Kajabi – Pricing and Plans explained

Do you sell online courses or similar intangible products? Well, then what you are about to read will be like eye candy! Did you know that you can use a system to help you post engaging, informative, and useful information-based content that WILL SELL? So, what system could do all of this and more? Well, it’s Kajabi. You can sign up for it on the Kajabi website!

So what is Kajabi?

Ah yes, this is the million dollar question. Now, you know that, “Kajabi is some sort of system that will make my courses have killer content which will sell!” However, that really doesn’t tell you much. After all, you can use Grammarly to create good content that sells. So why Kajabi and what makes it so special?

Well, Kajabi is a content marketing platform. It helps people who own their own online or small businesses get noticed online through various forms of digital marketing. The days when you had to hire a web wizard or digital marketing expert are over. Kajabi has many templates that you can customize. These will allow you to sell whatever you teach. It doesn’t matter if it’s the equivalent of Cluff notes for biology or a course on the latest boxing practices!

Oh, by the way, there’s more to Kajabi than this. After all, it wouldn’t be one of the most talked-about platforms around if its abilities and offerings ended here! You can do the following with it:

  • Create a stellar looking website that will amaze visitors and make your site look much better than those of the competition
  • Create an unlimited variety of digital products. These can be anything from online courses to tutoring classes. The sky is literally the limit!
  • Allow you to market and sell your products with captivating sales pages and funnels
  • Allow you to set your own prices for your products.
  • Give you many options in terms of accepting payments. Some of these include
    • One time fees
    • Discounts
    • Installation payments
    • Subscriptions

Why use Kajabi anyway?

You may still not be convinced why you should be using Kajabi and not one of its competitors like Clickfunnels or even WordPress. You may still not be convinced why you should be using Kajabi and not one of its competitors like Clickfunnels or even WordPress. After all, this system and platform also allows you to create intriguing and unique content on websites! 

You need to use Kajabi if you’re serious about creating intangible products and marketing them. Kajabi will help you do this faster and easier. It will also allow you to quit your regular job by generating a high enough income stream from your products.

Kajabi Pricing Plans
Kajabi offers three plans
● Basic
● Growth
● Pro


You pay USD 119 a month for the following features. The basic plan comes with a 14-day free trial. You have no obligation to sign up after the free trial ends. The billing cycle is annual:
● You can create and market up to 3 products
● The ability to build up to 3 pipelines
● You can create an unlimited number of landing pages
● You can create and send out an unlimited number of marketing emails
● The database will store up to 10,000 contacts
● Up to 1,000 active members can participate
● You can create up to 1 website
● There is 1 admin user per account

Some Extras –

Some of the Basic plan’s extra features include:
● Kajabi University
● No transaction fees
● You can create webinars and events
● You will have access to pre-made templates
● You can create quizzes and surveys
● You will get 1 customer activation support call
● You get chat support
● You’ll have access to automation features


You are billed annually for this plan. The Growth plan costs USD 159 a month. You can sign up for a 14-day free trial with the Growth plan. There is no obligation for you to pay after the free trial ends. The Growth plan comes with the following features:
● You can create up to 15 products
● The plan will allow you to create up to 15 sales pipelines
● You can create unlimited landing pages
● You can create and send out an unlimited number of marketing emails
● The database will store up to 25,000 contacts
● Up to 10,000 active members can participate on the site
● There is only 1 one website per user
● Up to 10 users can access and use an account

Some extras –

Some of the Growth plan’s extra features include:
● The Kajabi University
● 0% fee on any and all transactions
● The ability to create webinars and events
● You’ll have access to pre-designed templates
● You can create quizzes and surveys
● You’ll have access to 1 customer success activation call
● You’ll get 24/7 chat support
● You’ll have access to advanced automations
● You can put your own branding on your site and pages
● Access to the affiliate program

Pro Plan

You’ll pay USD 319 a month. The billing cycle is annual. The Pro plan comes with a 14-day free trial. You are never under any obligation to sign up after the trial period ends. The Pro plan has the following features:
● You can create up to 100 products
● You can create up to 100 sales pipelines
● You can create as many landing pages as you want to
● You can create and send out as many marketing emails as you want to
● The database stores up to 100,000 contacts
● Up to 20,000 active members can participate on your sites and in your webinars
● The ability to build up to 3 websites
● Up to 25 users can use and access an account

Some extras –

The Pro plan comes with some additional features which many entrepreneurs find helpful:
● The Kajabi University
● There is 0% fee for transactions
● You can create webinars and events
● You can access and use pre-made templates
● You can create and use quizzes and surveys
● You get 1 customer success activation call
● You’ll have access to 24/7 customer support
● You’ll have access to advanced automations
● You’ll be able to brand your site the way you want
● You’ll have access to the affiliate program
● You can use the code editor

NOTE: You can pay the entire amount for any of the plans in one lump sum payment and enjoy a 20% discount for doing so!

