So you want to launch your own business? You have the best idea, plan, brand, and strategy, so why not hop on Google and download a business plan template and an application to incorporate your own business. Hey wait a minute, it’s not that easy! Did you know that 80% of businesses fail within the first five years of founding? How can you not become another owner of a failed business? Buy a Thinkific plan!

What is Thinkific

Well, Thinkific is the tool for you if you want to launch your own online courses. You can sell membership sites as well.

Why was Thinkific born?

Have you ever heard of the old saying, “necessity is the mother of all inventions?” Well, that saying applies to Thinkific. It all started earlier this year. A man named Greg Smith had just designed the perfect LSAT course. It taught aspiring law students to think like the way the makers of the LSAT do. The course greatly increased these students’ chances of being accepted to Law school.

Smith had one little problem though. He needed to find an innovative way to market it. After all, many people currently make and sell online LSAT courses. So he had to be innovative. He came up with the idea of thinking out of the box in terms of marketing his products, and hence, Thinkific was born!

Thinkific pricing and plans

Did you know that currently 50,000 business owners use Thinkific to market their online courses and to create member exclusive classes? These are people like you. There’s a reason for this – Thinkific works!

Oh, and you don’t need to be one of those super savvy web wizards to use Thinkific. In fact, you don’t need to know anything about coding or technology to use Thinkific like a pro.

So now that you understand more about what Thinkific is, it’s time to discuss Thinkific pricing and Thinkific plans!

Thinkific plans

There are six Thinkific plans:
● Free
● Basic
● Pro
● Pro + Growth
● Premier
● Plus

Now that you know about Thinkific’s plans it’s time to discuss Thinkific features and fees in more detail.

Expect the following features with the Free plan
● WSYWYG website and page creation features
● E-commerce
● Freedom to create any type of course, regardless of content
● You can import content from other online sources
● You always own your content
● Use web tools to make your own courses
● You can download content from other online sources
● Ability to integrate third party tools and sites
● Your students can create reviews of your courses
● You can hold student discussions
● The ability to create and distribute online quizzes
● You’ll be able to create and distribute student surveys
● You’ll be able to create video presentations with the voice over power point presentation tool
● You’re never limited in the number of courses that you can create
● You can download features from the Thinkific app store
● The ability to create a randomized quiz question bank
● You can create prerequisite lessons
● You can require students to completely watch certain videos to complete your course offerings
● You can create and host captivating story lines
● You can create online assignments
● Zoom will let you create and host live lessons

The good news is that the free plan won’t cost you a penny to use.


The Basic plan costs $49 a month. It offers all of the features of the Free plan. the only difference is that it lets you integrate Brillium exams.


The Pro plan costs $99 a month. It offers all of the features of the Basic plan.

Pro + Growth

The Pro + Growth plan costs $99 a month. This plan offers all of the features of the Pro plan.


The Premier plan costs $499 a month. This plan offers all of the features of the Pro + Growth plan.


This plan is subjected to pricing changes. It offers all of the features of the Premier plan.

Who should use Thinkific?

Believe it or not, Thinkific is not for every business owner who is starting out. That said, you need Thinkfic if your business falls into one or more of the following categories:

  • Content creation – You are the type of person who is a radical and independent thinker. Therefore, you’ve just come up with an innovative new concept that can transform the lives of many.
  • Academic people and trainers – This is the platform for you if you’re an educator who sells online courses and/or learning materials. What you’ll love about the Thinkific plans is that you can host online or live classes through zoom. Thus, you’ll have many more options to thoroughly educate your customers.
    What you’ll love about Thinkific is its ability to segment students based on demographics.
  • Physical small businesses – Not every business is online. It’s because traditional marketing efforts work just fine for many businesses. That said, Thinkific plans can help you out even if you own a small shop.
    The one thing that you will love about Thinkiific is that it will allow you to offer complementary courses. Therefore, you can expand your target markets and enter new and related markets. This means much more money for you!
  • Coaching – So you’re int tutoring? Well, did you know that Thinkific is the platform that you want to use if you’re serious about making money? The same applies to any type of a coach.
    You can put your courses online! Why would you want to do this? Well, it’s because coaching tends to take time. After all, you have to explain complex concepts in ways that most people can easily understand! You just may not have extra hours in the day for this. So now you can use Thinkific to host online or live classes where you explain the concepts that you tutor to more people around the world.
  • Bigger companies – Medium and larger-sized companies think that Thinkific is a ‘godsend’ platform. There’s a reason for this. The platform allows them to create a brand for their entire suite of courses.

