Ever found yourself pondering whether to go for Kartra or Infusionsoft for your business? Well, buckle up, folks! We’re about to dive deep into the intricacies of these two giants, dissecting their pros and cons, and ultimately helping you make a decision. Ready? Let’s get to it!

 Background of Kartra


Kartra, a relative newcomer, has made waves in the online marketing landscape. Originating as a solution for entrepreneurs, it aims to be a one-stop shop for all online business needs.

Key Features

  • All-in-one platform: From sales funnels to email marketing, Kartra has it all.
  • Customizable templates: Tailor your content to your brand’s unique look.
  • Advanced analytics: Know your audience inside out.

 Background of Infusionsoft


On the other hand, Infusionsoft (now known as Keap) has been a go-to for many businesses for years. Designed for small businesses, its primary aim is to simplify growth challenges.

 Key Features

  • Robust CRM: Keep track of your client interactions.
  • E-commerce capabilities: Perfect for businesses selling products.
  • Automated marketing tools: Efficient and targeted.

 Marketing Automation Capabilities

 Kartra’s Automation

Kartra’s platform is built to ensure that every lead you acquire doesn’t fall through the cracks. They understand the importance of customer journey mapping. By offering behavioral adaptive marketing, Kartra allows businesses to:

Automate content delivery depending on the actions taken by a user.

Tailor the experience, ensuring each customer’s journey feels personal.

Provide dynamic responses based on user interactions.

For example, if a potential customer watches a promotional video but doesn’t make a purchase, Kartra can trigger an automatic follow-up email offering a discount or additional information.

 Infusionsoft’s Automation

Infusionsoft is recognized for its high-powered automation tools. They prioritize segmentation and targeted communication, which are essential for effective email marketing. Their platform provides:

Detailed customer segmentation based on behavior, interaction, and purchase history.

Trigger-based messaging to ensure timely communication.

A comprehensive visual campaign builder that offers a clear view of your marketing funnels.

E-commerce Capabilities

 Kartra’s E-commerce Platform

Kartra’s e-commerce integration is relatively straightforward. Their system offers:

  • One-click upsells and cross-sells.
  • Multiple payment gateways.
  • Flexible pricing structures, including one-time payments, subscriptions, and installment plans.
  • Additionally, they have a built-in affiliate management system, allowing you to set up and manage your own affiliate programs.

 Infusionsoft’s E-commerce System

Infusionsoft provides a more elaborate e-commerce solution. Features include:

  • Integration with over a dozen payment gateways.
  • Extensive product and order management.
  • Advanced promotional tools like discount codes and subscription plans.
  • An integrated affiliate program setup.

 Landing Pages and Funnel Builders

 Kartra’s Landing Page Builder

With drag-and-drop functionality, Kartra’s landing page builder is designed for ease of use. You can:

  • Choose from a variety of high-converting templates.
  • Integrate lead capture forms seamlessly.
  • Use pop-ups and alert bars for promotions.
  • Optimize pages for SEO with built-in tools.

 Infusionsoft’s Landing Page Tool

Infusionsoft’s approach to landing pages is a bit more technical. While they offer a variety of templates, there’s an emphasis on:

  • Integration with their CRM for immediate lead capture.
  • A/B testing capabilities to optimize conversions.
  • Detailed analytics to gauge page performance.

Email Marketing

Kartra’s Email System

Kartra’s email marketing platform is a holistic tool, boasting:

  • Responsive email designs that look good on all devices.
  • A/B split testing for campaign optimization.
  • Detailed analytics for opens, clicks, and overall engagement.
  • Integration with the overall customer journey for seamless automation.

Infusionsoft’s Email Capabilities

Infusionsoft is renowned for its email marketing prowess. With it, you can:

  • Send personalized broadcast messages.
  • Craft detailed, segmented campaigns.
  • Use behavior-based triggers for timely email sending.
  • Gain insights with comprehensive analytics and reporting.

Pros and Cons

 Kartra’s Strengths and Weaknesses


  • Seamless Integrations: Kartra effortlessly connects its own tools, ensuring that every component of your online business communicates effectively. This reduces the often-frustrating tech hiccups you might experience with patchwork solutions.
  • User-friendly Interface: For those new to online marketing platforms, Kartra offers an intuitive interface that significantly reduces the learning curve.
  • Comprehensive Tutorial Resources: Whether it’s video tutorials, webinars, or written content, Kartra provides a wealth of resources to help users maximize the platform’s potential.
  • All-in-one Solution: Kartra is a Swiss Army knife for online businesses, bundling everything from landing pages and email marketing to video hosting and helpdesks.
  • Cost-effective Given the suite of tools it offers, Kartra can be more budget-friendly than purchasing multiple standalone solutions.


