If you have zeal to begin business on education, you begin the research online for the top platform. The goal is to sell digital product. You need to think about choosing between Kajabi vs. Teachable.

For the right decision, we are writing guide on Kajabi vs.Teachable. What is true value for money? Which one is easier to use – Kajabi or Teachable?

There is a short overview of the points.

Is there any difference between Teachable and Kajabi?

Kajabi and Teachable indicate platforms for assisting creators. The goal is to sell courses on digital products. There are online platform presents solutions using new technology.

Kajabi Vs Teachable: Features


Kajabi strengthens the user to develop different forms of content. The goal is to demonstrate the best knowledge.

It consists of courses online along with programs for coaching. There are memberships along with podcasts. It is important to use Kajabi’s complete set of marketing tools.  There are templates for developing the campaigns along with content. You will come across the funnels within a short span of time. The goal is to deal with the development of CRM.

They can acquire payments using Paypal and Stripe integrations. The user can apply analytics to get the right decision in business.


Teachable involves the holistic platform which assists in selling online courses.  Teachable deals with different aspects related to web hosting. They can deal with payment processing.

The team would like to offer sufficient time.  They are boosting a vital business online.  It presents the creators of course. They need to create a market along with the selling of courses.

There are services related to coaching using a platform. Teachable present wonderful characteristics. It consists of memberships and there is a marketplace for courses. Teachable presents the complete platform. It assists the users in selling and development online courses.

Kajabi Vs Teachable: Online course creation and delivery


Kajabi assists in the transformation of knowledge. The templates can be modified.  The tools for designs are intuitive in nature. There is creation of small course. This is signature program. It is simple. The student is interested to begin. There are integrations like PayPal and Stripe. It involves selling online course. Kajabi does not involve reduction of profits.


According to the Free plan of Teachable, the user can begin Teachable homepage. An individual can launch an account. It is important to apply an email address and pick the password,

We need to mention the school. It is important to respond to the question of survey and click Next. There will be creation of a school and the user will become the Admin dashboard owner.

Kajabi Vs Teachable:  Online course structure


The Course Product consists of five Modules along with 2 to 3 Product Lessons. It is meant for every Module. We need to create content in a direct way. There is the application of template and begin sharing value with the audience. There might be an addition of Lessons along with modules. The user can modify the setting of delivery for launching the Product.


The user can start School. The next step is to launch the Course. The third step involves designing Course along with the Landing Pages. The fourth step involves uploading the media of course.  The fifth step involves establishing lectures and sections. The sixth step is the addition of content of course. The seventh step involves the price of that course.

Kajabi Vs Teachable:  Video hosting


There is no facility of hosting video using Kajabi. Kajabi collaborates with Wistia for hosting the content of video across web pages. There are products without any extra cost.

It is good to find the question within the list or the user can ask for Support.


The user might have many questions in their mind. It is important to know the way of embedding the code. They are utilizing third-party apps for hosting. It is important to get in touch with the team for video platform directly. Those who possess embed code in live stream, they can check the instructions for adding the code. This will be present in the lectures of course.

In the admin menu, we can choose the course for being a part of live stream.  The user can click Curriculum and choose lecture. They can compose the content of a lecture. The user can click adding tab of Custom Code. They can paste embed code within box.

Kajabi Vs Teachable:  Member/student progress


At time of selling courses online, user may not be able to limit customer base by currency. User demands flexibility for setting up currency that fulfills audience. For this reason, Kajabi offers power to create offers in currency. It is establishing options for purchase. The factor is to develop offers.  

Users can choose currency. An important step is to increase popularity of products of digital world. The target is to offer audiences in different countries.  It is multi-currency and there are sales presentation in Sales Dashboard. We need to explore video.

Goal is to get ideas.  It is important to have a currency.


Every student who are pursuing the course at school needs a progress report. It offers you a method of checking the progress of students along with their performance in the course. The progress report of the Student has the data for lecture progress, the heatmap of the video and score of the quiz. In the report of the lecture, we need to check whether the student thinks the lecture is complete.

In the heatmap of the video, it is good to know the portion of lecture videos watched by the student. The score of quiz involves checking the score for the graded quiz and understanding the response in every question. The user is allowed to reset the quiz score of the student.

Kajabi Vs Teachable: Digital product templates


Kajabi consists of international tools for launching digital products. It consists of pre-built templates and it consists of mini-courses, online courses and sites for membership. The user can begin from initial stage. They can create any type of digital product as per choice. An individual can utilize Kajabi for experience in product selling. This consists of builder for website, and a landing page.