Basic plan – create up to 3 products

You can create up to 3 products with the basic plan. The basic plan is great if you are starting online courses and are new to the industry. You likely don’t have many products to sell.

Build up to 3 pipelines

You can build up to 3 pipelines with the Basic plan. Kajabi makes the selling process easier by automating the steps involved when selling. Its pipelines connect the various landing pages on your site with your marketing emails to produce digital marketing campaigns that will dramatically increase your website traffic and lead to hundreds of instant conversions.

Kajabi takes people from your sales pages and leads them through a sequence of pages that are designed to convert. Its final destination is the checkout page where they can complete your purchase.

Kajabi’s pipelines consist of three important elements:
● Landing pages
● Email campaigns
● an offer
Kajabi will make the process of traveling through the pipeline a quick, easy, and seamless experience. It ensures that you’ll get lots of repeat and referral business.

This marketing platform has Platform Blueprints which come with pre-built templates. These have email marketing templates integrated into them. The result is a digital marketing campaign that will drive hundreds to your site immediately and result in dozens of conversions.

How to build a pipeline through Kajabi

The first step to creating a pipeline in Kajabi is to generate a Pipeline Blueprint. An interesting feature of Kajabi is that it allows you to design and create your pipelines the way you want.

An example of a Kajabi Pipeline Blueprint is Kajabi OVO Pipelines. If you use this pipeline you’ll find that you’ll have more visitors who buy from you. They’ll convert because they’ll be enticed by the many opt-ins and value-based content that this pipeline will generate for you. Just make sure that your offer is appropriate for your industry.

Each sales pipeline comes with a flow. Kajabi’s OVO Pipeline will allow you to create your pipeline using one of six different flows. Don’t worry if you don’t know anything about website creation. Each of Kajabi’s flow processes comes with ready-to-use landing pages and email marketing templates. You’ll be driving droves of traffic and generating dozens of conversions on your site in no time. Of course, you are free to customize these pages and templates.

You can create an unlimited number of landing pages

The sky is the limit in terms of the number of landing pages that you can create with the Basic plan. Now, your site doesn’t need to have a landing page to drive traffic to your website and convert. However, it does simplify this process and make it (the process) much more effective.

The purpose of any landing page is to get people to come to your site from any one of a number of online sources and stay there long enough to make a purchase. Kajabi’s landing pages are great at doing this.

Landing pages are organized and goal-oriented. There’s a reason for this. They are designed to convince people to buy your brands. Kajabi’s landing pages are definitely organized and goal-oriented.

The landing pages that you can create using Kajabi’s templates are unlimited in terms of design, style, and even length of content. You can design a landing page that converts and has dozens of pages of text. That said, your landing page could have only a few images, GIF’s, videos, and lines of text and be equally effective (in terms of converting!)

By the way, did you know that you can use your landing pages to do A/B testing of a particular brand or offer that you have posted on your Facebook (or other social media) page?

Kajabi’s landing pages allow you to experiment. For example, you can create two slightly different versions of a landing page. From there, you email one landing page to half of the contacts on your email list and send the other to the other half. You can see which landing page will be more successful by analyzing your email open rates and the bounce versus visit rates on your landing pages. Believe it or not, this is a powerful selling tool that can give you a sustainable competitive advantage over the competition!

There are certain things that you need to keep in mind when using Kajabi’s landing page templates:
● Make sure that each of your landing pages has a specific purpose and is goal-oriented.
● All of your landing pages should feature your URL. Make sure that it’s simple and easy to remember
● Make sure that your landing pages have a meta description, tags, strategically placed keywords, etc…You know, the elements that will get search engine bots to notice them and rank your site highly.

The different types of landing pages

Hey, you just learned that you can create an unlimited number of landing pages with different styles, designs, and content layouts. Therefore, it makes sense that you can create different types of landing pages using Kajabi.

Now before proceeding further, there are certain things that you should know when creating any type of landing page:
● Think about what you’re selling to the visitor
● Think about the offer that you’re making to them
● Who is your target audiences?
● What content do you want to feature both on your landing pages and in your courses?