  • Limited Customization in Certain Areas: While Kartra offers a range of templates and designs, there are boundaries to how much one can tweak, potentially limiting brand uniqueness.
  • Relatively New: Being a newer platform means it might still have some teething issues or features that are being refined based on user feedback.
  • Platform Lock-in: Given its all-in-one nature, shifting your business away from Kartra in the future might be more challenging.

Infusionsoft’s Strengths and Weaknesses


  • Tried and Tested Platform: Infusionsoft has been around for years and has undergone numerous refinements based on real-world feedback.
  •  Comprehensive CRM Capabilities: Arguably one of the best in the industry, Infusionsoft’s CRM allows detailed customer segmentation, interaction tracking, and more.
  • Expansive Third-party Integrations: Infusionsoft can integrate with a host of external tools, making it flexible for businesses already invested in other platforms.
  • Robust Email Marketing: Their email capabilities are renowned, with powerful automation, segmentation, and deliverability features.
  • Training and Certification: Infusionsoft offers detailed training programs and even certification for users, ensuring businesses can fully utilize its features.


  • Complexity: The platform’s robustness can be overwhelming, especially for those new to digital marketing tools. The learning curve can be steeper.
  •  Price Point: Infusionsoft’s powerful features come with a corresponding cost, which might not be feasible for startups or smaller businesses.
  • Occasional Clunkiness: Given its age and extensive features, some users have reported occasional clunkiness or outdated interface elements.

Pricing Structures

Kartra’s pricing starts at a monthly $99, with different tiers based on features and contacts. Infusionsoft, however, starts at $199, scaling with added functionalities.

Integration Capabilities

Both platforms integrate well with third-party tools. However, Kartra takes the lead with seamless in-house integrations, while Infusionsoft shines with external tools.

User Experience (UX) Deep Dive

Kartra’s UX Journey

Ease of Setup:

Kartra’s dashboard is designed with beginners in mind. The platform offers a step-by-step setup process, guiding users through each feature, ensuring a smooth start. The visual aids and prompts are particularly beneficial for those unfamiliar with such tools.


Menus in Kartra are straightforward, with clearly labeled tabs for each function. This clean design avoids overwhelming users and lets them focus on the task at hand.

Drag-and-Drop Features:

One of Kartra’s strengths is its drag-and-drop functionality for landing pages, email design, and automation setups. This approach makes designing and building campaigns almost intuitive, even for the non-tech-savvy.

Tool Integration:

The seamless integration of tools within Kartra provides a unified user experience. Whether transitioning from email campaigns to analytics or from landing pages to CRM, the flow feels consistent and integrated.

Customer Support and Resources:

Kartra’s robust knowledge base and responsive customer support enhance the user experience. Tutorials, FAQs, and webinars ensure users can find solutions to any hiccups they encounter.

Infusionsoft’s UX Journey

Onboarding Process:

Infusionsoft provides an in-depth onboarding process. While this is beneficial given the platform’s comprehensive features, some users might feel it’s a tad lengthy.

Dashboard Design:

The dashboard is packed with features, and while it’s highly detailed, it can feel crowded for new users. The trade-off here is between complexity and capability.

Visual Campaign Builder:

One of the standout UX features of Infusionsoft is its visual campaign builder. This tool allows users to visually map out their marketing funnels, making complex automation more digestible and easier to manage.

Integration Flow:

While Infusionsoft offers robust integrations with third-party tools, moving between these and Infusionsoft’s native tools can sometimes feel less seamless than within a wholly integrated system like Kartra.

Training and Certification:

Infusionsoft’s commitment to user experience is evident in its extensive training programs. The availability of courses, certifications, and regular webinars ensures users can continuously upskill, making the most of the platform.

Customer Support

Both provide stellar support. Kartra’s community forums and guides are valuable, and Infusionsoft’s detailed webinars and tutorials are top-notch.

Final Thoughts

Making a choice depends on your business needs. If you want an all-in-one, streamlined solution, Kartra’s your pick. For more comprehensive CRM and marketing tools, lean towards Infusionsoft.


In the battle of Kartra vs Infusionsoft, there’s no clear winner. It boils down to what your business priorities are. But with this guide, we hope we’ve given you the clarity you need to make that decision.


1. Which is more beginner-friendly?

Kartra, due to its intuitive interface.

2. Is Infusionsoft worth the higher price tag?

If CRM is crucial for you, then yes.

3. How customizable is Kartra’s platform?

Highly, with numerous templates.

4. Can I switch platforms easily?

With some tech know-how, yes. But always back up data first.

5. Which has better customer support?

It’s a tie. Both offer extensive support resources.