Thinkific Plans demystified

Now that you know what Thinkific is and who should be using it, it’s time to discuss Thinkific features in more detail!

WYSWYG Web page creation and features

This is the first feature that Thinkific’s basic plan offers. So, Thinkific refers to this as the ‘Site Builder!’ You can now build a beautiful and slick website with professional looking pages. What’s more is that your site will load at the speed of light on mobile devices!

That said, Thinkific’s drag and drop based site builder’s powers don’t end there! You’ll be able to build amazing landing and home pages. The builder will let you create product pages that will give the competition a ‘run for their money!’

Oh, and of course, you can create pages where you feature your brands. In fact, Thinkific will allow you to associate certain pages with certain brands! Now what could be a better marketing hack than that?

As mentioned earlier, you don’t even need to know one line of coding to do this well!


Hey, every advertising or marketing campaign has a theme. Therefore, it makes sense that a web page or site should have a theme as well. Well, if you use Thinkific, you’ll be pleased to learn that you’ll have three themes which you can choose from:
● Vision
● Empire
● Vogue

Each of these themes has up to four styles that you can choose from. Thus, you have many options in terms of theme design for your website and pages! You’ll be able to customize your site to reflect your brands’ themes.

Here’s an interesting point to make. Styles affect the color and font of your site and not its layout. Therefore, you’ll only be changing the look and feel of your website if you modify its style. The overall theme and content will remain the same. However, you will have to reset the content if you change a theme.

Did you know that Thinkific’s basic plan allows you to modify the place and elements on different pages in your site? How is this important? Well, it’s critical because it will allow you to customize your pages to reflect your brands and their messages. Rest assured that the competition won’t be able to do this if they’re not using Thinkify. Now, you can differentiate your company based on website layout and design and not just on brand!

The components of a web page

Any page on a website has the following components:
● Header
● Footer
● Sections
● Settings
● Blocks
● Content

This component is what starts your web page and its content. Viewers will associate your entire site, company, and your brands based on the content that’s posted in this area. The Elements that you’d want to include are:
● Company logo
● Navigation Map
● Site login link

Of course, this is not an exhaustive list. Believe it or not, this will brand your site because it will tell the visitor how your business and site are different from the competition.


The footer component ends every page on your website. You’d include the following elements here:
● privacy policy
● site links
● links to social media platforms

This information simply tells the visitor more about the nature of your site.

Make sure that the theme and layout of the header and footer match. Your visitors will like the consistency. Therefore, they’ll be more likely to stay for longer.


Therefore, you want to spend a lot of time on this component.

This is the component that does two things:
● Define the nature of your website
● Set your website apart from those of your competitors

All of the content goes into this component. It doesn’t matter if it’s text, audio clips, videos and movies, GIF’s and other content. The good news is that you can add or subtract as many sections as you want.

Each section is known as a block. Each block has three parts:
● Settings
● Content
● Blocks

Thinkific has smart sections. These will update information about your courses when this becomes available online. Thus, your students will always have access to the latest and most relevant information about a particular field.


This is the first part of the Sections component. You can change the settings to create pages and sites with a unique layout and theme. This will give both a unique look, feel, and flavor which will attract visitors to your site.

Settings have many elements:
● Headings – you can put your site’s title and the subtitles of the different pages here.
● Background – this element allows you to change the color of your text and the other content that you include.
● Layout – this consists of one or two columns and determines how you’re going to organize the content on your site.


The second part of the Sections component allows you to add blocks. You can think of a block as a large rectangular piece of white space on your screen. They’re formatted and allow you to add whatever content that you want to. You’ll be able to choose the order where you place your content.

The blocks that you’ll see will depend on the sections that you’re adding. There are many forms of blocks:
● Buttons
● Bonus
● Checklist item
● Category
● Icon & Text
● Product
● Instructor Bio
● Course review
● Logo
● Testimonials
● Upsell


This is the third part of the Sections component. It allows you to use the Text & Media section to place larger content that wouldn’t normally fit in a predesigned block.


The Thinkific basic plan will take care of hosting for you. Gone are the days when you had to pay companies like Go Daddy a lot of money for web hosting services. However, Thinkific’s web and video hosting services go far beyond this. You’ll be able to use these services to upload recorded videos or broadcast live videos.