Sales funnels are formed through automation.  CRM is going to deal with and check customers. There is strong analytics for optimizing business. We have software for email marketing. The payment is fast and secure.


Digital downloads have been regarded as process to deal with content files for students. It is a form of product presenting flexibility in digital product distribution. There are types of digital products which include ebooks, podcasts, audio files, guides, how-to and other printables. There are different forms of downloadables.

There is advantage of presenting digital downloads. The target is to improve sales by presenting order bumps. It could be in form of bundles. They might be selling in form of isolated products. It is important to conduct the business of knowledge. There are types of products that are simple to create rather than a course. A great way is to provide digital downloads as lead magnets. It assists in creating audience.

Kajabi Vs Teachable: Website builder


Kajabi has a builder for new website. They have the capacity to guarantee storytelling. This is the requirement of the visitor. The website can be something beyond a stopping platform.

This shows a person along with the brand.  The company is offering different ways of web design. It will fulfill your desire. The business owner gets a lot of engagement. It is good for the members.

The user can share the platform of social media among audience. They can establish international styles for different web pages. The target is to form wonderful headers along with footers. There is a wide range of control. The user has the right to customize that design for mobile device and desktop. The user can get the help of the right font. They can use the alternative for size and color. This will be suitable for the screen size.

The user can get the brand colors matching the text boxes.  There is no compulsion of entering the codes of color two times. The call to action becomes unique due to the development. This will be suitable for the branding.


An important step is to create a unique position. The user can present a unique touch for templates. They can create a wonderful along with responsive website. The drag and drop page builder is quite useful. Teachable presents the content. There is no requirement of website for hosting the educational program.There are owners of website. The owner can link this with Teachable account having custom domain. There are features which permit graded quizzes. They will track the progress of students. Then there is proper engagement.

Kajabi Vs Teachable: Landing pages


There are sales pages which Landing pages. This is a vital aspect of creating a sales funnel.

Kajabi consists of the capacity to create landing pages along with sales pages. This is perfect for the business. Kajabi fulfills the requirement for business online.There are updates to this website builder. The user can develop a customized web page. There is standardized web pages.

Landing Pages involve individual pages. They can be utilized for a particular purpose.

It includes sales pages, opt-ins, pages for sharing thank you. On the dashboard, we can open this website. We need to choose the tab for Pages. It is important to click the tab for Landing.

We need to explore the top right corner for a particular page. They can click on a new Page for landing visitors. It is important to choose a template. This is suitable for the vision.


This is initial post for landing page. They can respond to questions that will assist in creating an outline. The questions could be initial steps to create usp of a page. This has been identified as value proposition.  This could be statement that points out reason for purchasing a service or product of customer. It is important to understand expectation and targets.

This creates engaging content. It is important to explore the communities online. There are different websites or forums.

This is the place for the audience.  The user will find the problems and those aspects they are really happy. The user can get assistance.  The text must be persuasive and clear. The audience should be under confusion.

Kajabi Vs Teachable: CRM


Kajabi offers a built-in CRM process.  The goal is to deal with interactions.  There is a lack of features in comparison to the companies offerin g software of customer relationship management. People tab CRM has been a strong tool for assisting you. The goal is to deal with the contacts on Kajabi. Most of the contacts are found in a particular list. The user can get in touch, explore and deal with the accounts of customers.

The users can check the People tab. They can check the details of the contact.  The users can deal with various forms of users. It includes subscribers and members. The goal is to form Filters and Segments. They carry out the Bulk Actions. They can deal with the tags.


Teachable did not provide skills for customer relationship management. There are ways to retrieve information from the visitor coming to the website.

Kajabi Vs Teachable:  Email marketing


The email sequence indicates a group of emails that have been sent. It relies on automation using trigger. There is a time interval fixed before. The user can get Email Sequences for exploring the list of contact. It involves the members for the conversion of leads. We need to explore the techniques of editing, creating and dealing with Email Sequences.

With the formation of Email Sequence, the user can begin editing of emails following the Sequence. This is made after the language and brand. The user can find out the days after contact is involved in subscribing for the email in Sequence. An individual can get Subject to inspire recipients for communicating about content.

They can create content within body for the email. The important steps for editing email involve opening Marketing tab from a particular dashboard. The user can check Email Campaigns. The user can explore Email Sequence which they would like to edit.


The user can establish the integration of the email service.  It is important to begin automation. It will drive the students. They are clicking a link to unsubscribe emails from Teachable. The Teachable that do not present customer relationship management capacity. They are going to track contacts. The important secret behind successful copywriting is exploring the benefit of product.

