Aweber – The most affordable marketing tool in 2023

Hey, did you know that you can make more than $100,00 a month? So what activity out there is that lucrative? It’s blogging. Okay, so here’s something that’s a bit more sobering. Most blogs out there either don’t make any money or actually lose money! So how do you make sure that you’re one of those multi-millionaire bloggers? Well, you can use Aweber!

So what is Aweber anyway?

Now you know that it’s possible to ‘make lots of money blogging by using something called Aweber.’ However, this really tells you nothing. After all, there are lots of software programs out there that claim to help people make lots of money quickly! For your information, Aweber is the ultimate email marketing program that you have to use if you run a blog or own a business whose website has a blog!

By now, if you’re in business, you’ve heard of Mailchimp. You may have even heard of Active Campaign. These are robust email marketing programs that help you send targeted and persuasive marketing emails to people who are interested in buying what you sell. Put in business jargon, these ‘help you sell your brands to your target markets!’

So in case you were wondering why you’d need an email marketing program to promote your blog or business site with a blog, it’s because you can sell to more people this way.

Getting back to our conversation about email marketing programs, what makes Aweber so unique and amazing that you need to use it?

Well, you may be a little impressed if I were to tell you that more than 100,000 small business owners around the world use Aweber. Just so you know, these are people like you! That said, it wouldn’t tell you much. It definitely wouldn’t tell you why you need to use Aweber!

So here’s a scenario that you’re all too familiar with as a blog or small business owner. Some people have just come to your site from various online sources. Yes, they’re interested in what you sell, but for some reason, they’re not interested in buying now. You have to grab their attention and convince them that your brands are for them. Wait though, I just said that they’re not in the buying mode now! Well, you can use Aweber to nurture their interest until they’re ready to buy.

Then, when they’re ready to buy. they’ll gladly buy from you because your company/blog and its brands will be fresh in their minds!

You can use Aweber to sell your brands to people who are interested in buying from you immediately as well! In fact, Aweber is good at persuading people who buy from you once to make repeat purchases from you. Thus, it will help you build brand and customer loyalty!

Who should use Aweber?

You need to use Aweber if you are a small business owner who wants to make it big. Oh, and it’s not a bad email marketing program to use if you want to make a lot of money off of blogging.

Aweber pricing

Now that you know more about Aweber, it’s time to discuss Aweber pricing in more detail. Aweber has two plans:
Aweber free
Aweber Pro

Aweber free is great if you’re just starting your business or blog site. It has all of the tools you’ll need to establish yourself in email marketing as a newbie. You have access to the following:
● Maximum of 500 email subscribers
● You’ll be able to set up landing pages
● You can send out email push notifications
● It comes with a drag and drop builder
● You’ll have access to lots of email templates
● You can send out a sign up forms in your marketing emails
● You can do eCommerce

It comes with the following features:

● You can have up to 500 subscribers
● You can send up to 3,000 marketing emails a month
● There is one list profile per account

● You can build and grow your customer base by creating and sending out newsletters.
● You can automate when, how, and where you ‘ll send out different emails
● You’ll be able to add an RSS feed to marketing emails
● Easily create emails with the drag and drop builder
● Access to hundreds of professional and slick email templates
● Access to HTML email templates
● Your emails will contain dynamic content
● Create and send out AMP marketing emails
● Create and send out a hosted broadcast archive
● Include thousands of professional images in your marketing emails

Landing pages
● You can use Aweber Ecommerce to sell your brands
● Create unlimited landing pages
● Access to many attractive and professional landing pages to sell what you want
● Include thousands of professional and converting images
● Use Google analytics and Facebook Pixel tracking
● Buy and connect different domains

List building
● Create, include, and send out sign up forms
● Integrate WordPress plugins

● You can tag subscribers
● you can send to basic segments

● You can send simple subscriber and messaging analytics

● You can send out marketing emails that sell your products and services
● Promote subscription and payment plans
● Track sales
● Tag people who make certain purchase amounts
● Pay a low transaction fee of 1%

Team/Account Management
● Each account has an unlimited number of users

Web push notifications
● You can collect up to 50,000 WPN subscribers
● You can send messages to up to 50,000 WPN subscribers
● You’ll have access to all of Aweber’s analytical tools

● All integrations are free

Free Migration
● You’ll have access to free migration

24/7 Live support
● Live support will be available all day and night through email, chat, and phone

Aweber Pro

You’ll want to use this plan if you’re ramping up your business operations. For a mere $16.12 a month, you’ll have access to everything in the free plan, along with:
● As many email lists as you want
● Advanced email automation
● Post your own logo branding
● detailed insights and analytics
● Tracking of webpage traffic and sales
● Split testing

Don’t worry, the goodies don’t end there though.

Email – comes with all of the features of the free plan, and:
● Email split testing
● Behavior automation
● Tagging of purchases and abandoned carts
● Branded click-tracking links
● Use your own logos and brands

Landing Pages – comes with all of the features of the free plan, and:
● Use your own logos and brands

List builidng – comes with all of the features of the free plan, and:
● You will get a sign-up form for split testing

Segmentation – comes with all of the features of the free plan, and:
● The ability to save emails and send them to certain segments

Reporting – comes with all of the features of the free plan, and:
● Advanced messaging analytics
● Advanced audience/account analytics
● Tracking of webpages
● Tracking of email sales

The Ecommerce features are the same as those in the free plan. The only difference is that the transaction fees are only .6%.