Thinkific’s basic plan allows you to do something vital – E-commerce. It’s especially true if you have a lot of unique information that you can transform into courses. Well, this standard Thinkific feature is invaluable because it allows you to create free courses. Of course, if you actually want to make money teaching others online, you always have the option of creating paid and limited time courses.

What makes this feature unique from those that other platforms offer is that you can choose only to offer some courses to members. Remember that free courses tend to create a following. It’s easy to get leads from this following.

In case you were wondering, you can use various gateways to accept and process Thinkific payments. However, the dashboard lets you do much more than this. Did you know that you can also transfer funds to your own bank account straight from the dashboard? You can also issue refunds from the dashboard.

Thinkific’s basic plan offers something interesting. It comes in the form of new selling tools. A good example of one of these is the single page performance checkout tool. Now, your customers will be able to make a payment from different pages on your site.

How the new selling tools can work for you

The new selling tools are comprehensive. This means that you can market and sell your courses and actually make money doing so. You’ll have a variety of options when doing so. These include:
● Membership sites
● Free trials for courses
● Retargeting
● The ability to take payments from many gateways
● The ability to accept payments in many currencies
● Email marketing
● Group marketing
● Bundle marketing
● Upsells
● Affiliate reporting
● Coupons
● Promotions
● Javascript tracking
● Order tracking
● Conversion tracking

You’ll have access to your funds the minute your customers make the transfer. All of this is possible using a Stripe merchant account.

Free Trials

Believe it or not, offering a 2-3 week free trial for limited course offerings is an excellent digital marketing tool. Why does it work? Well, it’s because people love to get freebies. They are also loath to give up a good thing. Therefore, you can actually generate leads if you offer free trials for online courses. Just make sure that you don’t put the good stuff in the free trials. Save that for the paid courses.

If your free trials are good, you can rest assured that people will be impressed enough to sign up and pay for your courses!

Javascript tracking

This is similar to Google analytics. Javascript tracking will provide you with information that tells you how many people are going to the pages where your courses are. You’ll also be able to see impressions and clicks. From there, it’s just a matter of doing simple analysis to determine the following:
● Who is visiting your pages?
● How many people are clicking on your course links?
● Who is clicking on your course links?
● How often are they do this
● Where are your visitors coming from?

You can use this information to modify your online course offerings, content, and marketing campaigns accordingly.

Order tracking, conversion tracking, and retargeting

You can use valuable information to understand who is buying your courses. This will tell you who you should be targeting and what content you should be including in your courses. Of course, you’ll also learn what prices you should be charging for your courses.

Interestingly enough, you can use tracking pixels to modify and retarget your marketing campaigns.

You’ll be alerted whenever someone buys a course on your site.

Search Engine Optimization

Most companies use a combination of paid and organic SEO to ensure that more of the people who will buy from them are visiting their website regularly. Well, Thinkific’s SEO tool allows you to do the same!

You’ll be able to add URLs that search engine bots will notice to your site and pages. You’ll also be able to add meta tags, meta descriptions, and strategic and targeted keywords to your content. The objective of all of this is to get search engine bots to notice your site and rank it high on search engines. Once this occurs, your chances of dramatically increasing site traffic and conversions improve!

The ability to take payments from many gateways

Your main payment gateway options for accepting and processing external payments on Thinkific are PayPal and Stripe. You do, however, have other options in terms of accepting payment

There are certain factors that you should consider when you are choosing payment gateways.
● Will the customers in all of the geographic regions that you sell be able to pay you through your payment gateway?
● Are the payment gateway’s features beneficial to you? Also, do the gateways charge you a fee to process payments? If so, how much
● Can the payment gateway be used optimally for your business model?
● How much time will the payment gateway take to process and transfer the money into your account?
● Is it easy to use the payment gateway and is it easy to integrate it into your site?
● Does it give you analytical reports regarding your account? Also, will you be able to manage funds through it easily?

Payment gateways explained


If you use PayPal, expect to pay a transaction fee. It’s 2.9% plus .30 American cents for each transaction. Of course, this does depend on the currency that you ‘re paid in. Most small business owners use the Pro version of PayPal and they like it.

You can easily integrate it with your Thinkific website. You’ll, however, need to use a standard business account. There’s also another drawback – you can’t accept repeat payments from customers.