The goal is to understand need of prospects.

The goal is to find out true desire. It is important to explore them. Using email, we can send a list for benefit of product. Subsequently, it will allow readers to browse them.  This is to understand prospect and be a customer.

Kajabi Vs Teachable:  Funnels (AKA sales funnels and automated marketing campaigns)


Email marketing is effective as it links future customers through email.  User can acquire email addresses in various ways. User can request visitors to website. They can utilize forms to call prospects to become a subscriber to email list. It is important to know benefit. They are tips from insiders. An important step is to provide freebies. User can acquire subscribers quickly.

There are companies where white papers are free. We have ebooks with resources for subscribers. A wonderful tip is to motivate users to share information in emails and subscribers send messages to team. Email might become compelling to members of family and friends. They are going to enroll it.


In teachable, we have certain simple metrics. It is important to check the funnel stage.

Sessions represent the metric showing sessions. It is identified as the visits to the website.

The marketers call them as traffic.  The target is to gain the sessions. The percentage of the new sessions involves traffic. The site will get brand-new visitors.

It is important to know the high level of metrics. The user is getting new visitors to the website. The number might be quite high. This shows the poor performance of the website.

Bounce rate involves the metric that is going to inform the user about the sessions. There is a certain percentage in sessions. The user may not be taking steps on that website. The sessions are regarded as bounces. It has been a great indicator of level of engagement. An important step is to understand relevance of content.

Kajabi Vs Teachable:  Live events, virtual summits, webinars, and livestreams


It is important to explore the live hosting of video. It is a great Kajabi function.

We show you way of embedding live video. The feeds are present for members.

The initial step is to produce a Product for webcast.  In product, the user will produce Category. Subsequently, this is a Post for feed.

We are going to establish video. We need to check Youtube event completely!

It comes from the feed of Youtube. The user can check link.


There are live workshops, which are available free. There are virtual summits.

This is challenge lasting 30 days for creators. It will assist in increasing knowledge in business. User can submit email to explore events in future.

Kajabi Vs Teachable: Integrations


The user might be searching for integration of website with services. It includes Kajabi and WordPress. Kajabi offers integrations in the direct way using F acebook, Mailchimp, and Google.

User can link with site known as Kajabi. There is an association with services via Zapier. Zapier allows us to forward information between Webhooks and Kajabi by Zapier in an automatic way. There is no need to code. After the end of assessment, we get Trigger.


The integrations permit us to link with Teachable school. The company is present in various email services. There are wonderful platforms in the community. We offer services related to analytics.

There is the establishment of third-party integrations. It permits in connecting the school with various tools. It develops the experience for the total business online. The teachable presents integrations directly using ConvertKit and MailChimp. The user can explore the integration of the email service.

Kajabi Vs Teachable:  Support


There is access for personalized sessions. The user can join group calls via Customer Success Manager. The goal is to assist user in fulfilling target of business at Kajabi.

This is the way of assistance using Kajabi.


Teachable will link users. There are creators who are doing business using Teachable.

We have to exchange products.  Learning is a skill, then you will find response. There are workshops in community. The team presents tips.

Kajabi Vs Teachable:  Pricing


The basic plan of Kajabi has 3 Products and 3 Funnels. The landing pages are endless in this plan.   The marketing emails are endless. The total number of Contacts is 10,000 and the total number of customers is 1000 in this plan. This plan offers 1 Website and one admin user. There is a Kajabi University without any fee for transactions. We have come across various events and webinars.

We have readymade templates. It must be remembered that surveys and quizzes are part of assessments. It is important to know that there is one welcome call and one check-in call accompanied by the onboarding specialist. There is support via chat and automation.


Teachable has a free plan. There is one user in admin. You will get one coaching and one course. There is single digital download. In sales, transaction fee is $1 plus 10 percent.

Basic feature include endless students and custom domain. Direct integration and public API are part of basic plan.  You can get custom advanced theme.

The Final Opinion on Kajabi Vs. Teachable

Teachable and Kajabi present quizzes along with assessments. We have come across surveys. They involve students in the course. The major difference involves Teachable permits us to form graded quizzes having multiple choices. There is facility to check performance of students. It is Kajabi that is going to work for you along with business.

The tool is present within one roof. User can do something beyond saving money. They can spend energy and time on activities. There is a goal of content in helping customers. It is important to deal with business. The user can check Kajabi completely free and duration is 14 days.