The team/account management features are the same as those in the free plan.

The integrations, free migration, and 24/7 chat support options are all the same as those in the free plan.

Why are landing pages important for email marketing?

So, why do you need landing pages if you do email marketing? Well, it’s so that the people who receive your marketing emails have a way to access your website. Most people who get your emails are not going to type your URL into their browser, they’re going to click on a link in your email.

Marketing emails can be compared to appetizers in a restaurant. Like appetizers, they’re supposed to pique curiosity and an appetite for the main course without completely satisfying the person. Similarly, marketing emails give your readers just enough information about your brands to tease their curiosity. They will want to go to your
landing page to learn more.

You can use your landing pages as a funneling mechanism. Your marketing emails will spark your readers’ interest in what you sell and get them in the buying mode. You landing page will persuade them to buy immediately.

Landing pages tend to be effective if they’re ricn in the type of content that’s to the point and persuasive. These pages have strategic text that’s supported by professional and crisp images and other types of audio and video media.

Aweber landing pages can and will do all this and more for your email marketing campaigns to make them spectacular and powerful!

Why do push notifications go so well with email marketing?

Okay, so you may or may not know this but push notifications are actually another type of digital marketing. The world got its first taste of push notifications in 2009 when Apple integrated them into its Chrome browser.

Did you ever search for a keyword on Google? A good example can be the top 10 benefits of Active Campaign. You probably saw lots of ads for Active Campaign and other similar programs. Well, you just saw push notifications.

So why do you need to use push notifications and integrate them into your email marketing campaigns? It’s because push notifications are great at establishing customer loyalty and getting referrals.

Aweber’s free plan will allow you to create these types of push notifications:
● Short, concise, and persuasive advertising blurbs. Your push notifications won’t be more than 50 characters.
● You’ll be sending the reader a short and temporary, but powerful and persuasive message as to why he or she needs to buy your brands right now.
Subscription based – okay, so people will have to subscribe to get push notifications from you. That said, all they’ll have to do is clck on a few permission prompts to do this. Did you know that push notifications are activated for subscriptions about 300% more than regular marketing emails are?

Aweber’s push notifications have a 60% success and click through rate, and that’s just on mobile devices! It’s important since most people access websites on their mobile devices.

Push notifications average a 15% click through rate. So clearly, your Aweber free plan email marketing campaigns will be much more powerful and successful if you integrate push notifications into them.

How Aweber’s drag and drop email builder can give you an advantage

Here’s an interesting analogy for you. You would think that anyone can use a program like Wix to create a stellar and professional website that drives droves of traffic and generates lots of conversions the moment it’s published.

The truth is that you need to spend money and have knowledgeable professionals to build your website if you want it to get noticed by Google, drive droves of traffic, and generate lots of conversions ASAP. The same applies to marketing emails.

Well, if you’re like most business owners, you don’t have the tens of thousands of dollars to spend on professional content writers who can write slick and awe inspiring marketing emails. What can you do? That’s where the Aweber drag and drop email builder comes to the rescue.

How it works

Using Aweber’s drag and drop email builder may seem to be intimidating. Don’t be scared though. All you need to do is the following:
● Click on the Drag & Drop Email builder in the Create a message drop down menu
● You’ll immediately see an email subject line field appear. Edit it the way you want. Of course, you can always use the pre-written subject templates that Aweber provides if you get stumped.
● You’ll also see a menu that will contain the different blocks of text that is standard in any professional marketing email. These include: text, article, image, video, button, social, product, coupon, logo, signature, divider, share.
● You can drag and drop the different blocks in any order. You can also choose which blocks you want to appear in certain emails. In this sense, you can customize your marketing emails.
● You can edit the different blocks that you place in marketing emails any way you want.

Note: A blue line will appear whenever you insert a block within different pieces of text in your emails.
● The following blocks can contain text: text, article, coupon, signature blocks. You can also put hyperlinks in these blocks.

The functions of the various blocks

Just as every business department has a valuable function, each block in Aweber’s marketing emails has a valuable function.

● Text blocks allow you to include any type of text-based content that you want. Their placement is strategic because it will play a large role in determining the overall nature, structure, and message that your marketing email will have.
● Article blocks allow you to create headlines, links to other websites, and read more links.
● You can put images in the image block. Rest assured that they will look professional and slick in your emails. The beauty of the Aweber free plan is that you can create links to other sites in the form of images.
● The button block will allow you to insert various buttons in your emails. These include call to action buttons.
● The follow me icon allows you to add buttons that will give people the option of following you on Facebook and Twitter.
● You can put a thumbnail image of your products and a buy now button that will take the viewer straight to the product purchase page with the product icon
● The coupon icon allows you to increase sales and expand your customer base by offering deep discounts on your brands
● You can use the image block to showcase your logo
● You can add your signature to any file with the signature block
● You can separate different sections on your pages with the divider block
● You can expand text blocks with the row icon
● You can use the share block to let viewers and readers share your content on various major social media platforms.
● You can add videos and other visual media to your content using the video block.