It’s primary currency is the US dollar


It tends to charge a 2.9% plus 30 American cents as a transaction fee. This does, however, vary according to country.

So it’s a ‘new kid on the block’ in terms of major payment gateways. You’ll pay a flat transaction fee. Also, there are no hidden or surprise service charges to worry about. You may have to wait awhile for the funds to be transferred but Stripe is easy for any business owner to use.

You’ll have many pricing options with Stripe. The reason is that you can directly integrate it into your Thinkific website. It will allow you to choose the currency you want to be paid in. You’ll also be able to offer your student customers subscription offers.

Choosing another external payment gateway

The processing fee that you’ll pay will depend on the type of other external payment gateway that you choose. You’ll never pay more than 3% in processing fees. Keep in mind that you’ll also be paying a small fixed fee.

You can use Clickfunnels if you do business in nations where PayPal and Stripe aren’t used. You can also use SecurionPay if you accept payment in multiple currencies. Payoneer is ideal if you sell multiple virtual products at once.

The payment gateway that you choose depends on the payment types that you accept. For example, you should use Stripe if you take credit card payments. PayPal is ideal if your customers are only in the United States. You won’t be paying a currency conversion fee if you do.

Thinkific will allow you to use PayPal to accept and process some payments while you are using Stripe. You can always use an external payment gateway. Keep in mind that you may have a harder time accepting some forms of payment if you do.

You’ll have to use links to the external payments gateways on the sites if you want to sign up for and use them. The same applies when you are enrolling students. You will have to re enroll them manually as well.

The ability to accept payments in many currencies

PayPal, Stripe, and external payment gateways will all allow you to accept payments in multiple currencies. Just remember that some of these gateways will charge a conversion fee.

Email marketing

Email marketing was the most effective way to market virtual products and services more than thirty years ago. It still is. The statistics speak the truth. You’ll find that you’ll see a dramatic increase in web traffic and conversions.  People who use email marketing tend to see an average of a 122% increase in ROI. There’s a reason for this, marketing emails tend to have a high open, read though, and reaction rate.

Also, did you know that two thirds of online purchases are motivated by email marketing?

This selling tool is one of the best features of Thinkific basic plan. You can make it work for you.

Some of the email marketing programs that you can use with Thinkific include:
● Mailchimp
● ConvertKit
● Constant Contact
● Active Campaign

Zapier  is a platform that will make integrating an email marketing program with Thinkific a breeze!

Group marketing

Did you know that you can use the group marketing feature to segment your customers. You’ll be able to sell many more courses simultaneously as well! The group marketing’s unique sign-up links feature makes this and more possible! You can also filter customers on multiple criteria. For example, you’ll be able to use the automatic filter to separate students by:
● batch
● Time
● Enrollment
● Job-type
● Organization

Note that this is not an exhaustive list of automatic filter options.

Bundle marketing

This marketing tool allows you to sell many courses for a flat rate at once. It’s invaluable because you’ll be able to sell more courses to more people at once! You’ll be able to make much more money and sell to many more people at the same time!


If you’ve ever been to McDonald’s you’ve noticed something. The cashier always says, “and would you like some extra fries with that?” You know what? This is called upselling and it works! Your business will generate far more revenue is you upsell your intangible products.

Why is upselling that important and why does your business need to be doing it? Well, it’s because you will be selling more to fewer people in your target audiences. Believe it or not, this is an excellent way to both strengthen and build your customer base in various markets. Another great feature about upselling is that you can bundle intangible products together.

Thinkific makes upselling easy. You’ll generate a higher Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) if you upsell. The neat part about this is that you’ll be making more money from fewer customers while spending much less money in advertising and marketing!

Affiliate reporting

Thinkific offers the affiliate reporting tool. The good news is that you can earn a recurring commission of up to 30% when your clients upgrade or renew their contracts. An interesting feature of this program is the browser tracking cookie. Thinkific will give you one of these if you visit it’s website but don’t create an account. You’ll get a commission if you visit the site again at any point during the next three months.