The five types of landing pages:

Click-through landing pages – Here’s an interesting analogy. Remember how you order appetizers in a restaurant before ordering your main course? The appetizers are supposed to whet your appetite and get you ready to eat and enjoy your main course. Well, click-through landing pages operate the same way in terms of sales funnels. These types of pages focus on a particular offer you want to give customers. They are designed to get visitors ready for the sales pitch that will appear on your sales pages!
You could, for example, offer one course free for purchases of USD 200 or more. Just remember that a click-through landing page has to tell the visitor why your brands are so valuable that he or she must purchase them immediately! It wouldn’t hurt to get the visitor in the purchase mode by having him or her enter his or her credit card information in the appropriate fields. In fact, click-through landing pages with credit card information fields tend to generate more conversions!
Images and video are also compelling tools to put on your click-through landing page. These will get the visitor in the buying mode!

Lead generation – This type of a landing page is designed to gather important information that you can use to contact prospects and convert them. Types of useful information include

  • names
  • Email addresses
  • phone numbers

The sole purpose of this type of a landing page is to get as many people who visit your site to provide you with their contact information as possible. Therefore, it tends to be a ‘no-frills’ landing page. It also tends to have a straightforward message which is to enter contact information into the desired fields in exchange for free and valuable information. This generally comes in the form of a newsletter but it can also come in the form of e-books, various digital tools, screencasts, interesting content from your classes.

Microsites – You can think of these as smaller versions of websites inside your main website. Their main purpose is to drive sales by featuring key information about one useful feature of your brands. The intent is to use this information to get people to sign up for your courses.
These types of landing pages tend to consist of a single page that is rich in various types of useful and interesting content. Microsites are a great way to hook viewers and get them to buy from you because they allow you to tell emotionally appealing stories about your brands. You can support these stories with powerful audio and visual media, emojis, and GIFs to persuade visitors to buy from you immediately.

Sales Page – Sales pages are focused on a particular brand. They’re a little different from a pure landing page because it only focuses on one brand. That said, it behaves like a pure landing page because (if done correctly) it can drive lots of conversions quickly. Make sure your content is rich in persuasive and powerful text and is supported by quality pictures and visual and audio media.

Long-Form Landing Page – These can be the equivalent of several web pages in length. They’ll describe a particular brand, its features, and benefits in length. If you visit these types of pages you’ll notice that the calls to action are located at various strategic places in these pages. Note, that you may not want to use them because many viewers have been turned away by them. These viewers feel that these types of pages are too pushy in terms of selling.

You can create and send out an unlimited number of marketing emails

Do you know what the most effective and impactful form of marketing is? Think it’s social media marketing? Think again. It’s email marketing. Yes, marketing emails have a high open and response rate – the statistics prove this.

Kajabi allows you to create and send out as many marketing emails as you want. But, how does this work and why is this important? Well, for starters, the chances of the receivers actually opening and reading your marketing emails increases dramatically. Why? Well, it’s because you asked them to give you their email addresses out of their own free will on your lead generation landing page. Therefore, they are waiting to hear from you!

In case you were wondering, you’re telling your prospects all about your brands, why they are important, why they are beneficial, and how they will solve your prospects’ issues much better than the competitions’ brands would. It sounds easy, right? All you have to do is send out an informative marketing email that tells the reader all about your brands!

Okay, well if it was that easy anyone would be sending out handwritten marketing emails. They wouldn’t be using specialized software programs like Kajabi to do so. They wouldn’t be using complex and sophisticated yet intuitive and user-friendly programs to do so.

So why should you be using Kajabi for your email marketing campaigns? Well, it’s so that you can persuade the reader that your brands are the only ones that they need, and hence, should be buying! How can you do this? There are many ways to structure the content in your marketing emails.

You could, for example, send the following in your emails:
● General educational content
● Coupons
● Discounts
● Special offers
● Promotions
● Engaging content that you know will motivate the reader to buy from you immediately.

Note that this is not an exhaustive list of the types of content that you can include and how you can structure it. The sky is literally the limit in this regard.

So what can Kajabi’s email marketing campaigns do for your business? Well, they can do many good things that will motivate existing customers to stick around, allow you to attract new customers quickly, and (most importantly) allow you to sell more!
For example, you can develop deep and strong professional relationships with customers. You may not know this but you establish a strong bond of trust with your customers when you do this. Then something magical happens. Your customers tend to buy only from you (customer loyalty) and they tend to tell everyone who they know why your brands are the best (referrals.) Most businesses get their sales from existing customers and referrals.