Why are signup forms in marketing emails powerful?

You can increase your sales by including sign-up forms in your marketing emails. Why does this work? Well, for one thing, people are telling you that they want to get marketing emails from you that they’re willing to open when they sign up. Believe it or not, this offers great lead generation potential.

Sign up forms also lead to many more email open, click through, and read through rates. If you guessed that this leads to many more instant conversions, you’re absolutely right! Oh, and if you do it right, you can actually build a great subscriber list. Sending newsletters and other valuable content to these people is a guaranteed way to increase your email open rates and conversion rates!

It’s easy to add forms to your marketing emails. Just follow these simple steps:
● Go to your dashboard
● Go to the Form builder
● Click on the Settings tab
● You’ll see the Integrations button. Click on it.
● Click on the form type that you want
● Click on the name and email fields. It’s how you define them.

You have now added a signup form to your marketing email.

Doing E-commerce through AWeber’s free plan

If you own a physical, online, or hybrid business, you probably do some Ecommerce. Well, did you know that you can do E-commerce through AWeber’s free plan? You can integrate many E-commerce plugins, platforms, and payment gateways.

The plugins and platforms will allow you to sell your brands online. The payment gateways will allow you to accept online payments. Some of the most commonly used plugins, platforms, and payment gateways that are compatible with the free plan are:
● Woo Commerce
● Shopify
● PayPal
● Patreon
● JVZoo
● Clickbank
● SAMCart
● Etsy
● Zaxaa

Why are newsletters important for Aweber’s free plan?

Another way of wording the headline is to ask, “Why are newsletters important in email marketing?” It’s because it’s a key tool that you can use to increase brand awareness. How does it work? You are informing your customers and prospects about your new brands and the updates in your existing brands when you send them newsletters through marketing emails.

This will keep them in the loop regarding events and developments in your company. It will also entice them to buy from you right away – especially if they like your updated or new brands. The sweetest part about including newsletters in your marketing emails is that it’s a virtually free form of advertising. Aweber’s free plan allows you to get descriptive with your newsletters.

So, why is this important? Well, let’s face it, you can only include so much text and content on your product, landing, and general website pages regarding your brands. This may not be enough information (depending on what you sell) to convince people to buy from you. They will probably need much more neutral and informative content that’s relevant to make that decision.

You can embed links into your newsletters that will describe your brands and their benefits/the ways that they can solve your readers’ issues in more detail. That said, newsletters in email marketing are much more powerful than this.

It’s possible to include enticing pictures and other visual media that will support your text content in various ways and persuade people to buy from you immediately. Also, newsletters are an excellent way to promote new and existing brands. You can push old brands by offering deep discounts on them in newsletter articles.

Newsletters are more powerful if they contain key announcements about your top and best-selling brands. Just make sure that they contain relevant and powerful information that has a clear CTA!

You can establish yourself as the leader and an expert in your industry. This is possible with articles that contain deeply researched and insightful information that can’t be found elsewhere. You can bet that people will flock to buy your brands and only your brands If you do this.

Newsletters are an excellent way to build brand loyalty and reach out to the global audience, especially if you include fields for contact information in them. Did you know that your established customers are 4 times more likely to buy from you immediately than new customers? Since newsletters are consistent and have valuable information, people will come to view your company as a valuable and reputable expert in your industry.

Creating marketing emails with embedded newsletters

Now that you know why you should be using Aweber’s free plan to send out powerful marketing emails with embedded newsletters, it’s time to discuss how to do it. Before outlining the steps for embedding newsletters into Aweber’s marketing emails, there are some things that you should know. It will make the embedding process much easier.

The Aweber free plan auto email newsletters are just what you need if you’re a blogger and want to take your site global! You can send readers useful and informative supplemental information to your latest blog posts. That will make them more inclined to buy your brands (if you sell anything through your site!)

Aweber’s blog broadcast makes all of this and more possible. It works by pulling the content that’s in the RSS news feed on your blog site. The broadcast tool then converts it into a marketing email with a newsletter template. You can rest assured that your customers and readers will always be in the loop regarding new developments with your blog and brands. Oh, and by the way, they’ll also be more willing to buy from you right away!

Creating a marketing email with a newsletter

Now that you know exactly how the newsletter feature of the Aweber free plan can help you, it’s time to tell you how to use it! All you have to do is KISS when you create your newsletters (keep it short and simple) and follow these three steps. You’ll be sending out newsletters in no time!

Step 1 – Create your customer and prospects list – Compile a list of all of your current customers and people who you know you could easily turn into customers. Refer to your sales database for names and email addresses if you’re stumped.

Let’s face it, you should write these names and addresses down somewhere. It will help you keep track of who you have and haven’t sent your latest newsletters to. You can also note down any new customers or prospects that you gain in the process. Just do the following:
● Create a spreadsheet database
● Have columns for names, email addressses, and other vital information that you think will help you make your sales pitches better.
● Add everyone who currently buys from you (even if they have only bought from you once) and everyone who you want to buy from you. Make sure that their email addresses are current. Also, make sure that they actually want to get marketing emails from you.

