Ever been torn between two popular marketing platforms, wondering which will unlock the ultimate success for your online business? Well, it’s high time to settle the Builderall vs. Kartra debate once and for all!

Online businesses are the backbone of the 21st century’s economy. In order to thrive and stand out in this digital age, it’s imperative for businesses to invest in a reliable digital marketing platform. Today, we’re diving deep into the comparison of two big players in the game: Builderall and Kartra. Which one offers the best value for your hard-earned dollar? Let’s break it down.


  • Builderall: Launched in 2011, Builderall has emerged as a comprehensive digital marketing platform offering a wide range of tools designed to assist entrepreneurs in building, marketing, and selling online. It encompasses everything from website building to email marketing.
  • Kartra: Introduced in 2018 by legends Mike Filsaime and Andy Jenkins, Kartra positions itself as an all-in-one online business platform. Like Builderall, it offers tools for creating, marketing, and selling products, but with an added emphasis on automation.

Features: A Head-to-Head Comparison

1. Website and Funnel Builders:

  • Builderall: Known for its drag-and-drop Pixel Perfect Builder, Builderall makes it a breeze to design and customize web pages.
  • Kartra: Kartra Pages is equally intuitive, with a vast array of professionally-designed templates ready for use.

2. Email Marketing:

  • Builderall: Uses MailingBoss for its email marketing. It’s functional but can feel a bit clunky at times.
  • Kartra: Kartra Mail stands out with its advanced automation and behavioral-based email sending.

3. Affiliate Management System:

  • Builderall: Has its own built-in affiliate system, enabling businesses to create and manage their affiliate programs.
  • Kartra: Kartra’s affiliate management is more advanced with features like detailed affiliate profiles and flexible payment options.

4. Pricing:

  • Builderall: Offers a tiered pricing model, starting from $19.90/month for the basic plan.
  • Kartra: Begins at $99/month, but provides a more robust suite of tools right out of the gate.


  • Builderall: With its range of tools, the learning curve can be a tad steeper for newcomers. However, once accustomed, it offers a cohesive environment.
  • Kartra: Designed with user-friendliness in mind, it often feels more streamlined and intuitive, especially for those new to digital marketing.

Integration and Flexibility:

  • Builderall: Allows integration with a variety of third-party apps, giving businesses flexibility.
  • Kartra: Offers fewer third-party integrations, but its in-built features are robust and can often negate the need for external tools.

Community and Support:

  • Builderall: Boasts an active community forum and provides decent customer support.
  • Kartra: Known for top-notch customer service and an engaged user community that’s always ready to help out fellow marketers.

In-Depth Feature Analysis:

1. Membership Sites:

  • Builderall: It’s more than just a website builder; Builderall also provides tools for creating membership sites. This means you can gate off specific content, providing exclusive access to those who’ve paid or registered. This is a great way to monetize content, create online courses, or offer premium content to a select audience.
  • Kartra: Membership capabilities in Kartra are a bit more advanced. Not only can you create diverse tiered memberships, but the platform also supports content dripping, which allows you to release content to members over time.

2. Video Hosting:

  • Builderall: Video hosting isn’t Builderall’s primary strength. While it does offer the option to host videos, it doesn’t provide the advanced analytics or customization features that some businesses might desire.
  • Kartra: Video hosting is integrated directly into the platform, allowing users to host and play videos without relying on third-party platforms like YouTube or Vimeo. What’s more, Kartra provides in-depth analytics on viewer behavior, which can be instrumental in understanding your audience and refining your content strategy.

3. Automation and Workflows:

  • Builderall: Builderall’s Canvas tool allows users to visually map out and create automation workflows. It’s a handy tool for visualizing and creating complex marketing funnels.
  • Kartra: The emphasis on automation is much stronger in Kartra. The platform provides advanced sequences and automation based on user behavior, allowing for highly personalized marketing campaigns.

4. Calendar and Appointments:

  • Builderall: The platform does offer a basic calendar and booking tool, suitable for businesses that require simple appointment bookings.
  • Kartra: The calendar tool in Kartra is more advanced, integrating directly with the platform’s other features. This allows for things like automated reminders, follow-up emails, and even upsells related to appointments.

Adaptability to Various Business Models:

Both platforms cater to a wide array of business types, from e-commerce stores to service providers. However, there are certain nuances that could make one platform more suitable than the other depending on the business model.

1. Online Courses and Education:

  • Builderall: It provides the necessary tools to host and market online courses. The membership site feature can be particularly useful here. But it might lack some of the advanced features dedicated platforms offer.
  • Kartra: With its advanced membership tools, content dripping, and video hosting capabilities, Kartra might be more appealing to serious educators or larger institutions.

2. Service-Based Businesses:

  • Builderall: The booking and calendar tools are handy for service providers, from consultants to therapists.
  • Kartra: Service businesses can benefit from the platform’s integrated calendar, email marketing, and automation tools, making client acquisition and management smoother.

3. E-Commerce:

  • Builderall: While Builderall does have tools for selling products, it might not be the best choice for full-fledged e-commerce businesses. The checkout and sales funnel options are somewhat limited compared to specialized platforms.
  • Kartra: With its advanced checkout options, one-click upsells, and integrated affiliate management, Kartra is more geared towards businesses focusing on product sales.

Scalability and Growth:

As businesses expand, it’s imperative for their tools to keep up. Let’s see how both platforms fare:

  • Builderall: One of Builderall’s strengths is its pricing structure. As businesses grow, they can move up the tiered pricing model, accessing more tools and features. This allows startups or smaller entities to begin with a basic plan and scale as needed.
  • Kartra: While Kartra’s starting price is higher, it offers a comprehensive suite of tools right from the start. This might make it a more attractive option for businesses that are scaling rapidly and need access to advanced tools immediately.

Security and Reliability:

In today’s digital world, ensuring your marketing platform is secure and reliable is paramount.

  • Builderall: They take security seriously, offering SSL certificates for all their sites, which not only keeps data safe but also can positively impact SEO rankings.
  • Kartra: They pride themselves on their robust infrastructure. From secure hosting to regular backups and strong data encryption, Kartra ensures your business and your customers’ data remain protected.

Education and Training:

Both platforms realize the importance of not just providing tools, but also educating users on how to leverage them effectively.

  • Builderall: Offers an extensive library of tutorials, webinars, and courses. These can be especially useful for beginners trying to navigate the digital marketing landscape.
  • Kartra: While they also offer training materials, Kartra places a significant emphasis on its academy, offering in-depth courses on various aspects of digital marketing, from the basics to more advanced strategies.

Final Thoughts: Which Should You Choose?

Both Builderall and Kartra have their merits. If you’re a beginner looking for a budget-friendly option with a vast array of tools, Builderall might be your pick. But if you’re willing to invest a bit more for a polished, integrated, and automation-focused experience, Kartra could be your game-changer.

Remember: The best platform is the one that aligns most closely with your business goals, needs, and budget.


1. Which platform is more beginner-friendly?

While both platforms are designed with users in mind, Kartra often gets the nod for its more intuitive interface.

2. Do I need to integrate third-party tools?

Depending on your specific needs, you might. Builderall offers more flexibility in this regard, while Kartra prides itself on being an all-in-one solution.

3. Are there any long-term contracts?

No, both platforms offer monthly subscriptions, giving you the freedom to change or cancel at any time.

4. How do the platforms handle eCommerce?

Both platforms have built-in checkout systems, but Kartra’s is generally regarded as more advanced with features like one-click upsells.

5. Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes! Both Builderall and Kartra offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, ensuring you can test the waters without any risk.