The affiliate reporting program is invaluable if you’re new to your industry. You can take advantage of the program’s many marketing and promotional options. For example, you can promote your products on various social media platforms. You always have the option of using email marketing if you want to have a more direct and impactful effect. Other marketing options include:
● blog posts
● chatbots
● virtual educational events and conferences
● newsletters
Thinkific partner knowledge base
● Sandbox account to test and demo your site
● banner ads
● SMS marketing
● Dedicated personal manager
● Referral links


This is perhaps one of Thinkific’s most powerful and effective new selling tool. You’ll be able to tap into new markets by offering first and second time customers deep coupon discounts on your courses. You may not believe it but this is a great way to enter new markets and expand your entire market base. Of course, it’s a great revenue generation tool.


This new selling tool will allow you to use coupons to market new products to new and existing customers. If you guessed that it allows you to make more money while increasing your core customer base, you are absolutely right!

Javascript tracking

You can add Javascript to tracking codes. The selling tool is invaluable because it allows you to track customer and prospect activity in terms of purchases in various external sites and Thinkific programs (like the affiliate program!)

Order tracking

Now you can understand how many visitors are actually buying from you. You’ll also be able to understand if they’re making a purchase on the first, second, or tenth visit. You’ll receive intricate details about the transactions. This selling tool is invaluable because it will tell you how to modify your marketing efforts. It will also tell you which courses are not as popular and need modification.

Conversion tracking

You’ll understand just how effective your website and digital marketing campaigns are in terms of getting people to your site. Conversion tracking will also tell you if your site and campaigns are actually getting people to stay long enough to make purchases. This selling tool will indirectly tell you which features of your sites and campaigns need modification.

Freedom to create any type of course regardless of content

Thinkific allows you to get creative when creating courses. You’ll need this since online courses are literally a dime a dozen in any industry. Therefore, you need to find ways to stand out, and you can do this with course content and format. You are free to use the videos, GIFs, images, or statistics in your courses that your competition may not be.  Now, you can outsell the competition by creating a sustainable competitive advantage.

Oh, and you won’t be charged for adding videos. Drip content is an invaluable Thinkific feature. Now, you’ll be able to ensure that all of your students are on the same page in terms of learning. This will compensate for differences in education, intellect, knowlegde, and geographic location.

You can import content from other online sources

You’re probably all too familiar with this situation. There is great content that you can use for your courses online. The only problem is that it’s on other sites! Well, thanks to Thinkific’s bulk importer this is an easy step.

You are free to customize the format and layout of the imported content. The advantage of doing this is that you can make sure that your courses outsell the competition by adding much more value to your customers.

You can always show your own content

You own all of the content in the courses on your Thinkific site. Therefore, you can show content that contains your own ideas, knowledge, and insights. Believe it or not, this is one of the most important Thinkific features out there.

There’s a reason for this. Courses that feature great content are all over the net. So, you need to stand out by creating killer content that impresses the first time around. Industry people refer to this as epic content. People will be making instantaneous purchases if your epic content offers them a solution to their most annoying problems. Well, this Thinkific feature will allow you to do exactly this!

Remember that content can offer solutions only if it’s useful, insightful, and educational. Oh, and there are other important benefits to creating your own epic content:
● You’ll hold your visitor’s attention for longer. Guess what? This increases the likelihood of an immediate purchase!
● Visitors will be more likely to become hardcore customers (another term for customer loyalty!)
● You can change your customers’ lives for the better and become a respected industry leader while doing so!
● Your site will see an immediate jump in daily traffic.
● Your content will make your site viral in just a few months. If you guessed that this is an invaluable promotion that will win you many more customers immediately, you’re absolutely right!

Use web tools to make your own courses

Okay, so outlines and the quality of content are everything if you want your courses to sell immediately. The issue is that there is only so much knowledge and unique insights out there about any field or topic. Also, you can bet that your competitors have already incorporated these in their own courses. So how do you stand out? You use Thinkific’s web tools to customize your courses.

Video creation

Thinkific will give you a video library. You’re always free to download insightful videos and upload them to your site. You can also manage your videos directly from your dashboard. Thinkific uses Wistia to host video files. This means that you can upload as many of these as you want. Just make sure that they’re under 2GB in content.

If you need to compress your videos but don’t want to sacrifice quality use the Handbrake tool. You can also embed videos from other sites and social platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

Creating quizzes

Do you remember those quizzes that you took in school. Sure, they were boring and intimidating and you didn’t look forward to them. That said, they did something invaluable – you remembered what you learned for longer because of them! Well, did you know that quizzes will make your courses more powerful and help them sell faster?