Uploading your spreadsheet
Let’s face it, your spreadsheet is useless if you can’t easily access it through Aweber. that’s why you are going to upload it to Aweber’s free plan. You’ll need to download your file with either an excel, csv or text extension.

The first thing that you do is sign into your Aweber free plan account. The next step is to Click on the subscribers button. You’ll see the ‘add subscribers’ option. Be sure to click on that.

You’ll see the add subscribers to your list page. You’ll want to click on the “import multiple’ button. There are two choices in terms of uploading the spreadsheet. You can use the drag and drop or the browse option to do this.

You’ll be taken to a screen. There are two options to choose from. the “Only add new” and the “add new and update existing.” Note the option that you choose depends on your email marketing strategy and the nature of your email marketing campaign.

Once you’ve made the decision, you can decide if you want to send everyone you’ve added a confirmation message. If you feel as though that would be bothering them, don’t click on the ‘yes” button.

Aweber’s free plan will allow you to tag certain people in your marketing email campaigns. The last thing you’ll need to do is tell Aweber the number of subscribers you want on your email marketing lists. Then you’ll need to click on the ‘submit’ button. You have now successfully uploaded your spreadsheet to Aweber.

Tips that will help you get more prospects
You want to make more money, we all do! Sally Struthers popularized that phrase in the late 1980s. Well, if you’re doing any type of email marketing campaign, that’s your eventual goal. However, you know that you’ll need to have people who you can market to.

The idea is that some of the people who you send marketing emails to will eventually buy your brands. Well, it turns out that sales is a numbers game. This is especially true of email marketing. Therefore, you’re going to have to keep on growing your email marketing lists if you want to make it financially in the long-run.

The key to doing well in email marketing is to market to those who you know will be interested in hearing from you. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that these people will be likely to buy from you immediately. Therefore, growing your email marketing prospect lists is more about quality prospects and not more prospects.

All of this means that you’ll have to be smart about how you grow your email marketing lists. Believe it or not, it’s easy to do if you do the following:
● Be sure to integrate with an Ecommerce platform. Some good choices are WordPress (yes you can set up Ecommerce sites on this), Etsy, Shopify, Woo Commerce…The sky is literally the limit in this regard.
● Be sure to add the names of anyone and everyone who has ever bought from you, even if it’s only been once. You can actually convert people who only make one purchase into loyal customers if you know how to do email marketing right.
● Your website won’t be complete without a simple yet comprehensive sign-up form. You’ll need to ask for the peoples’ names and email addresses. You can also ask some demographic questions like marital status, whether they have kids, their age, what they look for in brands that are similar to yours, what their interests are, etc…This will help you create powerful email marketing campaigns in the future.
● If you throw in an incentive like a free product or service, a free newsletter or e book, or a deep discount on the next purchase, you’ll give people an incentive to sign up, even if they’re not necessarily interested in hearing from you.
● Make sure to put your sign up form in an easy to see place on your landing page. It will increase the chances of people signing up.
● Share your sign up form on as many social media platforms as you can. You’ll need to share your landing page to do this. It’s important since it’ll give your landing page and website more global exposure.
● Be sure to ask people who you talk to in real life to sign up on your site. Many will refuse, but you’ll be surprised as to how many people will take you up on the offer.

Step 2 – You need to create your newsletter – So you’ve won half of the battle by getting enough quality contacts for your email markeing campaigns to do you any good. However, the thing is that you have to win the other half of the battle by creating a newsletter with informative, useful, engaging, and persuasive content that will get people to buy from you immediately!

if this sounds challenging, don’t worry. You’ll learn how to create a quality newsletter with a successful Call to Action even If you barely know how to use the Internet. So read on!

Presentation matters. Did you ever watch Chopped on the Food Network? If you have, you would have noticed that the judges look for presentation in the dishes that the chefs who want to win the USD 10,000 in prize money make. A dish that’s delicious and well cooked can still get its chef chopped if it looks like dog food in terms of presentation.

Okay, so what’ s my point? My point is that creating a newsletter with insightul, unique, relevant, and useful information is not enough. You have to get the person who receives your newsletter excited enough about your newsletter email that he or she will actually want to open it

It goes back to the Chopped analogy. Well-cooked dishes that look like dog food on a plate aren’t appealing because their presentation matters! So what can you do? Well, layout and design matter when you’re designing marketing email newsletters. That’s why any newsletter comes with many templates. Aweber’s free plan is no exception!

There are some pointers that you may find helpful while you’re in the process of designing a newsletter with an amazing layout and design.
● For starters, make sure that its layout, design, and logo match those on your website. It’s going to look tacky and turn people away if these don’t sync.
● Don’t reinvent the wheel. Creating a newsletter template from scratch is great if you have a strong graphic arts and web design background. However, if you’re like the average user, you have neither. The Aweber free plan is full of pre-made templates that look simply awesome. Do yourself a real favor and use one of those!
● Start out by typing out your text. Remember that the images, logo, color schemes, and other components of your layout and design complement your text and make the reader understand the messages that your text is trying to tell them. If your text is of bad quality or is hard to understand, you’re really wasting your time with your newsletter.
● separate your content by relevance. Hey, there’s a reason why any page in a book – physical or e-book – has paragraphs. It’s to separate content by topic. Well, you can separate your content by relevance and topic by including certain concepts in certain sections of your newsletter. Your readers will clearly understand your message and will be more likely to buy from you!
● Be sure to KISS when you write your newsletter. Keep your content short, simple, and easy to understand. Remember that your average prospects and customers are busy. They don’t have the time or desire to read a book. In fact, lengthy content will actually turn them away. Oh, and make sure that your content is perfect in terms of syntax, grammar, and readability. Nothing turns readers off more than a newsletter that’s full of spelling mistakes!