Encourage sharing. So you’ve been told that sharing is good and that you should do it from the time you were very young. Well, sharing is important in email marketing and sales and revenue generation as well! If you structure your marketing emails the right way and put the right content in it you can get your readers to forward your emails to everyone they know. If you guessed that this automatically results in more sales for you, you’re absolutely right!

Allows you to announce strategic promotions. So why is this good? Well, did you know that you can sell oodles more of your brands if you promote them at the right time and in the right way? How can this work? Well, suppose you’re trying to enter a new market. You can increase the chances of your brand selling in this new market immediately by offering an irresistible promotional offer. It could be a push strategy of ‘buy one and get the next product at half price!’

You can let the whole world know about your brands. And do you want to know something? The chances of your world-class brands selling more often soar if and when almost everyone around the world knows about them and their amazing benefits!

Email marketing also entices people and gets them to trust you. It’s easy to build lasting professional relationships with prospects and turn them into customers when they trust you. In case you were wondering, Kajabi does this. It’s called building brand loyalty. You tend to get customers who buy a lot from you repeatedly if you’re good at building brand loyalty. You also create a strong and growing customer base.

How to make Kajabi Email marketing work for you!

Yes, you can use Kajabi’s email marketing feature to drive traffic to your site and generate conversions, but only if you know how to use it correctly. Kajabi offers you many professional templates to choose from. You can also choose from many automatic and professional subject lines that are pre-designed in Kajabi.

Kajabi’s email marketing campaigns are unique and powerful because they will bring the world to your doorstep by allowing you to widen your global reach with concise marketing emails that persuade people to buy immediately. The neat part about Kajabi’s email marketing templates and campaigns is that it allows you to build your email marketing content around your brands. Thus, you can emphasize why they’re different from those of the compeititon. You can also persuade the reader that he or she would be better off buying only your brands.

These email marketing campaigns come with a variety of interesting features that put you in control. Some of these include:
● Automation
● Email lists
● Marketing analytics

Kajabi will let you run two different types of email marketing campaigns:
● Email broadcasts – these consist of a single and standard email to one or more recipients
● Email sequence – these consist of a series of marketing emails that are sent out when the receivers complete certain actions. An example may be making the first purchase on your site.

Kajabi’s analytics are powerful. They allow you to:
● set up complex and detailed automations
● track open rates
● track email click through rates
● send personalized information to key customers like students.

Kajabi’s email marketing templates allow you to send slick and professional email marketing messages to your prospects and customers. These are designed to be persuasive and convert. These marketing emails can be designed to be sequential. For example, they can persuade people to buy a particular brand. Subsequent marketing emails can thank these people for making purchases. They can also encourage customers to make repeat purchases and buy bundled products.

The five things that you can do with Kajabi’s email marketing campaigns

Create your own marketing emails

You can also customize your marketing emails. The drag and drop editor will allow you to design the pre-made templates anyway you want. You’ll also be able to add the types of content that you want. The good news is that Kajabi has an entire library of pre-designed templates.

Send out sequences of emails

These will give your marketing email campaigns more power and punch. You can send these marketing emails after they perform certain actions. A good example would be making a purchase or a repeat purchase. They can thank the customer for the completing the current purchase and offer a hefty discount for future purchases.

Personalize emails

It’s possible to use Kajabi’s automation features to automatically customize and personalize marketing emails. You can design these emails to ‘speak to the prospect or customer’ from an emotional and/or spiritual standpoint. These will influence and persuade the prospect or customer to buy your brands.

You can get valuable information and data that will tell you if your email marketing campaigns are working and how successful they actually are. For example, you can learn how many of your customers and prospects are opening and reading your emails. You can also design marketing emails to target and appeal to certain market segments.

The analytics are powerful

Kajabi will allow you to gauge just how much progress you’re making in terms of tweaking and fine-tuning your marketing emails to make them sell the way you want them to. It has a whole host of analytical tools in its library that will tell you just how successful your marketing campaigns and efforts really are.