Use Thinkific’s quiz builder to create quizzes in a variety of formats and styles. You can create your own quizzes or use Thinkific’s quiz bank for inspiration.

Incorporating multimedia

Welcome to the Course Player. This is an invaluable tool that’s not part of Thinkific. That said, you can always integrate it into your multimedia courses. You’ll be able to help your students stay on track of the content with it.


So you’re teaching students all about Darwin’s theory of evolution! They’ll need to do a lot of reading to understand the complex concepts being presented. Well, you can use Thinkific’s WSYWYIG editor to embed and customize all sorts of text-based content to create a unique and impactful course.


So, you want to understand how your students like your courses in detail? Use the survey tool. How does it help? Well, if you start your courses off with a detailed survey you can understand what you should be teaching. Surveys are also useful if given at the end of your course. They will help you understand just how effective your courses really were!

Thinkific will allow you to use the following formats for surveys:
● Single answer
● Multiple choice
● Rating
● Scale
● Free text questions


Thinkific will allow you to upload existing PDF content to your courses. Now, you can give more power to your courses!


Most young people use their mobile phones to learn. Why not capitalize on this by offering audio courses? Now, your students will be able to learn important concepts while riding the bus or waiting in the doctor’s office.

Downloadable files

So you need to distribute a lot of course content to your students? Downloadable files are the perfect option for you! You can include the following types of content:
● worksheets
● Guides
● Syllabuses
● Videos
● Optional material

The list is virtually endless!


There is an old saying that ‘a picture says a thousand words!’ Using an extension of this logic, you can use video based presentations to help your students learn and remember more! You upload them to your site. Then, you use the voice over recorder to customize your presentations and make them even more impactful.


You can customize your courses with limited numbers of retakes, timed exams, different question types, etc…These types of exams will force your students to study hard and learn the material thoroughly.

You can download content from other online sources

One of the most valuable Thinkific features is the ability to download content from other online sources.

Ability to integrate third-party tools and sites

Integrating third-party tools and sites into your Thinkific site will make your content more powerful, informative, and insightful. The probability of it selling increases dramatically. You can use Thinkific’s special app to do this. It’s called integrations.

Your students can create reviews of your courses

Your students can create reviews of your courses. Student reviews will give your courses more authority.

You can hold student discussions

Have you ever wondered what your students really understand and think about your courses. Well, this Thinkific feature will allow you to find out. You can create an independent Thinkific community where you’ll be able to host discussions with your students.

They’ll be able to create posts. You’ll be able to do the same. Students can ask questions through comments on posts. They’ll be able to clarify any concepts that they don’t understand.

You’re in control of these communities because you can control who has access. This can be either at the site or individual course level. You can also grant access to bundled courses.

There are many reasons to build a Thinkific student community. They are:
● To connect better with your students
● Build trust with your students
● build loyalty
● Enable social collaboration
● Build a global audience of connected students

These types of communities make your courses even more valuable and powerful in terms of content.

The ability to create and distribute online quizzes

Thinkific has a unique feature. It’s the ability to create online quizzes for free and then distribute them to  your students. It works! According to 81% of marketers, interactive online quizzes are the best way to engage with your students. They’ll definitely learn much more!

You can make your online quizzes interactive by adding videos, embedding videos, or embedding audio files to them. The WSYWIYG editor makes it easy for you to create professional and highly engaging quizzes. You can either use your own questions and answers. That said, you can always use Thinkific’s randomized question bank for inspiration.

You’ll be able to create many different types of quizzes. Quiz distribution is easy. All you have to do is export the questions and answers to an excel spreadsheet.

You’ll be able to create and distribute student surveys

Student surveys are invaluable. You can see who’s really been paying attention and doing the work with these. You’ll also be able to understand why each student is taking your course and what he or she hopes to learn.

When designing student surveys you should ask basic questions. These include understand what the students want to learn, their background in your subject, and some of their current challenges.

Ideally, you should create and distribute student surveys at the beginning and end of each course. The ones at the beginning will help you understand your students better. The ones at the end will allow you to understand if the students have accomplished their objectives. It’s easy to distribute surveys if you export them into an Excel spreadsheet.

You’ll be able to create video presentations with the voice over power point presentation tool

Giving your video presentations voice-overs makes them more impactful. Microsoft makes this possible.

You’re never limited in the number of courses you can create

You can create an unlimited number of courses if you have a paid plan. The free plan will only allow you to create 3 courses. You’ll be able to add courses to any website. It doesn’t matter if it’s Wix or Weebly.