Why is email automation important?

Do you remember the old phrases, “Time is money,” and “nothing happens until the right time?” The concepts behind these phrases are crucial in the business world. If you time your brand launches too early, you could drive away customers. You may actually tempt your prospects to buy from the competition if you are late in your email marketing campaigns.

Therefore, the Goldilocks rule in terms of time – not too early and not too late – is vital when doing email marketing.

Just so you know, you do email marketing when you schedule certain marketing emails and newsletters to go out at a certain time in the future. The beauty of the Aweber free plan is that it will allow you to do this. Another neat feature of the Aweber free plan is that you’re in complete control of creating, managing, and modifying this schedule.

Now to answer your burning question as to why email automation is important. Well, have you ever been to a party where you didn’t know anyone? You looked for the host or hostess who was only too willing to break the ice for you by introducing you to everyone there and vice versa.

Well, marketing emails can do the same thing if they’re emails that welcome people to your site. They’re especially powerful if they’re sent out after people sign up for your newsletter or buy from you. These types of email let these people that you acknowledge and value them. It makes people feel special, and special people are more likely to become loyal customers.

You need to do automated email marketing because it allows you to reach out to and an interact with as many people as possible while being engaging. You can get personal with email marketing. It’s possible to address people by their names and send out marketing emails for special events like anniversaries and birthdays.

You can also make an impact by thanking people after they sign up or buy from you for the first time. Make sure to tell them what they can expect from future purchases from your company. Also, sweeten the deal with a good discount or promotional offer.

Marketing emails are a great way for you to promote certain virtual or physical events that your company is hosting. In fact, these can support the efforts that your landing page makes to educate people about these events.

If you send out feedback emails after someone unsubscribes from your newsletter or email marketing list, you’ll gain valuable insights as to what you could be doing better and what you need to stop doing in your marketing and email marketing campaigns.

Believe it or not, you can use marketing emails to persuade people to buy your brands. Suppose they have put some of your products/services in a cart but haven’t checked out paid for them yet. A powerful and well written marketing email could do the trick in terms of convincing them to make the big step and buy!

Just as you would touch bases on friends who you haven’t talked to in a while to see how they’re doing, you can use marketing emails to ‘touch bases’ on customers who hadn’t bought from you in a while. It’s a great way to rekindle their interest in what you do and sell!

Segmentation does it

Suppose you sell courses on the real estate market to a global customer base. Yes. you can easily send out marketing emails to get them to buy and continue to buy from you. However, you’ll have one problem – the real estate market in India will be much different from that in America.

Therefore, the real estate agents in the different companies will have different course needs. Don’t worry! You can always segment your email marketing lists. In this instance, all you have to do is separate out and divide your contacts based on country. From there, it’s a matter of sending them personalized emails that are relevant and powerful. Aweber’s free plan allows you to do all of this and more!

Time your marketing emails with the buying cycle

The global and regional real estate markets are always changing. Therefore, people will need to always be buying your brands if you own a company that sells courses and other resources to real estate agents.

Why not increase your conversion rates to sync your marketing emails with your customers’ buying cycle? Suppose they buy a course from you every three months. Well, then you can send out automated marketing emails when the end of the three months nears. They’ll be reminded that they need to buy from you again.

You won’t break the bank

It shouldn’t surprise you that it’s very inexpensive to send out regular marketing emails. It’s much cheaper and more effective than any other form of marketing out there, except for maybe word of mouth.

Also, the amount of money you’ll pull in from email marketing campaigns (especially if they’re automated) will be much more than what you’ll spend on these campaigns.

You’ll be able to reach out to busy people

Most people are swamped. That’s why they’re always on their mobile devices. In fact, they check websites and marketing emails from these devices. Approximately 70% of all customers check marketing emails on their mobile devices. If you guessed that these are the people who are likely to buy from you, you’re absolutely right!

You can do more with less

So what this means is that you can reach out to more people in less time. It’s not time consuming to send out automated marketing emails. All you have to do is fill out some fields and have Aweber’s free plan take care of the rest. Now, all you have to do is concentrate on running your business and making money. Is that an awesome proposal or what?

Your email marketing efforts will be easy to measure

ROI Is very important. You need to measure the ROI of all of your business operations and marketing campaigns to make sure that they’re actually making you money. The same is true for email marketing campaigns.

You’ll be able to see exactly who is and is not opening your marketing emails. You’ll also be able to see if they’re reading through these and buying your brands afterwards.

Why your marketing emails should have an RSS feed

So the Aweber free plan allows you to attach an RSS feed to your marketing emails. What is an RSS feed, and why is this important?

In case you were wondering, RSS feeds come from the journalism arena. RSS feeds tend to be snippets of text that highlight the latest in world developments and events on online newspapers and social media platforms.