Kajabi’s email templates

You have many choices to pick from when it comes to Kajabi’s marketing emails:
● Simple text – This is basic text which is perfect for long emails and broadcasts.
● Showcase brands – You can design and send out templates that will highlight the best features of your brands.
● Do event announcement – Kajabi’s marketing emails are perfect for announcing online events like a Zoom conference or webinar.
● Share newsletters – You can keep your prospects and customers ‘in-the-loop’ with the latest in terms of business and brand developments.
● Share blog posts – Create new blog posts that will keep your community in the loop regarding your brands and business.
● Ballast – This is a vibrant email template with amazing visuals that are designed to grab the receiver’s attention and get him or her to open and read the marketing email to completion.
● Boardwell – This professional attention grabbing email template will work wonders in terms of educating your customer and prospects on the latest and best in terms of your (latest) course, blog, or interview.
● Bridge – Its simplicity makes it ideal for communicating information about your sign-up and confirmation forms.
● Brush – The large header will grab the reader’s attention and compel him or her to read your email.
● Climb – You are unlimited in terms of the ways that you can customize this template. The same applies to content. This is the template you want to use if your business is a rapidly growing startup.
● Mocha – You want to use this template if you want to educate your customers regarding company and course updates and the new content that you’re incorporating into your courses/new courses.
● Myriad – You can customize the formatting any way you want. Your readers will love the bright visuals the most.
● Slice – The new and edgy template design will wow your readers and compel them to open and read the emails.
● Squiggle – This is perfect for when you want your content to appear prominently and in the front.
● Stem – The template lets images do the talking. You want it if you’re constantly telling your readers about updates and your new course content.
● Strum – This template is image-centric. You want to use this if you’re promoting your courses.
● Timber – This template has earth inspired designs, features, and colors. It’s designed to get readers to buy from you by making them feel comfortable.
● Make Referrals – This is only for Kajabi partners. You can include unique share links to customize the emails.

The database will store up to 10,000 contacts
You can store up to 10,000 contacts in the with the Basic plan.

Up to 1,000 active members can participate
You likely don’t have many customers if you’re starting out and have a small business. Therefore, you don’t have as many active members who have to participate on online forums.

You can create up to 1 website
You are limited to creating 1 website with the Basic plan. You’re paying a low price and therefore your options are somewhat limited. The Basic plan is perfect if you’re a small business owner, start-up business owner, or both.
Its drag and drop builder will allow you to design your website any way you want. You’ll be able to include your terms and conditions, privacy policy, content, courses, and more on the website.
You don’t have to know anything about website design, HTML, computer language programming, or coding to build slick and professional websites. These websites often look better than those that professional, experienced, and knowledgeable webmasters and coders could create!
Kajabi comes with a huge library that’s loaded with pre-made templates that you can choose from. All of these are stunning, professional, and impactful! What’s even better is that its website builder is integrated.
You can design the perfect website with a design, layout, and perfect content in a few hours that will sell your brands immediately!
You’ll be able to pick the domain that you want for your site. Now, you can stand out from the crowd!

What you need to do

Let’s face it, some corporate websites are clearly better than others are. They also look more professional than the competition’s do. There’s a reason for this. The owners of these stellar websites followed a formula that allowed them to build killer and persuasive websites that result in immediate conversions. Now, you can learn this formula:

  1. Have a plan – Well, you’re more likely to succeed at anything that you do if you have a well-designed and detailed plan for it. The same applies to website design and creation. Ask yourself the following questions:
    a. how many pages will my website have?
    b. will the site have a blog or webcast integrated into it?
    c. will the site have a membership subscription to access courses?
  2. Pick your domain name – Believe it or not, the domain name that you pick can and often does play a huge role in determining if your site will get lots of traffic and have lots of conversions immediately. The key is to pick a name that reflects what your courses are about and what your business does. It also helps to choose an easy to remember name. You’ll need to consult GoDaddy to see what your options are in terms of domain names once you’ve compiled a long list of them.
  3. Find a hosting service – Let’s face it, your site is useless if you don’t have a good hosting service that will take it live and keep it that way online. You can turn to Kajabi if you’re ever stumped when doing this.
  4. Create the site – Put your plans, ideas, and course offerings into action by designing an impressive and professional website with a crisp and clean layout and design. Also, make sure that your content is persuasive, clear, crisp, and concise. These are all of the ingredients that make for a website that sells immediately. Don’t worry if you don’t know anything about creating and designing websites. Kajabi’s drag and drop builder will help you.
  5. Make your site functional – Add the extra features to your website that will make it a real money maker. Some key features that can and will make your website sell immediately are:
    a. Responsiveness – Most people will access your site from mobile devices. Therefore, you need to make sure that your site will load at the speed of light (literally) on mobile devices. Once you’ve done this, you have to make sure that your website design will look amazing on any mobile device.

