you would have been in a real bind if you didn’t understand website design. Back then, you would have either struggled to create the perfect interface yourself, or been at the mercy of a web wizard for that.

But with, you can choose from the vast library of pre-made templates. It’s just a matter of using the drag and drop editor to design your app the way you want once you’ve picked a template out. Yes, Passion,io makes app design fun, quick, and easy!

You Have Choices doesn’t just limit you to a few drab and boring templates. The world is your oyster in terms of template design since you’ll be deciding from a vast smorgasbord of options. And, here’s where it gets interesting, you can create an app with a beautiful interface that will bedazzle users and draw them in!

Who Should Use is great for business owners – So, if you just started a business, or if you own a business that’s just starting to scale up, you’ll find the app useful. It will be much easier to sell to a growing audience if you sell through an intriguing app with the functionalities your customers crave.

Instructors, trainers, and coaches swear by – Yes, it’s their go-to app creation tool, and for good reason. It offers them many features students want when taking online courses. Setting and accepting payments are also easy. Just set the functions to accept one-time or recurring payments. Let take care of the rest for you!

You’ll love it if you own an agency – may just be what you’re looking for if you own an agency that already has hundreds of clients and is expanding rapidly. You’ll find many of the app features to be invaluable in helping you connect with your fast growing clientele list. The interactive community will also help you nurture life long relationships with your clients. is just what the doctor ordered if you do E-commerce – Yes, you’ll love if you run any type of online store of any size. Most people shop on mobile devices, so an app will help you tap into that already large and fast-growing segment. Leveraging’s many features will help you tap into newer markets and sell more to these sub-segments.

The customer service is incomparable – and that’s a good thing!

Customer service reps are friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. They want to be your professional friend and guide you through as you look for answers to your most pressing issues. customer service reps are no exception.

They’re available on a variety of channels – email, social media platforms (Facebook), and chat. They’ll resolve your issues quickly. Benefits

You can create white label mobile apps if you’re a business owner. apps integrate with Zapier. So, you can tack on features that doesn’t provide through Zapier.

You can also create sales pages and funnels in the app, provided you already have a following or a list of contacts in the app. lets you revolutionize the learning process by empowering students with personalized and interactive learning. Now, your students will feel like they’re in control and involved during every class session! Expect attendance and test scores to skyrocket!

You’ll get a refund within 30 days of purchasing if, for whatever reason, you don’t like it. There are no questions asked. You can also cancel your plan with the click of a button.

The Story Behind

So, basically a team of seasoned writers and analysts heads They include Daniel Harvey – CEO and co-founder, Austin Distel – Chief Marketing Officer, Magdalena Mostazo – customer success and app submission, Lisa Eiberger – junior marketing operations specialist, Andrew Truong – inbound specialist, Viacheslav Moskalchenko – software engineer, and Alex Camilar – product manager.

Daniel Harvey develops new features for He’s also passionate about promoting the app, no pun intended. Harvey is a business coach and entrepreneur by nature. His quest for developing the perfect app for aspiring business owners started many years ago when he was an app developer.

Back then, he worked on the technical aspects for apps for fitness influencers. He may have made big bucks, but he found that dealing with agencies and their demanding staff for several months on end cost him big money, especially since he had to meet the specifications of each project to the T.

There had to be a more efficient way to to design and launch an app, he just knew it! So, he brainstormed and came up with after much effort. His foray into the business world started with something much different – a passion for music!

He belonged to a band called “Dog is Dead!” He toured Europe after graduating high school, but it wasn’t long before he yearned for a gig that offered financial stability. So, he left the band and started his own venture, a startup property management company named “Be Street Smart!”

After facing many challenges with the venture, he decided to do things differently. The first thing he did was to staff his office with positive-thinking, success-minded people. The move paid off. It wasn’t long before he was learning how to be successful in entrepreneurship.

His self-confidence and self-esteem skyrocketed. In short, he had become a different person with the mindset for success in just a few short years! He realized that he had been lucky since he had always managed to make his passions – singing and entrepreneurship – profitable. However, he wanted to do the same for others.

That was when the idea for was born. The company became a reality after Matthais Bellman started working with him. Dan designed as a framework that people with great ideas and the entrepreneur mentality could use to turn their dreams into profitable ventures without spending a small fortune in the process.

Take Your Business to New Heights with

Hey, if Daniel Harvey could skip college and still make it big in the entrepreneurial world, think of what you could do with your education and experience. The days when you were at the mercy of web wizards and web gurus are over. Use a platform like Wix to make your own free and stunning website that will generate traffic and convert quickly. Then, use to make it big in your industry with your own award-winning app! What are you waiting for? You know you can do it!