Well, RSS feeds serve a similar purpose in email marketing campaigns. Hey, there’s a reason why you can use RSS feeds with the Aweber free plan. It’s so that your customers and prospects get the latest in your company and brand developments to their email inboxes.

RSS is an acronym for Rich Site Summary. In the online world, an RSS will send your subscribers, customers, and prospects news articles and blogs that are not only relevant to your company and brands but interest your receivers enough to make them buy from you!

If you guessed that RSS feeds connect to your blog or website, pull the latest in news and developments from it, and deliver it to your customers and prospects, you’re absolutely right!

The Aweber free plan allows you to determine the timing and scheduling of RSS feeds. You can inform your customers and prospects of new product roll-outs and product updates as they happen. This can and will give you a huge advantage in terms of marketing plans and strategies!

You can personalize and customize your marketing campaigns and messages with RSS feeds. It allows you to reach many more people at once. You’ll also be able to send an impactful message across!

Benefits of using the drag and drop builder for marketing emails

So creating customized and personalized marketing emails is a drag because it’s time-consuming. Well, Aweber free plan’s drag and drop builder comes to the rescue! Wouldn’t it be much easier and quicker if all you had to do to create a marketing email was fill out a few fields and then press the send button for mass email marketing blasts?

Well, the Aweber free plan’s drag and drop builder allows you to do exactly that. Its magic lies in the form of templates. The free plan, literally, has dozens of them and they’re all slick, professional, impressive, and guaranteed to convert quickly!

There are other benefits too. These are:
You’ll have more control over your email marketing campaigns – not having to outsource your email marketing campaigns puts you in control. The drag and drop builder and templates allow you to create marketing emails en masse any way you want!
The process will be short and simple – Okay, so the unwritten code of business is that any message that is short and simple will have an easier time selling what it’s trying to market. The same is true with email marketing.

You’re in control of the email creation process. It will be easy for you to use the drag and drop builder to create powerful and concise but sweet and short marketing email messages that sell!
You’ll build brand consistency – So, your customers and prospects are more likely to buy from you if the messages about your brands are consistent in your marketing emails. Aweber’s free plan’s drag and drop builder will allow you to do exactly this!
They’ll load well on mobile devices – This is a big deal. if you weren’t already aware, it’s because most people now read emails and websites on their mobile devices. They’ll delete those emails that take forever to load, have fuzzy text and an unflattering design and layout, or have both! You can’t afford to have this happen to you in the hyper-competitive digital era!
You’ll know who is opening your emails – What’s even better is that you’ll know exactly who is opening your emails, when they’re opening them, and if they’re reading and clicking through the entire message! Aweber’s drag and drop builder will allow you to track all of this and much more!
You’ll save oodles of money – What business owner doesn’t like to hear, “You’ll save oodles of money?” Well, the drag and drop builder will allow

you to nix the expensive email marketing creation departments. Now, you can channel the savings into your business!

Benefits of marketing emails with dynamic content

So the Aweber free plan allows you to create emails with dynamic content! What does that mean, and how does that help you? Well, for one thing, it will allow you to keep your existing customers and attract new ones quickly. You’ve built up a good reputation through great marketing campaigns and strategies.

Well, did you know that it only takes one poorly designed or written marketing email to throw your great reputation down the drain in no time flat? How do you guard against this? You design emails with great and powerful content that will do one thing – get people to buy your brands immediately. In case you were wondering, this is called building emails with dynamic content.

You’ll also be able to market more of your brands to more people in less time. The Aweber free plan lets you send out automated marketing email blasts. These emails work wonders when they’re well written, contain powerful and useful information, and persuade people to buy immediately.

People will read your emails to completion. However, that’s not all that will happen. Did you know that customized marketing emails can increase your sales by up to 14%. That’s money for your company that you just can’t afford to not generate!

Oh, and when done correctly, marketing emails will convince your recipients to always buy only your brands!

Did you know that you can segment dynamic marketing emails?

Yes, you can segment dynamic marketing emails on many criteria.

You can segment customer accounts based on certain information. In case you were wondering, this information will become your demographic segmentation criteria. For example, you can segment marketing emails based on:
● Name
● Age
● Location
● Gender (or gender identity)

Did you know that you can segment marketing emails based on certain demographic information and then target your customers and prospects based on certain buyer behavior and patterns? A good example would be if a mammography clinic were to market to a 42 year old woman and say, “it’s time for your yearly mammogram! We haven’t seen you in two years!”

You can track your customers’ behavior on your site. How do you do this? Well, you send them marketing emails that have certain sections of tracking code. You can then analyze behaviors to see which are more likely to trigger purchases. From there, it’s just a matter of tweaking your website in terms of content and layout/design to encourage more of the trigger behaviors.

Add an opt-in form to your site. You’ll find that it will be instrumental in allowing you to gather vital information from your customers. They will be more than willing to provide you with this information. You can use this to segment your customers by demographics or buying behaviors/patterns and send them different marketing emails or promotional offers.

Purchasing history
Suppose you sell hairdryers and you notice that a particular group of customers has been buying this particular brand. Do you know how to get them to buy even more from you? The formula is simple.