Well, Kajabi’s site builder will allow you to find the perfect template for your business and industry. From there, you can add amazing features that will make your site look slick and professional. Just so you know, some of these features include:
i. Themes
ii. Colors
iii. Fonts
Make sure that you can sell your knowledge with no effort – So your courses contain knowledge which must sell quickly and easily. It’s the only way you’ll make any money. You can use Kajabi’s site bulder to add integrations and plugins that will work seamlessly on your site. All you have to do is answer a few basic questions.

  1. Make sure that your email lists contains live contacts and is growing – There is nothing more pointless and frustrating than having an email list with a lot of dead addresses. You have to make sure that your email lists are growing and are full of people with working addresses who are eager to learn all about your business and brands. That’s the only way you’ll make it in the long-run.
    It’s easy to create this sort of a list. You’ll need to create a sign up form with something that entices people to sign up and want to receive informative and relevant emails from you. In case you were wondering, this is called a lead magnet.
    The sky is the limit in terms of the types of content that you can regularly email these people. It can be in the form of product updates, newsletters, coupons, etc…
    If you’re smart, you’ll give your marketing emails the same layout and design that your website has. This will definitely result in lots of instant conversions.
  2. You’ll need to have sales funnels – A sales funnel is a fancy name for a series of steps that your prospects will complete before they buy your brands. If it sounds detailed, it’s because it is.
    Creating these types of sales funnels from scratch can be a long-drawn out and complicated process. After all, you’ll need to build them on platforms. Then, you’ll have to create the perfect layout, graphics, tags, etc…
    Well, the good news is that Kajabi’s site builder makes this a quick and easy process. You can use pre-made templates and customize them however you want to create the perfect and most professional sales funnels that will get people to buy from you immediately.
    It gets even better because the site builder will allow you to create different messages and content which can be directed towards certain groups and market segments. Doing this will boost your sales and revenue right away!

  1. Accepting payments online is easy – The Internet made checks and Cash on Delivery/money orders useless. However, vendors still need to have a way to get paid for their intangible products. That’s where Kajabi comes into the picture.
    If you are like most people who do E-commerce, you use PayPal, Stripe, or a similar online payment gateway. The good news is that it’s easy to integrate these into your Kajabi platform. All you have to do is drag and drop a few items and make a few clicks. Voila! You now have a functioning payment gateway!
    Yes, you can give people the option to make one-time payments.
  2. You can figure out how and where you rank – Yes, if you’re making a living selling courses, you want to know exactly how and where your site ranks. Knowing this can and will make the difference between both you and your business doing well financially or (both you and your business) struggling.
    You’ll know the following when you have access to quality analytics:
    a. the geographic location of your visitors
    b. the pages that they’re landing on
    c. the pages that they frequent the most
    d. the amount of time that they spend on these pages

Note that Kajabi’s drag and drop builder allows you to create a website that connects every component of your business. The builder will also allow you to integrate all of your business operations seamlessly.

There is one admin user per account
Only one person can use the Basic account.

What is Kajabi University
Since this is a key extra of the Basic plan, it would help to know exactly what Kajabi University is. So, you may have the drag and drop builder that’s intuitive to use and will walk you through every step in terms of designing a professional and slick website. The drag and drop builder is also able to build a website that’s so stunning that it looks even better than the most knowlegeable, most talented, and most experienced web masters can design. There is one key catch here and that is, what if you don’t know anything about designing quality and intriguing courses?
Well, that’s where Kajabi University comes to the rescue. This university is an online resource that’s designed to help people who don’t know anything about creating courses become masters. These are people like you!
Once you enroll in Kajabi University and go to my library you’ll see online courses that are designed by successful entrepreneurs in your niche. These people will give you valuable insights, tips, and pointers that will allow you to design and create courses that will sell immediately.
The choices are almost unlimited in terms of topic offerings. For example, you can learn all about the fundamentals of creating a basic but effective coaching program from the Coaching Basics course. This is a 36 minute long video that consists of 12 lessons. Once you’ve mastered the basics, it will be time for you to move onto the intermediate and advanced courses. These courses are (obviously) more in-depth and they cover more complex topics and concepts. However, they are still easy to understand and learn from.
Oh, and you’ll also learn the basics about accounting and finance. Thus, you’ll be able to ensure that your business is successful financially. You also won’t have issues when reporting income and business taxes to the IRS!

No transaction fees
No, Kajabi won’t charge you for accepting and processing payments.