You can download features from the Thinkific app store

You can easily download the following apps from Thinkific’s app store:
● Active Campaign
● Shopify
● Motrain
● Intercom
● Typeform
● Lessonspace
● eWebinar
● CartStack
● Capture
● DropInBlog
● PlaYEAH!

Note that this is not an exhaustive list of apps. These apps will give your site much more functionality.

The ability to create a randomized question bank

You can create an  unlimited number of unique, engaging, and meaningful quizzes with Thinkific’s randomized question bank. From there it’s a matter of selecting the number of questions that you want each quiz to have. Thinkific’s question bank will automatically start generating unique quizzes.

Go to the Quiz Lesson and select the box next to the “Randomized question bank” option. You’ve just activated this feature. Then choose the number of questions that you want the quiz to have. Thinkific will take care of the rest for you!

You can create prerequisite lessons

This feature is perfect for you if you don’t want students skipping ahead to later chapters before you’ve taught them. It’s ideal in subjects like technology and engineering where students must have a good grasp on basic concepts before they can move onto harder ones.

Students will have to complete and understand the previous chapters before they can move onto later ones. You’ll be able to determine which chapters students can access at certain times.

You can require students to completely watch certain videos to complete your course offerings

Requiring students to watch 100% of some educational videos is excellent if you don’t want them skipping ahead in your courses. This Thinkific feature is perfect if you’re offering accreditation or certification courses. Most of these require students to have a certain number of educational and training hours before they can get their certificate.

Students won’t be able to progress forward until the video marks 100% completion.

You can create and host captivating story lines

Thinkific allows you to create and host captivate and story lines. These will engage your students better. Your students will be able to relate to an emotionally appealing story. Hence, they will learn much more.

You can create online assignments

So you now can give your students real homework assignments online! Now, they’ll get the taste of real school! Creating online assignments is an invaluable Thinkific feature. You’ll can rest reassured that your students will be fully engaged with real world discussions between them and you. The students will learn many valuable concepts from your courses.

More students will be completing your courses. They’ll also be learning real life knowledge and insights which they can apply to their professions to succeed! Your students will also give you meaningful and insightful feedback regarding your course’s real effectiveness!

All assignments work in the course player. Email notifications that are sent to your students after you’ve graded their assignments often lead to real conversations regarding what they really understand.

You can create interesting assignments. For example, you can create assignments for engineering students which require them to go through the interactive steps needed to build a car similar to the Tesla!

Zoom will let you create and host live lessons

Many organizations already use Zoom to create virtual sessions. You can do the same with your lessons. There are many advantages to doing so. For one thing, you’ll get more interaction. This can and often does lead to more student engagement. Rest assured that your students will genuinely be interested in what you’re teaching them. They’ll definitely pay attention.

Zoom lets you create group lesson sessions and live webinars. This will allow you to present concepts in a new light. You can teach concepts and ideas and present knowledge from different angles and points of view. All of your students, especially those with learning difficulties, will definitely understand the concepts that you’re trying to teach them.

You determine the time, length, and date of the Zoom webinars or live course sessions. You do need to have a Zoom account if you want to use this feature. Just remember that no more than 100 people can participate in a session. Also, all sessions are in Beta. Zoom also only works in Chrome, Firefox, or Edge Chromium.

All sessions are held through Thinkific’s course player. You won’t be able to offer break out rooms or polls though. You can only host a 40 minute session if you’re using the Free plan. You’ll need to upgrade if you want to host longer sessions.

Integrating Brillum exams with Thinkific

You can create powerful, insightful, and innovative exams with Briliium. You’ll be able to create questions that really measure student comprehension. Brillum also allows you to do powerful and in-depth data analysis.

You can only access this Thinkific feature if you’re on the Growth  plan. You’ll be able to do comprehensive student evaluations with this third-party platform. These state-of-the-art exams will tell you which material you should be emphasizing. You’ll also know which students have been ‘falling behind’ in terms of learning.

Note that you sign up for and buy Brillium as a separate plan.

Take charge with Thinkific

Thinkific makes virtual learning exciting and fun with its abiltity to create interactive courses that are engaging and insightful. The world is your oyster in terms of innovation for course design and offerings. Indeed, if you use one of Thinkific’s plans you’ll make your students eager to learn from you!