First, send them a marketing email that thanks them for buying your brands. Oh, and make sure that this email tells them how to use this brand the way it’s supposed to be used.

What are AMP marketing emails and why do you need them?

So, you probably wondered what AMP marketing emails are and why you even need them. I certainly did. After doing some research online, I learned that AMP marketing emails consist of a technology that allows you to embed content and effects that will persuade people to buy your brands.

The stuff that you can embed includes purchase confirmation links, purchase buttons, carousels, etc…If you guessed that this provides for a more engaging and interactive user experience, you’re absolutely right. By now, you should know that this leads to more conversions.

People who read your emails will feel like they’re actually on an interactive and interesting website. They’ll be participating and they’ll feel like they’re in control. People who feel this way tend to make more immediate purchases.

AMP puts new life into email technology – Let’s face it, back in the early 1990’s, email marketing was in its infant steps and so was the technology behind it. People were, therefore, only too eager to use it. Every marketing email excited them. Consequently, they opened them, read them to completion, and didn’t think twice about buying the brands that they were marketing.

Well, fast forward 32 years and marketing emails are a bit old school. People are used to the technologies that drive them. Therefore, immediate open, read through, and conversion rates are not guaranteed anymore. Marketing emails needed an oomph.

That oomph came in the form of dynamic and interactive content. You know, the type of content that websites that followed the web 3.0 model tended to offer!

Emails are now getting personal – Did you know that you can use AMP to send more data than ever? It doesn’t matter if it’s general information, pie charts, stats, etc…So why is this important? It’s because it makes the marketing emails more personalized, and hence more powerful and persuasive. Expect to see your read through and conversion rates skyrocket!

Few companies know about it – Hey, it’s brand new technology, so it makes sense that few know about it and even fewer use it! It gives you an advantage because you can use AMP marketing emails to interact with your customers in newer, more innovative, and more personal ways. You can buildup a loyal customer base right away!

What is a hosted broadcast archive and why do you need it?

In case you were wondering, Aweber’s free plan allows you to create and send out a hosted broadcast email archive. But, what is it and why do you need it? You’ll get the concept of hosted broadcasted archives if you think about mass email blasts.

You’ve probably gotten emails that were directed to many other people at once. This is an example of a mass email blast. Now, when these email blasts are professional, sent by companies, and inform about new developments and brands, or promote new brands en masse, they’re called hosted broadcasting emails.

These types of broadcasts tend to work when you’re trying to announce or promote the following:
● A business
● A product
● A particular service
● A particular offer
● A particular promotion
● Good news in general

You send broadcasted emails out only to those people who have opted-in to get emails from you. They’re more likely to open and read your emails and buy from you because they’ve already let you know that they want to hear from you!

Keep the following in mind when you create broadcast emails:
● They need to be short, sweet, simple, and to the point. You know, remember to KISS when you create and send them out.
● You need to send them within a certain period for them to be of any effect
● They need to focus primarily on your company and what is happening with it.
● They need to be of high value to your recipients
● They need to have a high complaint

Be sure to personalize and segment your broadcast emails before sending them out. After all, 44% of customers say that they tend to be brand loyal after having been exposed to personalized email marketing from a particular company.

There are four different types of broadcast emails that you can send:

● Newsletters
● Important updates
● Digests
● Sales and promotions

You’ll probably be sending out a lot of these. Newsletters comprise the majority of broadcast emails that are sent out. You’ll find that these are a great email marketing tool in terms of keeping your customers and prospects in the loop in terms of your company and brands.

You can also advertise what you’re going to be talking about in the future with newsletters. It’s good advice to send out a regular newsletter, at least once a month, to buildup customer and brand loyalty!

Important updates
These are great if your business is restructuring or going through other major changes. You can use broadcast marketing emails to keep your customers and prospects in the loop through every step.

Make sure to keep your customers and prospects constantly updated regarding the following:
● A new product or product feature
● Updates in pricing
● Changes in terms and conditions of your brands
● Updates in privacy policies

Most major updates tend to affect customers and even prospects in some way. It’s important to let them know about these updates right away. Remember that customers and prospects will come to trust you based on your privacy policies and terms and conditions. Keeping them in the loop the minute these change is a great way to ensure that you keep their trust and loyalty.

This tends to be more niche based and specialized than either the newsletter or the important updates broadcasting emails. Using this tends to establish yourself as the authority in your industry. People will be more inclined to buy your brands first because they will trust your brands and company more.

You create a digest when you research the net for valid, relevant, and up-to-date information about a particular topic. The idea is to generate a base of avid weekly readers because avid readers tend to be more inclined to buy from you!

You can center the content around the following, but note that this is not an exhaustive list of topics or ideas:
● General news
● Marketing
● New music reviews
● Technology updates

There are many ways that you can use to structure your content. Remember that the following ideas are not an exhaustive list:
● Blogs
● News articles
● Videos
● Surveys and studies
● Images

Make sure that the content in your digests is cohesive, creative, and flows in a logical manner.

Sales and promotions
This is a great way to promote your brands if you’re offering discounts on various products and/or services throughout your site. Note, your sales and promotions broadcast emails will be more effective if they focus on a particular service or product and brand. A good example is: a 10% discount on all LSAT prep courses.