You can create webinars and events
Events is a new feature that Kajabi offers. It allows you to promote your course offerings by creating events. The events feature also teaches you how to market and sell your events. Thus, you end up making much more money!
There’s something useful and interesting about the events feature. It allows you to create and run live webinars on Kajabi. The sky is the limit in terms of the content and format that you want to structure your webinars.
In case you were wondering, Kajabi defines an event as an online occurrence that has a specific day and time. A good example would be a live webinar on the Europeans who visited North America before Columbus and the Vikings. Now, your webinars are useless if no one knows about them. Kajabi comes to the rescue once again by allowing you to send out sequential educational and informative emails that will promote your webinars.
However, there’s much more to Kajabi’s new and innovative feature than this. You can acquire more leads and convert them. Do you know how? Well, it’s by creating an event pipeline. An event pipeline is a specific event that’s designed to educate people about your brand and entice them to sign up.
As you guessed, you’ll need a landing page and a series of sequential emails to build a functioning event pipeline. While you are unlimited in terms of the number and types of event pipelines that you can build, there are three that you may want to rely on heavily:
● Webinar Pipeline Blueprint – All you have to do is give the event pipeline builder the date and time that you want the event to take place. The builder will do the rest for you. Yes, this is a great way to stand out from the competition.
● Live Event Blueprint – You can enter a date, time, and registration fee for the event. Let the builder do the rest.
● Virtual Summit Blueprint – Now, you can easily run a virtual summit. These types of virtual conferences convert because they amaze the viewers with their insightful and useful information.

You’ll have access to pre made templates
Yes, Kajabi has many pre made templates. This makes building a stellar website possible even if you barely know how to use the Internet!

You can create quizzes and surveys
Believe it or not, this is a powerful feature of Kajabi that will help you keep existing customers and get even more customers. Here’s how it works. You create insightful quizzes that are designed to measure student comprehension of the topics and material covered. You then mentor students according to the strengths and weaknesses that these quizzes show.
Oh, and did you know that regular quizzes keep your students more tuned into the topics and concepts that you’re covering in your courses?
Surveys are powerful because, when done correctly, they show you exactly what is spot-on with your courses and what can be improved to make them even more powerful and amazing.

You will get one customer activation support call
So you want to activate your Kajabi account but have no idea how to do it! Don’t worry, that’s what the activation support call is for. You’ll learn exactly how to activate your account and how to get your website up and running!

You get chat support
So you’re working on your site and need help! Well, welcome to Kajabi chat support. You can access it between 6 in the morning and 5 in the evening Pacific Standard Time. You’ll be able to talk to a professional and friendly customer support rep who is knowlegeable and will be able to resolve your issues step-by-step!

You’ll have access to automation features
Automations save you time when building running your website by automating some routine and basic tasks, functions, and features. The Basic plan includes the following as automations:
● Pipeline
● Email marketing campaigns
● Events
● Forms
● Offers
● Posts

The Growth plan

Most of the features are the same for the Growth plan as they were in the Basic plan. There are, however, some key differences.

You can create up to 15 products
You can create many more products with the Growth plan. This plan is great if your company is growing dramatically and is adding hundreds, if not thousands, of new customers every year.
You will also be able to create up to 15 landing pages. This is important since landing pages drive visitors to your site from other online sources. They also create sales funnels and pipelines that result in lots of instant conversions.
You can create as many pipelines as you want. You’ll need this since different products need completely different pipelines and funnels in terms of structure to convert successfully.
You can store up to 25,000 contacts and send out as many marketing emails as you desire. Since your business is growing dramatically and quickly, you’ll have many more contacts whose information you’ll need to store. You’ll also need to constantly market to most of these people in many different ways.
You can have 10,000 active members on your site at any time. You’ll likely have huge enrollments since you own a rapidly growing company.
As an admin, you can add 9 other users to your account. It’s invaluable since you’re probably partnering with many people who often have new and innovative ways to design your pages, content, and courses to make your classes sell faster. Unfortunately, you can only create one website.

You can access advanced automations
You can think of advanced automations as basic automations on steroids. Yes, basic automations are powerful because they allow you to automate certain tasks and functions with tags when a visitor submits certain forms. Basic automation also allow you to set triggers.
This means that certain actions are triggered by certain ‘when’ actions. These trigger actions are referred to as ‘when actions!’
You can set basic automations up in various places and components on your site.
● Product posts
● offers
● pipelines
● Email campaigns
● Events
● Forms

You will have 24/7 chat support
The Growth plan, unlike the Basic plan, gives you chat support all day and night.

You can put your own branding and logos on your pages
Kajabi comes with its own branding and logo on its site. You are stuck with this if you sign up for the Basic plan. The good news is that this is not the case with the Growth plan. You can easily get rid of the standard Kajabi branding and logo and add your own.
In fact, doing so will make your website more powerful and persuasive and give it much more authority in your industry.