People are 29% more likely to open these types of marketing emails. They are 41% more likely to click through them.

The impact of professional images in marketing emails

Images embedded in strategic places in content makes the text that much more powerful. People are 4.5% more likely to open them than they are marketing emails that are nothing but text based.

Sixty-six percent of customers (and prospects) want to receive marketing emails that are mostly images. Marketing emails are opened the most often and have the highest conversion rates when they are 60% text and 40% images.

People prefer to see images in marketing emails because we are a species that’s primarily visually oriented. This has been the case since the cave man days during the ice age. In any case, our brains respond to and process the information in images 60,000 times faster, easier, and better than they do text-based information.

Our eyes are designed to process and interpret an average of 36,000 images an hour! We are also 80% more likely to remember the information that images send us.

The images in your marketing emails will be the most powerful and effective if they support or explain the information that your text is trying to tell the readers.

Images have certain functions and roles in marketing emails. The most important ones are:
Hero images – You use these to grab the reader’s attention, draw him or her in, and quickly persuade him or her to buy your brands.
Icons, images, and infographics – These are designed to support your brands and make your messages about their nature, features, and benefits stronger.
Background images – these explain the messages and information in the text-based content more subtly. Because they’re supporting images, you can easily add other images that directly support the content, emojis, and calls to action. In fact, all of this can and does create compelling and effective marketing emails that convert immediately.

Why are professional and attractive landing pages necessary for selling?

It’s because these types of landing pages make a great first impression and first impressions are necessary to sell anything. Did you know that great designs create 94% of first impressions?
People can tell if a website is good after having looked at it for just 20 nanoseconds!

So, what makes for a professional website anyway?

Aweber’s free plan allows you to make professional and attractive landing pages. Therefore, you should know what elements go into an attractive and professional landing page.

Make sure that the elements of your website are organized, strategic, powerful, concise, and drive a powerful message about your brands, along with a call to action right away!

A great headline
So, just like any book has to have a great title for anyone to want to read it, a professional and attractive website has to have a great headline. It’s the only way people will want to stay on the website for a longer period of time!
There are certain things that your headline must have to put it in the league of the ‘great headline’
Matching messages – The message that your headline has must match the general message of your landing page.
Clear messages – The headline must get the appropriate message across immediately.
Tell exactly what your brands’ benefits are – You’re wasting your time if your headline doesn’t talk about the benefits that your brands will offer the reader.
Relate to the reader – You’re not going to be able to sell anything with your content if you can’t make an emotional connection with the reader through your headline. Make sure that your headline has empathy and can tell the beginning of a story.
Hook the reader – Yes, your introduction must have a hook, but you need to establish the beginnings of that hook in your introduction.

Skimmable content
So your readers are busy. They just don’t have time to sit down and read volumes of information. In fact, pages with columns that are loaded with text, images, graphics, and other visual and audio content may actually turn your readers away. The trick is to make your text easy to read and powerful. That’s how you establish a relationship that creates a call to action!

Your content must contain all of the following to be worth reading:
Skimmable – make sure that relevant and important information is easy to scan. Keep it in short and easy to read sentences and arrange it in bullet points, lists, subheadings, bold font, short paragraphs, etc…
Emphasize the benefits – Your readers are interested in knowing exactly how your brands will benefit them. That’s pretty much all they’re interested in.
Make your customers the center of attention – Hey, believe it or not, doing this will show your customers (and prospects) that you really care about them. Then, they’ll be more likely to buy from you and much more often as well.
Simple – Don’t include hard to understand words that are complex. Also, steer clear of jargon whenever possible. Your site will do well if you remember to write your content so simple that a five-year-old could easily understand it.
Readability – Nothing is more of a turnoff than having text that’s hard to read. Keep your customers engaged by keeping your font simple and easy to read.

Make the media entertaining
Did you know that entertaining media will keep your customers and prospects engaged. They’ll be able to understand and relate to media much more than they will to text and image-based content.

Lead forms must do their job
Any lead form must gather information from whoever visits your site and is interested in getting more information from you.
Don’t get intrusive – So, you’re getting personal. The trick is to get personal without getting personal. Make sure to ask for necessary contact information though. This includes their name, physical address, and (of course) email address.
Ask for information in steps – ask for this type of sensitive information in steps. Don’t try to get it from the visitors all at once.
Make the opt-in process two steps – These are simpler. They tend to consist of a form that only includes a Call-to-Action button.

The Aweber Pro Plan is more extensive

Okay, so the Aweber Pro Plan offers everything that the Aweber free plan does and then some. You’ll pay a nominal fee of $16.15 a month for the ability to market your own brands on your website, track the results of your marketing campaigns and sales, and test your websites, among other things.

Oh, and you’ll be able to save custom email list segments which you can do strategic marketing to at a later date.

You’re not doing email marketing if you’re not using Aweber

It doesn’t matter if you use the Aweber free plan or the Aweber Pro Plan. You’re just not doing email marketing if you’re not using either plan. Aweber’s plans have many featuers that will make you an email marketing expert even if you barely know how to use email. It’s guaranteed to make your business and brands successful much faster. That’s becuase it will allow you to design and implement the email marketing campaigns that will ensure that your brands sell well and quickly!