Access to the affiliate program
So you really want to sell your courses but you don’t have the influence to reach out to many? Don’t worry, this is where the affiliate program can help. You can ask your partners to sell for you on your site. This will allow you to get more paying customers to sign up for your courses faster!
You can also do the following through the affiliate program:
● Manage the registration and accounts that your affiliates get you
● Use share links to set up an Affiliate Marketing System
● Track the forms that affiliates submit and their conversion rates
● Automatically calculate what your affiliates earn for you
● Create detailed reports of what your affiliates are doing

Pro Plan

You can create up to 100 products with this plan. Thus, it’s best if you own a large company and want to increase its presence in existing markets, enter new markets easily, or both!
You can create up to 100 sales pipelines. This is great since you’re probably marketing to different target segments. Each of these segments would need a detailed, customized, and fairly complex pipeline to generate lots of conversions.
The sky is the limit in terms of the number of landing pages that you can create. You’ll want and need this since you want to drive hundreds to your site every day and generate dozens of conversions.
You’re also unlimited in terms of the number of marketing emails that you can send out. This is vital since you’ll need many marketing emails to persuade the thousands of prospects and customers in your many target markets to buy and continue buying from you.
You can store up to 100,000 contacts in Kajabi’s database.
You can have up to 20,000 active members on your websites and you can build up to 3 sites per account. You can assign 24 other people to your account (besides yourself.)
You can also use the code editor. This means that you can modify the websites and landing pages exactly how you want!

Kajabi or the competition?

Now, you know a lot about Kajabi and how it can help you. That said, you may find its price tag steep and you may be wondering why you just shouldn’t go with a competitor that has lower priced plans. After all, aren’t their offerings and abilities the same?

Ah, that’s where you’re wrong my friend. Remember that you get what you pay for. Yes, you could pay less by signing up with one of Kabjabi’s competitors. However, you’d sacrificing quality and eventually losing customers and prospects. Remember that you get what you pay for!

Is Kajabi better than the competition?

In case you were wondering, there are at least 8 Kajabi competitors on the market. These are:
● Podia
● Thinkific
● Teachable
● Kartra
● Clickfunnels
● Learn dash
● WordPress
● SquareSpace

Let’s start with the top Kajabi competitor, Podia. So, if you choose Podia you’ll get some impressive features. These include courses, digital downloads, memberships (you’ll have to upgrade plans for this), webinars, messages, email marketing, and a website. Well, Podia does have most of Kajabi’s features. In fact, it has one that Kajabi doesn’t – messaging. Yes, marketing through SMS messaging is quickly becoming a good way to generate conversions and keep customers.

Podia’s most basic plan costs USD 39 a month. It’s most expensive plan costs USD 79 a month. Your budget will thank you, but the question is, will your company also thank you? Probably not. Podia’s basic plan has bare bones features. Kajabi’s Basic plan has much more complex features and functionality. Remember it’s the complex features and functionality that drive conversions and keep customers.

Okay, so Podia looks beautiful in terms of website design and layout. The thing is that Kajabi’s web design and layout is amazing and professional. This, and not beauty, is what sells!

Thinkific V.S. Kajabi

Thinkific is also a key Kajabi competitor. Many peope are already using it over Kajabi. The question is, “should you?” Well, for one thing, you’ll be paying a pretty penny for Thinkific’s more advanced plans. The basic plans cost USD 39 a month. However, the most advanced plans cost a whopping USD 499 a month, wow!

Like Kajabi, Thinkific also has an affiliate program. You’ll get to keep 30% of the revenue you earn through this program. Thinkific has many good features. Hey, it’s also a good Learning Management System. It was designed for people like you!

However, there are reasons why you should use Kajabi. For one thing, Thinkific’s web builder is more complex and intimidating. Contrary to what they claim, you will need to have some web design and building knowledge if you want to design slick pages.

Oh, and here’s another big reason why Kajabi is better. Kajabi offers all of the tools that you’ll ever need to build your courses and design a business around them. Thinkific doesn’t offer this! So you’ll end up spending more on supporting tools with Thinkific.

Kajabi is best for you

So, if you’re really serious about starting a business that wil generate so much income by selling courses that you can quit your day job, Kajabi is the platform for you. You may pay more per month in plan fees. That said, Kajabi’s comprehensive nature, it’s drag and drob builder, and its intuitive nature will more than make up for it. These are some of the reasons why you should be using it instead of one of the leading Kajabi competitors!